Oak Ridge Cemetery


SW1/4 SE1/4, Section 8, Twp. 16N, Range 9W


While on his way to Jacksonville recently, Jim happened to notice the remains of this cemetery beside the road. He graciously went back on another day with his camera to take pictures of the stones he could find. He also included pictures of the "Crossroads" signs near the cemetery and a photo of the steel beems which are lying within the remains of this old cemetery.

Near the intersection of two country roads, this cemetery is southeast of Literberry. Oak Ridge Church was formerly located next to this cemetery. After the church was razed some burials were exhumed and the remains were interred in other cemeteries. Almost all of the remaining tombstones are toppled and some are broken. There is evidence of unmarked graves.

A news story in the Jacksonville Journal of 5 Sep 1925, states that this cemetery was formerly known as Stockton Cemetery. The story also lists the following burials as having been made in this cemetery: Keefe Family, Morgan Family & Gard Family.

Many thanks to Jim Czerniak Jr. for taking the pictures included above and with the listing. If a name appears in red, click on the name to bring up a photo of that individual's tombstone.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
BECKNIELL, Susan Dau of W.T. & S.F. Beckneill
CHANDLER, Claricy L. 2 May 1873 49y Wife of John Chandler
COLSTON, William M.
CRAWL, ??? Son of Henry Crawl
GARD, John S. 2 Dec 1865 24y 1m Son of Ephraim & P. Gard
JOHNSON, Mary A.S. 15 Sep 1879 37y Wife of J.H. Johnson
JOHNSON, William E. 1 Jan 1885 3y 1d
LAMKULAR, ??? Dau of Henry & Minnie Lamkular
MASON, ??? Wife of David Mason
MERCIA, Bernie Twin son of Wm. & Sarah Mercia
MERCIA, Charles Twin son of Wm. & Sarah Mercia
MERCIA, Lida Dau of Wm. & Sarah Mercia
MILLER, Frances Dau of Sherman & Frances Miller
MORGAN, Mary F. 5 Jul 1844 1y 5m 13d Dau of P.C. & S. Morgan
ROBERTSON, Mary F. 1844 Sister of Allen Stockton
ROBERTSON, Nancy 7 Feb 1822 21 Feb 1847 Wife of Rev. W. H. Robertson
STOCKTON, Allen 16 Nov 1871 61y 1m 26d
STOCKTON, Herbert Son of Thomas Stockton
STOCKTON, James M. Allen Son of Allen Stockton
STOCKTON, Keziah 6 Dec 1853 37y 1m 6d Wife of Allen Stockton
STOCKTON, Leroy Son of Thomas Stockton
STOCKTON, Malinda Child of Allen Stockton
STOCKTON, Nancy 2 Mar 1872 77y 3m 28d Wife of Michael C. Stockton
STOCKTON, ??? Mother of Allen Stockton
WINNER, ??? Son of William Winnter

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