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Fayette County Pioneer Cemetery Guide, Vol 2

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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Adams, 2/4/1860 Hilltop Orange
Adams, Anna 9/28/1810 Mt. Zion Jackson
Adams, Elizabeth 4/16/1884 Mt. Zion Jackson
Adams, James no date Hilltop Orange
Adams, James A. 4/15/1870 Hilltop Orange
Adams, Martha 3/16/1875 Hilltop Orange
Adams, Martha J. 1/20/1862 Hilltop Orange
Adams, William B. 1/28/1872 Hilltop Orange
Adams, Wilson T. 3/29/1863 Mt. Zion Jackson
Allen, Margaret Irena 10/31/1874 Old Friends Orange
Anderson, Annie M. 9/13/1877 Old Orange Orange
Anderson, Ethel E. 3/20/188? Old Orange Orange
Anderson, twins 8/15/1881 Old Orange Orange
Ayres, David 9/27/1849 Mt. Zion Jackson
Ayres, David 7/19/1866 Mt. Zion Jackson
Ayres, Jane M. 6/4/1855 Mt. Zion Jackson
Baker, Franklin 10/27/1856 Mt. Zion Jackson
Ball, Charles B. 8/6/1950 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Charley 6/23/1881 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Cynthia 4/3/1899 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Dora 1943 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Elizabeth 1923 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, George 9/23/1852 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, George W. 1916 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Henry C. 10/8/1883 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Jarvis 6/25/1903 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, John no date Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, M. Emezatta 4/10/1874 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Mary no date Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Raymond 5/14/1913 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Susan (Myers) 10/5/1845 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, Susan (Myers) 1944 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Ball, William 7/3/1960 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Barrows, Elenor (Burrows?) 6/2/1831 Nulltown Columbia
Bash, Elizabeth 5/28/1850 Mt. Zion Jackson
Bash, Margaret A. 12/1/1852 Mt. Zion Jackson
Bash, Plummer 9/14/1864 Mt. Zion Jackson
Bash, Rebecca 10/7/1902 Mt. Zion Jackson
Bash, Willie E. 1/29/1871 Mt. Zion Jackson
Beaver, Azora W. 2/15/1853 Old Orange Orange
Beaver, E. J. 6/15/1883 Old Orange Orange
Beaver, Kellie M. 4/14/1888 Old Orange Orange
Beaver, Martha E. 1/1/1872 Old Orange Orange
Bevens, Nancy Andrews 6/1/1838 Mt. Zion Jackson
Bilby, Infant 6/16/1883 Old Orange Orange
Billings, Pearl Victoria 12/3/1879 Old Orange Orange
Bitinger, Catherine 3/24/1815 Webb Columbia
Blew, Melinda 3/14/1855 Mt. Zion Jackson
Bloomheart, Hudah 9/25/1849 Klum Columbia
Bloomheart, Margaret 9/23/1849 Klum Columbia
Bonham, George Washington 7/ /1845 Old Waters Jackson
Bonham, Infant 1839 Old Waters Jackson
Brinson, Edwin 12/11/1810 Stevens Columbia
Brown, Robert no date Old Orange Orange
Brumfiel, Amanda Ann 2/15/1859 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Anna W. 1/8/1932 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Benjamin F. 11/29/1902 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Bertah / /1919 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Catherine 4/23/1884 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Daniel 8/28/1915 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Geo. W. 6/2/1855 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Hannah 2/15/1884 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Henry 4/28/1855 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Infant 1/6/1852 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, John 6/14/1855 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, John 3/22/1874 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, M. Annie 7/5/1913 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Oliver no date Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Sarah 1915 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Brumfiel, Susan 6/2/1855 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Bryan, Buyam 3/17/1875 Klum Columbia
Bryan, Dorothy 3/6/1867 Klum Columbia
Bryan, Ezekiel 3/23/1881 Klum Columbia
Burnett, Sarah D. 3/20/1837 Mt. Zion Jackson
Byrd, Rebecca J. 3/14/1871 Mt. Zion Jackson
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Campbell, Hannah 12/26/1826 Old Pike Orange
Campbell, Minerva L. 7/16/1854 Mt. Zion Jackson
Carpenter, Eli 11/9/1872 Klum Columbia
Carter, Ann 7/11/1856 Old Friends Orange
Casto, Alonzo E. 7/9/1892 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Casto, Nancy A. 4/21/1922 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Casto, Rosa L. 9/26/1873 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Casto, William 4/1/1909 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Chapman, Mary D. Talbott 10/13/1871 Mt. Zion Jackson
Chowing, Christopher 2/8/1868 Union Chapel Jackson
Chowing, Infant no date Union Chapel Jackson
Chowing, J. W. 1/9/1885 Union Chapel Jackson
Church, Albert 7/27/1864 Mt. Zion Jackson
Clary, Charlotte 4/14/1865 Mt. Zion Jackson
Cleary, Polley X. 12/25/1875 Old Orange Orange
Clifton, Infant 10/25/1850 Mt. Zion Jackson
Coe, Adaline 12/17/1859 Union Chapel Jackson
Coe, Carl F. 1889 Union Chapel Jackson
Coe, Elijah 3/3/1896 Union Chapel Jackson
Coe, Infant 1869 Union Chapel Jackson
Coe, John 1887 Union Chapel Jackson
Conner, Amanda 12/14/1898 Old Orange Orange
Conner, Daniel 7/28/1866 Conner Columbia
Conner, David 7/7/1860 Conner Columbia
Conner, Elizabeth 7/6/1841 Conner Columbia
Conner, Frances Jane 10/30/1865 Webb Columbia
Conner, Gentry Clay 11/9/1851 Old Orange Orange
Conner, Henry O. no date Webb Columbia
Conner, James M. no date Old Orange Orange
Conner, Jane Caroline 5/29/1867 Webb Columbia
Conner, Janet 6/29/1879 Webb Columbia
Conner, Jenny V. 11/17/1898 Webb Columbia
Conner, John 2/16/1843 Webb Columbia
Conner, Joseph 9/30/1858 Conner Columbia
Conner, Julia A. 11/5/1895 Old Orange Orange
Conner, Mary 1/20/1894 Webb Columbia
Conner, Mary Dicken 9/28/1858 Webb Columbia
Conner, Mary J. 3/30/1889 Webb Columbia
Conner, Mary J. 8/28/1838 Webb Columbia
Conner, Nancy 5/1/1870 Webb Columbia
Conner, Rebecca Vance no date Webb Columbia
Conner, Robert 1/5/1865 Webb Columbia
Conner, Rueben 7/29/1847 Webb Columbia
Conner, Sarah E. no date Webb Columbia
Conner, twins no date Conner Columbia
Conner, William 6/14/1881 Old Orange Orange
Coon, Barbery 12/2/1835 Coon Orange
Coon, --ma 7/31/18?? Coon Orange
Coon, Nancy 12/25/1839 Coon Orange
Coon, Solomon 3/6/1869 Coon Orange
Cooper, Infant 9/8/1839 Old Friends Orange
Cooper, Martha Jane 9/12/1838 Old Friends Orange
Cooper, Mary Ann 7/24/1837 Old Friends Orange
Corbin, Elijah 11/7/1862 Mt. Zion Jackson
Corbin, Elizabeth T. 12/13/1845 Green Jackson
Corbin, Sarah 10/9/1852 Mt. Zion Jackson
Coshow, Selecia R. 4/12/1857 Coshaw/Stevens Orange
Cox, California Stephen 10/23/1874 Old Orange Orange
Coyne, Marletta Stone 1892 Old Orange Orange
Cramer, Catherine O. 1/12/1895 Carpenter Orange
Crandel, Mary 2/9/1855 Old Parrott Jackson
Crane, Martha 11/23/1865 Old Orange Orange
Crawford, Joshua 11/2/1877 Old Orange Orange
Crawford, Sarah Young 2/26/1903 Old Orange Orange
Crawley, Elizabeth 1/27/1846 Mt. Zion Jackson
Crawley, Martha E. 8/13/1847 Mt. Zion Jackson
Crawley, William 8/15/1840 Mt. Zion Jackson
Creekmore, J. T. no date Old Orange Orange
Creekmore, Jennie 4/27/1891 Old Orange Orange
Creekmore, Saraphenas 2/2/1848 Nulltown Columbia
Crigler, Eliza 3/25/1849 Klum Columbia
Crigler, Elizabeth 8/3/1839 Klum Columbia
Crigler, Joshua 3/18/1859 Webb Columbia
Crigler, Julia Ann 6/4/1830 Webb Columbia
Crigler, Malinda 6/13/1829 Webb Columbia
Crigler, Margaret J. 2/18/1815 Webb Columbia
Crigler, Owen 3/5/1846 Webb Columbia
Crigler, Robert 10/13/1829 Webb Columbia
Crigler, Sallie 11/13/1839 Webb Columbia
Crisler, Allen 6/27/1837 Webb Columbia
Crisler, Andrew Allen 2/15/1839 Webb Columbia
Crisler, Frances 1/11/1846 Webb Columbia
Culbertson, Cassandre 9/3/1874 Old Friends Orange
Culbertson, Mary P. 3/29/1856 Old Friends Orange
Culbertson, Mary S. 1/27/1855 Old Friends Orange
Culbertson, William 11/16/1854 Old Friends Orange
Culbertson, William J. 2/3/1851 Old Orange Orange
Cullins, Infant 1/16/1858 Mt. Zion Jackson
Daniel, D. Randolph 9/7/1845 Old Orange Orange
Daniel, Eliza 5/26/1863 Old Orange Orange
Daniel, John Randolph 1/18/1841 Old Orange Orange
Daniel, Mary A. 5/21/1877 Old Orange Orange
Daniel, W. J. 4/5/1880 Old Orange Orange
Darter, Charles C. 5/5/1872 Mt. Zion Jackson
Darter, Effie 10/31/1880 Mt. Zion Jackson
Darter, Florence 1/3/1865 Mt. Zion Jackson
Darter, Martha 12/11/1876 Mt. Zion Jackson
Darter, Omer C. 6/4/1874 Mt. Zion Jackson
Davidson, Eliza 11/29/1864 Old Orange Orange
Davidson, Ella S. 2/ /1860 Old Orange Orange
Davidson, Henry T. 12/ /1859 Old Orange Orange
Davidson, Ida 1/ /1860 Old Orange Orange
Davidson, Thomas 10/16/1864 Old Orange Orange
Davis, Elizabeth Stricker 8/31/1874 Old Orange Orange
Davis, Infant 6/8/1882 Old Orange Orange
Davis, Oliver S. no date Nulltown Columbia
Dawson, George 11/7/1874 Old Orange Orange
Dawson, Herbert L. 3/25/1896 Old Orange Orange
Dawson, Jane D. 4/6/1882 Old Orange Orange
Dawson, John 5/25/1862 Old Orange Orange
Dawson, Noah 12/17/1881 Old Orange Orange
Dawson, Sarah 8/15/1839 Dawson/Merrick Orange
DeArmond, Mary no date DeArmond Orange
Dill, David 7/22/1835 Old Pike Orange
Dill, Hannah 1810 Old Pike Orange
Dill, Margaret 1827 Old Pike Orange
Dill, Mark 1822 Old Pike Orange
Driggs, Lillie 7/2/1878 Old Orange Orange
Driggs, Sarah E. 8/25/1889 Old Orange Orange
Duncan, James C. 4/22/1882 Mt. Zion Jackson
Dunn, Archibald 7/16/1881 Klum Columbia
Dunn, James A. 6/28/1865 Klum Columbia
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Eagan, John 10/14/1856 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eagan, Pheobe 3/24/1855 Nulltown Columbia
Elias, Da--- 9/11/1826 Nulltown Columbia
Elliott, Adam 3/2/1862 Mt. Zion Jackson
Elliott, Amanda Ann 1/7/1863 Union Chapel Jackson
Elliott, Elijah 1914 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Elliott, Elijah / /1875 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Elliott, Infant no date Mt. Zion Jackson
Elliott, Infant 1/1/1863 Union Chapel Jackson
Elliott, James N. / /1908 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Elliott, John 9/13/1873 Mt. Zion Jackson
Elliott, John Jarvis / /1941 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Elliott, John P. 4/27/1865 Mt. Zion Jackson
Elliott, Josephine / /1931 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Elliott, Mary 3/15/1865 Mt. Zion Jackson
Elliott, Mary Jane / /1910 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Elliott, Nancy J. / /1875 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Elliott, Narville A. / /1940 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Elliott, Nathaniel A. / /1944 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Elliott, Rachel 2/27/1870 Mt. Zion Jackson
Elliott, Roxy 5/10/1866 Mt. Zion Jackson
Elliott, Sarah Eskew 5/21/1889 Mt. Zion Jackson
Elliott, Son 12/15/1864 Mt. Zion Jackson
Elliott, Twins 3/25/1866 Mt. Zion Jackson
Englehoupt, Catherine 9/19/1841 Nulltown Columbia
Eskew, Amelia 8/29/1863 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, Daniel 7/3/1857 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, Infant 2/1/1854 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, James 1/8/1858 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, John 5/3/1833 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, Malvina 1/1/1875 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, Mary 12/12/1863 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, Mary 3/19/1865 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, Mary M. 3/19/1855 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, Nancy Silvey 12/26/1888 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, Presley 3/5/1862 Mt. Zion Jackson
Eskew, William 12/9/1865 Mt. Zion Jackson
Evans, Silas 5/31/1817 Silas Evans Orange
Ewing, Martha 3/5/1884 Mt. Zion Jackson
Falkinburg, Mary E. 2/23/1853 Mt. Zion Jackson
Favrote, Carl 11/6/1874 Old Orange Orange
Fortner, L. no date Hilltop Orange
Fullen, Elizabeth 11/18/1818 Nulltown Columbia
Gains, Sarah 1858 Webb Columbia
Gamble, Martha 1/11/1851 Old Friends Orange
Gamble, Mary 4/20/1846 Old Friends Orange
George, Ada 2/7/1872 Old Orange Orange
George, F. Kelley 10/10/1870 Old Orange Orange
George, John 7/5/1850 Old Orange Orange
George, Ronald 9/22/1821 Gray Orange
George, Sarah 12/5/1869 Old Orange Orange
Gilmore, Clarissa Lee 5/1/1842 Klum Columbia
Gilmore, John 9/23/1859 Klum Columbia
Glenn, Ebenezer 1/13/1879 Old Waters Jackson
Glenn, Hannah 2/ /1855 Old Waters Jackson
Glenn, John T. 1/23/1861 Old Waters Jackson
Glenn, Joseph Jr. 7/11/1838 Old Waters Jackson
Glenn, Joseph Sr. 1/8/1855 Old Waters Jackson
Glenn, Martha 12/9/1863 Old Waters Jackson
Goldsmith, Jessie 5/31/1876 Old Orange Orange
Gorrell, Elizabeth 9/26/1857 Old Parrott Jackson
Gorrell, Margaret 1/2/1855 Old Parrott Jackson
Gray, John G. 11/9/1870 Gray Orange
Gray, Mary 2/27/1789? Gray Orange
Gray, Nellie 9/17/1884 Nulltown Columbia
Gray, R. P. 1908 Gray Orange
Gray, Robert 12/21/1843 Gray Orange
Gray, Robert Patton no date Gray Orange
Greed, Mary 6/4/1855 Old Orange Orange
Green, Daniel 1825 Green Jackson
Green, Infant no date Green Jackson
Green, Mary 4/15/1859 Mt. Zion Jackson
Green, Susan E. 1847 Wadams Columbia
Green, Susan E. 1/11/1847 Green Jackson
Grubb, Adeline 11/21/1877 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Emeline C. / /1910 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Flora 9/21/1952 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Infant 7/2/1842 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Jennie 3/26/1883 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Joseph B. 1/6/1892 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Marion F. no date Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Mary 8/1/1876 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Roscoe 1/20/1873 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Ruby Esther 9/2/1898 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Susan 7/14/1851 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Grubb, Theodore no date Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Hackleman, Catherine 4/10/1844 Webb Columbia
Hackleman, Frances J. 10/24/1864 Old Orange Orange
Hackleman, Infant no date Webb Columbia
Hackleman, Lewis W. 6/15/1839 Webb Columbia
Hackleman, Mary J. 4/3/1873 Old Orange Orange
Hackleman, Michael 6/9/1869 Webb Columbia
Hackleman, Pleasant C. 11/1/1862 Webb Columbia
Hackleman, Rebecca M. no date Webb Columbia
Hackleman, Susan Gains 10/9/18-- Webb Columbia
Hackleman, William 5/22/1857 Webb Columbia
Hackleman, William E. 9/14/1867 Webb Columbia
Halstead, Delilah Martin no date Halstead Columbia
Halstead, Lila 2/20/1884 Old Orange Orange
Halstead, Thomas 1843 Halstead Columbia
Hames, James 7/5/1837 Union Chapel Jackson
Hamilton, Andrew 12/29/1817 Old Friends Orange
Hamilton, Elijah 4/7/1908 Old Friends Orange
Hamilton, Everett 10/13/1861 Old Friends Orange
Hamilton, Mary 3/30/1892 Old Friends Orange
Hamilton, Samuel 9/4/1854 Old Friends Orange
Handley, Charity 10/8/1855 Webb Columbia
Handley, Charlotte 8/21/1884 Webb Columbia
Handley, James 5/19/1861 Webb Columbia
Handley, Sophia 7/4/1855 Webb Columbia
Hardy, Elizaabeth 2/12/1836 Union Chapel Jackson
Hardy, John 1/20/1838 Union Chapel Jackson
Hardy, Phoebe 1815 Union Chapel Jackson
Harlow, Katherine 1883 Old Orange Orange
Harpham, Elizabeth 7/28/1851 Old Parrott Jackson
Harpham, Henry 7/28/1851 Old Parrott Jackson
Harpham, Samuel 10/11/1850 Old Parrott Jackson
Harpham, Wm. Sr. 7/27/1840 Old Parrott Jackson
Harrel, Delilah 1869 Stevens Columbia
Harrel, Isaac 1818 Stevens Columbia
Harrel, Nancy 7/10/1838 Stevens Columbia
Harrell, George W. 10/4/1836 Klum Columbia
Harrell, Mary J. 9/28/1834 Klum Columbia
Harrell, Sally 6/8/1858 Klum Columbia
Harris, Shadrach 4/12/1866 Old Orange Orange
Harris, William R. 8/16/1884 Old Orange Orange
Harry, Catherine 1887 Nulltown Columbia
Haslett, Eliza 9/23/1854 Old Orange Orange
Haslett, Jane E. 9/6/1886 Old Orange Orange
Haslett, John 10/12/1857 Old Orange Orange
Haslett, Samuel 4/23/1869 Old Orange Orange
Hauison, Mary H. 5/25/1865 Hilltop Orange
Hays, Harry 10/20/1887 Union Chapel Jackson
Hearn, Nancy 5/6/1866 Hilltop Orange
Heaton, Callie 11/26/1880 Old Orange Orange
Heaton, Data 12/1/1880 Old Orange Orange
Heeb, Hattie 1901 Old Orange Orange
Heeb, Henry 2/3/1878 Old Orange Orange
Heeb, Louisa 1/31/1883 Old Orange Orange
Heeb, Martha 9/27/1870 Old Orange Orange
Heeb, Mattie 11/6/1870 Old Orange Orange
Hendrickson, Susan Dawson 1855 Old Orange Orange
Henry, Martha E. 5/7/1870 Old Orange Orange
Hess, Agnes 1/20/1934 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Hess, Alice Malinda 5/18/1903 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Hess, Charles 7/21/1898 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Hess, Cynthia 1923 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Hess, J. C. no date Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Hess, Lewis Fremont 2/27/1902 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Hinds, Sarah 1848 Wadams Columbia
Homal, Mary E. 11/2/1841 Old Orange Orange
Hood, George W. 7/28/1853 Nulltown Columbia
Hood, Susannah 10/15/1880 Mt. Zion Jackson
Hunt, Martha J. C. 8/28/1836 Old Friends Orange
Iles, Effie May 8/18/1870 Old Friends Orange
Iles, Horatio S. 8/20/1869 Old Friends Orange
Jarvis, Benjamin F. 11/6/1853 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jarvis, Lurinda J. 12/4/1852 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, Anchor Sutton 2/17/1887 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, Charles W. 1941 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Jemison, Clarissa A. 8/14/1861 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, Cynthia 5/23/1874 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, Cynthia E. 7/26/1861 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, Elijah A. 2/5/1853 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, Elizabeth Elliott 2/11/1858 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, Infant 4/27/1852 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, John 7/17/1851 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, John A. 12/7/1851 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jemison, Margaret 3/10/1925 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Jemison, Martha 7/2/1901 Union Chapel Jackson
Jemison, Samuel 12/19/1911 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Jemison, William C. 9/2/1901 Union Chapel Jackson
Johnson, Cornelius 9/6/1897 Klum Columbia
Johnson, Jane A. 7/31/1869 Klum Columbia
Jonas, Huldy A. A. 12/14/1837 Nulltown Columbia
Jonas, John 10/ /1835 Nulltown Columbia
Jonas, Lilburn H. 1897 Old Orange Orange
Jonas, Manda 7/19/1885 Old Orange Orange
Jonas, Mary 8/ /1836 Nulltown Columbia
Jonas, Nancy 7/19/1895 Old Orange Orange
Jones, Anna E. 1883 Old Orange Orange
Jones, Gary 10/2/1891 Old Orange Orange
Jones, Mary 3/15/1864 Mt. Zion Jackson
Jones, Wilber 8/1/1891 Old Orange Orange
Joyce, John 7/3/1865 Mt. Zion Jackson
Justin, B. B. 7/31/1853 Webb Columbia
Keener, John 9/28/1862 Mt. Zion Jackson
Kellum, Elizabaeth 9/16/1876 Mt. Zion Jackson
Kellum, Theodore 3/24/1884 Mt. Zion Jackson
Kellum, William 3/1/1899 Mt. Zion Jackson
Kelly, Narcissa Perkins 1899 Klum Columbia
Kenner, Jacob T. 12/23/1858 Mt. Zion Jackson
Kenner, Mary A. 6/13/1862 Mt. Zion Jackson
Kerr, Alice A. 11/18/1853 Old Waters Jackson
Kerr, Andrew P. 4/15/1876 Mt. Zion Jackson
Kerr, Infant 6/20/1845 Old Waters Jackson
Kerr, James 9/16/1873 Mt. Zion Jackson
Kerr, James M. 1/6/1861 Old Waters Jackson
Kerr, John Ambrose 8/6/1850 Old Waters Jackson
Kerr, Lewis C. 1/6/1858 Old Waters Jackson
Kerr, Malinda 4/27/1851 Old Waters Jackson
Kerr, Nancy 1822 Old Waters Jackson
Kerr, Nellie M. 9/ /1873 Old Waters Jackson
Kerr, Robert 3/6/1864 Old Waters Jackson
Ketcham, James M. 5/11/1863 Mt. Zion Jackson
Kitchen, Andrew S. no date Klum Columbia
Klum, Eveline 5/18/1853 Klum Columbia
Klum, George 10/16/1844 Klum Columbia
Klum, Hannah 9/19/1875 Klum Columbia
Klum, Helen Jane 10/3/1838 Klum Columbia
Klum, Infant 8/23/1847 Klum Columbia
Klum, Jacob 10/28/185- Klum Columbia
Klum, James 11/30/184- Klum Columbia
Klum, John 9/8/1866 Klum Columbia
Klum, John 1836 Klum Columbia
Klum, Mahilia 7/26/18-- Klum Columbia
Klum, Scitha Elizabeth 1/25/1865 Klum Columbia
Klum, Seba 8/12/1841 Klum Columbia
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Ladd, Betty 12/26/1846 Mt. Zion Jackson
Ladd, Elisha P. 9/14/1827 Mt. Zion Jackson
Ladd, Mary A. R. 4/20/1860 Mt. Zion Jackson
Ladd, Moses 1/23/1866 Mt. Zion Jackson
Ladd, Noble 4/8/1835 Mt. Zion Jackson
Ladd, Thomas no date Mt. Zion Jackson
Lake, Amanda C. 10/10/1874 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lake, Deborah 2/11/1842 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lake, Infant 3/10/1858 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lake, John Franklin 10/22/1861 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lake, Mandie E. 9/30/1874 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lake, Mary 5/30/1836 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lake, William 5/23/1846 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lake, William 11/9/1859 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lake, William V. 2/29/1856 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lambert, John 1/1/1868 Old Parrott Jackson
Lambert, Joseph 7/2/1855 Old Parrott Jackson
Lambert, Nancy 6/5/1883 Old Parrott Jackson
Lambert, Sarah 12/14/1869 Old Parrott Jackson
Langston, William E. 1/11/1865 Poplar Ridge Jackson
Larimore, Allen B. 2/5/1863 Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Alsha 5/31/1862 Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Francis A. 1/31/1874 Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Infant no date Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Jane no date Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Josephus H. 10/7/1849 Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Margaret 9/6/1831 Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Miles H. 10/16/1877 Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Nancy 2/16/1831 Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Neyl 9/21/1836 Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Sarah 9/26/1852 Mt. Zion Jackson
Larimore, Susannah 9/6/1873 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lenard, Milton 1853 Wadams Columbia
Levi, Isaac 9/18/1826 Nulltown Columbia
Lewis, Chester S. 8/23/1882 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lewis, Melinda Jane 5/13/1854 Mt. Zion Jackson
Lewis, Sarah 2/9/1879 Mt. Zion Jackson
Limpus, Elizabeth 9/5/1854 Nulltown Columbia
Limpus, Evi (Levi) 12/1/1867 Nulltown Columbia
Limpus, Lucetta 5/20/1886 Webb Columbia
Limpus, Maria 1842 Nulltown Columbia
Limpus, Mariah A. 7/19/1824 Nulltown Columbia
Limpus, Martha 7/19/1835 Nulltown Columbia
Limpus, Matilda L. 10/8/1865 Nulltown Columbia
Lindale, Eddie 6/13/1867 Old Orange Orange
Lindale, Lizzie 8/24/1866 Old Orange Orange
Lindale, Thomas 9/ /1856 Old Orange Orange
Lindsay, Nancy 5/4/1889 Nulltown Columbia
Linville, Mary A. 12/12/1855 Hilltop Orange
Little, Elizabeth 8/18/1872 Old Friends Orange
Little, Elizabeth 12/21/1845 Gray Orange
Little, Elizabeth Jane 9/ /1836 Gray Orange
Little, Frances M. 3/22/1899 Old Friends Orange
Little, Issiah 1852 Old Friends Orange
Little, John 12/27/1893 Old Friends Orange
Lockwood, Sara A. 1842 Wadams Columbia
Lockwood, Sarah 5/14/1847 Green Jackson
Logan, Jane 1/19/1900 Webb Columbia
Logan, John 3/9/1873 Nulltown Columbia
Loper, Mary Catherine 2/10/1857 Mt. Zion Jackson
Loper, William H. 6/22/1860 Mt. Zion Jackson
Louden, Ann Jane 10/20/1843 Old Friends Orange
Louden, Isabella 10/3/1887 Old Friends Orange
Louden, James no date Old Friends Orange
Louden, Jane 10/12/1843 Old Friends Orange
Louden, Robert 10/16/1843 Old Friends Orange
Louisa Grubb / /1918 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Lucas, Infant 8/11/1874 Old Orange Orange
Lucas, Nancy 7/18/1881 Old Orange Orange
Ludlow, Rachel 1915 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Lyons, Jane 12/29/1847 Old Pike Orange
Manlove, J. H. 10/12/1865 Old Orange Orange
Marks, John 8/26/1848 Old Friends Orange
Marks, Mexander 8/3/1848 Old Friends Orange
Marks, William 1/6/1855 Old Friends Orange
Mason, Ben 9/13/1853 Klum Columbia
Mason, Cero 9/13/1853 Klum Columbia
Mason, Horatio 8/9/1863 Klum Columbia
Mason, James H. 9/2/1853 Klum Columbia
Mason, Ruth Ann 5/9/1861 Klum Columbia
Matney, Auston no date Klum Columbia
Matney, Baby no date Klum Columbia
Matney, Jesse no date Klum Columbia
McCabe, Hannah 3/20/1833 Mt. Zion Jackson
McCabe, John 5/6/1849 Mt. Zion Jackson
McCabe, Wm. H. H. 8/11/1840 Mt. Zion Jackson
McIlwain, 6/6/1871 Mt. Zion Jackson
McIlwain, Catherine 6/3/1855 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
McIlwain, Henry C. 3/29/1902 Union Chapel Jackson
McIlwain, John 6/25/1869 Mt. Zion Jackson
McIlwain, John Quincy 9/2/1864 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
McIlwain, Malinda 4/13/1840 Old Waters Jackson
McIlwain, Mary Frances 12/1/1863 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
McIlwain, Mary Frances 4/14/1840 (1864) Old Waters Jackson
McIlwain, Mary M. 2/14/1915 Union Chapel Jackson
McIlwain, Sarah 5/19/1854 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
McIlwain, William 9/28/1886 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
McIntosh, A_m 8/25/1854 Old Orange Orange
McIntosh, Eliza D. 2/18/1865 Old Orange Orange
McIntosh, Mana 9/25/1853 Old Orange Orange
McIntosh, Nancy A. 8/11/1854 Old Orange Orange
McIntosh, Sarah 8/11/1854 Old Orange Orange
McKee, Elizabeth M. 8/23/1849 Old Friends Orange
McKee, Estella R. 9/27/1890 Old Orange Orange
McKee, Gesphanges 6/3/1889 Old Friends Orange
McKee, Hester A. 8/2/1871 Old Orange Orange
McKee, John 11/10/1891 Old Orange Orange
McKee, Samuel no date Old Friends Orange
McNiel, John R. 4/6/1841 Silas Evans Orange
McPheiom, 7/1/1841 Webb Columbia
Merrick, John 3/10/1841 Dawson/Merrick Orange
Messersmith, Elisa 7/ /1828 Nulltown Columbia
Messersmith, Godfrey 10/18/1840 Nulltown Columbia
Messersmith, Jacob 7/ /1828 Nulltown Columbia
Miller, Ernest 9/28/1862 Old Orange Orange
Miller, James L. 3/6/1870 Old Friends Orange
Miller, Margaret Youngs 9/28/1893 Old Orange Orange
Miller, Mary 4/10/1879 Old Friends Orange
Millspaugh, Hulda Ann 2/12/1851 Klum Columbia
Milton, Leonard 9/19/1853 Green Jackson
Mohler, Alvaretus 1890 Old Orange Orange
Monroe, Oliver 8/15/1844 Old Waters Jackson
Moor, Mary F. 5/15/1877 Klum Columbia
Moore, Eleanor 11/20/1832 Mt. Zion Jackson
Moore, Elenor 8/6/1833 Mt. Zion Jackson
Moore, Elijah 9/3/1835 Mt. Zion Jackson
Moore, Jane Simms 7/ /1848 Old Waters Jackson
Morris, George 11/28/1853 Old Orange Orange
Mount, Horatio 11/14/1836 Nulltown Columbia
Mumford, Rebecca 9/ /1839 Old Friends Orange
Myres, Abram 2/17/1859 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Myres, Catherine 4/22/1854 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Myres, Daniel 12/ /1834 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Myres, Effie J. 1898 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Myres, Elijah J. 1915 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Myres, John 10/6/1846 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Myres, Marquis L. 2/17/1861 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Myres, Sarah C. 1922 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Neel, Johnny 10/7/1878 Mt. Zion Jackson
Neptune, John 10/19/1875 Mt. Zion Jackson
Neptune, Noah H. 10/8/1874 Mt. Zion Jackson
Newhouse, Bertha 6/12/1886 Webb Columbia
Newhouse, Clintie 3/3/1871 Webb Columbia
Newhouse, Everett G. 1/19/1862 Webb Columbia
Newhouse, J. D. no date Webb Columbia
Newkirk, Mary A. 9/1/1852 Mt. Zion Jackson
Northern, George 9/14/1870 Klum Columbia
Northern, Samuel B. 3/19/1878 Carpenter Orange
Northern, Sarah J. no date Carpenter Orange
Nothens, Isabell 4/12/1883 Old Orange Orange
Null, Charlotte 10/15/1838 Mt. Zion Jackson
Oliphant, Frances A. 9/25/1859 Nulltown Columbia
Oliphant, James W. 3/13/1861 Nulltown Columbia
Oliphant, Nancy C. 3/21/1853 Nulltown Columbia
Patterson, Marx W. 6/18/1871 Old Orange Orange
Percy, Charles 9/ /1885 (1865) Old Waters Jackson
Perkins, Amanda E. 12/3/1852 Klum Columbia
Perkins, Blanche 8/13/1889 Old Orange Orange
Perkins, George no date Klum Columbia
Perkins, Infant 9/25/1847 Klum Columbia
Perkins, Lulu 2/18/1885 Old Orange Orange
Perkins, Mary 8/27/18-- Klum Columbia
Perkins, Milton 2/22/1891 Klum Columbia
Perkins, William 8/24/1894 Klum Columbia
Pettis, Adam no date Old Orange Orange
Pettis, Mary H. 8/30/1875 Old Orange Orange
Piper, Catherine 12/12/1896 Mt. Zion Jackson
Piper, David 11/13/1866 Mt. Zion Jackson
Piper, Richard 6/28/1870 Mt. Zion Jackson
Plummer, Catherine 7/13/1851 Mt. Zion Jackson
Plummer, Catherine 7/16/1851 Mt. Zion Jackson
Pumphrey, George W. B. 3/19/1837 Mt. Zion Jackson
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Ralston, Rachel 3/2/1871 Old Orange Orange
Reed, Effie N. 9/29/1869 Webb Columbia
Reed, J. C. 8/18/1872 Old Friends Orange
Reed, James 8/18/1872 Old Friends Orange
Reed, Jane 8/6/1895 Old Friends Orange
Reed, John 10/22/1879 Old Friends Orange
Reed, Margaret 6/26/1881 Old Friends Orange
Reed, Nancy 12/19/1895 Old Friends Orange
Reed, Ola A. 11/22/1938 Nulltown Columbia
Reed, Sherman 12/14/1942 Nulltown Columbia
Reed, William 2/26/1888 Old Friends Orange
Rench, Nancy 5/25/1858 Old Waters Jackson
Rhodes, Florine 1/7/1859 Old Orange Orange
Rhodes, Hazel 1901 Old Orange Orange
Rhodes, Martha J. 8/18/1859 Old Orange Orange
Rigor, Martha J. 10/6/1870 Mt. Zion Jackson
Riley, infant 12/1/1886 Old Orange Orange
Risk, Emely 4/5/1855 Old Parrott Jackson
Risk, Frances 2/4/1848 Old Parrott Jackson
Risk, Martha A. 3/12/1848 Old Parrott Jackson
Risk, Prudence 7/25/1824 Old Parrott Jackson
Risk, Sally A. 8/25/1856 Old Parrott Jackson
Risk, Thomas 11/3/1839 Old Parrott Jackson
Risk, Wm. 1/3/1867 Old Parrott Jackson
Roberts, Ernest L. 1945 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Rose, Elizabeth R. 8/31/1879 Old Orange Orange
Ross, Oliver P. 6/8/1850 Nulltown Columbia
Ross, Thomas 2/27/1877 Nulltown Columbia
Rounda, Samuel 4/8/1859 Old Orange Orange
Russell, Mahala 7/8/1848 Old Friends Orange
Ryman, Caroline S. J. 10/2/1850 Old Orange Orange
Ryman, Clifford 1898 Old Orange Orange
Ryman, infant 2/15/1879 Old Orange Orange
Ryman, Richard 1907 Old Orange Orange
Ryman, Thomas Payne 9/4/1850 Old Orange Orange
Salyers, Elizabeth no date Old Waters Jackson
Salyers, John 1820 Old Waters Jackson
Salyers, Margaret 8/12/1801 (1881) Old Waters Jackson
Sarrett, Elizabeth 8/5/1834 Mt. Zion Jackson
Schillinger, Christ no date Mt. Zion Jackson
Schillinger, Eva 10/15/1892 Mt. Zion Jackson
Schillinger, Frederick 1862 Mt. Zion Jackson
Scofield, Ada Dawson 2/24/1880 Old Orange Orange
Scofield, James 1/22/1847 Nulltown Columbia
Scofield, Joshua 5/29/1848 Nulltown Columbia
Scofield, Mary 9/7/1841 Nulltown Columbia
Scott, Jesse D. 6/29/1855 Mt. Zion Jackson
Scott, Joel 7/29/1855 Nulltown Columbia
Scott, Mary Ann 2/19/1903 Nulltown Columbia
Scott, Powell O. 6/9/1899 Nulltown Columbia
Scott, Sarah A. 10/16/1856 Mt. Zion Jackson
Shaver, Ann 1/7/1867 Klum Columbia
Shaver, John 10/13/1866 Klum Columbia
Shaver, John 3/5/1870 Klum Columbia
Shaver, Silas S. 9/29/1863 Klum Columbia
Shepard, Marion 8/25/1854 Old Parrott Jackson
Shephard, Caroline 2/7/1847 Old Parrott Jackson
Shephard, J. B. 8/25/1854 Old Parrott Jackson
Sherwood, Nelle Grubb 3/26/1953 Brumfiel/Myers Jackson
Silvey, Dr. P. S. 3/21/1872 Mt. Zion Jackson
Silvey, Frances 7/27/1855 Mt. Zion Jackson
Silvey, Hannah 6/19/1837 Mt. Zion Jackson
Silvey, Rev. Thomas 7/31/1835 Mt. Zion Jackson
Silvey, Sarah A. 12/22/1860 Mt. Zion Jackson
Sim, John 4/1/1895 Nulltown Columbia
Sim, Mary 1881 Nulltown Columbia
Simms, Alexander ? no date Old Waters Jackson
Simms, Rosa ? no date Old Waters Jackson
Sims, Nancy 12/21/1891 Nulltown Columbia
Sims, William J. 1828 Old Waters Jackson
Sipe, Eva M. 1/1/1873 Old Orange Orange
Smallwood, John 12/23/1857 Union Chapel Jackson
Smallwood, Margaret 10/13/1877 Union Chapel Jackson
Smallwood, Samuel 12/21/1906 Union Chapel Jackson
Smallwood, Uriah 3/26/1902 Union Chapel Jackson
Smith, Caleb 11/1/1818 Halstead Columbia
Smith, E. A. 1839 Old Waters Jackson
Smith, Ebenezer 6/12/1829 Old Waters Jackson
Smith, James 1829 Old Waters Jackson
Smith, James 5/21/1888 Old Waters Jackson
Smith, Jemima 12/21/1860 Old Waters Jackson
Smith, Margaret 3/18/1839 Old Waters Jackson
Smith, Mary 3/25/1901 Old Waters Jackson
Smith, Nancy 11/1/1851 Old Waters Jackson
Smith, Samuel 11/23/1835 Old Waters Jackson
Smith, William H. 6/15/1845 Mt. Zion Jackson
Snyder, John 8/28/1820 Old Orange Orange
Spencer, Sarah 8/10/1836 Old Orange Orange
Spivey, Adam 11/30/1869 Old Orange Orange
Spivey, Jane 4/20/1885 Old Orange Orange
Spivey, John 7/12/1879 Old Orange Orange
Spivey, Merle 1/17/1888 Old Orange Orange
Spivey, Rhoda 9/25/1887 Old Orange Orange
Stam, Andrew (Storm) 1900 Klum Columbia
Stam, John 1902 Klum Columbia
Stanley, James 3/4/1844 Old Waters Jackson
Stanley, Martha 1841 Old Waters Jackson
Stanley, Martha 3/17/1840 Old Waters Jackson
Stanton, Horace Bruce 6/14/1863 Old Waters Jackson
Stanton, James M. 3/4/1849 Old Waters Jackson
Stanton, Wm. S. 1/6/1866 Old Waters Jackson
Steele, Betsy 8/8/1834 Green Jackson
Stephen, Hannah 10/23/1861 Bever Orange
Stephen, Levi 6/8/1885 Old Orange Orange
Stephen, Thomas 11/27/1831 Bever Orange
Stevens, A. J. 7/ /1883 Old Orange Orange
Stevens, Abner no date Klum Columbia
Stevens, Andrew J. 1900 Klum Columbia
Stevens, Barbara 1861 Stevens Columbia
Stevens, Charles 6/25/1882 Klum Columbia
Stevens, Charles P. 1887 Klum Columbia
Stevens, Elijah 1843 Stevens Columbia
Stevens, Elizabeth Hiers 5/3/1900 Klum Columbia
Stevens, Enoch 2/6/1853 Stevens Columbia
Stevens, Frank 1928 Klum Columbia
Stevens, Infant 1853 Stevens Columbia
Stevens, Isom 10/10/1883 Old Orange Orange
Stevens, J. D. no date Coshaw/Stevens Orange
Stevens, James 1826 Stevens Columbia
Stevens, Jessie 12/11/1887 Old Orange Orange
Stevens, John 6/18/1902 Klum Columbia
Stevens, Lititia Thorpe 1884 Klum Columbia
Stevens, Mary Kathern no date Klum Columbia
Stevens, minerva no date Old Orange Orange
Stevens, Nancy 5/27/1861 Stevens Columbia
Stevens, oliver 10/9/1859 Stevens Columbia
Stevens, Richard 1829 Stevens Columbia
Stevens, Thomas 10/28/1852 Klum Columbia
Stewart, J. F. 12/16/1861 Old Orange Orange
Stewart, John 7/25/1882 Old Orange Orange
Stone, E. S. no date Old Orange Orange
Stone, Eleanor 8/7/1854 Old Orange Orange
Stone, Flora I. 11/22/1879 Old Orange Orange
Stone, James M. 4/12/1869 Old Orange Orange
Stone, Martha S. 1/5/1885 Old Orange Orange
Stone, Silas H. 1/7/1887 Old Orange Orange
Stone, Spencer 3/15/1854 Old Orange Orange
Story, Elizabeth 5/10/1861 Old Orange Orange
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Talbott, George 9/20/1861 Mt. Zion Jackson
Talbott, John W. 8/1/1881 Mt. Zion Jackson
Talbott, Lidda 9/9/1859 Mt. Zion Jackson
Talbott, Margaret Davidson 1/1/1890 Old Orange Orange
Talbott, Susan 7/9/1863 Mt. Zion Jackson
Talbott, Washington 6/30/1853 Mt. Zion Jackson
Taylor, David 1844 Old Waters Jackson
Taylor, Nancy no date Old Waters Jackson
Taylor, Richard 1866 Old Parrott Jackson
Thompson, Sarah 9/2/1864 Old Orange Orange
Titsworth, Mary 10/20/1851 Old Orange Orange
Trusler, J. 8/18/1855 Poplar Ridge Jackson
Tucker, J. O. no date Old Orange Orange
Turner, John 1899 Nulltown Columbia
Turner, Mattie 1812 (or 1912) Nulltown Columbia
Tuttle, Absolm H. 8/5/1871 Mt. Zion Jackson
Tuttle, Agnes 1907 Old Orange Orange
Tuttle, Elizabeth 9/21/1851 Old Orange Orange
Tuttle, Ester 9/2/1854 Old Orange Orange
Tuttle, Fanny 1885 Old Orange Orange
Tuttle, Florence 7/3/1871 Mt. Zion Jackson
Tuttle, Martha 9/3/1850 Old Orange Orange
Tuttle, Martha M. 9/25/1857 Old Orange Orange
Tuttle, Samuel 1911 Old Orange Orange
Tuttle, Stephen 8/11/1850 Old Orange Orange
Vail, Ann S. 12/10/1850 Old Orange Orange
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Name Date of Death Cemetery Township
Wadams, Louis 1848 Wadams Columbia
Wadams, Wilson 1842 Wadams Columbia
Wagoner, John 7/18/1858 Old Orange Orange
Walling, Jane no date Webb Columbia
Ward, Benj. 1858 Nulltown Columbia
Ward, Elizabeth 1911 Nulltown Columbia
Ward, George W. 1919 Nulltown Columbia
Ward, Jacob 1908 Nulltown Columbia
Ward, Mary 1894 Nulltown Columbia
Ward, Mary 10/14/1894 Nulltown Columbia
Ward, Orville P. B. 5/3/1856 Old Orange Orange
Ward, William 1838 Nulltown Columbia
Waters, John (James?) 1821 Old Waters Jackson
Waters, Samuel no date Old Waters Jackson
Webb, Clarissa 11/25/1883 Webb Columbia
Webb, Edward 7/29/1851 Webb Columbia
Webb, Forrest 12/15/1888 Webb Columbia
Wells, Charles T. 8/21/1870 Mt. Zion Jackson
Wells, Susan Ann 3/6/1870 Mt. Zion Jackson
Wells, Willie 10/24/1869 Mt. Zion Jackson
Wheeler, Caroline M. 11/7/1838 Old Orange Orange
White, Alexander 5/26/1885 Mt. Zion Jackson
White, Deborah 6/17/1881 Mt. Zion Jackson
White, Lewis E. 8/17/1855 Webb Columbia
White, Mary C. 2/10/1857 Mt. Zion Jackson
White, Williams 2/24/1878 Mt. Zion Jackson
Whitelock, Abigail 4/30/1859 Old Parrott Jackson
Whitelock, Charles 7/5/1842 Old Parrott Jackson
Whitelock, Infant no date Old Parrott Jackson
Whitelock, Joseph 12/18/1872 Old Parrott Jackson
Whitelock, Susana 5/30/1830 Old Parrott Jackson
Whitelock,David 7/10/1830 Old Parrott Jackson
Williams, Ann M. 11/14/1895 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, David 11/10/1863 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Elisha 3/17/1863 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Elizabeth 7/11/1888 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Jesse 5/19/1883 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, John 12/ /1849 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, John 12/7/1838 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, John 12/23/1862 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Leander C. 12/14/1849 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Martha 12/13/1835 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Martha 7/4/1855 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Mary A. 6/27/1878 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Nancy 3/19/1874 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Orpha Adaline 5/11/1862 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Rev. Elisha 11/21/1884 Mt. Zion Jackson
Williams, Tabitha 7/9/1852 Mt. Zion Jackson
Wilson, Elizabeth 5/27/1841 Wilson Orange
Wilson, Hugh 2/29/1870 Wilson Orange
Wilson, Louise 11/13/1834 Green Jackson
Wilson, Maria 9/18/1880 Wilson Orange
Wilson, Naddon 7/17/1834 Green Jackson
Wilson, Nancy E. 11/26/1862 Wilson Orange
Wilson, William 4/26/1872 Old Friends Orange
Winchel, Richard 1848 Stevens Columbia
Winchell, Ella May 10/20/1887 Old Orange Orange
Winchell, Infant no date Old Orange Orange
Winchell, Mary 8/19/1885 Old Orange Orange
Wolfe, Mary Ann Larimore no date Mt. Zion Jackson
Wright, Catherine 9/21/1866 Wright Orange
Wright, Dan 10/6/1861 Wright Orange
Wright, Israel 6/4/1840 Poplar Ridge Jackson
Wright, Rev. William 1868 Old Orange Orange
Wright, Samuel Smith 7/18/1842 Wright Orange
Young, Ovid 9/17/1832 Old Parrott Jackson
Youngs, Alfred 2/5/1879 Old Orange Orange
Youngs, Jeremiah 4/14/1868 Old Orange Orange
Youngs, Mary Caroline 3/20/1865 Old Orange Orange

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