"Hill's Corners"   Plato, LaGrange County, Indiana

Plato Store Fire -  "The LaGrange Standard," LaGrange, Indiana, April 11, 1919

Plato Recollections of Mrs. Angeline Weir     Source: "The Standard" - LaGrange, Indiana

Plato Hall

Plato Postcard

Plato Store

“Assignee’s Sale of Land & Town Lots”

The portion . . .  (not able to read from old ink blot) . . .-large lots for . . . .(not able to read from old ink blot) LaGrange County are as follows, to wit:

The Hill Farm, In Bloomfield Township, on the Lima and Fort Wayne Road, half a mile south of Hill’s Corners, containing about 285 acres, described as the west half of the north east quarter, and the northern quarter of the south  (not able to read from old ink blot) and the west half and north half of east half of the south west quarter of section twenty five, and five acres of the north west corner of the northwest quarter of section thirty six in township thirty seven north range ten east.   “The LaGrange Union,” Lima, Indiana, January 1, 1862.