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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


CAREWE, Humphrey b.1485


CAREY, Adolphus a.1639
CAREY, Adolphus Knight b.1577
CAREY, Ann a.1628
CAREY, Anne a.1582
CAREY, Anne Nun a.1614
CAREY, Anne a.1585
CAREY, Anne b.1500
CAREY, Anthony Viscount Falkland b.1656
CAREY, Blanche b.1584
CAREY, Catherine b.1608
CAREY, Charles a.1586
CAREY, Edmund Knight b.1557
CAREY, Edward b.1656
CAREY, Edward b.1616
CAREY, Edward Knight b.1540
CAREY, Elizabeth b.1570
CAREY, Elizabeth Nun a.1617
CAREY, Elizabeth b.1576
CAREY, Frances b.1684
CAREY, Frances b.1571
CAREY, George b.1619
CAREY, George Lord Hunsdon b.1552
CAREY, Harriet a.1683
CAREY, Henry b.1610
CAREY, Henry a.1577
CAREY, Henry Earl of Dover b.1580
CAREY, Henry Viscount Falkland a.1634
CAREY, Henry Viscount Falkland b.1575
CAREY, Henry Lord Hunsdon b.1526
CAREY, Jane a.1583
CAREY, John Earl of Dover b.1608
CAREY, John b.1654
CAREY, John Lord Hunsdon b.1555
CAREY, John Knight b.1493
CAREY, Judith a.1624
CAREY, Katherine b.1573
CAREY, Katherine b.1549
CAREY, Lorenzo a.1637
CAREY, Lorenzo Knight a.1613
CAREY, Lucius Viscount Falkland a.1632
CAREY, Lucius Viscount Falkland b.1610
CAREY, Lucius Henry Earl of Falkland b.1687
CAREY, Lucy Nun a.1619
CAREY, Margaret b.1563
CAREY, Margaret b.1497
CAREY, Mary a.1615
CAREY, Mary Nun a.1622
CAREY, Mary b.1523
CAREY, Mary b.1491
CAREY, Muriel b.1581
CAREY, Patrick b.1624
CAREY, Pelham Knight b.1613
CAREY, Philadelphia a.1623
CAREY, Philadelphia b.1566
CAREY, Philip Knight b.1579
CAREY, Philip Knight b.1401
CAREY, Robert Earl of Monmouth b.1560
CAREY, Robert Knight b.1375
CAREY, Thomas b.1460
CAREY, Victoria a.1620
CAREY, William Esquire b.1495
CAREY, William Knight b.1436
CAREY, Wymond Knight b.1538


CARINTHIA, Bruno of b.967
CARINTHIA, Engelbert of Marquis of Istria b.1065
CARINTHIA, Heinrich of Count of Spires b.969
CARINTHIA, Matilda of b.1100


CARLAT, Adela de b.1032
CARLAT, Aldonza de b.1086
CARLAT, Gilbert II de b.990


CARLE, Ann b.1563


CARLETON, Alice b.1570
CARLETON, Alicia b.1199
CARLETON, Anne b.1572
CARLETON, Anne b.1529
CARLETON, Anthony Esquire b.1525
CARLETON, Bridget b.1568
CARLETON, Castle b.1562
CARLETON, Dudley Viscount Dorchester b.1574
CARLETON, Edward b.1540
CARLETON, Elizabeth b.1564
CARLETON, Elizabeth b.1564
CARLETON, George Esquire b.1566
CARLETON, George Gentleman b.1527
CARLETON, Jane b.1535
CARLETON, John Knight b.1594
CARLETON, John b.1537
CARLETON, John Esquire b.1499
CARLETON, Joyce b.1566
CARLETON, Mabel b.1533
CARLETON, William Priest b.1531


CARLING, Asenath Emeline b.1857
CARLING, Gerald Bastian b.1919


CARLISLE, Joseph b.1662


CARLL, Phebe b.1700
CARLL, Prudence b.1712


CARLTON, Asaph J. b.1862
CARLTON, Asaph Judkins b.1884
CARLTON, Daniel L. b.1880
CARLTON, Edna M. b.1907
CARLTON, Georgia Ann b.1859
CARLTON, Kenneth A. b.1918
CARLTON, Phineas b.1745
CARLTON, Robert B. b.1922
CARLTON, Sarah b.1710
CARLTON, Thomas b.1730


CARLUE, Joseph b.1592


CARLYLE, Adam de Knight b.1153
CARLYLE, Alexander b.1535


CARMAN, Abigail b.1635
CARMAN, Caleb b.1639
CARMAN, John b.1633
CARMAN, John b.1606
CARMAN, Joshua b.1646


CARMICHAEL, Caroline b.1813
CARMICHAEL, James b.1464
CARMICHAEL, John b.1425
CARMICHAEL, Peter b.1466


CARMINOWE, Alice b.1384
CARMINOWE, Elizabeth b.1319
CARMINOWE, Gervase b.1242
CARMINOWE, Joan b.1427
CARMINOWE, Joan b.1288
CARMINOWE, Johanna b.1334
CARMINOWE, John b.1322
CARMINOWE, John b.1313
CARMINOWE, John Knight b.1276
CARMINOWE, John b.1238
CARMINOWE, Lucy b.1244
CARMINOWE, Margaret b.1430
CARMINOWE, Margaret b.1309
CARMINOWE, Margaret b.1336
CARMINOWE, Matilda b.1345
CARMINOWE, Matilda b.1323
CARMINOWE, Matilda b.1285
CARMINOWE, Minanus b.1282
CARMINOWE, Oliver Sheriff of Cornwall b.1274
CARMINOWE, Ralph Knight b.1349
CARMINOWE, Reginald b.1319
CARMINOWE, Richard b.1316
CARMINOWE, Richard b.1279
CARMINOWE, Robert de b.1189
CARMINOWE, Roger b.1311
CARMINOWE, Roger Knight b.1306
CARMINOWE, Roger Knight b.1240
CARMINOWE, Roger de b.1139
CARMINOWE, Roger de b.1164
CARMINOWE, Roger de Knight b.1214
CARMINOWE, Thomas b.1316
CARMINOWE, Thomas Rector of Mawgan b.1309
CARMINOWE, Walter Knight b.1314
CARMINOWE, William Knight b.1355


CARNABY, Catherine b.1545
CARNABY, John Knight b.1422


CARNE, Edward Knight b.1495
CARNE, Emmot b.1525


CARNELL, William Esquire b.1380


CARNES, Thomas b.1657


CARPENTER, Agnes a.1593
CARPENTER, Alva b.1840
CARPENTER, David b.1615
CARPENTER, David b.1647
CARPENTER, Dorothy b.1694
CARPENTER, Elizabeth b.1644
CARPENTER, Elsie V. b.1874
CARPENTER, Ephraim b.1735
CARPENTER, Ephraim b.1640
CARPENTER, Ernest Gary b.1882
CARPENTER, Ira A. b.1868
CARPENTER, Juliana b.1583
CARPENTER, Keziah b.1697
CARPENTER, Luella S. b.1871
CARPENTER, Marlow Alva b.1878
CARPENTER, Mary b.1650
CARPENTER, Olive S. b.1866


CARR, Joseph b.1856
CARR, Richard b.1659
CARR, Robert Sheriff of Lincolnshire b.1508


CARRELL, Abigail b.1731
CARRELL, Abigail b.1698
CARRELL, Anthony b.1635
CARRELL, Benjamin b.1737
CARRELL, Benjamin b.1670
CARRELL, Benjamin b.1702
CARRELL, Dorothy Ann b.1859
CARRELL, Edward b.1674
CARRELL, Hannah b.1677
CARRELL, Hannah b.1736
CARRELL, Jonathan b.1734
CARRELL, Joseph b.1665
CARRELL, Joseph b.1723
CARRELL, Joseph b.1696
CARRELL, Lydia b.1725
CARRELL, Margaret b.1729
CARRELL, Margery b.1735
CARRELL, Mary b.1661
CARRELL, Mary b.1722
CARRELL, Nathaniel b.1663
CARRELL, Nathaniel b.1637
CARRELL, Priscilla b.1728
CARRELL, Rachel b.1740
CARRELL, Rebecca b.1732
CARRELL, Robert b.1610
CARRELL, Samuel b.1667
CARRELL, Sarah b.1733


CARRICK, Aufrica of b.1246
CARRICK, Duncan of Earl of Carrick b.1170
CARRICK, Marjorie of Countess of Carrick b.1244
CARRICK, Neil of Earl of Carrick b.1220
CARRICK, Nicol of b.1196


CARRIER, Rachel b.1720


CARRILLO, Garcia Gomez b.1230
CARRILLO, Garcia Gomez Alcalde Mayor of Castile b.1256
CARRILLO, Juana Garcia b.1284


CARRINGTON, Emma b.1435
CARRINGTON, George Knight b.1384
CARRINGTON, Isabel b.1409
CARRINGTON, Jane a.1562
CARRINGTON, Peter b.1668


CARROLL, Catherine b.1832


CARRUTH, Daisy Lee b.1874


CARSON, Ralph b.1879


CARTER, Abigail b.1690
CARTER, Abigail b.1653
CARTER, Abigail b.1649
CARTER, Abigail b.1648
CARTER, Agnes b.1519
CARTER, Alice b.1519
CARTER, Anne b.1702
CARTER, Anne b.1630
CARTER, Anne b.1677
CARTER, Anne Hill b.1773
CARTER, Beatrix b.1564
CARTER, Benjamin b.1563
CARTER, Charles b.1706
CARTER, Deborah b.1651
CARTER, Dorothy a.1711
CARTER, Elizabeth a.1720
CARTER, Elizabeth b.1649
CARTER, Elizabeth b.1611
CARTER, Ephraim a.1715
CARTER, Eunice b.1705
CARTER, Eunice b.1687
CARTER, George b.1708
CARTER, Jesse Thornton b.1867
CARTER, John b.1596
CARTER, John a.1596
CARTER, John b.1681
CARTER, John b.1651
CARTER, John Esquire b.1620
CARTER, John b.1494
CARTER, Jonathan a.1713
CARTER, Jonathan b.1751
CARTER, Joseph b.1615
CARTER, Josiah b.1727
CARTER, Judith b.1642
CARTER, Landon b.1714
CARTER, Lucy b.1716
CARTER, Ludlow b.1718
CARTER, Mabel b.1777
CARTER, Martha b.1647
CARTER, Martha b.1645
CARTER, Mary b.1641
CARTER, Mary a.1614
CARTER, Mary b.1712
CARTER, Mary a.1719
CARTER, Mary b.1611
CARTER, Mary b.1641
CARTER, Mary b.1648
CARTER, Mary b.1673
CARTER, Mary Jane b.1885
CARTER, Nathaniel a.1708
CARTER, Nathaniel b.1685
CARTER, Obed b.1665
CARTER, Oliver a.1716
CARTER, Phebe b.1729
CARTER, Prudence a.1723
CARTER, Richard b.1598
CARTER, Robert b.1704
CARTER, Robert b.1663
CARTER, Ruth b.1708
CARTER, Samuel b.1703
CARTER, Samuel b.1678
CARTER, Samuel b.1675
CARTER, Samuel b.1656
CARTER, Samuel b.1640
CARTER, Sarah b.1710
CARTER, Sarah b.1659
CARTER, Theophilus b.1645
CARTER, Thomas Esquire a.1666
CARTER, Thomas b.1682
CARTER, Thomas b.1643
CARTER, Thomas b.1610
CARTER, Thomas b.1655
CARTER, Thomas a.1610
CARTER, Timothy b.1653
CARTER, William b.1578
CARTER, William b.1773


CARTINGTON, Anne b.1468


CARTUTHER, Margaret b.1350


CARTWRIGHT, Frances b.1595
CARTWRIGHT, Sadie L. b.1869
CARTWRIGHT, William b.1539


CARVER, Anna b.1675
CARVER, David b.1669
CARVER, Eleazer b.1667
CARVER, Elizabeth a.1632
CARVER, Elizabeth b.1663
CARVER, Etta Lee b.1881
CARVER, John b.1719
CARVER, John b.1661
CARVER, John a.1636
CARVER, Lemuel b.1751
CARVER, Mehitable b.1677
CARVER, Mercy b.1673
CARVER, Orlo Stephenson b.1911
CARVER, Ozelle b.1903
CARVER, Richard b.1587
CARVER, Robert b.1594
CARVER, Robert b.1665
CARVER, Sarah b.1749
CARVER, William a.1635
CARVER, William b.1659


CARWITHY, Caleb b.1625


CARY, David b.1658
CARY, Elizabeth b.1649
CARY, Elizabeth b.1700
CARY, Ephraim b.1679
CARY, Ezekiel b.1741
CARY, Frances b.1590
CARY, Francis b.1647
CARY, Hannah b.1661
CARY, Hannah b.1693
CARY, Jabez b.1691
CARY, James b.1652
CARY, John b.1645
CARY, John b.1695
CARY, John b.1610
CARY, John b.1690
CARY, Jonathan b.1692
CARY, Jonathan b.1656
CARY, Joseph b.1689
CARY, Joseph b.1663
CARY, Lydia b.1683
CARY, Mary a.1690
CARY, Mary b.1681
CARY, Mary b.1654
CARY, Mehitable b.1670
CARY, Melatiah b.1685
CARY, Rebecca b.1665
CARY, Recompense b.1688
CARY, Samuel b.1677
CARY, Sarah b.1667
CARY, Seth b.1697


CARYLL, Barbara Nun b.1639
CARYLL, Charles a.1628
CARYLL, Dorothy a.1607
CARYLL, Elizabeth a.1627
CARYLL, Elizabeth b.1605
CARYLL, Frances b.1638
CARYLL, Griselda b.1520
CARYLL, John Lord Caryll a.1625
CARYLL, John Esquire a.1603
CARYLL, John Knight a.1583
CARYLL, Katherine b.1636
CARYLL, Katherine a.1624
CARYLL, Margaret b.1581
CARYLL, Mary a.1630
CARYLL, Mary b.1609
CARYLL, Peter a.1631
CARYLL, Philip b.1642
CARYLL, Richard b.1635
CARYLL, William a.1633


CASBOURN, Abraham a.1738
CASBOURN, Abraham a.1729
CASBOURN, Abraham a.1761
CASBOURN, Abraham a.1844
CASBOURN, Abraham a.1837
CASBOURN, Abraham a.1831
CASBOURN, Abraham b.1802
CASBOURN, Alice a.1692
CASBOURN, Ambrose a.1808
CASBOURN, Anne a.1774
CASBOURN, Anne a.1782
CASBOURN, Anne a.1832
CASBOURN, Elizabeth a.1723
CASBOURN, Elizabeth a.1775
CASBOURN, Elizabeth a.1814
CASBOURN, Essa Susanna a.1842
CASBOURN, Henry a.1824
CASBOURN, John a.1699
CASBOURN, John b.1811
CASBOURN, John a.1778
CASBOURN, John Ward a.1828
CASBOURN, John Ward a.1826
CASBOURN, Mary b.1689
CASBOURN, Mary a.1734
CASBOURN, Mary a.1727
CASBOURN, Mary a.1766
CASBOURN, Mary a.1799
CASBOURN, Sarah a.1772
CASBOURN, Sarah a.1835
CASBOURN, Sarah Ward a.1847
CASBOURN, Susanna a.1839
CASBOURN, Thomas a.1695
CASBOURN, Thomas a.1762
CASBOURN, Thomas a.1732
CASBOURN, Thomas a.1846
CASBOURN, William a.1687
CASBOURN, William b.1662
CASBOURN, William a.1721
CASBOURN, William a.1762
CASBOURN, William a.1769
CASBOURN, William a.1771
CASBOURN, William b.1805


CASE, John b.1620
CASE, Martha Diana b.1823
CASE, Mary b.1691
CASE, Mary b.1660
CASE, William b.1846


CASERTA, Isabel di b.1242


CASH, Mary b.1675


CASON, Ruth b.1648


CASS, John b.1629


CASSINGHURST, Peter b.1492


CASTAIGNAL, Marie de b.1655


CASTELAYN, Margaret b.1373


CASTELEIRO, Angel a.1883
CASTELEIRO, Angela a.1887
CASTELEIRO, Antonio a.1810
CASTELEIRO, Antonio b.1877
CASTELEIRO, Aurelio b.1885
CASTELEIRO, Aurora b.1873
CASTELEIRO, Genevieve Espana b.1911
CASTELEIRO, Lorenzo Mariano a.1836
CASTELEIRO, Maria Aurora b.1913
CASTELEIRO, Mariano Aurelio b.1910
CASTELEIRO, Neta Consuela b.1918
CASTELEIRO, Nicolas b.1834
CASTELEIRO, Pomposa b.1838


CASTELL, Anna a.1612
CASTELL, Mary b.1580
CASTELL, Nicholas Knight b.1323
CASTELL, Susanna b.1558


CASTELLAW, Alexander b.1540
CASTELLAW, Alison b.1634
CASTELLAW, Ann b.1760
CASTELLAW, Bethia b.1674
CASTELLAW, Bethia b.1732
CASTELLAW, Charlotte b.1764
CASTELLAW, Elizabeth b.1670
CASTELLAW, Eufame a.1684
CASTELLAW, Henry b.1767
CASTELLAW, James b.1774
CASTELLAW, James b.1565
CASTELLAW, James b.1638
CASTELLAW, James b.1610
CASTELLAW, James b.1735
CASTELLAW, James a.1685
CASTELLAW, John b.1771
CASTELLAW, John b.1680
CASTELLAW, John b.1636
CASTELLAW, John b.1726
CASTELLAW, Katherine b.1729
CASTELLAW, Margaret b.1632
CASTELLAW, Penelope b.1758
CASTELLAW, Peter b.1762
CASTELLAW, Sarah b.1767
CASTELLAW, Sarah b.1744
CASTELLAW, Sarah b.1738
CASTELLAW, Thomas b.1641
CASTELLAW, Thomas b.1750
CASTELLAW, Thomas b.1720
CASTELLAW, William b.1758
CASTELLAW, William b.1677
CASTELLAW, William b.1645
CASTELLAW, William b.1608
CASTELLAW, William b.1747
CASTELLAW, William b.1723
CASTELLAW, William Henry b.1769


CASTELLO, Herbert de b.1115
CASTELLO, N.N. de b.1117


CASTILE, Alfonso VII of King of Castile & Leon b.1104
CASTILE, Alfonso VIII "el Noble" of King of Castile b.1155
CASTILE, Berenguela of b.1180
CASTILE, Blanca of Queen of France b.1188
CASTILE, Constanza of Nun b.1198
CASTILE, Constanza of b.1138
CASTILE, Elvira of b.970
CASTILE, Elvira of b.1078
CASTILE, Enrique I of King of Castile b.1204
CASTILE, Enrique III de King of Castile b.1378
CASTILE, Enrique of b.1195
CASTILE, Fernando Gonzalez of Count of Castile b.910
CASTILE, Fernando of b.1189
CASTILE, Garcia Fernandez of Count of Castile b.941
CASTILE, Garcia II of Count of Castile b.1010
CASTILE, Gonzalo Fernandez of Count of Burgos b.885
CASTILE, Gonzalo Garces of b.967
CASTILE, Gutina Munoz of b.864
CASTILE, Leonor of b.1202
CASTILE, Mafalda of b.1192
CASTILE, Munia Elvira of b.995
CASTILE, Munia Fernandez of b.939
CASTILE, Muno Nunez de Count of Castile b.875
CASTILE, N.N. Rodriguez of b.850
CASTILE, Nuno Fernandez of Count of Castile b.888
CASTILE, Rodrigo of Count of Castile b.820
CASTILE, Sancha of b.1183
CASTILE, Sancha of b.1006
CASTILE, Sancha of b.1140
CASTILE, Sancha of b.1154
CASTILE, Sancho Garcia III "The Great" of King of Castile b.992
CASTILE, Sancho I of Count of Castile b.965
CASTILE, Sancho III "el Deseado" of King of Castile b.1134
CASTILE, Sancho of b.1181
CASTILE, Teresa of b.1070
CASTILE, Trigidia Nunez of b.915
CASTILE, Urraca Fernandez of b.933
CASTILE, Urraca of b.1185


CASTILE & LEON, Alfonso of b.1358
CASTILE & LEON, Alfonso of b.1287
CASTILE & LEON, Alfonso VI "The Valiant" of King of Castile & Leon b.1039
CASTILE & LEON, Alfonso X "el Sabio" of King of Castile b.1221
CASTILE & LEON, Beatriz de b.1254
CASTILE & LEON, Beatriz of b.1353
CASTILE & LEON, Beatriz of b.1294
CASTILE & LEON, Berenguela de b.1253
CASTILE & LEON, Berenguela of b.1228
CASTILE & LEON, Berenguela of b.1200
CASTILE & LEON, Constance of b.1354
CASTILE & LEON, Constanza of Nun b.1204
CASTILE & LEON, Eleanor of Queen of England b.1242
CASTILE & LEON, Enrique of b.1288
CASTILE & LEON, Enrique of b.1230
CASTILE & LEON, Fadrique of b.1223
CASTILE & LEON, Felipe of b.1292
CASTILE & LEON, Fernando I "The Great" of King of Castile & Leon b.1016
CASTILE & LEON, Fernando III of King of Castile b.1201
CASTILE & LEON, Fernando IV of King of Castile & Leon b.1285
CASTILE & LEON, Fernando of b.1226
CASTILE & LEON, Fernando of Count of Aumale b.1240
CASTILE & LEON, Isabel de b.1273
CASTILE & LEON, Isabella of b.1283
CASTILE & LEON, Isabella of b.1355
CASTILE & LEON, Jaime de b.1268
CASTILE & LEON, Juan de b.1264
CASTILE & LEON, Juan of b.1248
CASTILE & LEON, Leonor de b.1275
CASTILE & LEON, Leonor of b.1225
CASTILE & LEON, Leonor of b.1198
CASTILE & LEON, Luis of Senor of Marchena b.1244
CASTILE & LEON, Manuel of b.1234
CASTILE & LEON, Maria of b.1235
CASTILE & LEON, Pedro de b.1261
CASTILE & LEON, Pedro of King of Castile & Leon b.1334
CASTILE & LEON, Pedro of b.1290
CASTILE & LEON, Philip of Archbishop of Seville b.1231
CASTILE & LEON, Sancho II of King of Castile b.1036
CASTILE & LEON, Sancho IV "el Bravo" of King of Castile b.1258
CASTILE & LEON, Sancho of Archbishop of Toledo b.1232
CASTILE & LEON, Simon of b.1246
CASTILE & LEON, Urraca of b.1082
CASTILE & LEON, Violante de b.1271


CASTLE, Henry b.1673
CASTLE, Isaac b.1676


CASTLELOCKE, Ellen b.1511


CASTON, Eliza b.1805


CASTRE, Thomas de b.1230


CASWELL, Abigail b.1666
CASWELL, Constance b.1695
CASWELL, Elizabeth b.1665
CASWELL, Esther b.1669
CASWELL, Hannah b.1735
CASWELL, Hannah b.1661
CASWELL, Hannah b.1726
CASWELL, John b.1656
CASWELL, Mary b.1654
CASWELL, Matthew b.1650
CASWELL, Mehitable b.1704
CASWELL, Peter b.1652
CASWELL, Samuel b.1663
CASWELL, Sarah b.1658
CASWELL, Stephen b.1648
CASWELL, Thomas b.1650
CASWELL, Thomas b.1618
CASWELL, William b.1660


CATCHER, William b.1587


CATE, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1718
CATE, Samuel b.1718


CATER, Edward b.1675
CATER, Margery b.1494


CATESBY, Anthony Esquire b.1498
CATESBY, Audrey b.1503
CATESBY, Barbara b.1454
CATESBY, Dorothy b.1529
CATESBY, Eleanor b.1524
CATESBY, Elizabeth b.1473
CATESBY, Elizabeth b.1499
CATESBY, Francis b.1526
CATESBY, George Esquire b.1475
CATESBY, Jane b.1505
CATESBY, John b.1532
CATESBY, John b.1477
CATESBY, John Knight b.1433
CATESBY, Lettice b.1459
CATESBY, Mary b.1546
CATESBY, Richard Knight b.1501
CATESBY, Thomas b.1548
CATESBY, Thomas Esquire b.1522
CATESBY, William Knight b.1547
CATESBY, William b.1480
CATESBY, William Esquire b.1440
CATESBY, William b.1497
CATESBY, Wyburga b.1520


CATHEN, Cadwgon Trydelig ap


CATLETT, Rebecca b.1699


CATLIN, John b.1611
CATLIN, Mary b.1550


CATMER, Moses b.1596


CATTON, Margaret b.1509
CATTON, Roger b.1484


CATWORTHE, Alice b.1551


CAULEY, Sarah b.1769


CAUNTON, Anne b.1533


CAUZ, Alice de b.1123
CAUZ, Emma de b.1212
CAUZ, James de b.1192
CAUZ, John de b.1190
CAUZ, Margery de b.1220
CAUZ, Maud de b.1174
CAUZ, Maud de b.1148
CAUZ, Ralph de b.1070
CAUZ, Robert de b.1100
CAUZ, Robert de b.1125
CAUZ, Roger de b.1151
CAUZ, Roger de b.1179


CAVALERY, Frances b.1518


CAVE, Alice b.1538
CAVE, Ambrose b.1542
CAVE, Ambrose Knight b.1503
CAVE, Amy b.1524
CAVE, Anne b.1555
CAVE, Anne b.1545
CAVE, Anthony b.1545
CAVE, Anthony Esquire b.1499
CAVE, Augustine b.1517
CAVE, Brian Esquire b.1511
CAVE, Bridget b.1513
CAVE, Clement b.1501
CAVE, Dorothy b.1515
CAVE, Edward Esquire b.1492
CAVE, Edward b.1530
CAVE, Elizabeth b.1532
CAVE, Elizabeth b.1495
CAVE, Elizabeth b.1552
CAVE, Francis b.1505
CAVE, John b.1523
CAVE, John de b.1275
CAVE, Judith b.1542
CAVE, Katherine b.1516
CAVE, Margaret b.1490
CAVE, Margaret b.1519
CAVE, Margaret b.1529
CAVE, Margery b.1534
CAVE, Margery b.1548
CAVE, Martha b.1546
CAVE, Mary b.1526
CAVE, Mary b.1556
CAVE, Prudence b.1509
CAVE, Richard b.1507
CAVE, Richard Esquire b.1464
CAVE, Richard Esquire b.1527
CAVE, Roger Esquire b.1536
CAVE, Susan b.1540
CAVE, Thomas Knight b.1497


CAVENDER, Bessie Byrd b.1899


CAVENDISH, Anne b.1612
CAVENDISH, Arabella b.1673
CAVENDISH, Charles b.1596
CAVENDISH, Charles Knight b.1552
CAVENDISH, Elizabeth b.1554
CAVENDISH, Frances b.1548
CAVENDISH, Henry Esquire b.1550
CAVENDISH, John b.1452
CAVENDISH, Lucres b.1557
CAVENDISH, Margaret Jane b.1827
CAVENDISH, Mary b.1555
CAVENDISH, Mary b.1527
CAVENDISH, Temperance b.1549
CAVENDISH, William Earl of Devonshire b.1551
CAVENDISH, William Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne a.1593
CAVENDISH, William Knight b.1505


CAVERLY, Moses b.1694


CAVERSWALL, Petronilla b.1440


CAWLEY, Mary b.1570


CAWSE, Winifred b.1487


CAWTHORNE, Joseph b.1630


CAY, Malyne de Nun b.1403


CAYTHORPE, Elizabeth b.1424
CAYTHORPE, John b.1399


CEA, Froiloba Vermudez de b.970
CEA, Justa Fernandez de b.995


CEBALLOS, Diego Gutierrez de b.1309
CEBALLOS, Diego Gutierrez de b.1282
CEBALLOS, Elvira Alvarez de b.1311
CEBALLOS, Gonzalo Diaz de b.1225
CEBALLOS, Ruy Gonzalez de b.1255


CECIL, Agnes b.1526
CECIL, Albinia b.1605
CECIL, Anne a.1602
CECIL, Anne b.1556
CECIL, Christopher a.1576
CECIL, David b.1498
CECIL, David Esquire b.1470
CECIL, David Earl of Exeter b.1604
CECIL, Diana b.1598
CECIL, Dorothy a.1603
CECIL, Dorothy a.1577
CECIL, Edward Viscount Wimbledon b.1572
CECIL, Elizabeth b.1596
CECIL, Elizabeth b.1607
CECIL, Elizabeth b.1532
CECIL, Elizabeth b.1574
CECIL, Elizabeth b.1564
CECIL, Frances a.1593
CECIL, Frances b.1610
CECIL, Frances a.1581
CECIL, Joshua b.1660
CECIL, Katherine a.1567
CECIL, Lucy b.1568
CECIL, Margaret a.1672
CECIL, Margaret b.1538
CECIL, Mary b.1573
CECIL, Mildred b.1569
CECIL, Richard Esquire b.1495
CECIL, Richard Knight b.1570
CECIL, Robert Earl of Salisbury b.1563
CECIL, Susan b.1574
CECIL, Thomas a.1579
CECIL, Thomas Earl of Exeter b.1542
CECIL, William a.1561
CECIL, William Lord Ros b.1590
CECIL, William Earl of Salisbury b.1591
CECIL, William Earl of Exeter b.1566
CECIL, William Lord Burghley b.1521


CEIDAU, Gwynawg "Farfsych" ap b.698


CENEU, Lydlwm ap b.408
CENEU, Morydd ap b.405


CERDA, Fernando de la Knight b.1256
CERDA, Maria de la b.1317


CERDAGNE, Maron of Count of Cerdagne b.881
CERDAGNE, Oliba of Count of Cerdagne b.912


CERITON, William de b.1112


CEVA, Giorgio di Marquis of Ceva b.1204
CEVA, Guglielmo di Marquis of Ceva b.1180
CEVA, Luisa di b.1241


CHACENAY, Anseric I de b.1044
CHACENAY, Anseric II de b.1095
CHACENAY, Milon de b.1069
CHACENAY, Petronilla de b.1136


CHADBOURNE, Alice b.1662
CHADBOURNE, Humphrey a.1615
CHADBOURNE, James b.1714
CHADBOURNE, John a.1584
CHADBOURNE, Margery a.1580
CHADBOURNE, Patience a.1612
CHADBOURNE, Randall a.1587
CHADBOURNE, Robert a.1578
CHADBOURNE, Robert b.1542
CHADBOURNE, Robert a.1623
CHADBOURNE, Susanna a.1618
CHADBOURNE, Thomas a.1590
CHADBOURNE, William a.1620
CHADBOURNE, William a.1610
CHADBOURNE, William a.1582


CHADWELL, Benjamin b.1635


CHADWICK, Elizabeth b.1648
CHADWICK, James b.1653
CHADWICK, Jemima b.1687
CHADWICK, John b.1651
CHADWICK, John b.1646
CHADWICK, John b.1601
CHADWICK, Samuel b.1657
CHADWICK, Sarah b.1650


CHAFFEE, Abigail b.1689
CHAFFEE, Abigail b.1779
CHAFFEE, Abigail a.1775
CHAFFEE, Abigail b.1813
CHAFFEE, Abigail b.1795
CHAFFEE, Alfred b.1765
CHAFFEE, Annis b.1680
CHAFFEE, Armilla b.1784
CHAFFEE, Azubah b.1787
CHAFFEE, Charles b.1767
CHAFFEE, David b.1765
CHAFFEE, Dorothy b.1682
CHAFFEE, Ebenezer b.1744
CHAFFEE, Ebenezer b.1704
CHAFFEE, Eber Kise b.1799
CHAFFEE, Elisha H. b.1796
CHAFFEE, Elizabeth b.1685
CHAFFEE, Elizabeth b.1763
CHAFFEE, Elizabeth b.1804
CHAFFEE, Ezra b.1777
CHAFFEE, Ezra b.1742
CHAFFEE, Harriet Melissa b.1816
CHAFFEE, Hezekiah b.1706
CHAFFEE, Jerusha a.1773
CHAFFEE, Joel b.1759
CHAFFEE, Joel b.1702
CHAFFEE, John b.1707
CHAFFEE, John b.1673
CHAFFEE, Joseph b.1677
CHAFFEE, Joseph b.1642
CHAFFEE, Joseph b.1701
CHAFFEE, Leonard Brown b.1780
CHAFFEE, Lucy b.1776
CHAFFEE, Lydia b.1771
CHAFFEE, Mary b.1675
CHAFFEE, Mary b.1671
CHAFFEE, Mary b.1782
CHAFFEE, Mary b.1733
CHAFFEE, Nathaniel b.1640
CHAFFEE, Olive b.1756
CHAFFEE, Olive b.1781
CHAFFEE, Olive b.1746
CHAFFEE, Prudence b.1782
CHAFFEE, Rebecca b.1735
CHAFFEE, Rufus b.1769
CHAFFEE, Rufus b.1806
CHAFFEE, Samuel b.1760
CHAFFEE, Samuel b.1731
CHAFFEE, Sarah b.1687
CHAFFEE, Simeon Stickney b.1816
CHAFFEE, Sylvanus b.1797
CHAFFEE, Tabitha b.1739
CHAFFEE, Thomas b.1615
CHAFFEE, Zerviah b.1809


CHAFFIN, Joel b.1766


CHALKER, Abraham b.1699
CHALKER, Abraham b.1655
CHALKER, Alexander b.1666
CHALKER, Alexander b.1620
CHALKER, Catherine b.1657
CHALKER, Deborah b.1694
CHALKER, Elizabeth b.1710
CHALKER, Hannah b.1703
CHALKER, Isaac b.1707
CHALKER, Jane b.1662
CHALKER, John b.1578
CHALKER, Mary b.1653
CHALKER, Samuel b.1648
CHALKER, Sarah b.1697
CHALKER, Sarah b.1659
CHALKER, Stephen b.1650


CHALLONS, Robert Knight b.1340


CHALON, Adelaide de b.1040
CHALON, Beatrix de b.1170
CHALON, Guillaume I de Count of Chalon b.1100
CHALON, Guillaume II de Count of Chalon b.1135
CHALON, Hugues de Bishop of Auxerre b.969
CHALON, Lambert de Count of Chalon b.925
CHALON, Mahaut de b.972
CHALON, Thibaud de b.1010


CHAMBERLAIN, Amphyllis b.1545
CHAMBERLAIN, Anne b.1550
CHAMBERLAIN, Anne b.1360
CHAMBERLAIN, Anne b.1478
CHAMBERLAIN, Bartholomew b.1533
CHAMBERLAIN, Brian b.1535
CHAMBERLAIN, Constance b.1472
CHAMBERLAIN, Dorothy b.1539
CHAMBERLAIN, Edmund b.1656
CHAMBERLAIN, Edmund b.1615
CHAMBERLAIN, Edward b.1475
CHAMBERLAIN, Edward Knight b.1480
CHAMBERLAIN, Edward b.1365
CHAMBERLAIN, Elizabeth b.1652
CHAMBERLAIN, Jacob b.1658
CHAMBERLAIN, Jane b.1543
CHAMBERLAIN, John b.1470
CHAMBERLAIN, John b.1654
CHAMBERLAIN, John b.1651
CHAMBERLAIN, John b.1484
CHAMBERLAIN, John b.1392
CHAMBERLAIN, John b.1319
CHAMBERLAIN, John b.1358
CHAMBERLAIN, John Knight b.1289
CHAMBERLAIN, Mabel b.1286
CHAMBERLAIN, Margaret b.1547
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary b.1714
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary b.1537
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary a.1648
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary b.1649
CHAMBERLAIN, Ralph Knight b.1468
CHAMBERLAIN, Richard b.1415
CHAMBERLAIN, Richard Knight b.1264
CHAMBERLAIN, Richard Knight b.1315
CHAMBERLAIN, Richard Knight b.1356
CHAMBERLAIN, Richard Esquire b.1439
CHAMBERLAIN, Richard Esquire b.1390
CHAMBERLAIN, Robert b.1571
CHAMBERLAIN, Robert Knight b.1444
CHAMBERLAIN, Robert b.1541
CHAMBERLAIN, Robert Knight b.1262
CHAMBERLAIN, Robert b.1582
CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah b.1649
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas Knight b.1521
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas b.1486
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas b.1317
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas b.1292
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas b.1362
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas b.1600
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas b.1683
CHAMBERLAIN, William b.1509
CHAMBERLAIN, William K.G. b.1425
CHAMBERLAIN, William b.1482
CHAMBERLAIN, William Knight b.1238
CHAMBERLAIN, William Esquire b.1436


CHAMBERS, Arthur b.1562
CHAMBERS, Arthur Gentleman b.1540
CHAMBERS, Elizabeth b.1530
CHAMBERS, Mary b.1564
CHAMBERS, Nancy b.1773
CHAMBERS, William b.1558


CHAMBRE, Louis de la Count of La Chambre b.1444


CHAMPAGNE, Adelaide de b.1140
CHAMPAGNE, Agnes de b.1138
CHAMPAGNE, Eudes de Count of Aumale b.1034
CHAMPAGNE, Guillaume de Count of Sancerre b.1165
CHAMPAGNE, Henri I de Count of Champagne b.1126
CHAMPAGNE, Henri II de Count of Champagne b.1166
CHAMPAGNE, Margaret de b.1110
CHAMPAGNE, Marguerite de b.1240
CHAMPAGNE, Marie de b.1174
CHAMPAGNE, N.N. de b.1200
CHAMPAGNE, Stephen de Count of Sancerre b.1132
CHAMPAGNE, Stephen II de Count of Blois b.1013
CHAMPAGNE, Theobald III de Count of Champagne b.1179
CHAMPAGNE, William de Sire of Sully b.1086


CHAMPERNOUN, Alexander Esquire b.1373
CHAMPERNOUN, Arthur Knight b.1521
CHAMPERNOUN, Blanche b.1453
CHAMPERNOUN, Dionisia de b.1276
CHAMPERNOUN, Elizabeth b.1465
CHAMPERNOUN, Henry de b.1135
CHAMPERNOUN, Henry de b.1159
CHAMPERNOUN, Henry de Knight b.1225
CHAMPERNOUN, Henry de Knight b.1274
CHAMPERNOUN, Joan b.1518
CHAMPERNOUN, Joan b.1448
CHAMPERNOUN, Joan b.1371
CHAMPERNOUN, Joan de b.1192
CHAMPERNOUN, John Knight b.1458
CHAMPERNOUN, John Esquire b.1414
CHAMPERNOUN, John Esquire b.1512
CHAMPERNOUN, John de Rector of Jacobstowe b.1285
CHAMPERNOUN, Jordan de b.1169
CHAMPERNOUN, Jordan de b.1140
CHAMPERNOUN, Katherine b.1515
CHAMPERNOUN, Katherine b.1349
CHAMPERNOUN, Margaret de b.1289
CHAMPERNOUN, Oliver de b.1283
CHAMPERNOUN, Oliver de b.1256
CHAMPERNOUN, Oliver de Knight b.1190
CHAMPERNOUN, Philip Knight b.1479
CHAMPERNOUN, Reginald de Rector of Ilfracombe b.1282
CHAMPERNOUN, Richard b.1395
CHAMPERNOUN, Richard Knight b.1344
CHAMPERNOUN, Richard de b.1171
CHAMPERNOUN, Richard de Knight b.1281
CHAMPERNOUN, Richard de b.1253
CHAMPERNOUN, Roger b.1400
CHAMPERNOUN, Thomas de Sheriff of Devon b.1317
CHAMPERNOUN, William de b.1173
CHAMPERNOUN, William de Rector of Thurlestone b.1279
CHAMPERNOUN, William de Knight b.1250


CHAMPION, Bridget b.1702
CHAMPION, Deborah b.1697
CHAMPION, Elizabeth b.1699
CHAMPION, Hannah b.1684
CHAMPION, Henry b.1695
CHAMPION, Henry b.1654
CHAMPION, Henry b.1610
CHAMPION, Mary b.1693
CHAMPION, Mary b.1651
CHAMPION, Rachel b.1659
CHAMPION, Sarah b.1688
CHAMPION, Sarah b.1649
CHAMPION, Stephen b.1653
CHAMPION, Thomas b.1691
CHAMPION, Thomas b.1656


CHAMPLIN, Elizabeth b.1775


CHAMPLITTE, Guillaume de b.1160

Surname List