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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


BUTCHER, William b.1542


BUTLAND, Dorothy Annie b.1866
BUTLAND, Georgia Anna b.1857
BUTLAND, James b.1826
BUTLAND, Richard Henry b.1868
BUTLAND, Sarah a.1711


BUTLER, Abigail b.1674
BUTLER, Abigail b.1797
BUTLER, Alban Esquire b.1523
BUTLER, Ann b.1672
BUTLER, Anne b.1600
BUTLER, Anne b.1557
BUTLER, Anne b.1429
BUTLER, Anne b.1462
BUTLER, Cressett b.1612
BUTLER, Daniel b.1651
BUTLER, Dorothy b.1514
BUTLER, Dorothy b.1675
BUTLER, Edmund Viscount Mountgarret b.1597
BUTLER, Edmund Justiciar of Ireland b.1272
BUTLER, Edward b.1565
BUTLER, Eleanor b.1351
BUTLER, Elizabeth b.1573
BUTLER, Elizabeth b.1610
BUTLER, Elizabeth b.1667
BUTLER, Elizabeth b.1654
BUTLER, Elizabeth b.1686
BUTLER, Elizabeth b.1421
BUTLER, Elizabeth Day b.1807
BUTLER, Elsie E. b.1915
BUTLER, George b.1679
BUTLER, Gus Tine b.1889
BUTLER, Hannah b.1667
BUTLER, Hannah b.1656
BUTLER, Hannah b.1658
BUTLER, James b.1602
BUTLER, James b.1580
BUTLER, James b.1677
BUTLER, James Earl of Ormond b.1423
BUTLER, James Earl of Ormond b.1393
BUTLER, James Earl of Ormond b.1331
BUTLER, James Earl of Ormond b.1359
BUTLER, James Earl of Ormond b.1305
BUTLER, James b.1665
BUTLER, Jane b.1618
BUTLER, Jane b.1559
BUTLER, Jane b.1605
BUTLER, Jane b.1699
BUTLER, Jane b.1520
BUTLER, Joan b.1353
BUTLER, John Knight a.1598
BUTLER, John Esquire b.1532
BUTLER, John a.1600
BUTLER, John Esquire b.1568
BUTLER, John b.1532
BUTLER, John Esquire b.1489
BUTLER, John b.1330
BUTLER, John Earl of Ormond b.1425
BUTLER, Jonathan b.1673
BUTLER, Joseph b.1647
BUTLER, Joyce b.1517
BUTLER, Joyce b.1683
BUTLER, Katherine b.1574
BUTLER, Lawrence b.1579
BUTLER, Margaret b.1510
BUTLER, Margaret b.1500
BUTLER, Margaret b.1571
BUTLER, Margaret b.1458
BUTLER, Margaret b.1502
BUTLER, Margery b.1780
BUTLER, Martha b.1571
BUTLER, Martha b.1614
BUTLER, Martha b.1731
BUTLER, Mary b.1639
BUTLER, Mary b.1562
BUTLER, Mary b.1670
BUTLER, Mary b.1671
BUTLER, Maurice b.1365
BUTLER, Nathaniel b.1577
BUTLER, Nathaniel b.1643
BUTLER, Oliver Knight b.1565
BUTLER, Patience b.1648
BUTLER, Petronilla b.1333
BUTLER, Piers Viscount of Galmoye b.1652
BUTLER, Piers Earl of Ormond b.1467
BUTLER, Ralph b.1356
BUTLER, Rebecca b.1664
BUTLER, Richard Knight b.1395
BUTLER, Richard b.1610
BUTLER, Roger b.1563
BUTLER, Ruth b.1677
BUTLER, Samuel b.1665
BUTLER, Samuel b.1665
BUTLER, Samuel b.1641
BUTLER, Sarah b.1575
BUTLER, Sarah b.1607
BUTLER, Sarah b.1669
BUTLER, Simon a.1715
BUTLER, Susanna b.1680
BUTLER, Thomas Earl of Ormond b.1531
BUTLER, Thomas b.1637
BUTLER, Thomas b.1602
BUTLER, Thomas b.1526
BUTLER, Thomas b.1705
BUTLER, Thomas b.1362
BUTLER, Thomas Earl of Ormond b.1427
BUTLER, Ursula b.1617
BUTLER, William Knight b.1605
BUTLER, William b.1568
BUTLER, William Esquire b.1529
BUTLER, William b.1670
BUTLER, Woodrow W. b.1917


BUTT, Elizabeth b.1703


BUTTERFIELD, Abigail b.1702
BUTTERFIELD, Mary b.1632
BUTTERFIELD, Samuel b.1613
BUTTERFIELD, Thomas b.1572


BUTTERICK, Rachel b.1690


BUTTERWORTH, Sarah b.1653


BUTTERY, John b.1605


BUTTOLPH, John b.1640


BUTTON, Dorothy b.1570
BUTTON, Grisell a.1560
BUTTON, Robert b.1612


BUTTRICE, Grace b.1633


BUTTS, Anne b.1548
BUTTS, Edmund Esquire b.1523
BUTTS, William Knight b.1519


BUXHALL, Alan b.1381
BUXHALL, Alan K.G. b.1356


BUXTON, Anthony b.1653
BUXTON, Anthony a.1610
BUXTON, Elizabeth b.1642
BUXTON, Hannah b.1666
BUXTON, James b.1659
BUXTON, John b.1644
BUXTON, Joseph b.1663
BUXTON, Lydia b.1649
BUXTON, Mary b.1645
BUXTON, Rachel b.1647
BUXTON, Samuel b.1655
BUXTON, Sarah b.1651
BUXTON, Thomas b.1661


BUZZELL, Hannah b.1703
BUZZELL, Henry b.1718


BYARD, Barbara Alice b.1908


BYCKENER, John b.1540


BYKENORE, Thomas de b.1290


BYKRETON, Richard de b.1285


BYLES, Jonathan b.1649
BYLES, Joseph b.1670


BYLEY, Henry b.1586
BYLEY, Henry a.1638
BYLEY, Henry b.1612
BYLEY, John a.1617
BYLEY, Mary a.1615
BYLEY, Rebecca a.1636
BYLEY, Thomas a.1620
BYLEY, William a.1633


BYLNEY, Anne b.1432


BYNDLOSS, Delaware a.1626
BYNDLOSS, Dorothy a.1627
BYNDLOSS, Francis Esquire a.1628
BYNDLOSS, Francis Knight a.1603
BYNDLOSS, Mary a.1623
BYNDLOSS, Robert Knight a.1625


BYRAM, Abigail b.1638
BYRAM, Bethiah b.1678
BYRAM, Deliverance b.1642
BYRAM, Ebenezer b.1645
BYRAM, Ebenezer b.1692
BYRAM, Experience b.1648
BYRAM, Joseph b.1701
BYRAM, Josiah b.1698
BYRAM, Margaret b.1680
BYRAM, Mary b.1654
BYRAM, Mary b.1690
BYRAM, Mehitable b.1683
BYRAM, N.N. b.1685
BYRAM, Nicholas b.1616
BYRAM, Nicholas b.1640
BYRAM, Nicholas b.1687
BYRAM, Susanna b.1695
BYRAM, Susanna b.1651


BYRCH, Agnes a.1551
BYRCH, Elizabeth a.1548
BYRCH, George a.1549
BYRCH, John a.1545
BYRCH, William b.1520


BYRON, Alice b.1585
BYRON, Alice b.1445
BYRON, Anne b.1639
BYRON, Anne a.1673
BYRON, Anne b.1579
BYRON, Anne b.1613
BYRON, Cecily b.1641
BYRON, Charles b.1621
BYRON, Elizabeth b.1637
BYRON, Elizabeth b.1663
BYRON, Elizabeth b.1406
BYRON, Elizabeth b.1463
BYRON, Ellen b.1422
BYRON, Ernest a.1672
BYRON, Francis b.1623
BYRON, George b.1619
BYRON, Gilbert b.1615
BYRON, Henry a.1667
BYRON, Henry de b.1201
BYRON, Isabel de b.1275
BYRON, James Knight b.1300
BYRON, James b.1415
BYRON, James de Knight b.1225
BYRON, Jane b.1409
BYRON, John Knight b.1555
BYRON, John Knight b.1577
BYRON, John Lord Byron of Rochdale b.1599
BYRON, John b.1303
BYRON, John Knight b.1329
BYRON, John Knight b.1441
BYRON, John Sheriff of Lancashire b.1380
BYRON, John de b.1217
BYRON, John de Knight b.1246
BYRON, Juliana a.1670
BYRON, Katherine a.1670
BYRON, Katherine b.1644
BYRON, Katherine b.1419
BYRON, Margaret b.1592
BYRON, Margaret b.1411
BYRON, Mary a.1667
BYRON, Mary b.1588
BYRON, Mary b.1601
BYRON, Nicholas b.1582
BYRON, Nicholas b.1603
BYRON, Nicholas K.B. b.1449
BYRON, Nicholas Sheriff of Lancashire b.1414
BYRON, Peter de b.1173
BYRON, Peter de b.1204
BYRON, Philip Knight b.1617
BYRON, Ralph b.1417
BYRON, Richard a.1665
BYRON, Richard a.1634
BYRON, Richard Lord Byron of Rochdale b.1605
BYRON, Richard Knight b.1332
BYRON, Richard Knight b.1404
BYRON, Richard de Knight b.1198
BYRON, Richard de Knight b.1273
BYRON, Robert Knight b.1611
BYRON, Robert de b.1170
BYRON, Robert de b.1194
BYRON, Robert de b.1250
BYRON, Roger de Knight b.1145
BYRON, Thomas Knight b.1609
BYRON, William b.1661
BYRON, William Lord Byron of Rochdale b.1669
BYRON, William Lord Byron of Rochdale a.1635
BYRON, William b.1607
BYRON, William de b.1215


BYTTON, Beatrice b.1326
BYTTON, Elizabeth b.1332
BYTTON, John Knight b.1328
BYTTON, John Knight b.1300
BYTTON, Matthew Knight b.1330
BYTTON, Maud b.1335


BYWATER, Elizabeth b.1846


CABIEDES, Fernando de b.1239
CABIEDES, Maria Fernandez de b.1260


CABLE, Elizabeth b.1600
CABLE, John b.1641


CADELL, Clydog ap b.891
CADELL, Hywell "Dda" ap King of Wales b.887
CADELL, Meurig ap b.889
CADELL, Tewdwr "Mawr" ap b.1000


CADFAN, Cadwallon ap King of Gwynedd b.591


CADMAN, Herbert Gentleman b.1585


CADWALADR, Idwal "Iwrch" ap King of Wales b.664
CADWALADR, Letis ferch b.1278


CADWALLON, Cadwaladr "Vendiuid" ap King of Gwynedd b.615
CADWALLON, Maelgwn "Gwynedd" ap b.470


CADWELL, Thomas b.1630


CADWGON, Constance Wen ferch b.1053
CADWGON, Elen ferch b.1415
CADWGON, Hywel "Hen" ap b.1230
CADWGON, Ieuan "Chwith" ap b.1225
CADWGON, Meurig ap b.1227




CADY, Abraham b.1716
CADY, Nicholas b.1627


CAEN, Mabel de b.1114
CAEN, Mabira de b.1149
CAEN, Maud de Countess of Chester b.1120
CAEN, Robert de b.1128
CAEN, Robert de Earl of Gloucester b.1090
CAEN, Walter de b.1045


CAESAR, John Knight a.1597
CAESAR, Julius Knight b.1557
CAESAR, Robert b.1603
CAESAR, Thomas b.1600


CAFFEY, Sophia b.1817


CAGE, Ann b.1635
CAGE, Anna a.1616
CAGE, Isabella b.1483
CAGE, John a.1620
CAGE, John b.1458
CAGE, Mary b.1579
CAGE, Philip a.1590
CAGE, Robert a.1618
CAGE, Thomas b.1519


CAILLY, Adam Knight b.1185
CAILLY, Adam de Knight b.1245
CAILLY, John de Knight b.1159
CAILLY, Margery de b.1285
CAILLY, Osbert de Knight b.1215
CAILLY, Thomas de Lord Cailly b.1280


CAIN, Bernice b.1902
CAIN, Daniel b.1828
CAIN, Daniel b.1807
CAIN, Hannah b.1733
CAIN, James b.1836
CAIN, John b.1695
CAIN, John b.1723
CAIN, John b.1749
CAIN, John a.1773
CAIN, Lucinda W. b.1805
CAIN, Lydia b.1731
CAIN, Martha Jane b.1812
CAIN, Mary b.1726
CAIN, Mary b.1810
CAIN, Mary E. b.1830
CAIN, Samuel b.1833
CAIN, Sarah b.1753
CAIN, Sarah a.1771
CAIN, Stephen b.1798
CAIN, Susan b.1823
CAIN, Thomas b.1727
CAIN, Uriah b.1824
CAIN, Uriah b.1796
CAIN, William b.1826


CAIRNS, Duncan de b.1360
CAIRNS, N.N. de b.1390


CAITHNESS, Dungad of Earl of Caithness b.875
CAITHNESS, Grelad of b.902
CAITHNESS, Matilda of b.1233


CAKEBREAD, Mary b.1618
CAKEBREAD, Thomas b.1594


CALDEBEK, Henry b.1402
CALDEBEK, Margaret b.1427
CALDEBEK, Thomasine b.1430


CALDECOTE, Amelia de b.1286
CALDECOTE, David de b.1261


CALDER, Florence b.1320
CALDER, Helena of b.1219
CALDER, Muriel b.1498


CALDHAM, Henry b.1587


CALDWELL, Matthew b.1812


CALHOUN, William b.1770


CALKINS, Aaron b.1762
CALKINS, Abigail b.1691
CALKINS, Adelia H. b.1830
CALKINS, Amanda M. b.1819
CALKINS, Ann b.1676
CALKINS, Ann b.1678
CALKINS, Anna b.1788
CALKINS, Benjamin b.1795
CALKINS, Calvin b.1787
CALKINS, David b.1674
CALKINS, David b.1642
CALKINS, David b.1667
CALKINS, David b.1760
CALKINS, Deborah a.1639
CALKINS, Deborah b.1644
CALKINS, Ebenezer b.1755
CALKINS, Elijah b.1728
CALKINS, Elijah b.1798
CALKINS, Elijah b.1764
CALKINS, Elisha b.1753
CALKINS, Elizabeth b.1673
CALKINS, Elizabeth b.1784
CALKINS, Elon b.1808
CALKINS, Enoch b.1745
CALKINS, Hezekiah b.1757
CALKINS, Hiram b.1800
CALKINS, Hugh b.1659
CALKINS, Hugh a.1603
CALKINS, Isaac b.1790
CALKINS, James b.1702
CALKINS, Jeremiah a.1705
CALKINS, John b.1687
CALKINS, John b.1634
CALKINS, John b.1699
CALKINS, John b.1723
CALKINS, John b.1785
CALKINS, John b.1661
CALKINS, Jonathan b.1679
CALKINS, Joseph a.1693
CALKINS, Joseph b.1743
CALKINS, Keziah b.1806
CALKINS, Lydia b.1696
CALKINS, Mary b.1690
CALKINS, Mary a.1629
CALKINS, Mary b.1669
CALKINS, Mary b.1697
CALKINS, Mary b.1743
CALKINS, Peter a.1605
CALKINS, Peter b.1681
CALKINS, Phebe b.1794
CALKINS, Phoebe M. b.1815
CALKINS, Ransom b.1803
CALKINS, Rebecca a.1631
CALKINS, Rowland b.1574
CALKINS, Samuel b.1663
CALKINS, Sarah a.1627
CALKINS, Sarah b.1666
CALKINS, Sarah b.1694
CALKINS, Sarah b.1725
CALKINS, Seth b.1758
CALKINS, Simon b.1730
CALKINS, Simon b.1737
CALKINS, Solomon b.1724
CALKINS, Stephen b.1735
CALKINS, William a.1600
CALKINS, William b.1740
CALKINS, Zerviah b.1735


CALL, James Henry b.1878
CALL, Mary E. b.1863


CALLAHAN, Amanda b.1863
CALLAHAN, William Monteford b.1930


CALLAN, Stephen b.1846


CALLE, Alice b.1553


CALLEN, Bertha Sylvenia b.1889


CALLENDER, Ellis b.1640


CALMADY, Shilston Knight b.1590


CALSTON, Elizabeth a.1400
CALSTON, Laurence de b.1330
CALSTON, Roger de b.1250
CALSTON, Roger de b.1291
CALSTON, Thomas Sheriff of Wiltshire b.1361
CALSTON, Walter de Knight b.1220


CALTHORPE, Ada b.1463
CALTHORPE, Agnes b.1468
CALTHORPE, Agnes de b.1206
CALTHORPE, Alice b.1533
CALTHORPE, Anne b.1433
CALTHORPE, Anne b.1529
CALTHORPE, Anne b.1435
CALTHORPE, Anne b.1466
CALTHORPE, Anne b.1511
CALTHORPE, Anne b.1465
CALTHORPE, Anthony b.1517
CALTHORPE, Bartholomew b.1476
CALTHORPE, Bertram Gentleman b.1531
CALTHORPE, Christopher b.1462
CALTHORPE, Clement b.1550
CALTHORPE, Dionise b.1551
CALTHORPE, Dorothy Nun b.1488
CALTHORPE, Edmund Esquire b.1521
CALTHORPE, Edward Esquire b.1470
CALTHORPE, Ela b.1325
CALTHORPE, Ela de b.1225
CALTHORPE, Ela de b.1204
CALTHORPE, Elizabeth b.1515
CALTHORPE, Elizabeth b.1521
CALTHORPE, Elizabeth b.1486
CALTHORPE, Elizabeth b.1474
CALTHORPE, Frances b.1533
CALTHORPE, Francis Knight b.1461
CALTHORPE, George b.1525
CALTHORPE, George b.1511
CALTHORPE, Hamon de Knight b.1208
CALTHORPE, Henry b.1559
CALTHORPE, Henry b.1510
CALTHORPE, Henry b.1505
CALTHORPE, Isabel de b.1266
CALTHORPE, Jane a.1589
CALTHORPE, Jane b.1470
CALTHORPE, Joan b.1446
CALTHORPE, Joan b.1565
CALTHORPE, Joan b.1412
CALTHORPE, John b.1519
CALTHORPE, John b.1511
CALTHORPE, John Gentleman b.1431
CALTHORPE, John Knight b.1331
CALTHORPE, John Knight b.1388
CALTHORPE, John Knight b.1431
CALTHORPE, Judith b.1556
CALTHORPE, Margaret b.1391
CALTHORPE, Margaret b.1464
CALTHORPE, Margaret b.1414
CALTHORPE, Martin Lord Mayor of London b.1527
CALTHORPE, Mary b.1513
CALTHORPE, N.N. b.1298
CALTHORPE, Oliver Esquire b.1433
CALTHORPE, Oliver b.1468
CALTHORPE, Oliver Knight b.1334
CALTHORPE, Philip Knight b.1494
CALTHORPE, Philip Knight b.1464
CALTHORPE, Philip de b.1271
CALTHORPE, Richard b.1473
CALTHORPE, Richard Esquire b.1400
CALTHORPE, Roger de Knight b.1202
CALTHORPE, Susan b.1553
CALTHORPE, Thomas b.1523
CALTHORPE, Thomas b.1508
CALTHORPE, Ursula b.1491
CALTHORPE, Walter Knight b.1328
CALTHORPE, Walter de Priest b.1230
CALTHORPE, Walter de Bishop of Norwich b.1200
CALTHORPE, Walter de Knight b.1170
CALTHORPE, Walter de Knight b.1268
CALTHORPE, William b.1436
CALTHORPE, William b.1525
CALTHORPE, William b.1438
CALTHORPE, William b.1337
CALTHORPE, William Knight b.1300
CALTHORPE, William Knight b.1366
CALTHORPE, William b.1468
CALTHORPE, William Sheriff of Norfolk b.1410
CALTHORPE, William de Archdeacon of Norwich b.1211
CALTHORPE, William de Knight b.1227


CALVACAMP, Hugh de Archbishop of Rouen b.914
CALVACAMP, Hugh de b.885


CALVELEY, David de b.1305
CALVELEY, David de b.1332
CALVELEY, Ellen de b.1335
CALVELEY, George b.1563
CALVELEY, George Knight b.1538
CALVELEY, Henry de b.1310
CALVELEY, Hugh b.1565
CALVELEY, Hugh de Knight b.1359
CALVELEY, Hugh de Knight b.1330
CALVELEY, Katherine de b.1332
CALVELEY, Kenric de b.1278
CALVELEY, Margaret de b.1357
CALVELEY, Ralph de b.1329
CALVELEY, Richard de b.1337
CALVELEY, Robert de b.1334
CALVELEY, Robert de b.1303
CALVELEY, Thomas de b.1307


CALVERT, Cecil Lord Baltimore a.1606
CALVERT, Margaret b.1601


CALWODLEGH, Isabel b.1464




CAMBRAI-OISY, Clemence de b.1104
CAMBRAI-OISY, Hugues de b.1078


CAME, Samuel b.1673


CAMERLINE, Daniel b.1685


CAMERON, Ariel b.1877
CAMERON, Ariel b.1833
CAMERON, Jean b.1356
CAMERON, John Knight b.1316
CAMERON, Julia Belle b.1883
CAMERON, Margaret b.1341
CAMERON, Mary Jane b.1880


CAMMOCK, Martha b.1586


CAMOYS, Alice b.1407
CAMOYS, Ela de b.1250
CAMOYS, Eleanor b.1408
CAMOYS, Hugh Lord Camoys b.1413
CAMOYS, Hugh de b.1325
CAMOYS, Isabel Abbess of Romsey b.1323
CAMOYS, John de Knight b.1319
CAMOYS, John de Knight b.1245
CAMOYS, Margaret b.1403
CAMOYS, Margaret de b.1317
CAMOYS, Maud de b.1365
CAMOYS, Maud de b.1184
CAMOYS, Ralph de b.1321
CAMOYS, Ralph I de Knight b.1182
CAMOYS, Ralph II de Knight b.1219
CAMOYS, Ralph III de Lord Camoys b.1277
CAMOYS, Richard Knight b.1382
CAMOYS, Roger Knight b.1409
CAMOYS, Stephen de b.1158
CAMOYS, Thomas de Knight b.1304
CAMOYS, Thomas de Lord Camoys b.1360
CAMOYS, Walter de b.1187


CAMP, Abigail b.1667
CAMP, Abigail b.1623
CAMP, John b.1645
CAMP, John b.1662
CAMP, Joseph b.1657
CAMP, Joseph b.1653
CAMP, Mary b.1621
CAMP, Mary b.1652
CAMP, Mary b.1660
CAMP, Mary M. b.1804
CAMP, Nathan a.1665
CAMP, Nicholas b.1597
CAMP, Nicholas b.1628
CAMP, Samuel b.1645
CAMP, Samuel b.1655
CAMP, Samuel b.1669
CAMP, Sarah a.1643
CAMP, Sarah b.1662
CAMP, William b.1632


CAMPAIGN, Maud de b.1317


CAMPBELL, Agnes b.1518
CAMPBELL, Agnes b.1475
CAMPBELL, Alexander Dean of Moray b.1515
CAMPBELL, Alicia b.1330
CAMPBELL, Archibald Duke of Argyll b.1651
CAMPBELL, Archibald Earl of Argyll b.1508
CAMPBELL, Archibald b.1430
CAMPBELL, Archibald b.1486
CAMPBELL, Archibald Knight b.1324
CAMPBELL, Archibald b.1395
CAMPBELL, Archibald Earl of Argyll b.1463
CAMPBELL, Arthur b.1437
CAMPBELL, Catherine b.1478
CAMPBELL, Catherine b.1775
CAMPBELL, Celestine b.1384
CAMPBELL, Christiana b.1376
CAMPBELL, Colin b.1374
CAMPBELL, Colin Knight b.1424
CAMPBELL, Colin Knight b.1303
CAMPBELL, Colin Knight b.1345
CAMPBELL, Colin Earl of Argyll b.1430
CAMPBELL, Colin Earl of Argyll b.1484
CAMPBELL, Colin "Mor" Knight b.1240
CAMPBELL, David b.1519
CAMPBELL, Donald b.1570
CAMPBELL, Donald b.1380
CAMPBELL, Donald Knight b.1268
CAMPBELL, Donald Abbot of Coupar Angus b.1492
CAMPBELL, Dougal Knight b.1306
CAMPBELL, Dugal b.1378
CAMPBELL, Dugal b.1326
CAMPBELL, Dugal Sheriff of Argyll b.1270
CAMPBELL, Duncan b.1428
CAMPBELL, Duncan b.1347
CAMPBELL, Duncan b.1272
CAMPBELL, Duncan Lord Campbell b.1370
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth b.1512
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth b.1732
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth b.1470
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth b.1420
CAMPBELL, George b.1575
CAMPBELL, Gillespic b.1274
CAMPBELL, Gillespic Knight b.1210
CAMPBELL, Helen b.1461
CAMPBELL, Helen b.1349
CAMPBELL, Henry a.1622
CAMPBELL, Isabel b.1459
CAMPBELL, Isabel b.1490
CAMPBELL, Janet b.1482
CAMPBELL, Jean b.1575
CAMPBELL, Joan b.1615
CAMPBELL, John Earl of Breadalbane b.1634
CAMPBELL, John b.1510
CAMPBELL, John b.1372
CAMPBELL, John b.1328
CAMPBELL, John Knight b.1488
CAMPBELL, John Earl of Atholl b.1305
CAMPBELL, John Knight b.1329
CAMPBELL, Margaret b.1467
CAMPBELL, Margaret b.1480
CAMPBELL, Margaret b.1571
CAMPBELL, Marion b.1457
CAMPBELL, Mariota b.1351
CAMPBELL, Mary a.1618
CAMPBELL, Mary b.1637
CAMPBELL, Mary b.1472
CAMPBELL, Mary Victoria b.1881
CAMPBELL, Michael a.1620
CAMPBELL, N.N. b.1264
CAMPBELL, Neil b.1426
CAMPBELL, Nicholas b.1517
CAMPBELL, Niel Knight b.1266
CAMPBELL, Onesimus b.1704
CAMPBELL, Patrick b.1573
CAMPBELL, Patrick b.1382
CAMPBELL, Robert a.1620
CAMPBELL, Robert Rector of Sowton b.1580
CAMPBELL, Thomas b.1465


CAMPE, Agnes b.1409


CAMPERNON, Jordan de b.1110


CAMPION, Margaret b.1546


CAMVILLE, Amice de b.1269
CAMVILLE, Eleanor de b.1295
CAMVILLE, Elizabeth de b.1275
CAMVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1180
CAMVILLE, Geoffrey de Lord Canville b.1238
CAMVILLE, Gerard de Knight b.1245
CAMVILLE, Gerard de b.1085
CAMVILLE, Gerard de Sheriff of Lincolnshire b.1147
CAMVILLE, Idoine de b.1208
CAMVILLE, Isabel de b.1298
CAMVILLE, Isabel de b.1153
CAMVILLE, Katherine de b.1304
CAMVILLE, Maud de b.1140
CAMVILLE, Maud de b.1163
CAMVILLE, Maud de b.1293
CAMVILLE, Nichole de b.1301
CAMVILLE, Petronilla de b.1165
CAMVILLE, Richard de b.1203
CAMVILLE, Richard de b.1142
CAMVILLE, Richard de b.1110
CAMVILLE, Richard de b.1180
CAMVILLE, Roger de b.1161
CAMVILLE, Roger de b.1136
CAMVILLE, Thomas de b.1188
CAMVILLE, Thomas de b.1216
CAMVILLE, Walter de b.1138
CAMVILLE, William de b.1185
CAMVILLE, William de b.1240
CAMVILLE, William de b.1150
CAMVILLE, William de b.1212
CAMVILLE, William de Lord Canville b.1266


CANDLER, William b.1561


CANFIELD, Sarah b.1651


CANHIART, Alan Count of Cornouaille b.1003


CANMORE, Malcolm III King of Scots b.1031


CANN, John b.1636


CANNE, Mary b.1580
CANNE, Thomas b.1555


CANNEY, Martha b.1669
CANNEY, Samuel b.1677
CANNEY, Sarah b.1667


CANNING, Isabel b.1509
CANNING, Michael b.1484


CANOSSA, Adalbert di Count of Canossa b.931
CANOSSA, Prangardia di b.956


CANSFIELD, Agnes de Lady of Aldingham b.1259
CANSFIELD, John de b.1261
CANSFIELD, Richard de Knight b.1226
CANSFIELD, William de b.1265


CANTELOU, Agnes de b.1215
CANTELOU, Alexander de b.1105
CANTELOU, Eleanor de b.1300
CANTELOU, Elizabeth de b.1321
CANTELOU, Emma de b.1296
CANTELOU, Euphemia de b.1135
CANTELOU, George de Knight b.1252
CANTELOU, Gilbert de b.1111
CANTELOU, Hugh de b.1227
CANTELOU, Joan de b.1246
CANTELOU, John de b.1296
CANTELOU, John de b.1293
CANTELOU, John de Knight b.1264
CANTELOU, John de b.1225
CANTELOU, Juliana de b.1221
CANTELOU, Katherine b.1451
CANTELOU, Maud de b.1160
CANTELOU, Milicent de b.1250
CANTELOU, N.N. de b.1190
CANTELOU, Nicholas de Lord Cauntelo b.1295
CANTELOU, Nicholas de Knight b.1230
CANTELOU, Nichole de b.1217
CANTELOU, Ranulf de b.1133
CANTELOU, Robert de b.1055
CANTELOU, Thomas de Bishop of Hereford b.1223
CANTELOU, Walter de Rector of Snitterfield b.1267
CANTELOU, Walter de b.1133
CANTELOU, Walter de b.1107
CANTELOU, Walter de Bishop of Worcester b.1187
CANTELOU, William de b.1293
CANTELOU, William de b.1109
CANTELOU, William de Lord Cauntelo b.1262
CANTELOU, William I de Sheriff of Warwickshire b.1158
CANTELOU, William II de b.1185
CANTELOU, William III de Knight b.1219


CANTERBERY, John b.1650


CANTRELL, Louisa b.1854


CANTWELL, James Sherlock b.1843


CAPEL, Anne b.1566
CAPEL, Anne b.1534
CAPEL, Anne a.1595
CAPEL, Arthur a.1585
CAPEL, Arthur Knight b.1554
CAPEL, Arthur Lord Capell b.1604
CAPEL, Dorothy b.1488
CAPEL, Edward b.1558
CAPEL, Edward b.1579
CAPEL, Edward Knight b.1507
CAPEL, Elizabeth b.1538
CAPEL, Elizabeth b.1612
CAPEL, Elizabeth b.1485
CAPEL, Frances b.1564
CAPEL, Gamaliel Knight b.1562
CAPEL, Gamaliel a.1591
CAPEL, Giles b.1543
CAPEL, Giles a.1593
CAPEL, Giles Knight b.1482
CAPEL, Grace b.1540
CAPEL, Grace a.1587
CAPEL, Henry Knight b.1504
CAPEL, Henry Knight b.1575
CAPEL, Henry Esquire b.1532
CAPEL, Humphrey a.1589
CAPEL, John b.1560
CAPEL, John a.1600
CAPEL, Katherine a.1583
CAPEL, Margaret b.1609
CAPEL, Mary b.1569
CAPEL, Mary b.1536
CAPEL, Mary a.1597
CAPEL, Mary a.1577
CAPEL, Penelope a.1581
CAPEL, Robert b.1568
CAPEL, Robert a.1588
CAPEL, Roger a.1598
CAPEL, Theodosia b.1606
CAPEL, William b.1556
CAPEL, William a.1590
CAPEL, William Lord Mayor of London b.1458
CAPEL, Winifred a.1584


CAPELLA, Alicia de b.1199


CAPEN, Ann b.1692
CAPEN, Ann b.1703
CAPEN, Bernard b.1650
CAPEN, Bernard b.1597
CAPEN, Bernard b.1562
CAPEN, Dorothy b.1603
CAPEN, Ebenezer b.1682
CAPEN, Ebenezer b.1700
CAPEN, Ebenezer b.1698
CAPEN, Edward b.1731
CAPEN, Edward b.1683
CAPEN, Elizabeth b.1722
CAPEN, Elizabeth a.1691
CAPEN, Elizabeth b.1698
CAPEN, Elizabeth b.1689
CAPEN, Elizabeth b.1666
CAPEN, Elizabeth b.1616
CAPEN, Hannah b.1662
CAPEN, Hannah b.1607
CAPEN, Honor b.1614
CAPEN, Hopestill b.1677
CAPEN, Jabesh b.1690
CAPEN, James b.1654
CAPEN, James b.1598
CAPEN, Joanna b.1638
CAPEN, John b.1687
CAPEN, John b.1696
CAPEN, John b.1694
CAPEN, John b.1639
CAPEN, John b.1612
CAPEN, Jonathan b.1724
CAPEN, Jonathan b.1691
CAPEN, Joseph b.1734
CAPEN, Joseph a.1693
CAPEN, Joseph b.1659
CAPEN, Mary a.1689
CAPEN, Mary b.1679
CAPEN, Mary b.1652
CAPEN, Mary b.1683
CAPEN, Nathaniel b.1695
CAPEN, Preserved b.1686
CAPEN, Preserved b.1657
CAPEN, Priscilla b.1685
CAPEN, Ruth b.1600
CAPEN, Samuel b.1727
CAPEN, Samuel b.1686
CAPEN, Samuel b.1675
CAPEN, Samuel b.1674
CAPEN, Samuel b.1648
CAPEN, Sarah b.1699
CAPEN, Susanna b.1693
CAPEN, Susanna b.1688
CAPEN, Susanna b.1602
CAPEN, Susannah b.1729
CAPEN, Theodosia b.1786


CAPENHURST, Isabel de b.1373
CAPENHURST, John de Mayor of Chester b.1348
CAPENHURST, Maud de b.1376
CAPENHURST, Thomas de b.1317
CAPENHURST, Thomas de b.1343


CAPET, Hugh King of France b.941


CAPON, Ann b.1609


CAPPS, Jane b.1655


CARADOC, Cadwallon ap b.1134
CARADOC, Dafydd ap b.1140
CARADOC, Madog ap b.1138
CARADOC, Maredudd ap b.1152
CARADOC, Margred ferch b.1144
CARADOC, Meurig ap b.1142
CARADOC, Meurig ap b.1225
CARADOC, Morgan ap b.1136
CARADOC, Owain ap b.1146
CARADOC, Peredur ap b.1149


CARADOG, Bleddyn ap b.865
CARADOG, Senena ferch b.1209
CARADOG, Trahaearn ap King of Gwynedd b.1035


CARBONEL, Elizabeth b.1342
CARBONEL, John Knight b.1275
CARBONEL, Robert b.1346
CARBONEL, Robert Knight b.1340
CARBONEL, Thomas b.1344
CARBONEL, William Knight b.1305




CARCASSONNE, Acfred of Count of Carcassonne b.875
CARCASSONNE, Arsinde of b.920
CARCASSONNE, Ava of b.877
CARCASSONNE, Bellon of b.775
CARCASSONNE, Bernard I of Count of Carcassonne b.978
CARCASSONNE, Bernard II of Count of Bigorre b.1007
CARCASSONNE, Ermensinde of b.810
CARCASSONNE, Ermensinde of b.975
CARCASSONNE, Oliba I of Count of Carcassonne b.804
CARCASSONNE, Oliba II of Count of Carcassonne b.830
CARCASSONNE, Pedro of Count of Foix b.1010
CARCASSONNE, Roger I of Count of Carcassonne b.945
CARCASSONNE, Roger II of Count of Carcassonne b.972


CARD, Hannah b.1699
CARD, Miriam b.1772
CARD, William b.1696


CARDER, Benjamin a.1688
CARDER, Hannah b.1711
CARDER, Hannah b.1703
CARDER, John b.1682
CARDER, John b.1645
CARDER, John a.1699
CARDER, Joseph b.1671
CARDER, Joseph b.1710
CARDER, Margaret a.1686
CARDER, Mary b.1706
CARDER, Mary a.1684
CARDER, Mary b.1706
CARDER, Peter b.1677
CARDER, Rebecca b.1708
CARDER, Rebecca b.1679
CARDER, Samuel b.1674
CARDER, Sarah a.1701


CARDIGAN, Stephen of Constable of Cardigan b.1070


CARDINAL, Joan b.1540


CARDINALE, Sebastiano Jr. b.1934


CARDINHAM, Isolda de b.1237


CARENT, Margaret b.1429
CARENT, William Esquire b.1400


CAREW, Alexander b.1437
CAREW, Alice b.1502
CAREW, Anne b.1460
CAREW, Anne Nun b.1493
CAREW, Anne b.1497
CAREW, Anne b.1524
CAREW, Anthony b.1530
CAREW, Dorothy b.1487
CAREW, Edmond b.1552
CAREW, Edmund Knight b.1464
CAREW, Elizabeth b.1465
CAREW, Elizabeth b.1515
CAREW, Elizabeth b.1538
CAREW, Elizabeth b.1435
CAREW, Elizabeth b.1371
CAREW, Emeline b.1445
CAREW, Florence Nun b.1439
CAREW, Francis b.1500
CAREW, Francis Knight b.1520
CAREW, Gawen Knight b.1505
CAREW, George Earl of Totness b.1555
CAREW, George Dean of Exeter b.1502
CAREW, George Knight b.1510
CAREW, Harvey b.1534
CAREW, Hugh b.1431
CAREW, Hugh b.1397
CAREW, Isabel Nun b.1496
CAREW, Isabel b.1529
CAREW, Isabel b.1446
CAREW, James Esquire b.1442
CAREW, Jane b.1466
CAREW, Jane b.1433
CAREW, Jane b.1523
CAREW, Joan de b.1318
CAREW, John b.1469
CAREW, John b.1532
CAREW, John Sheriff of Cornwall b.1467
CAREW, John de Knight b.1277
CAREW, John de Knight b.1310
CAREW, Katherine b.1490
CAREW, Leonard de Knight b.1342
CAREW, Margaret b.1503
CAREW, Margaret b.1440
CAREW, Margaret b.1449
CAREW, Margaret de b.1342
CAREW, Mary b.1495
CAREW, Mary b.1517
CAREW, Mary b.1550
CAREW, Nicholas b.1462
CAREW, Nicholas Knight b.1493
CAREW, Nicholas b.1429
CAREW, Nicholas Knight b.1394
CAREW, Nicholas Esquire b.1436
CAREW, Nicholas Esquire b.1395
CAREW, Nicholas b.1305
CAREW, Nicholas Knight b.1444
CAREW, Nicholas Knight b.1562
CAREW, Peter Knight b.1512
CAREW, Peter Knight b.1548
CAREW, Richard Knight b.1469
CAREW, Roger b.1528
CAREW, Rose b.1438
CAREW, Sanchia b.1458
CAREW, Temperance b.1536
CAREW, Thomas b.1499
CAREW, Thomas Gentleman b.1580
CAREW, Thomas Esquire b.1526
CAREW, Thomas Knight b.1427
CAREW, Thomas Knight b.1368
CAREW, William Knight b.1485
CAREW, William Knight b.1442
CAREW, Wymond Knight b.1497

Surname List