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Abbreviations used:
J'Ville SH=
Jacksonville State Hospital    

Columns: S/R/MS = Sex, Race, Marital Status; IL=Years in IL; Bk/Pg=Book/page#

Prather, Rachel 1851 IL F W Sin 26Mar1914 J'ville SH Rochester, IL Bk7pg340
Pratt, Annie M. Maine F W Mar 19Jul1887 J'ville SH Griggsville, IL 57Y Bk1pg208
Pratt, Arminta E. Warren Co., Ind. F W Sin 30Aug1878 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 17Y8M12D Bk1pg17 11Y
Pratt, Elizabeth Canada F W Mar 17Nov1889 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 55Y1M26D Bk2pg22 25Y
Pratt, Henry Cass Co., IL M W Sin 4Apr1888 Illinois College Cass Co., IL 16Y4M14D Bk1pg227
Pratt, Julius Franklin Vermont M W Wid 9Apr1913 Nr. Chapin, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 93Y7M15D Bk7pg89 50Y
Pratt, Julius Mrs. F W Mar 23May1892 Nr. Chapin, IL 76Y Bk2pg71
Pratt, Lyman L. IL M W Mar 9Jan1912 Nr. Concord, IL J'ville, IL 62Y Bk6pg400
Pratt, Maria Payne Keene, N.H. F W Mar 5May1910 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 68Y Bk5pg332 20Y
Prawl, Peterson New Jersey M W Mar 18Jan1879 Waverly, IL Waverly, IL 54Y1M Bk1pg26 25Y
Preston, Warren Lee 7May1918 J'ville, IL M W 24May1921 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem Bk10pg635 Clarence Preston(Ky)/Marie Bringle(IL)
Prewett, Henry Morgan Co., IL M W 26Jan1911 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 3Y Bk6pg141 Henry Prewett(IL)/    Newman(IL)
Prewitt, Merle Alfred 15Feb1918 J'ville, IL M W 16May1918 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 3M1D Bk9pg587 John F. Prewitt(Mo)/Etta M. Newman(IL)
Price, Amanda J'ville, IL F B 11Jul1882 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 5M6D Bk1pg103
Price, Charles C. 5Feb1848 Ohio M W Mar 19Nov1918 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg100 John Price/
Price, Charles Leonard Beardstown, IL M W 15Oct1914 Meredosia, IL Oakland Cem. 2Y5M6D Bk7pg496
Price, Mary American M W Sin 21Mar1907 J'ville SH Farmers City, IL 38Y Bk4pg463
Price, Mary USA F B Mar 15May1882 J'ville SH J'ville Cem 45Y Bk1pg100
Price, Millard Filmore Crawford Co., IL M W 13Jul1878 Harts Prairie, IL Harts Prairie Cem. 13Y4M13D Bk1pg12
Price, Orpha 1823 Ky. F B Wid 29Mar1912 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem Bk6pg456
Price, Robert W. Ky. M W Mar 8Jun1887 J'ville, IL Loami, IL 62Y Bk1pg207
Price, Silas J'ville, IL M B Mar 28Apr1887 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 25Y Bk1pg205
Price, Susana 1845 England F W Mar 29Sep1911/4 J'ville SH Springfield, IL Bk7pg475
Price, William H. Greene Co., IL M W Sin 3Feb1890 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 29Y Bk2pg26
Prince, David Conn. M W Mar 19Dec1887 J'ville, IL J'ville, IL 73Y Bk2pg23 50Y
Printy, Henry M W Wid 31Jul1909 J'ville SH Carthage, IL 67Y Bk5pg211
Priori, Joseph M W Mar 27Jul1914 J'ville SH Benld, IL 47Y Bk7pg430
Pritchert, Alex IL M W Mar 25Oct1907 J'ville SH White Hall, IL 57Y Bk4pg558
Probasco, Ruby Jane 3May1916 Pisgah, IL F W 31Jan1917 Morgan Co., IL Sulphur Spgs., Cem. Bk9pg549 Henry Probasco(IL)/Mary Ellen Antle(IL)
Probst, Clara Henrietta 24Nov1833 Germany F W Wid 24Feb1912 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem Bk6pg425 51Y Ferdinand Smaltz(Ger)/
Proctor, Dorothy Marie 11May1905 J'ville, IL F W 16Nov1918 Nr. Sinclair, IL J'ville Cem Bk10pg99 Orbie Proctor(IL)/Edna Belle Keller(IL)
Prosser, Maggie 1852 Ky. M W Mar 11Jun1918 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg588
Prowski, John Neustadt, Ger. M W Sin 18Mar1908 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 79Y Bk5pg22 47Y
Pruett, James R. 11Feb1846 Winchester, IL M W Wid 3Feb1922 J'ville, IL Jordan Cem. Bk11pg137 Chas. Pruett(Ky)/Elizabeth Gay(Tenn)
Pryor, Glen L. Scott Co., IL M W 6May1907 Naples, IL Naples, IL 1Y6M30D Bk4pg490
Pryor, William IL M W Sin 26Feb1889 J'ville SH Patterson, IL 33Y Bk2pg7
Puling, James England M W Wid 30Jun1879 J'ville, IL Bayliss, IL 65Y Bk1pg38
Pullam, Clara Belle J'ville, IL F W 27Oct1907 J'ville, IL Roodhouse, IL 5D Bk4pg558
Pullen, June Ohio F W Wid 4Nov1886 J'ville SH Body Shipped 66Y Bk1pg194
Pullen, Marietta IL F W Mar 30Mar1909 J'ville SH Springfield, IL 51Y Bk5pg167
Pulse, Adam Germany M W 15Feb1907 Meredosia, IL Sycamore Grove 61Y3M21D Bk4pg449 23Y
Pumphrey, Elijah IL M W Mar 20Apr1879 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 31Y Bk1pg33
Purdy, Frederick Leeds, England M W Wid 13Aug1879 J'ville, IL Lynnville, IL 89Y2M26D Bk1pg40 45Y
Purviance, Amelia Telgo Mercer Co., IL F W Mar 24Sep1906 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 45Y Bk4pg380
Purvines, Louis J. 22Aug1888 IL M W Mar Edith Purvines 14Apr1921 J'ville, IL Basco, IL Bk10pg618 Nathan Purvines(IL)/Jennie Black(IL)
Purvines, William IL M W Sin 22Dec1918 J'ville SH Loami, IL 41Y Bk10pg99
Putnam, Edward B. Montreal, Canada M W Sin 16Nov1918 J'ville SH Springfield, IL 37Y Bk10pg100
Putze, Louis Germany M W Mar 21Jan1908 J'ville SH Alton, IL 58Y Bk4pg607 40Y
Puyear, Phillip Taylor Co., Ky. M W Mar 7Jan1908 Franklin, IL Franklin, IL 68Y6D Bk6pg603 20Y
Puyear, William M W Sin 3Nov1918 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 41Y Bk10pg98
Pyatt, Benjamin 24Aug1869 IL M W Sin 4Feb1917 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk9pg346 Oliver J. Pyatt(Penn)/Josephine Jones(IL)
Pyatt, Josephine Jones 27May1838 J'ville, IL F W Wid 20May1913 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk7pg111 John T. Jones(Penn)/Emily Woodward(Penn)
Pyatt, Mary Bell 13Aug1860 Petersburg, IL F W Mar 8Mar1912 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem Bk6pg456 James W. Cheaney(Ky)/
Quailes, Mary Ky. F W Sin 24Mar1905 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 66Y Bk4pg166
Quelsh, Arthur F. Meredosia, IL M W 20Jan1879 Meredosia, IL Meredosia, IL 2Y17D Bk1pg25
Quigley, Ann Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 2Apr1888 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 36Y Bk1pg227
Quigley, Anna 1838 Ireland F W Wid 8Feb1921 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk10pg580 Thomas Harrigan(Ire)/Mary Rohen(Ire)
Quigley, Patrick J'ville, IL M W 3Dec1887 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 1/2 Hr Bk1pg221
Quigley, Thomas Ireland M W Sin 29Apr1882 Chapin, IL Winchester, IL 27Y Bk1pg101 7Y
Quinlan, Elizabeth Loretta Aug1853 IL F W Sin 2Jul1914 J'ville, IL Mt. Sterling, IL Bk7pg431
Quinlan, Gertrude 1902 IL F W Sin 27Apr1912 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk6pg473 Patrick Quinlan(Ire)/Margaret Ryan(IL)
Quinlan, James Brown Co., IL M W Sin 23Feb1892 J'ville, IL Mt. Sterling, IL 45Y Bk2pg67
Quinlan, Kate 1852 Mt. Sterling, IL F W Sin 9Jan1922 J'ville, IL Mt. Sterling, IL Bk11pg115 John Quinlan(Ire)/Mary Langdon(Ire)
Quinn, Alice 9Aug1874 Louisiana F B Mar 26Aug1918 J'ville Home San. Decatur, IL Bk9pg636
Quinn, Baby 30Jan1912 Woodson, IL M 3Feb1912 Woodson, IL St. Bartholomew Cem. Bk6pg426 James Quinn(IL)/Gertie Combs(IL)
Quinn, Mary IL F W Sin 8Jul1915 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 18Y Bk8pg78 John Quinn(Ire)/

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