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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


MATTESDON, Nicholas b.1370


MATTESON, Joanna b.1700


MATTHEWS, Benjamin b.1633
MATTHEWS, Elizabeth a.1623
MATTHEWS, Francis b.1670
MATTHEWS, Francis a.1625
MATTHEWS, Francis b.1595
MATTHEWS, Isaac b.1675
MATTHEWS, John b.1681
MATTHEWS, John b.1620
MATTHEWS, Katherine b.1637
MATTHEWS, Martha b.1630
MATTHEWS, Mary b.1652
MATTHEWS, Samuel Esquire b.1597
MATTHEWS, Samuel b.1654
MATTHEWS, Samuel b.1627
MATTHEWS, Susanna b.1650
MATTHEWS, Thomas Presley b.1819
MATTHEWS, Walter b.1628


MATTOCK, Alice b.1620
MATTOCK, Richard b.1648


MATTSDOTTER, Brita b.1628


MATTSSON, Peter b.1647


MAUDUIT, Alice b.1283
MAUDUIT, Alice b.1134
MAUDUIT, Gille b.1308
MAUDUIT, Isabel b.1220
MAUDUIT, Joan b.1285
MAUDUIT, John b.1331
MAUDUIT, John b.1120
MAUDUIT, John Knight b.1250
MAUDUIT, John Sheriff of Wiltshire b.1281
MAUDUIT, Matilda b.1123
MAUDUIT, Maud de b.1354
MAUDUIT, Piers Knight b.1336
MAUDUIT, Robert b.1090
MAUDUIT, Robert b.1143
MAUDUIT, Robert b.1186
MAUDUIT, Robert b.1221
MAUDUIT, Robert Knight b.1252
MAUDUIT, Robert Chamberlain of the Exchequer b.1167
MAUDUIT, Roger Knight b.1156
MAUDUIT, Roger Knight b.1290
MAUDUIT, Sybil b.1126
MAUDUIT, Thomas b.1287
MAUDUIT, Thomas b.1183
MAUDUIT, William b.1065
MAUDUIT, William I b.1092
MAUDUIT, William II b.1118
MAUDUIT, William III b.1139
MAUDUIT, William IV Chamberlain of the Exchequer b.1196
MAUDUIT, William V Earl of Warwick b.1222


MAULE, Cecilia de b.1170
MAULE, Henry de b.1267
MAULE, Patrick Earl of Panmure b.1585
MAULE, Peter de b.1198
MAULE, William Knight b.1350
MAULE, William de Knight b.1145


MAULEON, Aenor de b.1140
MAULEON, Aurengarde de b.1019


MAULEVERER, Anne b.1512
MAULEVERER, Anne b.1532
MAULEVERER, Anne b.1494
MAULEVERER, Beatrice b.1418
MAULEVERER, Beatrice b.1469
MAULEVERER, Dorothy b.1528
MAULEVERER, Edmund b.1415
MAULEVERER, Edmund b.1475
MAULEVERER, Edmund Esquire b.1430
MAULEVERER, Edmund Knight b.1530
MAULEVERER, Elizabeth a.1558
MAULEVERER, Henry b.1412
MAULEVERER, Henry Rector of Thurnscoe b.1506
MAULEVERER, Isabel b.1458
MAULEVERER, James Gentleman b.1462
MAULEVERER, James b.1492
MAULEVERER, Jane b.1511
MAULEVERER, Joan b.1435
MAULEVERER, Joan b.1456
MAULEVERER, John b.1409
MAULEVERER, John a.1572
MAULEVERER, Katherine b.1513
MAULEVERER, Katherine b.1497
MAULEVERER, Katherine a.1560
MAULEVERER, Leonard b.1509
MAULEVERER, Leonard b.1477
MAULEVERER, Margaret b.1428
MAULEVERER, Marjory b.1464
MAULEVERER, Peter b.1479
MAULEVERER, Robert Knight b.1403
MAULEVERER, Robert b.1526
MAULEVERER, Robert Esquire b.1454
MAULEVERER, Robert Knight b.1500
MAULEVERER, Thomas b.1460
MAULEVERER, Thomas b.1535
MAULEVERER, Thomas Knight b.1485
MAULEVERER, William b.1406
MAULEVERER, William b.1432
MAULEVERER, William Knight b.1379
MAULEVERER, William b.1466
MAULEVERER, William b.1525
MAULEVERER, William Esquire b.1557
MAULEVERER, William b.1503
MAULEVERER, William Knight b.1473


MAULEY, Constance de b.1379
MAULEY, Elizabeth b.1383
MAULEY, Hilary de b.1222
MAULEY, Joan de b.1273
MAULEY, John de b.1381
MAULEY, Margaret de b.1279
MAULEY, Maud de b.1395
MAULEY, Piers de b.1357
MAULEY, Piers de Lord Mauley b.1330
MAULEY, Piers de Knight b.1222
MAULEY, Piers de Lord Mauley b.1378
MAULEY, Piers de Lord Mauley b.1281
MAULEY, Piers de Knight b.1249
MAULEY, Piers de Lord Mauley b.1300
MAULEY, Robert de Knight b.1252


MAULL, Margaret b.1549


MAUNBY, Thomas de b.1205


MAUNDY, Anne b.1560
MAUNDY, John b.1534


MAUNSELL, Joan b.1225


MAUNY, Anne de b.1355
MAUNY, Thomas de b.1357
MAUNY, Walter de Lord Mauny b.1310


MAURIENNE, Bertha of b.1051


MAUTEBY, Eleanor de b.1369
MAUTEBY, Hawise de b.1274
MAUTEBY, John Esquire b.1390
MAUTEBY, John de Knight b.1317
MAUTEBY, John de Knight b.1269
MAUTEBY, John de Knight b.1344
MAUTEBY, John de Knight b.1361
MAUTEBY, John de Knight b.1270
MAUTEBY, John de Knight b.1330
MAUTEBY, Margaret b.1421
MAUTEBY, Petronilla de b.1272
MAUTEBY, Robert de b.1293
MAUTEBY, Robert de b.1169
MAUTEBY, Robert de Knight b.1341
MAUTEBY, Robert de Knight b.1220
MAUTEBY, Robert de Knight b.1245
MAUTEBY, Robert de Knight b.1359
MAUTEBY, Roger de Knight b.1300
MAUTEBY, Thomas de b.1364
MAUTEBY, Walter de Knight b.1246
MAUTEBY, Walter de Knight b.1223
MAUTEBY, Walter de Knight b.1247
MAUTEBY, Walter de Knight b.1194


MAUTRAVERS, Alice b.1206
MAUTRAVERS, Eleanor Baroness Mautravers b.1345
MAUTRAVERS, Elizabeth b.1380
MAUTRAVERS, Henry b.1348
MAUTRAVERS, Joan b.1343
MAUTRAVERS, John b.1313
MAUTRAVERS, John Knight b.1337
MAUTRAVERS, John b.1148
MAUTRAVERS, John Knight b.1176
MAUTRAVERS, John b.1204
MAUTRAVERS, John b.1235
MAUTRAVERS, John Knight b.1266
MAUTRAVERS, John Knight b.1317
MAUTRAVERS, John Lord Mautravers b.1290
MAUTRAVERS, Maud b.1369
MAUTRAVERS, Robert b.1292
MAUTRAVERS, Thomas b.1191
MAUTRAVERS, Walter b.1174
MAUTRAVERS, William b.1193


MAVERICK, Aaron a.1663
MAVERICK, Aaron a.1608
MAVERICK, Abigail a.1645
MAVERICK, Abigail a.1614
MAVERICK, Abigail b.1637
MAVERICK, Alexander b.1552
MAVERICK, Alice b.1558
MAVERICK, Anne b.1670
MAVERICK, Antipas b.1618
MAVERICK, Daniel a.1585
MAVERICK, Edward b.1556
MAVERICK, Elias b.1644
MAVERICK, Elias b.1604
MAVERICK, Elizabeth a.1646
MAVERICK, Elizabeth a.1649
MAVERICK, Elizabeth b.1662
MAVERICK, Elizabeth a.1564
MAVERICK, Elizabeth a.1585
MAVERICK, Elizabeth b.1639
MAVERICK, James b.1648
MAVERICK, John b.1668
MAVERICK, John b.1554
MAVERICK, John b.1621
MAVERICK, John a.1578
MAVERICK, John b.1636
MAVERICK, Jotham b.1660
MAVERICK, Judith a.1580
MAVERICK, Katherine b.1676
MAVERICK, Mary a.1641
MAVERICK, Mary b.1635
MAVERICK, Mary a.1657
MAVERICK, Mary a.1588
MAVERICK, Mary a.1586
MAVERICK, Mary a.1610
MAVERICK, Mary a.1606
MAVERICK, Mary b.1651
MAVERICK, Moses a.1660
MAVERICK, Moses a.1611
MAVERICK, Nathaniel b.1630
MAVERICK, Nathaniel a.1583
MAVERICK, Paul b.1657
MAVERICK, Peter b.1550
MAVERICK, Peter b.1646
MAVERICK, Radford a.1561
MAVERICK, Rebecca a.1639
MAVERICK, Rebecca a.1580
MAVERICK, Rebecca b.1660
MAVERICK, Remember a.1652
MAVERICK, Robert b.1524
MAVERICK, Ruth b.1654
MAVERICK, Samuel a.1647
MAVERICK, Samuel b.1632
MAVERICK, Samuel b.1602
MAVERICK, Sarah b.1665
MAVERICK, Sarah b.1665
MAVERICK, Sarah b.1641
MAVERICK, Skipper b.1674
MAVERICK, William a.1567


MAWBURNE, Robert b.1567


MAWDE, Alice b.1537
MAWDE, Jenet b.1534
MAWDE, John b.1477
MAWDE, N.N. b.1502


MAWLE, George b.1538
MAWLE, James b.1534
MAWLE, John b.1510
MAWLE, John b.1488
MAWLE, John b.1536
MAWLE, Margaret b.1544
MAWLE, Robert b.1541


MAXEY, William Knight b.1574


MAXFIELD, John b.1425
MAXFIELD, Judith b.1685


MAXWELL, Aaron b.1786
MAXWELL, Aaron b.1775
MAXWELL, Abigail a.1720
MAXWELL, Abigail a.1750
MAXWELL, Agnes b.1369
MAXWELL, Alexander b.1667
MAXWELL, Alexander b.1635
MAXWELL, Alexander a.1748
MAXWELL, Ann b.1750
MAXWELL, Anna b.1789
MAXWELL, Barak b.1783
MAXWELL, Barak a.1732
MAXWELL, Benjamin a.1766
MAXWELL, Benoni b.1677
MAXWELL, Daniel b.1777
MAXWELL, Daniel a.1750
MAXWELL, Daniel a.1747
MAXWELL, David b.1780
MAXWELL, David b.1662
MAXWELL, David b.1757
MAXWELL, David a.1724
MAXWELL, Dorcas b.1779
MAXWELL, Eleanor a.1762
MAXWELL, Elizabeth b.1333
MAXWELL, Elizabeth b.1680
MAXWELL, Elizabeth b.1787
MAXWELL, Elizabeth b.1694
MAXWELL, Gershom a.1740
MAXWELL, Gershom b.1692
MAXWELL, Gershom a.1764
MAXWELL, Gille b.1375
MAXWELL, Herbert Lord Maxwell b.1410
MAXWELL, Isabella b.1770
MAXWELL, James b.1766
MAXWELL, Janet b.1377
MAXWELL, John b.1371
MAXWELL, John Knight b.1300
MAXWELL, John Knight b.1335
MAXWELL, John Knight b.1403
MAXWELL, John b.1432
MAXWELL, John b.1670
MAXWELL, John a.1722
MAXWELL, John Shapleigh b.1768
MAXWELL, Jonathan b.1768
MAXWELL, Joseph b.1765
MAXWELL, Joshua b.1775
MAXWELL, Lucy b.1790
MAXWELL, Margaret b.1665
MAXWELL, Margaret b.1380
MAXWELL, Mariota b.1430
MAXWELL, Martha b.1699
MAXWELL, Martha a.1736
MAXWELL, Martha a.1768
MAXWELL, Mary b.1664
MAXWELL, Mary b.1702
MAXWELL, Mary a.1752
MAXWELL, Miriam a.1729
MAXWELL, Miriam a.1727
MAXWELL, Moses b.1774
MAXWELL, N.N. b.1773
MAXWELL, Olive b.1792
MAXWELL, Persis b.1795
MAXWELL, Philadelphia b.1782
MAXWELL, Robert Knight b.1373
MAXWELL, Samuel b.1696
MAXWELL, Sarah b.1784
MAXWELL, Sarah b.1683
MAXWELL, Sarah b.1690
MAXWELL, Sarah a.1754
MAXWELL, Susanna b.1772
MAXWELL, Susanna a.1734
MAXWELL, Susanna a.1760
MAXWELL, William b.1675


MAY, Elizabeth b.1565
MAY, Hannah b.1704
MAY, Sarah b.1659


MAYCE, Agnes b.1523
MAYCE, William b.1494


MAYENNE, Clemence de b.1165
MAYENNE, Geoffrey de Count of Maine b.1043
MAYENNE, Geoffrey de b.1130
MAYENNE, Hamelin de b.1092
MAYENNE, Juhael I de b.1094
MAYENNE, Juhael II de Knight b.1170
MAYENNE, Matilda de b.1167
MAYENNE, Matilda de b.1096
MAYENNE, Walter de Knight b.1132
MAYENNE, Walter de b.1068


MAYER, Benjamin b.1672
MAYER, Elizabeth b.1669
MAYER, Judith b.1654
MAYER, Love b.1674
MAYER, Mary b.1656
MAYER, Rebecca b.1664
MAYER, Ruth b.1666
MAYER, Sarah b.1661
MAYER, Walter b.1659
MAYER, Walter a.1624


MAYFIELD, Benjamin b.1665


MAYHEW, Benjamin b.1679
MAYHEW, Bethia b.1712
MAYHEW, Bethia b.1686
MAYHEW, Elizabeth b.1677
MAYHEW, Hannah b.1715
MAYHEW, Hannah b.1714
MAYHEW, Hannah b.1745
MAYHEW, Jedidah b.1656
MAYHEW, Martha b.1706
MAYHEW, Mary b.1700
MAYHEW, Mary b.1680
MAYHEW, Matthew b.1721
MAYHEW, Matthew b.1674
MAYHEW, Matthew b.1648
MAYHEW, Paine b.1702
MAYHEW, Paine b.1677
MAYHEW, Sarah b.1708
MAYHEW, Thomas b.1710
MAYHEW, Thomas b.1683
MAYHEW, Thomas b.1650


MAYNARD, Abigail b.1701
MAYNARD, David b.1669
MAYNARD, David b.1687
MAYNARD, Elizabeth b.1664
MAYNARD, Elizabeth b.1649
MAYNARD, Elizabeth b.1692
MAYNARD, Frances b.1539
MAYNARD, Hannah a.1648
MAYNARD, Hannah b.1662
MAYNARD, Hannah b.1653
MAYNARD, Hannah b.1683
MAYNARD, John b.1609
MAYNARD, John b.1610
MAYNARD, John b.1633
MAYNARD, John b.1681
MAYNARD, John b.1609
MAYNARD, John b.1661
MAYNARD, Jonathan b.1685
MAYNARD, Jonathan b.1706
MAYNARD, Joseph b.1685
MAYNARD, Joseph b.1698
MAYNARD, Lucy b.1709
MAYNARD, Lydia b.1682
MAYNARD, Lydia a.1648
MAYNARD, Lydia b.1651
MAYNARD, Mary b.1659
MAYNARD, Mary b.1656
MAYNARD, Mary b.1690
MAYNARD, Moses b.1696
MAYNARD, Nathan b.1714
MAYNARD, Sarah b.1680
MAYNARD, Sarah b.1704
MAYNARD, Simon b.1666
MAYNARD, Thomas b.1510
MAYNARD, Thomasine b.1476
MAYNARD, Timothy b.1712
MAYNARD, Zachariah b.1672
MAYNARD, Zachariah b.1720
MAYNARD, Zachariah b.1679
MAYNARD, Zachariah b.1647
MAYNARD, Zachary b.1668
MAYNARD, Zebadiah b.1702


MAYNEY, John b.1495
MAYNEY, Margaret b.1520


MAYO, Bathsheba b.1662
MAYO, Elizabeth b.1766
MAYO, Elizabeth Louise b.1914
MAYO, Hannah b.1657
MAYO, James b.1656
MAYO, Joseph b.1639
MAYO, Mary b.1645
MAYO, Mehitable b.1669
MAYO, Nathaniel b.1652
MAYO, Nathaniel b.1625
MAYO, Samuel b.1655
MAYO, Theophilus b.1659
MAYO, Thomas b.1650


McALLISTER, Amos E. b.1830
McALLISTER, Benning S. b.1820
McALLISTER, Caroline Nancy b.1818
McALLISTER, Dana E. b.1863
McALLISTER, Daniel b.1796
McALLISTER, Daniel b.1763
McALLISTER, Edgar Orville b.1836
McALLISTER, Eunice b.1828
McALLISTER, Evans A. b.1859
McALLISTER, James b.1794
McALLISTER, Jeremiah b.1800
McALLISTER, John b.1826
McALLISTER, John b.1791
McALLISTER, Lydia E. b.1823
McALLISTER, Mary b.1790
McALLISTER, Mary L. b.1855
McALLISTER, Sarah b.1798
McALLISTER, Zaccheus b.1788


McATEE, Catherine b.1679
McATEE, Edmond b.1677
McATEE, Eleanor b.1683
McATEE, James b.1695
McATEE, Mary b.1690
McATEE, Patrick b.1686
McATEE, Patrick b.1652
McATEE, Rosamond b.1681




McBRIDE, Nancy b.1747


McCAFFREY, John b.1759


McCALEB, Roland J. b.1910


McCALLUM, Amanda Louise b.1840


McCARTY, Annies b.1836


McCASKILL, Abigail b.1814
McCASKILL, Abigail V. b.1870
McCASKILL, Allen b.1726
McCASKILL, Allen b.1768
McCASKILL, Amos W. b.1824
McCASKILL, Amos Washington b.1864
McCASKILL, Angus b.1737
McCASKILL, Charles F. b.1850
McCASKILL, Charles Wesley b.1841
McCASKILL, Christian b.1734
McCASKILL, Daniel b.1732
McCASKILL, Daniel b.1816
McCASKILL, Daniel Dodd McLean b.1760
McCASKILL, Finley b.1728
McCASKILL, Finley b.1700
McCASKILL, Finley Boykin b.1857
McCASKILL, Francis Talley b.1851
McCASKILL, Frederick Daniel b.1836
McCASKILL, Huntley b.1735
McCASKILL, James H. b.1843
McCASKILL, Johannis b.1860
McCASKILL, John b.1743
McCASKILL, John A. b.1852
McCASKILL, John J. b.1853
McCASKILL, John Malcolm b.1776
McCASKILL, John Norman b.1847
McCASKILL, John W. b.1887
McCASKILL, John William b.1830
McCASKILL, Kenneth b.1740
McCASKILL, Kenneth b.1832
McCASKILL, Kenneth A. b.1849
McCASKILL, Kenneth H. b.1856
McCASKILL, Malcolm b.1730
McCASKILL, Margaret b.1868
McCASKILL, Mary b.1866
McCASKILL, Mary b.1810
McCASKILL, Mary b.1818
McCASKILL, Mary E. b.1859
McCASKILL, Murdoch b.1738
McCASKILL, Robert A. b.1845
McCASKILL, Sarah C. b.1851
McCASKILL, Sarah Catherine b.1838
McCASKILL, Sarah V. b.1858
McCASKILL, Thomas b.1820
McCASKILL, Thomas A. b.1853
McCASKILL, William Malcolm b.1850
McCASKILL, William W. b.1859


McCASLIN, Mary Ann b.1819


McCLARENCE, James b.1845


McCLEAN, Christine b.1738


McCLELLAN, Archibald b.1830
McCLELLAN, Daniel b.1832
McCLELLAN, James b.1804


McCLURE, David L. b.1833
McCLURE, Jane b.1703
McCLURE, Mrs. Jane b.1678


McCOMAS, Richard Oliver b.1900


McCORMACK, Alice b.1808


McCORMICK, Lawson Hugh b.1880


McCRARY, John Benjamin b.1836


McDONALD, Elizabeth b.1772
McDONALD, Sarah Gale b.1781


McDOUGALL, Alistair b.1639


McDUFF, Frank J. b.1889




MCFARLAND, James b.1758
McFARLAND, Joanna b.1805
McFARLAND, Thomas b.1799




McGARR, Robert E. b.1925


McGOWAN, Catherine b.1780


McHUGO, Rachel b.1743
McHUGO, Sarah b.1747
McHUGO, William b.1720


McINTIRE, John b.1677
McINTIRE, Ruth b.1756


McKAY, Anne Powell b.1881
McKAY, Ardith Annette b.1929
McKAY, Arwell Leonard b.1893
McKAY, Barbara a.1846
McKAY, Calvin Leon b.1925
McKAY, Catherine b.1851
McKAY, Darwin Junior b.1918
McKAY, David b.1844
McKAY, David Oman b.1873
McKAY, Elena Odette b.1871
McKAY, Elizabeth Odette b.1884
McKAY, Ellen Jane b.1875
McKAY, Elnora Comfort b.1881
McKAY, Eloise b.1923
McKAY, Ena Isabella b.1877
McKAY, Fredonna b.1931
McKAY, Heber Jethro b.1885
McKAY, Isaac b.1839
McKAY, Isaac William b.1870
McKAY, Isabella b.1842
McKAY, Jeanette Isabel b.1879
McKAY, Jedidiah b.1890
McKAY, John Angus b.1880
McKAY, John George Sinclair b.1848
McKAY, Katherine Favourite b.1891
McKAY, Keith Lowell b.1920
McKAY, Margaret Elizabeth b.1869
McKAY, Mary Elizabeth b.1872
McKAY, Morgan Powell b.1893
McKAY, N.N. b.1941
McKAY, Sarah b.1852
MCKAY, Sarah b.1740
McKAY, Thomas Evans b.1875
McKAY, Wayne Petersen b.1917
McKAY, William b.1804
McKAY, William Monroe b.1887
McKAY, Williamena a.1846


McKECHNIE, John b.1732


McKINNEY, Anna b.1764


McKINSTRY, Hannah b.1796


McKNIGHT, Elizabeth b.1712


McLAUGHLIN, Mary Ellen b.1868


McLEAN, Jenine b.1871


McLEOD, Margaret b.1428
McLEOD, Mordecai b.1639
McLEOD, Rachel b.1751


McMILLAN, Phyllis Jean b.1926


McMULLEN, Daniel b.1825
McMULLEN, David J. b.1835
McMULLEN, James b.1788
McMULLEN, James Parramore b.1823
McMULLEN, John Fain b.1832
McMULLEN, Lavina E. b.1830
McMULLEN, Lavince Ann b.1819
McMULLEN, Malcolm Lawrence b.1840
McMULLEN, Martha b.1813
McMULLEN, Mary Fain b.1821
McMULLEN, Sarah Minton b.1827
McMULLEN, Thomas Fain b.1817
McMULLEN, William b.1815


McMURRAY, Hyrum Eugene b.1889


McNEIL, Althera b.1883
McNEIL, Angus Smith b.1879
McNEIL, Anne a.1838
McNEIL, Annie Frances b.1890
McNEIL, Benjamin b.1880
McNEIL, Charles Hyrum b.1867
McNEIL, Daniel b.1873
McNEIL, David b.1875
McNEIL, Don Carlos b.1896
McNEIL, Elizabeth Ann b.1872
McNEIL, Ephraim b.1874
McNEIL, Frederick Smith b.1893
McNEIL, George Quinn b.1865
McNEIL, Hannah b.1878
McNEIL, Harriet a.1833
McNEIL, Harriet Jeannette b.1877
McNEIL, James Hibbert b.1885
McNEIL, Jane a.1829
McNEIL, Jane Eleanor a.1821
McNEIL, Jessie S. b.1887
McNEIL, John Corlett b.1823
McNEIL, John Edward b.1848
McNEIL, Joseph Henry b.1862
McNEIL, Lillias b.1876
McNEIL, Margaret Jane b.1869
McNEIL, Mary Jane b.1858
McNEIL, Richard a.1827
McNEIL, Robert Corlett b.1860
McNEIL, Sarah Alice b.1870
McNEIL, Thomas b.1855
McNEIL, William b.1825
McNEIL, William a.1795
McNEIL, William Richard b.1856
McNEIL, William Smith b.1892


McRAE, Isabell b.1848


MEACHAM, Andrew b.1781
MEACHAM, Anna b.1786
MEACHAM, Benjamin b.1687
MEACHAM, Benjamin b.1714
MEACHAM, Benjamin b.1749
MEACHAM, Bethia b.1650
MEACHAM, Bethia b.1741
MEACHAM, Bethia b.1778
MEACHAM, Daniel b.1703
MEACHAM, Deborah b.1681
MEACHAM, Deborah b.1670
MEACHAM, Deborah b.1705
MEACHAM, Deborah b.1746
MEACHAM, Ebenezer b.1678
MEACHAM, Edward b.1704
MEACHAM, Elam b.1795
MEACHAM, Elam b.1776
MEACHAM, Elizabeth b.1698
MEACHAM, Hannah b.1656
MEACHAM, Hannah b.1698
MEACHAM, Hannah b.1803
MEACHAM, Hester b.1694
MEACHAM, Ichabod b.1679
MEACHAM, Isaac b.1672
MEACHAM, Isaac b.1642
MEACHAM, Isaac b.1700
MEACHAM, Israel b.1676
MEACHAM, Israel b.1715
MEACHAM, James b.1677
MEACHAM, Jeremiah b.1674
MEACHAM, Jeremiah b.1710
MEACHAM, Jeremiah b.1673
MEACHAM, Jeremiah b.1644
MEACHAM, Jeremiah b.1744
MEACHAM, Jeremiah b.1774
MEACHAM, Jeremiah b.1801
MEACHAM, Jeremiah b.1613
MEACHAM, Jeremiah Emory b.1828
MEACHAM, John b.1682
MEACHAM, John b.1675
MEACHAM, Jonathan b.1702
MEACHAM, Jonathan b.1810
MEACHAM, Joseph b.1686
MEACHAM, Joseph b.1712
MEACHAM, Joseph b.1696
MEACHAM, Joseph b.1805
MEACHAM, Joseph b.1806
MEACHAM, Joseph b.1780
MEACHAM, Joshua b.1773
MEACHAM, Lydia b.1709
MEACHAM, Margaret b.1700
MEACHAM, Mary b.1684
MEACHAM, Mary b.1708
MEACHAM, Mary b.1680
MEACHAM, Mary b.1736
MEACHAM, Mary b.1768
MEACHAM, Miriam b.1794
MEACHAM, Miriam b.1804
MEACHAM, Miss b.1791
MEACHAM, Nehemiah b.1754
MEACHAM, Olive b.1782
MEACHAM, Phebe b.1763
MEACHAM, Phebe b.1802
MEACHAM, Rachel b.1716
MEACHAM, Rebecca b.1653
MEACHAM, Rhoda b.1661
MEACHAM, Samuel b.1766
MEACHAM, Samuel b.1807
MEACHAM, Samuel b.1712
MEACHAM, Samuel b.1739
MEACHAM, Samuel Morrison b.1826
MEACHAM, Sarah b.1647
MEACHAM, Sarah b.1707
MEACHAM, Sarah b.1784
MEACHAM, Sarah Basford b.1834
MEACHAM, Seth b.1718
MEACHAM, Seth b.1751
MEACHAM, Stephen Peabody b.1797
MEACHAM, Susan b.1812
MEACHAM, Tamma b.1799
MEACHAM, Temperance b.1788
MEACHAM, Thomas b.1794
MEACHAM, Thomas b.1771
MEACHAM, William b.1706
MEACHAM, Zebah b.1737


MEAD, Ebenezer b.1692
MEAD, Jeremiah b.1752
MEAD, John a.1688
MEAD, Rebecca b.1718
MEAD, Sarah b.1696
MEAD, Sarah a.1612


MEADE, Alice b.1515
MEADE, Bennett b.1564
MEADE, Elizabeth b.1546
MEADE, Isabel b.1444
MEADE, Philip Mayor of Bristol b.1415
MEADE, Thomas b.1390
MEADE, Thomas Gentleman b.1442


MEADER, Nathaniel b.1671


MEADOWS, Hannah b.1643
MEADOWS, Mary b.1645
MEADOWS, Philip b.1613


MEAKINS, Mary b.1645
MEAKINS, Sarah b.1641


MEANTIS, Frances b.1596


MEARE, Thomas b.1607


MEASURE, William b.1629


MEAUTIS, Enjuger de b.1038


MEAUTYS, Frances b.1585
MEAUTYS, Hercules Esquire b.1553
MEAUTYS, Jane b.1582
MEAUTYS, Thomas Knight b.1580


MEDDERS, Cinderella b.1848


MEDLEY, Benedict b.1446
MEDLEY, Edward b.1369
MEDLEY, Elizabeth b.1394
MEDLEY, Isabel b.1471
MEDLEY, William Esquire b.1481


MEEKER, William b.1624


MEEKS, Elizabeth b.1823


MEERS, Bodo de b.915
MEERS, Landry I de b.840
MEERS, Landry II de b.875


MEIGS, Concurrence b.1638
MEIGS, Elizabeth b.1635
MEIGS, John a.1613
MEIGS, John b.1641
MEIGS, Mark a.1616
MEIGS, Mary a.1610
MEIGS, Mary b.1633
MEIGS, Stephen b.1699
MEIGS, Tryal b.1646
MEIGS, Vincent b.1619
MEIGS, Vincent b.1583


MEISSEN, Adelaide of b.1033
MEISSEN, Adelheid of b.1134
MEISSEN, Agnes of Abbess of Quedlinburg b.1139
MEISSEN, Bertha of Abbess of Gerbstadt b.1129
MEISSEN, Dietrich of b.1127
MEISSEN, Eckard of b.945
MEISSEN, Friedrich of Count of Brehna b.1142
MEISSEN, Gertrude of b.1131
MEISSEN, Heinrich of Count of Wettin b.1144
MEISSEN, Herman of b.982
MEISSEN, Konrad "The Great" of Margrave of Meissen b.1092
MEISSEN, Matilda of b.989
MEISSEN, Oda of Abbess of Gerbstadt b.1123
MEISSEN, Oda of b.985
MEISSEN, Otto of Margrave of Meissen b.1125
MEISSEN, Sophia of b.1121


MEKYLFIELD, Robert Esquire b.1407


MELGUEIL, Ermisende de b.1075
MELGUEIL, Pierre de Count of Melgueil b.1039
MELGUEIL, Raymond of Count of Melgueil b.1015


MELLARD, Martha b.1650


MELLEN, Elizabeth b.1694
MELLEN, Elizabeth b.1659
MELLEN, James b.1663
MELLEN, James b.1642
MELLEN, John b.1666
MELLEN, Mary b.1661
MELLEN, Richard b.1665
MELLEN, Sarah b.1668
MELLEN, Simon b.1665
MELLEN, Thomas b.1670
MELLEN, William b.1671


MELLO, Aubrey de b.1040
MELLO, Dreux I de b.1026
MELLO, Dreux II de b.1067
MELLO, Gilbert I de b.1005
MELLO, Gilbert II de b.1046


MELLOR, Emma b.1408


MELLOWES, Abraham a.1628
MELLOWES, Abraham b.1603
MELLOWES, Abraham b.1570
MELLOWES, Anne b.1612
MELLOWES, Catherine b.1607
MELLOWES, Edward a.1610
MELLOWES, Elisha a.1632
MELLOWES, Elizabeth a.1625
MELLOWES, Elizabeth b.1600
MELLOWES, John a.1622
MELLOWES, Martha a.1636
MELLOWES, Mary a.1638
MELLOWES, Oliver b.1598
MELLOWES, Samuel a.1634


MELTON, Anthony b.1401
MELTON, Dorothy Baroness Lucy b.1500
MELTON, Elizabeth b.1480
MELTON, John Lord Lucy b.1455
MELTON, John Lord Lucy b.1476
MELTON, John Esquire b.1422
MELTON, John Lord Lucy b.1399
MELTON, John de Lord Lucy b.1372
MELTON, Margaret b.1404
MELTON, Nicholas b.1478
MELTON, Robert b.1483
MELTON, Thomasine b.1397
MELTON, William de Knight b.1305
MELTON, William de Lord Lucy b.1335


MENDENHALL, Effie Maria b.1881


MENDUM, Dorothy b.1680


MENENDEZ, Elvira b.875
MENENDEZ, Elvira b.994


MENESES, Alfonso Tellez de b.1264
MENESES, Mayor Alfonso de b.1230


MENEVILLE, William de Knight b.1355


MENTEITH, Alan de Earl of Menteith b.1270
MENTEITH, Alexander de Earl of Menteith b.1246
MENTEITH, Christian de b.1321
MENTEITH, Eva de b.1172
MENTEITH, Gilchrist de Earl of Menteith b.1145
MENTEITH, Helena de b.1304
MENTEITH, Isabella de Countess of Menteith b.1218
MENTEITH, Joan de b.1308
MENTEITH, John de Knight b.1296
MENTEITH, John de Knight b.1258
MENTEITH, Margaret de b.1276
MENTEITH, Mary de Countess of Menteith b.1225
MENTEITH, Mary de Countess of Menteith b.1302
MENTEITH, Maurice de Earl of Menteith b.1175
MENTEITH, Murdoch de Earl of Menteith b.1274
MENTEITH, Muretach de Earl of Menteith b.1170
MENTEITH, Piers de b.1272
MENTEITH, Robert b.1375
MENTEITH, Walter de b.1300


MENZIES, Alexander de Knight b.1290


MERAN, Agnes of b.1176
MERAN, Berthold of Patriarch of Aquileia b.1185
MERAN, Berthold VI of Duke of Meran b.1153
MERAN, Ekbert of Bishop of Bamberg b.1182
MERAN, Gertrude of b.1177
MERAN, Hedwig of b.1179
MERAN, Heinrich of Margrave of Istria b.1180
MERAN, Mechtild of Abbess of Kissingen b.1183
MERAN, Otto of Duke of Meran b.1178


MERBURY, Elizabeth b.1408
MERBURY, John Esquire b.1361


MERCER, A. Keren b.1795
MERCER, Abbie b.1735
MERCER, Abbie b.1753
MERCER, Amos Windham b.1799
MERCER, Charlotte b.1805
MERCER, Christian b.1548
MERCER, Christopher a.1612
MERCER, Christopher b.1672
MERCER, Christopher b.1718
MERCER, Daniel b.1797
MERCER, Elizabeth a.1608
MERCER, Elizabeth b.1769
MERCER, Frances b.1703
MERCER, Hester a.1591
MERCER, Jacob b.1721
MERCER, James b.1807
MERCER, Jesse b.1756
MERCER, John b.1685
MERCER, John b.1723
MERCER, Joseph b.1650
MERCER, Joseph b.1680
MERCER, Joseph b.1700
MERCER, Keziah b.1809
MERCER, Martha b.1802
MERCER, Mary b.1678
MERCER, Mary b.1791
MERCER, Richard b.1646
MERCER, Rosanna b.1794
MERCER, Sarah b.1792
MERCER, Shadrack b.1740
MERCER, Thomas a.1607
MERCER, Thomas b.1687
MERCER, Thomas a.1647
MERCER, Thomas b.1730
MERCER, Thomas b.1695
MERCER, Thomas b.1788
MERCER, Thomas b.1759
MERCER, William b.1585
MERCER, Zilpha b.1808


MERCIA, Aelfgar of Earl of Mercia b.1017
MERCIA, Aethelred of Ealdorman of Mercia b.820
MERCIA, Aethelwulf of Ealdorman of Mercia b.843
MERCIA, Alvere of b.1060
MERCIA, Burchard of b.1048
MERCIA, Burgred of b.840
MERCIA, Eadwine of b.1042
MERCIA, Ealdgyth "Swansneck" of b.1039
MERCIA, Ealhswith of b.850
MERCIA, Ethelfleda of b.980
MERCIA, Hereward of b.1019
MERCIA, Leofric of b.1040
MERCIA, Leofric of Earl of Mercia b.995
MERCIA, Leofwine of Earl of Mercia b.970
MERCIA, Morkere of b.1045


MERE, Agnes de la b.1160
MERE, Alice de la b.1451
MERE, Anne de la b.1453
MERE, Eleanor de la b.1373
MERE, Elizabeth de la b.1475
MERE, George de la b.1455
MERE, Joan de la b.1293
MERE, John de la b.1373
MERE, John de la b.1449
MERE, John de la b.1398
MERE, John de la b.1250
MERE, Margaret de la b.1457
MERE, Peter de la b.1368
MERE, Peter de la Knight b.1289
MERE, Philip de la b.1347
MERE, Piers de la b.1368
MERE, Ralph de la b.1323
MERE, Richard de la b.1110
MERE, Robert de la Knight b.1314
MERE, Robert de la b.1135
MERE, Thomas de la Sheriff of Berkshire b.1423
MERE, Willelma de la b.1363
MERE, William de la b.1348
MERE, William de la b.1315


MEREDITH, Charles b.1630


MERFYN, Arnardudd "Gallyr" ap b.658
MERFYN, Edward b.1497
MERFYN, Rhodri "Mawr" ap King of Wales b.802


MERIET, John de Knight b.1277
MERIET, John de Knight b.1346
MERIET, John de Knight b.1327


MERING, John Esquire b.1500
MERING, William Knight b.1522
MERING, William b.1419


MERITHEW, Stephen Potter b.1788


MERLAY, Agnes de b.1184
MERLAY, Alice de b.1257
MERLAY, Gosfried de b.1102
MERLAY, Isabel de b.1255
MERLAY, Mary de b.1245
MERLAY, Morel de b.1104
MERLAY, Osbert de b.1142
MERLAY, Ralph de b.1043
MERLAY, Ralph de Lord of Morpeth b.1098
MERLAY, Ranulph de b.1205
MERLAY, Robert de b.1015
MERLAY, Roger de b.1100
MERLAY, Roger I de Lord of Morpeth b.1140
MERLAY, Roger II de b.1182
MERLAY, Roger III de Knight b.1210
MERLAY, William de b.1187
MERLAY, William de b.1095
MERLAY, William I de Lord of Morpeth b.1050
MERLAY, William II de Lord of Morpeth b.1137


MERRIAM, Abigail b.1758
MERRIAM, Elizabeth b.1660
MERRIAM, Hannah b.1645
MERRIAM, John b.1662
MERRIAM, Joseph b.1658
MERRIAM, Joseph b.1629
MERRIAM, Lydia b.1656
MERRIAM, Mary b.1664
MERRIAM, Robert b.1668
MERRIAM, Robert b.1610
MERRIAM, Ruth b.1670
MERRIAM, Sarah b.1654
MERRIAM, Sarah b.1626
MERRIAM, Sarah b.1665
MERRIAM, Thomas b.1673


MERRICK, Abigail b.1702
MERRICK, Abigail b.1699
MERRICK, Alice b.1715
MERRICK, Benjamin b.1674
MERRICK, Benjamin b.1718
MERRICK, Benjamin b.1707
MERRICK, Benjamin b.1664
MERRICK, Constant b.1701
MERRICK, Deborah b.1710
MERRICK, Edward b.1700
MERRICK, Elizabeth b.1697
MERRICK, Gideon b.1707
MERRICK, Hannah b.1700
MERRICK, Isaac b.1660
MERRICK, Isaac b.1678
MERRICK, John b.1679
MERRICK, John b.1692
MERRICK, John b.1688
MERRICK, John b.1658
MERRICK, John b.1656
MERRICK, Jonathan b.1700
MERRICK, Joseph b.1662
MERRICK, Joshua b.1681
MERRICK, Margaret b.1705
MERRICK, Mary b.1694
MERRICK, Mary b.1684
MERRICK, Mary b.1650
MERRICK, Mercy b.1705
MERRICK, Mercy b.1671
MERRICK, Nathaniel b.1676
MERRICK, Priscilla b.1712
MERRICK, Rebecca b.1668
MERRICK, Rebecca b.1648
MERRICK, Ruth b.1684
MERRICK, Ruth b.1709
MERRICK, Ruth b.1652
MERRICK, Samuel b.1687
MERRICK, Samuel b.1696
MERRICK, Sarah b.1720
MERRICK, Sarah b.1675
MERRICK, Sarah b.1654
MERRICK, Stephen b.1673
MERRICK, Stephen b.1673
MERRICK, Stephen b.1646
MERRICK, Thomas b.1690
MERRICK, Thomas b.1704
MERRICK, William b.1703
MERRICK, William b.1670
MERRICK, William b.1681
MERRICK, William b.1643
MERRICK, William b.1603

Surname List