LaGrange County Old Settlers Meeting-1906  
 LaGrange County Records of 
Old Settler's Meetings

These records come from Barbara Henderson who wanted to have this  posted to preserve the information contained in the handwritten pages. She tells me that the handwriting is fading,  in many places hard to read and there are loose pages making some of the dates hard to 
be sure of. 
The information it contains - names date and place of birth and when they came to LaGrange County 
and on some pages the dates old settlers that died that year, make it an important reference for genealogists. Thanks to Barbara for all her work in deciphering this to help preserve the information 
it contains for LaGrange researchers! 
The list from this meeting doesn't contain the  place of residence, and is not listed alphabetically like the list for 1904. I have left the format and the order of the list as it is found in the book to preserved how it was presented in 1906. 

of "The Old Settlers Meeting"
at LaGrange County, Indiana 

List of old Settlers Registered at the Last Meeting (34th Annual) of the
Association Held in LaGrange June 21, 1906

Mrs L.H.Haller----1849
Theo F. Upson----1845
Mrs Jos Gunthorp----1852
Peter Alspaugh-------1855
Weibel Foster-------1847
Sam R. Yoder--------1856
Sam McCally----1854
Samuel Barnes----1850
Lorana Everett ------1847
Julia McClaskey-----1846
Fred Hubbard-----1843
Mrs M.J.Parker-----1842
Daniel Spero-----1847        Gail Spearow-May
Mary Waller------1852
Elizabeth Nolen----1842
William Olney------1834
Mrs J.P.Jones------1831
Martha Gage------1847
Ellen Eaton--------1850 
Mrs J.W.Rawles----1834
Mrs Ella Myers----1852
Mrs Rachel Loyel-----1837
Cary Frisbey-----1844
Sarah Bowman----1849
Ella Baker--------1853
Nathan Kent-----1847
William Atwater----1855
Oscar Gardner-----1844
Isaac Kauffman-----1848
Mrs N.J. Plaisted-----1849
Henry Huffman--------1856
Geo. A. Cookingham-------1852              Renea Bidwell
Henry Deal------1835
John Notestine------1845
P.T. Huntsman-------1832
Jacob D. Poyser------1852
Sarah Davis------1851
Elizabeth Dunker------1854
Aaron Phillips-------1850
R.H. Newman-----1844
Wm. B. Cory------1832
Elizabeth Caldwell----1852
Catherine Phillips-------1852
Judson Preston--------1855
Mary C. Poyser-------1848
Mrs Sam Cline--------1842
Sam Cline-----------1854
Mrs Josiah Eaton-------1850                 Kathryn Ann Bowen Bloom
Amos Belote----------1835
Mrs Patience Thompson------1836
Martha Draggoo------1840
Mrs C.L.Clingerman------1844
Elizabeth Sayles--------1833           Elizabeth Ann Williams
Irena Clark-------
Emily Burnell--------1858
Frank Atwood----1853
Emory Rogers------1849
William Clark------1847
Joseph Walter-----1847
H.E. Coldren------1856
Joseph Roderick----1847
Mrs Harriett Huff-----1852
Hedley Deal-------1843
Edwin Owen-------
Josphine Kent------1851
R.L. Newman----1833              Cindy Newman Bowser
Mrs John Smith----1836
John Smith-------1833
Mrs P.E. Hudson------1856
Cornelius Maybee-------1851         Pat Allen
Caroline Lamson---1855
Henry Haller---------1844
Louisa P. Hudson------1840
Harriett M. Jackson-------1854
Mrs Henry Klingaman-------1855              Charlotte McKenna
Julia P. Brown------1855
Christian Hooley-------1855
T.L. Oliver----------1837
W.B. Anderson---------1842
Aaron Miller---------1860
Jacob Stine--------1852
A.J. Royer----------1854
Abraham Eiman-----1835
R.J. Oliver---------1837
James S. Elliott-------1852
C.L. Lilly---------1856
J.W. Connelly-------1835
J.J. Greenwalt-------1854
Butler Gilbert-------1837
Jonathan Olinghouse-----1849
Mrs J.F. Clugston------1850            Kathryn Ann Bowen Bloom
Priscilla Rogers-----1832
Milo Wolheter--------1853
Hannah Patten--------1850
Margaret Beecher------1842
J.W. Brayton--------1842
W.D. Rheubottom-------1855
D.W. Bower--------1842
W.M. Parham--------1851
Phillip Bower----------1848
A.P. Hoagland-------1842
Mrs J. Taggart-------1855
Geo. Wolheter--------1853
W.H. Snyder---------1846
Mrs Orissa Huntsman------1854
Mrs Cornelia Anderson------
Mrs Wm. Poynter-------1854
Mrs M.V.B. Kerns-------1853
Arad Lampman-------1844         Kathryn Ann Bowen Bloom
Mrs R.H. Newman----1853
Mrs J. Wuthrich-------1854
Mrs Mary DeLay------1840
Mrs A. Preston------1849          Kathryn Ann Bowen Bloom
Albert Preston------1853           Kathryn Ann Bowen Bloom
Mrs C.E. Coleman-----1858
Mrs L.W.Hall--------1858
Mrs A. Lampman-----1836             Kathryn Ann Bowen Bloom
Aaron Schemehorn--------1836
Sarah Bowman-------1849
Mrs N. Coldren------1856
Caroline Gardner------1846
Catherine Tuttle--------1853
Louise Connelly--------1835
Jacob Brinley---------1850        Clyde Brinley
Mrs Peter Molter------1835
William Babcock------1848
Ellen Roy----------1853              Patti Norton
Hiram Miller-------1845
William T. Fisher----1836
G.F. Hall--------1835
O.B. Taylor-----1837
L.O.Bullock-----1853        Barbara Modert Henderson
Mrs Carrie Bullock-----1844
Samuel Somes-------1855
Milton Todd--------1835
A.N. Rogers-------1852
N.G. Yoder------1856
J.T. Brown---------1849
William Poynter------1836
John Blough--------1852
Mrs Sam Spero------1838
Mrs Mary Berry-----1854
Mrs C.M. Goodsell-1844
Mrs C.M.Bullock-----1853
Mrs John Dyer---------1841
William Wert---------1848
Mrs Wm. Roy----1847            Patti Norton
Mrs Huldah Parry-----1856
Mrs Wm. Hawk------1856
Charles W. Wade------1850
J.W. Mills---------1848
John Price--------1857
H.G. Schermerhorn-------1847
Caroline Thomas-----1856
J.F. Thomas---------1856
Mrs L. Wildman-------1844
Mrs M.J. Nelson---------1845
Mrs H.M. Price--------1844
H.M. Price----------1843
Lewis N. Rowe-----1846          Kathryn Ann Bowen Bloom
J.S. McKibben-----1852
Mrs Amanda Jackson-----1846
Mrs S. Shepardson--------1849
Ira Ford---------1856
Julia A. Ford-------1848
Marvin Ford-----------1856

107 people 50 years old or over died in the County during the year.

Have connections to any of the above Settlers? Let me know and I will put your email address next to them- Patti

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