LaGrange County Old Settlers Meeting-1878  
 LaGrange County Records of 
Old Settler's Meetings
From the LaGrange Standard
June 1878

These records of the Old Settlers' Meetings come from the  local newspaper of the time the LaGrange Standard. Barbara Henderson, after transcribing all that could be read of the handwritten record, was kind enough to go looking for more of their meetings and found them published in the newspaper. 

LaGrange Standard Newspaper June 20, 1878

The "Old Folks" Meeting

    The annual metting of the "Old Folks" Association, at the fair ground hall, on Tuesday, was quite largely attended, the hall being well crowded.
Though many of the early pioneers ,"like autumn fruit mellowed long" are yearly being garnered for another life, still many of the surviving reassemble each recurring June, with apparently increased interest, to pass an hour or two with their copartners in the toils and deprivations of pioneer life.

Residents Fifty years:

Mrs Eno of Lima, fifty years next fall
George Thurston's name was announced as having lived just over the line on the north fifty years
E. P. Borey as having lived on the Nobel county side of the line for that length of time

Residents Forty-five years;
S. P. Bradford, Dimick Harding, Mrs Wm. Walker, Mrs Scott, Daniel Miller, Harvey Olmstead, 
J. C. Kinney, James Smith,
 Mrs James Smith, Joseph H. Miller, Solomon Harding, Elijah Anderson, Elizabeth Sales, Mary Hopkins, Joseph Stead, Mrs Ellen Deal, Mts E.W. Biglow, Mrs Patience Thompson.
Residents   Forty Years;
A. Ellison, H. Davis, R. P. Herbert, Mrs A .L. Sweet, Jacob Hoagland, Mrs Jacob Hoagland, 
David Vankirk, Skinner Newman,
Mrs Arad Lamoman, Mrs Curtis Harding, Andrew Kilbury, Mrs Andrew Kilbury, 
Mrs Marinda Hoard, Mrs Elisha Hoard,
Mrs Thompson, Mrs Rebecca Browning, E. W. Weir, S. I  Cleveland, Mrs S. A. Blanchard, 
William Prentiss, Mrs Ann Cain,
Hiram Jacobs, Mrs Hiram Jacobs, O. B. Taylor, John Ryason, Charles Cochran, Wm Woodward, Mrs Ann Faulkner,
Isaac Sparks, H. L. Taylor, Hezekiah Hoard, Harrison Duers, H. Deal, Elisha Talmage, 
W. P. Faulkner, D.H.Scott,
Joseph Dallas, Nelson W. Selby, C. G. Harding, Robert Oliver, Mary Ritter, Ephraim Sixby, 
Mrs J. C. Kinney, 
Z. L. Scidmore, Mrs R. P. Robinson, Mrs John Taylor, Mrs J. S. Merritt, J. B. Sparks, 
Mrs Julia A. Fish, Mrs Rachel Nelson,
Harvey Coldren, John L. Dotey, Mrs John L. Dotey, Joseph Conley, Elisha Deal, Melinda Hart, 
Mrs Louisa Conley,
Elijah Olmstead, Samuel Parham, Mrs Harrison Duers, Elder C. H. Blanchard, Mrs Emma Cosper, 
Mrs E. P. Spellman, John Seaburne, Mrs S. P. Bradford.
This list will probably be called at the next meeting to see how many have passed. 


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