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Morgan County Deaths



These records were abstracted by Florence Hutchison at the Morgan County Courthouse and compiled by Shirley Aleguas and Mary Ann Kaylor, for posting online. These records may not be complete.

As with any abstracted records by humans, errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of the original document. Copies of the original document may be obtained for $7.00 at:

Morgan County Courthouse,
County Clerk
300 W State Street
Jacksonville, Illinois 62650
Phone: 217/245-4619

Click on the Letter of Surname of Interest

 A   Ba-Barroc Barrow-Bergsch Bergst-Bol Bom-Brigg Brigh-Buch Buck-By

Ca-Car Cas-Clap Clar-Conk Conl-Cou Cov-Cu Da De-Des Det-Dor Dot-Dy  E   Fa-Fi Fl-Fu

Ga-Gon Gor-Gu Ha-Hap Har-Hax Hay-He Hi-Hol Hom-Hy I Ja-Je Jo-Ju Ka-Kie Kil-Ku

La Le-Ll Lo-Ly Ma-Mar Mas-McC McD-McN McP-Mil Mim-Mos Mot-My N O

Pa-Per Pet-Po Pr-Q Ra-Rei Rem-Rit Ro-Ry Sa-Sc Scr-Sh Si-Sme Smi-Spa Spe-Sto Str-Sy

Ta-Ti To-Ty U-V Wa We-Wh Wi Wo-Wy X-Y-Z

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