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Fayette County Pioneer Cemetery Guide, Vol 1

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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Abernathy, John 10/21/1865 Burk Jennings
Abrams, Larry / / 1997 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Acker, Frederick 12/ /1854 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Adams, Monroe 10/10/1863 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Adams, Phebe 1/10/1863 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Aldridge, Nathan 1/14/1844 Aldridge Connersville
Alexander, Austin 3/15/1912 Martin Connersville
Alexander, Hiram 1/23/1846 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Alexander, Louisa Ann Tate 8/10/1862 Tate Connersville
Alexander, Mitchell 11/23/1910 Martin Connersville
Alexander, William 10/16/1867 Martin Connersville
Anthony, Nina L. Lynn 1919 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Ashbrook, Mary A. Veatch 11/1/1842 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Backhouse, Achilles 9/17/1872 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Backhouse, Charlotte no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Backhouse, Josie no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Backhouse, Mort no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Backhouse, Nancy M. no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Backhouse, Queen no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Beck, John M. 10/15/1849 Burk Jennings
Beebout, son of E & R 10/23/1864 Brittenham Posey
Bell, Emma A. 2/4/1875 Burk Jennings
Bell, Hugh 12/3/1847 Burk Jennings
Bell, John W. 3/18/1868 Burk Jennings
Bell, Nancy R. 1/28/1872 Burk Jennings
Bell, Robert 6/1/1851 Burk Jennings
Bell, Samuel 3/20/1813 Burk Jennings
Bell, Sara G. 5/9/1841 Burk Jennings
Bell, Sarah E. 5/12/1851 Burk Jennings
Bell, Syntha 3/4/1849 Burk Jennings
Benedict, John 2/18/1898 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Benedict, Nancy 9/3/1885 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Bennett, Margaret 9/9/1861 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Bilby, Infant of SH & MR 1879 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Bilby, Jane 2/24/1884 Campbell Harrison
Bilby, Jasper 4/16/1877 Campbell Harrison
Bilby, Lydia 1889 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Bilby, Salina 11/10/1847 Campbell Harrison
Bilby, Salona 3/25/1873 Campbell Harrison
Bilby, Stephen 1/16/1873 Campbell Harrison
Blacmern, infant 9/2/1871 Burk Jennings
Bolton, Infant 7/17/1837 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Bolton, James 2/27/1855 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Bolton, Jane 2/5/1865 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Bolton, Laban Westly 9/1/1834 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Bolton, Mary 12/12/1839 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Booe, Calvin 3/25/1864 Martin Connersville
Booe, Joseph 6/27/1871 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Booe, Mary D. 11/24/1878 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Boyd, Infant 1/25/1858 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Boyd, Margaret J. Hamilton 1/14/1858 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Bragg, Nancy 3/14/1825 Woods Jennings
Brattain, Levi N. 1/11/1880 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Brittenham, Catherine A. 9/24/1839 Brittenham Posey
Brittenham, Ebren 7/31/1872 Brittenham Posey
Brittenham, Elizabeth 4/18/1863 Brittenham Posey
Brittenham, Elizabeth S. 11/30/1844 Brittenham Posey
Brookbank, Eliza 4/11/1840 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Brookbank, Henry 1/27/1867 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Brookbank, Infant 3/2/1837 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Brookbank, Infant 10/16/1841 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Brookbank, Lucinda 3/27/1876 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Brookbank, Rebecca 11/21/1840 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Brookbank, Susan D. 5/18/1899 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Brookbank, Thomas W. 6/3/1879 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Brooks, Rosa E. 4/28/1897 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Brown, Anna 3/2/1872 Burk Jennings
Brown, Hezekiah 3/15/1887 Burk Jennings
Brown, Margaret 3/ /1847 Burk Jennings
Brownlee, James 7/10/18?? Brownlee Connersville
Brownlee, Washington no date Brownlee Connersville
Bryne, Joseph H. 1887 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Bryson, infant 5/ /1845 Burk Jennings
Buck, Ellen T. 1863 Thomas Harrison
Buck, Minor 1834 Thomas Harrison
Bunker, Rebecca A. 2/12/1850 Brittenham Posey
Burk, Ann T. 2/28/1888 Burk Jennings
Burk, Elisha 8/14/1904 Burk Jennings
Burk, Rachel E. 1/15/1851 Burk Jennings
Burk, Thomas 1/27/1851 Burk Jennings
Burris, Clyde 1/20/1881 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Burris, Daniel 7/5/1876 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Burris, Daniel 9/11/1892 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Burris, Elsie May 1/3/1888 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Burris, Mary L. 1/2/1903 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Byrne, Alice N. 2/13/1915 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Byrne, John L. 4/25/1932 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Byrne, Mary L. 1895 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Caldwell, James 6/3/1825 Caldwell Harrison
Caldwell, James 5/ /1830 Caldwell Harrison
Caldwell, Joseph 11/16/1850 Caldwell Harrison
Caldwell, Joseph 9/6/1840 Caldwell Harrison
Caldwell, Miriam 9/19/1838 Caldwell Harrison
Campbell, Daniel 5/22/1833 Martin Connersville
Campbell, Elizabeth 9/26/1847 Campbell Harrison
Campbell, Little Georgie 2/20/1869 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Campbell, Mary 3/14/1886 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Campbell, Minerva 7/16/1854 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Campbell, W. L. 7/11/1827 Martin Connersville
Cartwright, Nancy 2/14/1854 Brittenham Posey
Cartwright, Sarah no date Brittenham Posey
Carver, Angelissa no date Shawnee Bluff Posey
Carver, Elizabeth 10/11/1830 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Casady, Simon 1/6/1853 Casady Connersville
Chambers, Enoch 6/8/1850 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chapman, Elizabeth 1/27/1867 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Chapman, Martha 2/23/1848 Williams Harrison
Chrisman, Daniel 3/28/1847 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, E. C. no date Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Eliza 4/13/1851 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, infant 7/4/1833 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Jacob 10/20/1862 (or 12/20) Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Jessie 4/16/1864 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Lotinger or Leonard 9/23/1845 (or 9/28) Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Margaret Ann no date Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Mary Ann no date Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Nancy 5/14/1845 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Rachel M. 8/26/1835 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Robert Walker 1/6/1840 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, S. A. C. no date Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Chrisman, Sarah Ann 6/11/ Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Clark, Lilly A. 4/15/1863 Brittenham Posey
Clifton, John 3/14/1847 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Clifton, Richard F. 2/29/1863 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Coleman, Jonathon 11/25/1835 (or 1838) Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Coleman, Rachel 9/14/1850 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Cook, Orpha 10/25/1845 Burk Jennings
Cook, Richard 2/5/1842 Burk Jennings
Cook, William 7/8/1870 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Cook, William 5/7/1846 Burk Jennings
Corbin, John M. 7/4/1876 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Cornutt, James 4/11/1815 Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Cox, John W. 4/5/1852 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Crago, Anthony 3/1/1856 Tate Connersville
Crago, Elizabeth 5/21/1839 Tate Connersville
Crago, Nathan 4/27/1855 Tate Connersville
Crago, Sarah 1/29/1854 Tate Connersville
Crandel, Alonzo 4/29/1867 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Crandel, Elihu 10/16/1894 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Crandel, Margaret 10/27/1851 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Crandel, Sarah 2/3/1887 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Crosson, Susan 9/18/1816 Tate Connersville
Cully, Alfred 9/29/1843 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Cully, Elizabeth 1/31/1831 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Cully, John A. 7/24/1859 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Cully, Louisa 8/6/1831 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Cully, Matilda 1/15/1839 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Cully, Sampson 8/16/1881 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Cunningham, Christopher no date Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Custer, John 5/2/1833 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Dailey, daughter of S & M 9/ /1868 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Dailey, Martha E. 10/29/1869 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Darter, Charlie E. 1/2/1864 Burk Jennings
Darter, Isaac 4/7/1855 Burk Jennings
Darter, Jacob 2/6/1833 Burk Jennings
Darter, Joseph 3/15/1889 Burk Jennings
Darter, Katherine no date Burk Jennings
Darter, Mary 7/14/1881 Burk Jennings
Darter, Mary F. 2/27/1883 Burk Jennings
Davis, Willie A. 1/17/1861 Campbell Harrison
Derixon, Christeeny 9/1/18-- Martin Connersville
Derixon, Jacob 5/5/1878 Martin Connersville
DeRon, Paul 3/6/1995 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Dickey, Andrew 4/22/1843 Caldwell Harrison
Dickey, Benj C. 1/12/1845 Dickey Harrison
Dickey, Elizabeth 1/18/1847 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Dickey, Hahhan 9/6/1845 Caldwell Harrison
Dickey, Hugh 10/22/1853 Dickey Harrison
Dickey, James 6/12/1868 Dickey Fairview
Dickey, John 6/25/1856 Dickey Harrison
Dickey, Margaret 3/17/1852 Dickey Harrison
Dickey, Mary 10/5/1824 Dickey Harrison
Dickey, Permelia 6/7/1850 Campbell Harrison
Dickey, Rebecca no date Dickey Harrison
Dickey, Rhoda 10/6/1836 Martin Connersville
Dickey, Samuel 7/24/1834 Caldwell Harrison
Dickey, Sarah 10/6/1819 Dickey Harrison
Dickey, Sarah Ann 11/13/1835 Martin Connersville
Dickey, Susannah 10/28/1855 Dickey Harrison
Dickey, William 2/13/1863 Dickey Harrison
Dickey, William 3/10/1848 Dickey Harrison
Dickey, William A. 12/14/1846 Dickey Harrison
Dickson, William 3/1/1867 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Doddridge, Emma C. 1926 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Doddridge, Isaac J. 1909 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Dooley, Sarah H. 9/22/1869 Burk Jennings
Drake, infant 6/29/1878 Burk Jennings
Dungan 12/16/1858 Williams Harrison
Dungan, Martha E. 3/5/1864 Simpson Jennings
Dungan, Sarah E. 2/9/1860 Simpson Jennings
Dye, Ida E. 8/12/1863 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Easterline, Timothy 9/14/1861 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Edwards, Lewis 5/4/1879 Burk Jennings
Edwards, Oliver 7/ /1839 Burk Jennings
Eldridge, Lucinda E. 1/3/1852 Martin Connersville
Elliott, Margaret 2/1/1885 Burk Jennings
Ellis, Adaline 1861 Thomas Harrison
Ellis, Ageline 1858 Thomas Harrison
Ellis, Elvin 1839 Thomas Harrison
Ellis, Emma 1841 Thomas Harrison
Ellis, Jasper D. 1850 Thomas Harrison
Ellis, Mary 1848 Thomas Harrison
Ellis, Oliver H. 1837 Thomas Harrison
Ely, Ada 7/9/1841 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Ely, Elizabeth 9/22/1838 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Enfield, Sarah C. 6/21/1891 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Enfield, William L. 1/16/1887 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Eskew, Daniel 7/3/1857 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Eskew, Mary M. 3/19/1855 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Evan, Arthur 3/21/1868 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Fiant, Alford M. 2/27/1871 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Fiant, Daniel Sr 12/22/1866 Fiant Waterloo
Fiant, Daniel Sr 5/18/1911 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Fiant, Infant ??/14/1851 Fiant Waterloo
Fiant, Jonas 10/11/1823 Fiant Waterloo
Fiant, Jonathan 8/1/1845 Fiant Waterloo
Fiant, Martin 11/6/1845 Fiant Waterloo
Fiant, Mary L. 11/30/1884 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Fiant, Oliver 4/13/1854 Fiant Waterloo
Fiant, Peter 8/29/1815 Fiant Waterloo
Fiant, Salome L. 5/6/1880 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Fiant, Samuel L. 5/1/1851 Fiant Waterloo
Fiant, Sarah 1/5/1886 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Fiant, Solama Gaby 2/7/1867 Fiant Waterloo
Fife, Daniel 6/2/1845 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Fife, John Fulton 11/21/1841 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Fisher, Helen Edith 4/2/2001 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Flick, Edmond no date Shawnee Bluff Posey
Flick, Elizabeth 5/13/1810 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Foster, Caleb 1855 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Foster, Mary M. 3/20/1835 Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Foster, Samuel 2/19/1844 Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Fouts, Willie C. 9/12/1870 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Franklin, Sam 1/18/18?7 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Franklin, Susan 4/5/1852 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Frazee, William 9/23/1847 Caldwell Harrison
Funk, Davis S. 1/29/1908 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, Eva A. 1/31/1871 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, Frankie A. B. 1/6/1870 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, Henry 11/6/1889 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, Mary 6/29/1863 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, Mary J. 2/16/1905 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, Mary M. 6/29/1863 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, Merlie 11/14/1882 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, Nancy Ann 9/26/1856 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, Sarah 8/12/1866 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Funk, William 7/12/1882 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Gabriel, Earnest P. 8/12/1876 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Gabriel, James M. 1913 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Gabriel, Louisa E. 1920 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Galbrath, David 7/9/1845 Brittenham Posey
Galbrath, Margaret 8/15/1842 Brittenham Posey
Gibb, James 1960 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Gibbs, Alice / / 1928 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Gibbs, John W. / / 1985 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Gordan, Jane 10/7/1862 Caldwell Harrison
Green, Thomas 8/20/1886 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Greer, Edgar 10/13/1850 Brownlee Connersville
Griffen, Margaret Putenny 9/19/1841 Wiles Fairview
Gruwell, Belinda 9/2/1865 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Gruwell, Elijah 9/1/1853 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Gruwell, Elleanor S. 9/18/1848 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Gruwell, John S. 1/20/1857 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Gruwell, John S. 11/23/1860 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Gruwell, Silvira 12/19/1857 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Hall, C. Matilda 1906 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hall, Elizabeth 1853 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hall, Indiana May 5/23/1873 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hall, James T. 12/19/1841 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hall, John W. 1886 (or 1866) Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hall, Mary A. 9/20/1844 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hall, Mary E. 1/12/1872 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hamilton, Anna Belle 1/28/1878 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Asbury 2/22/1903 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Charles H. 4/4/1901 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Eliza 7/10/1872 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Frank 2/8/1881 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Infant 5/4/1843 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Infant 4/12/1841 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, James A. 9/14/1841 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, James S. 10/17/1881 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Lucinda 10/17/1881 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Malinda 8/16/1854 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Melville 8/5/1851 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Ollie L. 10/4/1870 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Rachel 12/21/1885 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Robert W. 8/13/1891 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Robert W. 6/16/1876 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Rosallie S. 8/10/1854 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hamilton, Scott 1/11/1888 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, William A. MD 10/13/1874 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, William J. 5/11/1884 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Willie C. 9/3/1880 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hamilton, Willie C. 9/9/1890 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hanson, Amos O. 9/10/1869 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hanson, Jay F. 12/15/1853 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hanson, John D. 7/6/1842 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hanson, Mary A. 7/19/1862 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hanson, Mary S. 2/8/1841 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hauck, Nora F. / / 1994 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Aderine H. 11/1/1862 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Ester 12/23/1887 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Esther 5/17/1842 Martin Connersville
Hawkins, Ettie M. 1/29/1874 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, inf son J & N 4/23/1842 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, James 2/24/1880 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, James 5/17/1835 Martin Connersville
Hawkins, John 9/4/1865 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Kenneth O. / /1985 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Martha 1/14/1865 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Mary A. 1 y17d Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Mary C. 12/8/1900 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Mattew P. 7/30/1908 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Matthew 9/5/1838 Martin Connersville
Hawkins, Nancy 2/17/1853 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Oscar P. 8/22/1915 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Sarah 10/31/1864 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, Stanley M. 5m16d Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hawkins, William L. 9/12/1862 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hazzard, Dr. Hilliard 1881 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Heaton, Ebenezer 1/2/1837 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Heaton, Joanna 1/4/1837 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Heck, Ann 3/26/1836 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Heck, Catherine 6/20/1870 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Heck, Earnest E. 2/24/1888 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Heck, Frank S. 7/12/1888 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Heck, Mary Kemmer 8/5/1881 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Heck, Samuel 6/30/1872 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Heck, Thomas 3/31/1877 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Henry, Alexander 8/24/1854 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Amos 3/27/1843 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Elizabeth A. 7/14/1883 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Henry 12/31/1859 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Infant 10/2/1872 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Jacob 12/30/1862 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Jake 11/8/1854 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, James Miles 8/28/1875 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Jesse S. 3/22/1914 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, L. G. 12/13/1889 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Lew Wallace 4/2/1889 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Lizzie 8/13/1882 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Margaret 7/15/1829 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Margaret 8/2/1867 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Martha J. 1923 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Nancy 2/28/1831 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Oliver P. 12/17/1870 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, Sarah M. 8/12/1881 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, William 7/12/1813 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Henry, William A. 1906 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Herbin, Mary 6/ /1866 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Herbin, Thomas 3/23/1866 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hestler, John 5/31/1842 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Hibbs, Sarah E. 8/15/1888 Tate Connersville
Hix, Sarah 12/24/1854 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Hobson, Jesse 8/11/1827 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Hobson, Mary 12/16/1841 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Hodson, Theodore F. 1/2/1816 Martin Connersville
Holland, Elizabeth E. 7/5/1864 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Holland, Margaret 5/14/1851 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Holland, Mary I. 11/21/1915 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Holland, Mary J. 2/9/1910 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Holland, Robert Jr. 7/29/1902 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Holland, Robert Sr. 5/2/1857 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Holland, William A. 5/11/1908 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Honeas, Elizabeth 8/16/1898 Simpson Jennings
Honeas, John T. 1946 Simpson Jennings
Honeas, Mary E. 3/8/1857 Simpson Jennings
Honeas, Nancy A. 9/20/1834 Simpson Jennings
Honeas, Peter 12/19/1871 Simpson Jennings
Honeas, Sarah E. 4/10/1871 Simpson Jennings
Honeas, T. D. no date Simpson Jennings
Hones, John 1/6/1886 Simpson Jennings
Hood, 2/18/1892 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Hornaday, Rachel 5/ /1843 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Houston, James 5/26/1840 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Houston, Thomas Emiel 5/28/1840 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Hubbard, Ada Linda 7/10/1859 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Hubbard, Horrace Wilbour 8/7/1858 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Hubbard, Jesse no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Hubbard, Mary 12/ /1818 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Hughes, Elizabeth Hawkins 2/13/1874 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Hughes, Elizabeth Jane 2/7/1855 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Hunt, Charles B. 10/27/1879 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jackson, Orval Scott 10/27/1882 Burk Jennings
Jemison, Clarissa A. 10/11/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jemison, Cynthia E. 7/26/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jennings, Emma 3/21/1861 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Jennings, Mary A. 3/24/1891 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Jewell, Lizzie D. 7/6/1887 Burk Jennings
Job, Charles M. 4/11/1874 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Job, David J. A. 4/3/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Job, Elizabeth O. 3/9/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Job, Emma 4/4/1890 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Job, Emma E. 4/13/1864 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Job, Margaret 7/8/1857 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Job, Martha E. 11/14/18?2 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Job, Obadiah 4/1/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Job, Samuel 5/2/1875 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Job, Samuel I. 3/25/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Johnson, J. M. no date Tate Connersville
Johnson, Melvie 6/20/1916 Martin Connersville
Johnson, Sarilda 3/28/1929 Martin Connersville
Johnston, John J or I (Johnson?) 9/18/1820 (or 1870) Williams Harrison
Johnston, Mary (Johnson?) 4/11/1852 (or 1857) Williams Harrison
Johnston, Mary E. (Johnson?) 10/3/1855 Williams Harrison
Jonas, Daniel 1/16/1867 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jonas, Jacob M. 3/18/1895 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jonas, Martha 6/14/---- Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jonas, Mary E. 1913 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jonas, Matilda L. 9/8/1869 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jonas, Susannah no date Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jonas, William A. 9/24/1872 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jones, Candis G. 5/18/1851 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jones, Catherine S 1897 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jones, Eleanor 4/5/1843 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jones, Elizabeth 7/28/1848 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Jones, Gussie no date Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jones, Henry L. 1889 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jones, Ida H. 12/13/1858 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jones, Infant 8/13/1842 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jones, Infant 10/29/1843 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Jones, Isaac B. 11/21/1854 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jones, Mary 1/3/1883 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jones, Mary 3/15/1864 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jones, Sarah A. 8/20/1838 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Jones, William C. 8/7/1881 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Julietta, Hester Annn no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Keer, Alexander 7/10/1840 Martin Connersville
Keer, Rachel 3/2/1851 Martin Connersville
Kellum, Anne 2/19/1861 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kellum, Ruth no date Dickey Harrison
Kelly, Josiah 10/6/1851 Caldwell Harrison
Kelly, Maggie A. 7/6/1887 Burk Jennings
Kelly, Mehitable 5/7/1848 Caldwell Harrison
Kemmer, D. 8/10/1805 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Kemmer, inf son of Wm & G 3/1/1855 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Kemmer, Peter 6/15/1871 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Kemp, Anna T. 1853 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Kender, Edith A. 1956 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kender, Elmer 1911 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kender, Ephraim C. 1922 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kender, Nancy A. 1929 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kender, Rolly H. no date Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kerr, Alexander 11/3/1850 Martin Connersville
Kerr, Elizabeth 7/24/1898 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kerr, John 6/11/1873 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Kerr, Josiah 2/21/1872 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kerr, margaret 3/22/1882 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kerr, Mary E. 3/13/1868 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kerr, Merritt 11/16/1871 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kerr, Rachel A. 3/7/1882 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Ketchum, Rachel 5/24/1854 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Kimmer, Sarah 3/15/1889 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Kinder, Abraham 11/24/1853 Martin Connersville
Kinder, Elenor 9/8/1898 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Kinder, Elizabeth 5/30/1845 Burk Jennings
Kinder, Elizabeth 9/30/1853 Martin Connersville
Kinder, Joseph 12/16/1847 Martin Connersville
King, Anna LaForce 7/2/1877 Williams Harrison
King, Anson 1/26/1882 Williams Harrison
King, Harriet 9/20/1869 Williams Harrison
Kirkwood, James R. no date Kirkwood Posey
Kirkwood, Margaret no date Kirkwood Posey
Knap, Jacob 1874 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knap, Johnathan 1884 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knap, Wm. W. child 1861 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knapp, Clarissa 6/23/1888 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knapp, Laura 12/13/1871 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knapp, Nehemiah 2/7/1850 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knipe, Althea 1859 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knipe, Edward 1869 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knipe, Elizabeth 3/16/1815 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knipe, Ileana 1861 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knipe, Mary J. 1864 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Knott, Susan 11/19/1846 Methodist Farm Harrison
Koontz, Reuben 9/17/1835 Burk Jennings
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Lacy, Delilah E. 8/12/1886 Burk Jennings
Ladd, Marion A. 1940 Simpson Jennings
Ladd, Nancy A. 1936 Simpson Jennings
Laflan, Sarah E. 4/21/1877 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Laflan, Sarah Hinds 8/20/1879 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Laflan, William P. 12/9/1885 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lair, John 10/7/1821 Burk Jennings
Lair, Perry 11/23/1885 Burk Jennings
Lair, Rachel 11/22/1822 Burk Jennings
Lair, William no date Burk Jennings
Lake, Ellis R. 2/27/1884 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lake, Francis M. no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lake, Hester A. no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lake, John Franklin 10/22/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lake, John Franklin no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lake, Julietta no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lake, Paul no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lake, Rachel 10/16/1839 (or 1838) Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lake, Rachel J. no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lake, Rebecca no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lake, Woodford no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lamberson, Jacob 4/15/1874 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Lamberson, Martha J. 4/8/1864 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Lamberson, Mary no date Shawnee Bluff Posey
Lamberson, Thoroughgood 12/28/1873 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Lambert, Clayton 12/20/1884 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, Derinda 4/7/1841 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, John W. no date Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, Josiah 1/9/1848 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, Lavina E. 1/6/1863 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, Lucinda 4/29/1851 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, Mary Jane 8/23/1851 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, Rachel 5/26/1877 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, Rhonda 9/22/1850 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, Verlinda 8/5/1841 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lambert, Willie C. 8/26/1891 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lancaster, Infant 8/18/1875 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Lancaster, James Bryant 11/5/1887 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Langston, Agnes M. 3/17/1874 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Larimore, Esther 6/15/1912 Burk Jennings
Larimore, John W. 5/20/1875 Burk Jennings
Larimore, Margaret 9/1/1831 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, Albert 3/23/1880 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, Anna E. 4/24/1902 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, Elizabeth E. 2/10/1925 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, John 3/6/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, Mary B. 1927 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, Mary Malinda 2/11/1944 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, Perry M. 4/13/1901 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, Sidney 6/27/1855 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, twin son 7/1/1864 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Layson, twin son 8/11/1864 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Leer, ? 1 year Campbell Harrison
Leer, Canzadia 2/4/1857 Campbell Harrison
Leer, Cordia 2/19/1856 Campbell Harrison
Leer, Josiah 5/29/1851 Campbell Harrison
Leffingwell 1861 Thomas Harrison
Lewis, Josephus 9/23/1844 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lewis, Mlinda 5/13/1854 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Lindsey, Missouri A. 10/13/1893 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Little, Catherine 10/4/1855 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Little, Elizabeth 2/9/1838 Russel Fairview
Little, Joseph 8/13/1847 Russel Fairview
Little, Robert G. 3/5/1871 Russel Fairview
Logan, May 7/1/1847 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Longwell, Fanny 5/28/1872 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Longwell, Inf Dau of I & M 8/21/1838 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Longwell, Ira 7/6/1863 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Longwell, Lydia C. 2/20/ Shawnee Bluff Posey
Longwell, Millah 3/3/1880 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Longwell, Sarah Jane 9/17/1905 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Longwell, William 12/21/1898 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Loudenback, Charlotte 10/21/1865 Burk Jennings
Loudenback, Maria J. 12/3/1853 Burk Jennings
Loudenback, Martha J. 9/29/1854 Burk Jennings
Loudenback, Mary 9/12/1867 Burk Jennings
Loudenback, Mary 10/4/1854 Burk Jennings
Loudenback, Phillip 6/13/1837 Burk Jennings
Loudenback, Phillip H. 2/ /1836 Burk Jennings
Lucas, Ralph A. 12/13/1999 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Ludlow, 10/31/1881 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Ludlow, Eldiam 11/7/1881 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Ludlow, James 11/9/1879 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Ludlow, Lucinda 12/24/1902 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Lykins, Arnold Ed 7/26/2000 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Lykins, Martha E. 4/5/2002 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Lyons, Sarah E. 3/8/1878 Simpson Jennings
Martin, Ann 3/14/1863 Martin Connersville
Martin, Elizabeth Tate 3/13/1864 Tate Connersville
Martin, Mary A. 1/4/1864 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Martin, Maxwell P. 9/19/1840 Martin Connersville
Martin, Samuel 1/9/1851 Martin Connersville
Martin, Silas J. 7/29/1854 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Martin, William 5/4/1854 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Masters, Charles 3/13/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Masters, Charles E. 3/13/1864 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Mathes, Albert A. 2/6/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Mc Clume, inf son of JM & L 4/28/1842 Caldwell Harrison
McCarty, Alice 12/17/1872 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, Bridget 3/12/1897 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, Elizabeth 9/1/1864 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, Ellen 4/14/1873 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, Francis A. 12/3/1862 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, Infant 10/6/1869 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, James M. 8/21/1896 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McCarty, James Stapleton 5/18/1888 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, John 10/20/1866 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, Joseph 7/25/1893 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, Louisa 5/1/1865 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, Nancy 9/17/1850 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, Otha 12/15/1891 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCarty, William R. 10/4/1857 Tullis Chapel Connersville
McCashland, Eliza B. Hamilton 7/29/1869 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McCashland, Florence R. 10/27/1859 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McCashland, Georgia 9/20/1862 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McCashland, Roxy R. 9/5/1856 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McConnell, J. W. no date Wiley Chapel Fairview
McConnell, Rachel 1/18/1897 Wiley Chapel Fairview
McGraw, Edwin 1945 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McGraw, Hannah 11/1/1852 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McGraw, Martha 8/30/1858 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McGraw, Robert 1924 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McGraw, Sarah A. 1926 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McGraw, William 5/9/1853 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McGraw, William 12/30/1864 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McGraw, William 5/6/1871 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
McKinney, Hanna 7/29/1849 Mt. Garrison Jennings
McKinney, Mary Ann 9/1/1849 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Meeker, Marcella 4/18/1850 Williams Harrison
Meeker, Minor 5/10/1865 Williams Harrison
Meeker, Susan A. 5/2/1852 (or 11/2) Williams Harrison
Messersmith, Elizabeth 1911 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Infant 9/17/1850 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Jackson 6/1/1846 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Joel 4/19/1851 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Julia A. 3/3/1857 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Mary 6/21/1856 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Molley 3/13/1849 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Paulina P. 5/11/1859 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Peter 10/28/1860 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Peter Sr. 9/30/1864 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Philip 9/19/1878 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Philip 11/4/1860 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, Polly 6/3/1853 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Messersmith, William F. 9/13/1839 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Michner or Michael, Ester M. no date Tullis Chapel Connersville
Mill, Matilda 4/10/1868 Burk Jennings
Miller, Minnie 9/27/1900 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Milner, Amos 9/1/1851 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Minor, Joseph 4/ /1858 Miner/Minor Connersville
Minor, Rebecca Jackman 12/25/1875 Miner/Minor Connersville
Moffett, Albert M. 4/9/1864 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, Fannie 4/18/1892 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, Jasper W. 9/22/1864 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, John 1/30/1874 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, John E. 1916 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, Robert H. 9/26/1883 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, Robert K. 10/4/1883 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, Salome 5/16/1867 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, Thomas 8/9/1872 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, Viola 10/6/1882 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, Willis Wendell no date Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffett, Wm. G. 1909 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffitt, Althalia Rees 2/27/1879 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffitt, Andrew W. 2/3/1896 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffitt, Greenbury W. 7/26/1851 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moffitt, inf dau of A & A 12/14/1856 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Moore, Emma Jane 7/11/1872 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Moore, Isabella 11/8/1859 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Moore, Lizzie 1/21/1869 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Moore, Marshall M. 10/7/1854 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Moore, Orville G. 9/7/1877 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Moore, Perry 11/23/1859 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Morphew, Drasilla 7/25/1838 Caldwell Harrison
Morphew, James W. 10/25/1833 Caldwell Harrison
Morphew, Margaret 9/21/1861 Caldwell Harrison
Morphew, Miriam 8/14/1847 Caldwell Harrison
Morphew, nathan / / 1842 Caldwell Harrison
Morrow, Jasper 10/18/1859 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Murphy, Alfred G. 6/1/1877 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Murphy, Dora Ann 11/7/1871 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Murray, 12/31/1898 Murray Connersville
Murray, Clementine 4/21/1902 Murray Connersville
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Nash, Margaret 1872 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Nash, Mary 8/15/18-- Russel Fairview
Nash, Mathew / /182- Russel Fairview
Nash, Richard 1888 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Nelson, Jacob 3/30/1848 (or 1843) Campbell Harrison
Nelson, Mary 12/23/1856 Campbell Harrison
Nelson, William H. 6/2/1871 Campbell Harrison
Nelson, Wm. H. 6/9/1851 Campbell Harrison
Newland, Hanna 7/29/1849 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Newland, James 1/16/1849 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Newland, James E. 7/12/1849 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Newland, Mary A. 12/29/1881 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Null, Charlotte 8/10/1815 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Null, Martha 10/15/1838 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Nuzum, Herschel Douglas 2/11/1861 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Nuzum, James W. 8/30/1863 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Nuzum, John B. S. 12/23/1877 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Nuzum, Richard 5/17/1874 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Orr, Elizabeth 10/8/1842 Martin Connersville
Osborn, David 12/20/1859 (or 12/30) Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Osborn, Jesse 8/28/1887 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Osborn, Lurana 3/29/1909 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Parker, Samuel W. no date Parker Connersville
Penry, Angeline 4/26/1863 Martin Connersville
Penry, James J. 11/17/18-- Martin Connersville
Perry, Elizabeth 10/13/1855 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Perry, Russel B. 8/9/18-- Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Petro, Martha A. 7/21/1878 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Petro, Zelamia 12/2/1879 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Philpot, John no date Philpot Connersville
Philpot, Lucy 9/ /1816 Philpot Connersville
Pierson, David 6/21/1847 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Pierson, Hannah 12/23/1867 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Pierson, Margaret E. 5/16/1898 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Pierson, Moses 11/22/1904 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Pigman, Adam 9/17/1876 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Charles 9/26/1847 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Charles 10/20/1849 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Eli 10/25/1881 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Euphama 1/10/1853 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Frances Maria 4/5/1857 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Francis Marion 7/24/1833 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Infant 12/23/1881 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Jesse 3/18/1852 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Mary 6/2/1849 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Mary 9/23/1876 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Mary 8/4/1852 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Rebecca 6/12/1914 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pigman, Sarah Ann 11/2/1850 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Plummer, Catherine 7/13/1851 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Plummer, Catherine 7/16/1851 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Pollard, Elizabeth 5/23/1823 Reed Connersville
Port, ???Garett 9/5/1829 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Port, Emeline 1/19/1859 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Port, James 10/25/1860 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Port, John 9/2/1839 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Port, Mary Ann / /183? Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Port, Samuel 12/30/1845 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Port, William 1/4/1848 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Porter, Sarah Ann 7/10/1828 Martin Connersville
Post, Horace David 11/3/1862 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Powell, Minerva / / 1836 Caldwell Harrison
Price, Nancy 7/19/1861 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Price, Rev. T. G. 2/21/1859 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Pullen, Sarah C. 7/16/1841 Burk Jennings
Pumphrey, Blair M. 3/10/1876 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pumphrey, Eliza G. 2/14/1875 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Pumphrey, Salena 3/28/1861 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Puntenney, James 8/6/1846 Russel Fairview
Puntenney, Ly / /182- Russel Fairview
Puntenney, Mary 8/1/1844 Russel Fairview
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Radcliff, Hollland D. 6/28/1849 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Raines, Martha E. 2/16/1858 Brittenham Posey
Reed, Hattie A. 8/24/1879 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Reed, James 6/ /1839 Reed Connersville
Reed, Susannah 9/17/1837 Reed Connersville
Reed, Thomas 7/18/1851 Reed Connersville
Reed, William Dr. 8/10/1853 Reed Connersville
Rees, Emory J. 3/5/1861 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Rees, John 12/1/1871 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Rees, Lorenzo 8/19/1816 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Rees, Lorenzo 8/19/1846 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Rees, Mary 9/11/1894 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Rees, Nancy 1/17/1870 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Rees, Nancy J. 2/5/1874 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Rees, Oscar 12/8/1862 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Rees, Stephen 4/1/1868 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Rees, Thomas F. 10/2/1851 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Reese, Ova 7/22/1879 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Reeves, Amaziah 1916 Martin Connersville
Retherford, Abigail 2/3/1885 Burk Jennings
Retherford, Daniel 8/19/1886 Burk Jennings
Retherford, Elizabeth 5/17/1887 Burk Jennings
Retherford, Joseph 6/17/1886 Burk Jennings
Retherford, Molisse 4/15/1874 Burk Jennings
Ridge, Elizabeth 1/7/1909 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Ridge, Sarah 8/16/1886 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Ridgeley, Jane 2/13/1842 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Rigor, Hannah 12/30/1878 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Rigor, Hiram 12/21/1861 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Robinson, Eleanor 1864 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Robinson, Henry 9/3/1853 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Robinson, Infant no date Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Robinson, Mary 1839 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Robinson, Matthew 1841 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Robinson, Nathan 1846 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Roll, Mahala J. 10/21/1893 Burk Jennings
Rollins, Hannah A. 1926 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Rollins, Harrison 1874 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Rollins, Harry M. 1/18/1874 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Ross, Benjamin 8/28/1871 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Ross, David 12/16/1871 Burk Jennings
Ross, Edgar E. 7/22/1890 Burk Jennings
Ross, Elbridge 12/12/1873 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Ross, Eliza no date Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Ross, Eliza 12/15/1888 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Ross, Francis M. 4/29/1852 Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Ross, Infant no date Burk Jennings
Ross, Infant no date Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Ross, John no date Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Ross, John P. 2/4/1875 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Ross, Margaret D. 1860 Burk Jennings
Ross, Omer M. 3/23/1889 Burk Jennings
Rotan, Mary 2/23/1862 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Russel, L. J. Ann 3/24/1841 Russel Fairview
Russel, Martha Z. 10/5/1855 Russel Fairview
Russel, Martha Z. 5/10/18-- Russel Fairview
Russel, Nancy 1/2/1861 Russel Fairview
Russel, Sarah 8/18/1849 Russel Fairview
Russel, William 3/20/1876 Russel Fairview
Russel, William H. 2/7/1855 Russel Fairview
Russell, Wm. 5/10/18-- Russel Fairview
Ryan, Agnes 9/18/1895 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Ryan, James 1884 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Ryburn, Ann no date Russel Fairview
Ryburn, Margaret 10/20/1841 Russel Fairview
Ryburn, William 5/12/18-- Russel Fairview
Sampson, Adaline 5/15/1847 Methodist Farm Harrison
Samuel, Meranda 7/2/1868 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Saxon, Phineas C. 9/9/1834 Martin Connersville
Sayres, Cabet 1910 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sayres, Eva 19?? Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sayres, Infant 2/4/1902 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sayres, James F. 1935 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sayres, Lottie 1894 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sayres, Mary 1915 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Scott, Julia Ann 6/3/1846 Martin Connersville
Scudder, Joseph 1862 Simpson Jennings
Sheckles, John 9/24/1873 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Shields, Margaret 4/13/1859 Burk Jennings
Shields, Robert 9/6/1854 Burk Jennings
Shortridge, Althe Jane 10/9/1863 Williams Harrison
Shortridge, Corydon 9/12/1859 or
Williams Harrison
Simpson, Ada 2/10/1886 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Adda 8/26/1864 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Benjamin F. 2/20/1906 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Carl J. 11/25/1945 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Daniel T. 1891 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, G. W. no date Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Henry 3/11/1875 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Henry Mason 10/27/1858 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, J. A. 9/25/1854 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Jefferson 6/8/1853 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, M. J. 1918 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Malinda E. 11/30/1891 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Malinda Jane 1/19/1899 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Nancy A. / /19-- Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Nancy A. Spitler 1932 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Samantha J. no date Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Sarah 7/21/1843 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Sarah J. 5/6/1833 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Thomas 2/5/1848 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Thomas 1/16/1885 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Thomas Q. 1923 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, William 7/2/1883 Simpson Jennings
Simpson, Wm. D. 10/16/1857 Simpson Jennings
Skinner, David 6/26/1871 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Skinner, Eleazer 9/15/18?3 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Skinner, Joseph P. 12/12/1863 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Skinner, Marcellus L. 1/20/1863 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Skinner, Nancy A. 12/26/1865 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sleeth, Alexander 5/14/1820 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Small, Nancy H. 5/31/1859 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Smelser, Adam 7/16/1852 Smelser Harrison
Smiley, Ernest 9/18/1875 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Smith, Arthur E. 12/30/1878 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Smith, Elizabeth 12/25/1891 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Smith, Elizabeth 7/20/1819 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Smith, George 11/16/1844 Brittenham Posey
Smith, George 7/26/1827 Smith Connersville
Smith, Martha 10/19/1818 Smith Connersville
Smith, Rev. George 10/25/1876 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Smith, son of Charles 10/15/1850 Brittenham Posey
Smith, Susan C. 2/5/1904 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Smith, Sylvester 8/29/1867 Campbell Harrison
Smith, Tobias 8/21/1836 Smith Connersville
Smith, Washington 9/5/1849 Brittenham Posey
Snyder, Catherine Pigman 2/11/1880 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Springer, Lorenzo Sr. 11/8/1852 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Springer, Martha J. 9/11/1851 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Springer, Rachel A. 8/6/1891 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Squires, Elwood 1909 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Squires, Harvey N. 10/1/1892 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Squires, John E. 1944 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Squires, Maude Ethel 5/31/1906 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Squires, Nancy A. 5/8/1854 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Squires, Sarah M. 1909 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Starr, Martha 9/15/1839 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Stiefler, Hattie R. 4/12/1874 Burk Jennings
Stiefler, Jennie A. 12/30/1868 Burk Jennings
Strong, Henrietta 1852 Strong Waterloo
Strong, Richard 2/15/1845 Strong Waterloo
Strong, Susanna 11/9/1883 Strong Waterloo
Summers, Colvin 12/19/1858 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Summers, Mary M, 5/22/1850 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Summers, Oscar L. 7/31/1823 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Summers, Sally 3/28/1843 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sutcliff, Frederick W. 1837 Sutcliff Waterloo
Sutcliff, Mary Ann 1831 Sutcliff Waterloo
Sutcliffe, Cynthia A. 1891 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sutcliffe, John A. M.D. 1931 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sutcliffe, Joseph 1882 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sutcliffe, Leora K. 1924 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sutcliffe, M. Elizabeth 8/10/1844 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Sutcliffe, Mary Mellinder 12/30/1860 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Tate, Eugene Preston 3/8/1871 Tate Connersville
Tate, James Hankins 10/6/1915 Tate Connersville
Tate, Lizzie M. 12/15/1870 Tate Connersville
Tate, Louisa Cunningham 1/19/1873 Tate Connersville
Tate, Louisa Halstead 12/28/1926 Tate Connersville
Tate, William Augustus 3/29/1885 Tate Connersville
Taylor, America 2/13/1848 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Thatcher, Harvey 9/5/1863 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Thatcher, Milly Bear 5/12/1887 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Thomas, Avilnet 1855 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Thomas, Elder Minor 1830 Thomas Harrison
Thomas, Elijah 2/7/1914 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Thomas, Francis M. no date Tullis Chapel Connersville
Thomas, Henry W. 4/7/1862 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Thomas, John 2/6/1866 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Thomas, Lydia Scott 1863 Thomas Harrison
Thomas, Margaret 11/19/1852 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Thomas, Margaret E. 7/6/1844 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Thomas, Milton 6/15/1864 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Thomas, Nancy 1829 Thomas Harrison
Thomas, Phoebe 12/23/1866 Williams Harrison
Thomas, Wilson T. 1825 Thomas Harrison
Throwley, George 9/19/1864 Shawnee Bluff Posey
Townsend, Elizabeth A. 4/22/1864 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Townsend, Horace H. 1/18/1862 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Trowbridge Minor T. 1862 Thomas Harrison
Trowbridge, Alva A. 1833 Thomas Harrison
Trowbridge, Ann Eliza 1844 Thomas Harrison
Trowbridge, Elbert M. 1850 Thomas Harrison
Trowbridge, Elvin 1839 Thomas Harrison
Trowbridge, Henry 1852 Thomas Harrison
Trowbridge, Silas F. 1852 Thomas Harrison
Troxell, Jacot 4/6/1885 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Troxell, Mary Jane 10/16/1844 Waterloo/Green Waterloo
Tullis, Harry 10/13/1838 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Tullis, Harvey 10/13/1838 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Tullis, Sarah 4/7/1876 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Vanbinder 1910 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Vanbinder, Esther Effie 1955 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Veatch, Catherine 9/20/1853 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, Evaline Jan 9/1/1842 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, Florence 2/28/1874 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, Harry Clay 3/18/1875 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, infant no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, James 1/3/1853 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, James 2/29/1876 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, James 9/20/1837 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, James L. 1/3/1858 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, Jeremiah 1/29/1848 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, Jeremiah 10/20/1842 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, Jeremiah no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, John 2/18/1855 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, Jonathan 7/12/1856 Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Veatch, Mary 8/29/1848 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, Sarah 7/31/1877 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, Susannah 7/9/1819 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Veatch, William Henry 6/26/1874 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Vincent, Lydia Jane 6/19/1838 Tullis Chapel Connersville
VonBlaracun, John 7/4/1895 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
VonBlaracun, Sarah R. 3/20/1886 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Voorhees, David 4/23/1870 Brittenham Posey
Voorhees, John K. 3/8/1862 Brittenham Posey
Voorhees, Samuel 4/26/183? Brittenham Posey
Vophres, Peter W. 4/5/1854 Brittenham Posey
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Waddell, Amanda J. 1/21/1847 Brittenham Posey
Waddell, John S. 2/6/1847 Brittenham Posey
Waddell, Julia L. 1/31/1847 Brittenham Posey
Waddell, Sarah E. 8/20/1837 Brittenham Posey
Wallace, Joshua 1/27/1865 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Wallace, Sophia 3/31/1851 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Ward, Ennis G. 3/31/1850 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Webb, Indiana 9/25/1875 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Webb, Maude M. 1889 or 1887 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Weers, Amanda 3/7/1848 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Welch, Jesse E. 1902 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Whiteman, Elbert 2/22/1837 Whiteman Posey
Wiles, children of Peter Wiles no date Wiles Fairview
Willcox, Cyrenius 2/22/1844 Martin Connersville
Williams, Charles 2/28/1868 Campbell Harrison
Williams, Estella 8/7/1872 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Williams, Infant 3/16/1892 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Williams, James 3/24/1861 (or 3/21) Campbell Harrison
Williams, James 6/5/1853 Old Gamble Connersville
Williams, John 3/28/1857 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Williams, Jonas 12/7/1815 Campbell Harrison
Williams, Leslie 9/6/1875 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Williams, Lydia Jobe 1/30/1899 Campbell Harrison
Williams, Mary Eliza 11/3/1861 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Williams, Mi--as 12/7/1815 Campbell Harrison
Williams, Nancy 10/25/1855 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Williams, Olive P. 2/12/1883 Old Gamble Connersville
Williams, Phoebe 5/13/1893 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Williams, Richard M. 2/15/1894 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wilson, Anna B. 1974 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Wilson, Henry Rice 1948 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Wilson, Jane 3/13/1865 Martin Connersville
Wilson, Jane 1/7/1838 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wilson, Job 9/25/1855 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wilson, Mary Etta 9/30/1877 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Wilson, William E. 3/18/1838 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wilson, William W. 9/14/1857 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wilson, Wm. D. 3/19/1838 (or 3/18) Tullis Chapel Connersville
Winters, Emma 2/23/1859 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Woodbury, G. W. 11/7/1849 Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Woodbury, Mary Jane 12/4/1850 Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Woodbury, Ohnasine 1/26/1851 Hansen/Crandel Jennings
Woodford, Paul no date Mt. Garrison Jennings
Woods, Andrew Jackson 6/25/1870 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Woods, Catherine 11/24/1830 Woods Jennings
Woods, John no date Woods Jennings
Woods, Marget 11/4/1827 Woods Jennings
Woods, Rosezetta 1/21/1890 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Worsham, China Margaret Pike 10/11/1859 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Cora Grace 1/5/1892 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Edna Ruth 6/30/1895 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Edwin T. 11/2/1906 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Jeremiah Sr. 10/20/1861 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Joseph T. 9/24/1847 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Nancy 7/17/1859 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Robert M. 4/24/1847 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Samuel 6/13/1840 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Sarah A. 8/8/1839 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Sarah A. 6/15/1898 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worsham, Wm. Jedison 8/23/1859 Worsham/Washam Connersville
Worster, Edward 6/2/1847 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Worster, James 9/29/1849 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Worster, Mary 2/1/1832 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Worster, Nancy 9/24/1876 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Worster, Robert 12/ /1830 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Worster, Thomas L. 8/29/1877 Mt. Garrison Jennings
Worth, Golda May 2/6/1889 Wiley Chapel Fairview
Wright, Alice L. 1851 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Catherine 1894 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Justus 2/22/1873 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Laura C. 1895 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Lucy 12/19/1856 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Maria F. 1869 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Martha T. 1879 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Mary 6/10/1817 (or 1847) Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Matilda C. 1906 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Thomas J. 1841 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, Thomas W. Sr. 1886 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, William J. 1/2/1863 (or 1/7) Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wright, William T. or F 1882 Tullis Chapel Connersville
Wylie, Melissa 2/26/1854 Martin Connersville
Wyman, Sarah J. 1/2/1877 Robinson Chapel Waterloo
Wymore, Almarinda E. 8/6/1862 Wiley Chapel Fairview

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