Smith Cemetery

Smith Cemetery
NW 1/4, Section 23, Twp. 16N, Range 11W

This long neglected burial ground is easily confused with Mt. Vernon Cemetery which is also known as Smith Cemetery and Morris Chapel Cemetery. Mt. Vernon Cemetery is about three miles northwest of this Smith Cemetery. Persons interested in Smith Cemetery burials should also refer to the interments made in Angel Cemetery, which is less than a mile northwest of Smith Cemetery. When Byron E. Gish of RR1, Beardstown, visited Smith Cemetery on 1 Mar 1977, to obtain the following tombstone readings, he found the cemetery in bad condition with the markers knocked over and scattered.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
CLARK, Elizabeth 1858 8 Jun 1888 Wife of Albert C. Clark, Dau of Abraham & Zannah S.
Richardson Goodpasture. 
GISH, James 2 Jul 1875 29y 2m 8d
GOODPASTURE, Zannah S. 10 Mar 1824 7 Apr 1897 Wife of Abram Goodpasture (He is buried in
nearby Mt.Vernon Cem. Aks Smith aka Morris
Chapel Cem.) Maiden name - Richardson
HETZENRIDER, Daisy-(Obit) 23 Feb 1879 28 Oct 1902 Wife of J.C. Heitzenreder - Daisy Jackson was
married to Jacob Heitzenreder in Jacksonville on 28
Mar 1895. He was Prussian? Born and son of
Henry & Kate Hill Heitzenrider. He was a farmer
living at Arcadia. Daisy was dau of Thos. & Nancy
Roberts Jackson.
HETZENREDER, Male Infant 27 Apr 1902 1m 17d (Buried in Grace Chapel Cem - same cem as above?)
LONG, Lenora 21 May 1880 10 Jan 1883 Dau of F. & E. Long
RICHARDSON, Margaret M. 11 Feb 1848 9d Dau of L.D. & M. Richardson Thomas
RICHARDSON, Thomas Son of L.D. & M. Richardson Thomas - rest buried
SMITH, Catherine 17 Apr 1867 3y 5m 20d Dau of W. & N. Smith
SMITH, Nancy 22 Aug 1869 1y 11m 23d Dau of W. & N. Smith
SMITH, Dewella 23 Jul 1898 24 Sep 1898 Dau of D. & L. Smith
SMITH, Susan M. 7 Jun 1853 6 Jan 1883 Wife of Wm. Smith
(She was daughter of Abraham & Elizabeth Smith
Goodpasture, buried in nearby Mt. Vernon Cem.)
SMITH, Infant 12 Oct 1872 Dau of W. & M. Smith
SMITH, Nancy 11 Aug 1825 18 Nov 1878 53y Wife of Wm. Smith - formerly Mrs. Nancy Ratliff, her
maiden name, Nancy Rubart, born in Sangamon Co.)
SMITH, William A. - (Obit) 11 Dec 1812 28 Feb 1895

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