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This information is part of the website Ballyferriter Genealogy created by W.J. Mansfield, former contact neriezpas@yahoo.com. It was originally posted at www.geocities.com.wstub.archive.org/Athens/Ithaca/7974/Ballyferriter/, but Geocities shut down and the page could not be found on another active Internet site. The Kerry site administrator decided to host Mansfield's pages here because of its value to the genealogical community. They were retrieved in February, 2010 from web.archive.org/web/20050509215938/www.geocities.com/Athens/Ithaca/7974/Ballyferriter/ and edited to Kerry website format and information already on the Kerry site. Some original sections are not included.

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The Catholic Parish of Ballyferriter (or Ferriter) is located on the northwestern tip of the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, on the southwestern coast of Ireland. It consisted of the civil parishes of Dunquin, Dunurlin, Marhin, Kilmalkedar, and Kilquane, which together covered an area of nearly 64 square miles. Along with most of the rest of the peninsula, it fell within the Barony of Corkaguiny (Corca Dhuibhne), as well as the Dingle Poor Law Union. Today the area lies within the Gaeltacht Chorca Dhuibhne, one of the few remaining Gaeltachtaí, or areas in which the Irish language is still in everyday use.

Heads of Household, 1827-1852 V2.0 The main resource on this page. A compilation of names taken from the Tithe Applotment Books of 1827-1831, a religious census of 1834-1835, and Griffith's Valuation of 1851-1852.

Surname Distribution, 1834-1835 - A survey of the relative frequency and geographical distribution of surnames appearing on the 1834-1835 religious census.

Irish Language Town Names- Names of Ballyferriter townlands in the Irish language, with translations.

Mansfield surname in Ballyferriter Church Records

Lord Ventry - An excerpt from "The Complete Peerage", giving the history of the English family of nobles that owned much of the Dingle Peninsula.


Irish Language Town Names in Kilmalkedar parish

For each townland listed below, the Irish name is given, as well as a possible translation of the Irish name, where known.

Kilmalkedar Cill Maolchéadair Maolchéadar's church
Ardamore Arda Mór great heights
Ballylusky Baile Loisce baile = town
Ballynana Baile na nÁith kiln town
Caherdorgan Cathair Deargáin cathair = city
Caherscullibeen Cathair Scoilbín cathair = city
Carrig Carraig rock, boulder
Cloghaneduff An Clochán Dubh the black causeway
Coumgagh Com Ga
Currauly Cráilí
Emlagh Imileá
Gallarus Gallaras
Garrane Garrán grove
Glashabeg Glaise Bheag beag = little
Kilcooly Cill Chúile Cúile's church
Kilmalkedar Cill Maolchéadair Maolchéadar's church
Lateeve Beg Leataoibh Beag beag = little
Lateeve More Leataoibh Mór mór = great
Lateevemanagh Leataoibh Meánach meánach = middle
Leamirlea Léim Irlé léim = jump, leap
Murreagh An Mhuiríoch muir = sea
Reenconnell Rinn Chonaill Conaill's point
Ullagha Ulacha


Mansfield Surname in Ballyferriter Church

This data on baptisms and marriages in Ballyferriter Church were compiled by William Mansfield.

Date Child Father Mother Town God-father God-mother Comments
Feb 28, 1820 Mary Mansfield Michael Mansfield Mary Curran Carrig
Apr 23, 1820 Nora Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary O'Brien
Jun 24, 1820 Johanna Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Johanna ?Fitz Kilgore where is Kilgore?
Sep 10, 1820 Michael Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Martha Noonan Ardamore
Sep 16, 1820 WilliamMansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary Foley Tisnabhain? Tisnabhain = Teeravane?
Nov 19, 1820 Mary Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary Moran Caherscullibeen DanielShea Mary Walsh
Nov 27, 1820 Ellen Mansfield James Mansfield NoraManning
May 14, 1822 Mary Walker William Walker Martin Caherscullibeen John Fitzgerald ? Mary John son prob. Mary Martin
May 25, 1822 Mary Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary Foley BnChalaidh BnChalaidh = Ballincolla?
,1822 Mary Mansfield Henry Mansfield Ely Counchan ? BnChalaidh BnChalaidh = Ballincolla?Counchan = Counihan?
Dec 5, 1822 Johanna Mansfield James Mansfield Nora Manning
Jun 16, 1823 Ellen Mansfield John Mansfield Mary Manning Carrig
Aug 17, 1823 John Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary Moran Caherscullibeen Patrick Connor Mary McKenna
Oct 19, 1823 Johanna Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Martha Noonan B Loisce ? B Loisce = Ballylusky
Apr 2, 1824 Catherine Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Johanna Fitz Moorestown
Dec 5, 1824 John Mansfield Henry Mansfield Ely Counchan ? Bughleanna ? Bughleanna = Ballinglanna?Counchan = Counihan?
Mar 3, 1825 Patrick Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary Moran Caherscullibeen Demitrius Clifford Johanna Moran Demitrius = Darby?
Jul 27, 1825 Nl ?Mansfield James Mansfield Nora Manning Ballydavid
Oct 15, 1825 John Clifford Demitrius Clifford Catherine Moran Caherscullibeen Patrick Mansfield Mary Moran Demitrius = Darby?
Jun 14, 1826 Catherine Fitzgerald Jacob Fitzgerald Margaret Mansfield Caherscullibeen John Connor Elizabeth Fitzgerald Jacob = James ?
Jun 18, 1826 Jacob Connor Martin Connor Johanna Moran Caherscullibeen John Sullivan Mary Moran
Feb 3, 1828 Johanna Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary Moran Caherscullibeen Michael Walsh Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Nov 19, 1828 Michael Walsh Thomas Walsh Elizabeth Mansfield Caherscullibeen Michael Walsh Catherine Coglan
Jan 24, 1830 Bridget? Ellen Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary Moran Caherscullibeen Patrick Moriarty Catherine Grommel
Feb 18, 1832 Ellen Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary Moran Caherscullibeen John Bolan Johanna Fitzgerald
Feb 16, 1834 Catherine Mansfield Patrick Mansfield Mary Moran Caherscullibeen Michael Walsh Catherine Moran
Feb 28, 1841 Mary Mansfield John Mansfield Catherine Connor Keel M. McDowell? Catherine Boland Keel = KilmalkedarMcDowell = McDonnell?
Jan 22, 1843 Ellen Mansfield John Mansfield Catherine Connor Keel Patrick McCoohan ? Ellen Boland Keel = Kilmalkedar
May 10, 1846 Mary Mansell John Mansell Mary Walker Caherscullibeen Jacob Connor Johanna Mansell Jacob = James ?
12, 1849 ?Walsh Michael Walsh Johanna Fitzgerald Caherscullibeen John Mansfield ?Mansfield


Date Child Father Mother Witness Witness Comments
Feb 5, 1820 Patrick Mansfield Mary Moran
Jan 10, 1829 Michael Walsh Johanna Fitzgerald Matthew? Patrick Mansfield Michael Connor
Feb 10, 1830 Thomas Moriarty Elizabeth Mansfield John Grady ?Mansfield Jacob McDonnite ? Jacob McDonnite = James McDonnell?
Mar 3, 1840 John Mansfield Catherine Connor John Shea Michael Connor Patrick Malone 3rd & 4th degree consanguinity noted
Jan 29, 1845 John Mansfield Mary Walker John Shea
Feb, 1859 Thomas Mansfield Johanna Fitzgerald Michael Mansfield Michael Sullivan Philip Lovett ?


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