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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


MALLINSON, Mary a.1606


MALLOON, Luke b.1645


MALLORY, Anketil Knight b.1340
MALLORY, Anne b.1526
MALLORY, Beatrix b.1379
MALLORY, Benjamin b.1668
MALLORY, Bertram b.1152
MALLORY, Christopher b.1524
MALLORY, Daniel b.1661
MALLORY, Dorothy b.1528
MALLORY, Dorothy b.1495
MALLORY, Elizabeth b.1522
MALLORY, Elizabeth b.1691
MALLORY, Ellen b.1395
MALLORY, Frances b.1539
MALLORY, Francis b.1532
MALLORY, Geoffrey b.1148
MALLORY, Joan b.1490
MALLORY, Joan b.1520
MALLORY, John Knight b.1461
MALLORY, John b.1270
MALLORY, John Knight b.1310
MALLORY, John Knight b.1350
MALLORY, John b.1700
MALLORY, John b.1687
MALLORY, John b.1664
MALLORY, Joseph b.1666
MALLORY, Katherine b.1536
MALLORY, Margaret b.1534
MALLORY, Margery b.1385
MALLORY, Margery b.1505
MALLORY, Mary b.1656
MALLORY, Mary b.1655
MALLORY, Mehitable b.1695
MALLORY, Meredith b.1756
MALLORY, Obedience b.1704
MALLORY, Peter b.1653
MALLORY, Peter b.1625
MALLORY, Rebecca b.1693
MALLORY, Rebecca b.1649
MALLORY, Richard b.1123
MALLORY, Robert b.1230
MALLORY, Samuel b.1672
MALLORY, Silence b.1698
MALLORY, Simon Knight b.1190
MALLORY, Thomas Esquire b.1425
MALLORY, Thomas Knight b.1381
MALLORY, Thomas b.1659
MALLORY, William Knight b.1439
MALLORY, William Knight b.1496
MALLORY, William Knight b.1530
MALLORY, William Knight b.1383
MALLORY, William b.1675


MALMAINS, Beatrice b.1318
MALMAINS, Ela b.1226
MALMAINS, Nicholas I b.1205
MALMAINS, Nicholas II b.1228
MALMAINS, Nicholas III b.1249
MALMAINS, Nicholas IV Knight b.1280
MALMAINS, Petronilla b.1315
MALMAINS, Thomas b.1180


MALPAS, Alice de b.1366
MALPAS, Beatrice de b.1230
MALPAS, David de b.1318
MALPAS, David de Knight b.1200
MALPAS, David de b.1188
MALPAS, David de b.1285
MALPAS, David de Knight b.1159
MALPAS, Hugh b.1380
MALPAS, Hugh de Rector of Barthomley b.1282
MALPAS, Idonea de b.1225
MALPAS, Isabel de b.1360
MALPAS, John de b.1280
MALPAS, John de b.1351
MALPAS, Margaret b.1405
MALPAS, Margaret de b.1357
MALPAS, Maud de b.1354
MALPAS, Roger de b.1210
MALPAS, Sybil de b.1363
MALPAS, William de b.1278
MALPAS, William de b.1245
MALPAS, William de Knight b.1182


MALTBY, Daniel b.1679
MALTBY, Jane a.1669


MALTHOUS, John b.1506
MALTHOUS, Margaret b.1531


MALTON, Katherine de b.1286
MALTON, N.N. de b.1366


MALYNS, Ermentrude b.1259


MAMIKONIAN, Artavazd b.650
MAMIKONIAN, Artavazd b.720
MAMIKONIAN, Artavazd I b.240
MAMIKONIAN, Artavazd II b.290
MAMIKONIAN, Dawith b.575
MAMIKONIAN, Hamazasp I b.380
MAMIKONIAN, Hamazasp III b.610
MAMIKONIAN, Hmayeak b.785
MAMIKONIAN, Hmayeak b.412
MAMIKONIAN, Hmayeak b.475
MAMIKONIAN, Hmayeak b.685
MAMIKONIAN, Mushel b.510
MAMIKONIAN, Vache I b.265
MAMIKONIAN, Vahan I "The Great" Marzpan of Armenia b.440
MAMIKONIAN, Vahan II b.540
MAMIKONIAN, Vardan b.410
MAMIKONIAN, Vardan I b.315


MAMINOT, Alice b.1072
MAMINOT, Gilbert Bishop of Lisieux b.1068
MAMINOT, Hugh b.1043
MAMINOT, Walkelin b.1125


MANCHESTER, Comfort b.1803
MANCHESTER, Gershom b.1768
MANCHESTER, Hannah b.1763
MANCHESTER, John b.1761
MANCHESTER, John b.1732
MANCHESTER, Mary b.1758


MANDEVILLE, Beatrice de b.1064
MANDEVILLE, Beatrice de b.1102
MANDEVILLE, Edmund de b.1225
MANDEVILLE, Ernulf de b.1138
MANDEVILLE, Geoffrey de Earl of Essex b.1189
MANDEVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1130
MANDEVILLE, Geoffrey I de b.1036
MANDEVILLE, Geoffrey II de Earl of Essex b.1098
MANDEVILLE, Geoffrey III de Earl of Essex b.1134
MANDEVILLE, Matilda de Countess of Essex b.1187
MANDEVILLE, Robert de b.1141
MANDEVILLE, Sybil de b.1263
MANDEVILLE, Walter de b.1256
MANDEVILLE, William de Earl of Essex b.1191
MANDEVILLE, William de b.1104
MANDEVILLE, William I de b.1062
MANDEVILLE, William III de Earl of Essex b.1136


MANKER, Rebecca b.1835


MANLEY, Abiah b.1744
MANLEY, Abiah b.1709
MANLEY, Daniel b.1721
MANLEY, Elizabeth b.1716
MANLEY, Hannah b.1711
MANLEY, Ichabod b.1709
MANLEY, Joanna b.1719
MANLEY, John b.1714
MANLEY, Lydia b.1705
MANLEY, Mary b.1720
MANLEY, Mary b.1742
MANLEY, Nathaniel b.1684
MANLEY, Nehemiah b.1750
MANLEY, Priscilla b.1707
MANLEY, Rebecca b.1714
MANLEY, Rebecca b.1687
MANLEY, Ruth b.1711
MANLEY, Samuel b.1746
MANLEY, Sarah b.1676
MANLEY, Seth b.1739
MANLEY, Silence b.1729
MANLEY, Susanna b.1726
MANLEY, Tamar b.1724
MANLEY, Thomas b.1703
MANLEY, Thomas b.1680
MANLEY, Timothy b.1733
MANLEY, William b.1678
MANLEY, William b.1643


MANN, Abigail b.1608
MANN, Anna b.1826
MANN, Beriah b.1687
MANN, Ebenezer b.1730
MANN, Elizabeth b.1684
MANN, Esther b.1696
MANN, Esther b.1741
MANN, Hannah b.1685
MANN, John b.1670
MANN, Lydia b.1767
MANN, Margaret b.1691
MANN, Mary b.1674
MANN, Maude b.1514
MANN, Nathaniel b.1677
MANN, Pelatiah b.1689
MANN, Priscilla b.1678
MANN, Rachel b.1744
MANN, Samuel b.1675
MANN, Samuel b.1647
MANN, Theodore b.1681
MANN, Thomas b.1682
MANN, William b.1679
MANN, William b.1607


MANNERS, Anne b.1522
MANNERS, Anne b.1503
MANNERS, Anthony b.1495
MANNERS, Bridget b.1572
MANNERS, Cecily b.1512
MANNERS, Cecily b.1477
MANNERS, Edward b.1574
MANNERS, Edward Earl of Rutland b.1549
MANNERS, Edward b.1474
MANNERS, Eleanor b.1505
MANNERS, Elizabeth b.1586
MANNERS, Elizabeth b.1554
MANNERS, Elizabeth Baroness Ros b.1576
MANNERS, Elizabeth b.1528
MANNERS, Elizabeth b.1497
MANNERS, Elizabeth b.1472
MANNERS, Frances b.1588
MANNERS, Frances b.1536
MANNERS, Francis Earl of Rutland b.1578
MANNERS, George Earl of Rutland b.1580
MANNERS, George Lord Ros b.1470
MANNERS, Gertrude b.1524
MANNERS, Gilbert Knight b.1443
MANNERS, Henry Earl of Rutland b.1526
MANNERS, Isabel b.1538
MANNERS, Jane b.1435
MANNERS, John Earl of Rutland b.1551
MANNERS, John Knight b.1530
MANNERS, John b.1440
MANNERS, John b.1501
MANNERS, Katherine Duchess of Buckingham b.1604
MANNERS, Katherine b.1534
MANNERS, Katherine b.1509
MANNERS, Margaret b.1507
MANNERS, Mary b.1584
MANNERS, Oliver Knight b.1582
MANNERS, Oliver b.1543
MANNERS, Oliver Knight b.1493
MANNERS, Richard Knight b.1499
MANNERS, Robert Esquire b.1408
MANNERS, Robert Knight b.1438
MANNERS, Roger Earl of Rutland b.1576
MANNERS, Roger Esquire b.1532
MANNERS, Thomas Knight b.1540
MANNERS, Thomas b.1446
MANNERS, Thomas Earl of Rutland b.1491


MANNEY, Cecily b.1562


MANNING, Anne a.1558
MANNING, Anne a.1545
MANNING, Catherine b.1434
MANNING, Dorothy b.1566
MANNING, Dorothy a.1558
MANNING, Edward b.1600
MANNING, Elizabeth b.1609
MANNING, Elizabeth b.1701
MANNING, Elizabeth a.1554
MANNING, Eylmer b.1254
MANNING, George b.1565
MANNING, George b.1512
MANNING, Hannah b.1630
MANNING, Hannah b.1642
MANNING, Henry a.1557
MANNING, Henry b.1567
MANNING, Henry Gentleman b.1521
MANNING, Hester a.1625
MANNING, Hugh b.1503
MANNING, Hugh b.1432
MANNING, Humphrey a.1549
MANNING, Joan b.1518
MANNING, Joan a.1546
MANNING, John b.1600
MANNING, John b.1612
MANNING, John b.1365
MANNING, John b.1402
MANNING, John a.1560
MANNING, John a.1555
MANNING, John b.1479
MANNING, John b.1516
MANNING, Julius a.1631
MANNING, Katherine b.1563
MANNING, Katherine a.1548
MANNING, Leroy D. b.1888
MANNING, Margaret a.1559
MANNING, Mary a.1629
MANNING, Mary b.1606
MANNING, Mary b.1660
MANNING, Mildred Fortune b.1561
MANNING, Nicholas a.1557
MANNING, Peter a.1553
MANNING, Phebe b.1570
MANNING, Richard Rector of Wonston b.1404
MANNING, Richard b.1483
MANNING, Richard b.1514
MANNING, Robert b.1481
MANNING, Robert b.1252
MANNING, Robert b.1293
MANNING, Rose b.1551
MANNING, Samuel b.1644
MANNING, Simon b.1215
MANNING, Simon b.1330
MANNING, Stephen b.1250
MANNING, Thomas a.1556
MANNING, Thomas Dean of Windsor b.1408
MANNING, Thomas a.1562
MANNING, William b.1406
MANNING, William b.1290
MANNING, William Gentleman b.1563


MANNINGFORD, Elizabeth b.1369
MANNINGFORD, John b.1342


MANNINGHAM, Oliver Knight b.1426


MANNOCK, Anthony b.1535
MANNOCK, Bridget b.1543
MANNOCK, Edward b.1533
MANNOCK, Edward b.1540
MANNOCK, Elizabeth b.1494
MANNOCK, Francis Esquire b.1523
MANNOCK, George Esquire b.1466
MANNOCK, Giles b.1525
MANNOCK, John Esquire b.1412
MANNOCK, John Esquire b.1438
MANNOCK, John b.1440
MANNOCK, Philip b.1387
MANNOCK, Thomas b.1537
MANNOCK, Thomas Esquire b.1502
MANNOCK, William b.1528
MANNOCK, William Esquire b.1498
MANNOCK, William b.1531


MANSEL, Anne b.1577
MANSEL, Anthony Knight b.1588
MANSEL, Anthony b.1590
MANSEL, Anthony b.1563
MANSEL, Anthony b.1535
MANSEL, Arthur Esquire b.1587
MANSEL, Bussy Sheriff of Glamorgan b.1623
MANSEL, Catherine b.1617
MANSEL, Cecil b.1566
MANSEL, Charles b.1571
MANSEL, Christopher b.1581
MANSEL, Edward Knight b.1528
MANSEL, Elinor b.1625
MANSEL, Elizabeth b.1619
MANSEL, Elizabeth b.1560
MANSEL, Francis b.1590
MANSEL, Francis Knight b.1564
MANSEL, Henry Esquire b.1585
MANSEL, Henry b.1579
MANSEL, Jane b.1651
MANSEL, Jane b.1627
MANSEL, Lewis Knight b.1583
MANSEL, Mary b.1615
MANSEL, Mary b.1601
MANSEL, Mary b.1569
MANSEL, Mary b.1539
MANSEL, Philip b.1567
MANSEL, Philip b.1531
MANSEL, Rhys b.1575
MANSEL, Rhys Knight b.1487
MANSEL, Richard b.1592
MANSEL, Robert Knight b.1573
MANSEL, Thomas b.1648
MANSEL, Thomas b.1621
MANSEL, Thomas Knight b.1561
MANSEL, Walter a.1586
MANSEL, William b.1583


MANSFIELD, Andrew b.1621
MANSFIELD, Anne b.1596
MANSFIELD, Benjamin b.1694
MANSFIELD, Bethia b.1658
MANSFIELD, Ebenezer b.1677
MANSFIELD, Elizabeth a.1592
MANSFIELD, Hannah b.1669
MANSFIELD, Japhet b.1681
MANSFIELD, John b.1601
MANSFIELD, John Esquire b.1553
MANSFIELD, Julian b.1561
MANSFIELD, Lancelot Esquire b.1533
MANSFIELD, Lucy b.1566
MANSFIELD, Margaret b.1564
MANSFIELD, Martha b.1598
MANSFIELD, Mary b.1701
MANSFIELD, Mercy b.1667
MANSFIELD, Paul b.1615
MANSFIELD, Ralph b.1556
MANSFIELD, Silence b.1664
MANSFIELD, Thomas b.1760


MANSON, Esther b.1668


MANSTON, Alice b.1441
MANSTON, Beatrice de b.1346


MANTELL, Anne b.1511
MANTELL, Dorothy b.1526
MANTELL, Eleanor b.1513
MANTELL, John b.1515
MANTELL, Margaret b.1519
MANTELL, Mary b.1521
MANTELL, Thomas Esquire b.1523
MANTELL, Walter b.1517
MANTELL, Walter Knight b.1485


MANVERS, Annora de b.1247
MANVERS, Lionel de b.1250
MANVERS, Michael de Knight b.1220


MAPHAM, John b.1615


MAPOWDER, Anthony b.1559


MAR, Alexander of b.1278
MAR, Donald of Earl of Mar b.1294
MAR, Donald of Earl of Mar b.1240
MAR, Duncan of b.1270
MAR, Duncan of Earl of Mar b.1175
MAR, Ellen of b.1300
MAR, Gratney of Earl of Mar b.1268
MAR, Isabel of b.1276
MAR, James of b.1170
MAR, Malcolm of b.1166
MAR, Margaret of Countess of Mar b.1330
MAR, Margaret of b.1274
MAR, Marjory of b.1272
MAR, Morgund of Earl of Mar b.1135
MAR, William of Earl of Mar b.1210


MARAIS, Geoffrey du b.1175
MARAIS, Joan du b.1202
MARAIS, John du b.1200


MARANON, Constanza de b.1049
MARANON, Sancho de Seigneur de Maranon b.1024


MARBLE, Mary b.1691
MARBLE, Mary b.1660


MARBURY, Anne b.1486
MARBURY, Anne a.1557
MARBURY, Anne a.1591
MARBURY, Anthony b.1608
MARBURY, Anthony a.1598
MARBURY, Bridget a.1599
MARBURY, Bridget a.1593
MARBURY, Daniel a.1602
MARBURY, Edward Knight b.1552
MARBURY, Elizabeth b.1488
MARBURY, Elizabeth b.1581
MARBURY, Elizabeth a.1604
MARBURY, Emma a.1595
MARBURY, Erasmus a.1597
MARBURY, Francis a.1594
MARBURY, Francis a.1555
MARBURY, Humphrey b.1478
MARBURY, Jane b.1492
MARBURY, Jeremuth a.1601
MARBURY, John b.1482
MARBURY, John Esquire b.1422
MARBURY, John a.1590
MARBURY, Katherine b.1561
MARBURY, Katherine b.1610
MARBURY, Lawrence b.1484
MARBURY, Margaret b.1494
MARBURY, Mary b.1480
MARBURY, Mary b.1559
MARBURY, Mary b.1583
MARBURY, Mary b.1588
MARBURY, Robert b.1450
MARBURY, Robert b.1545
MARBURY, Robert Esquire b.1490
MARBURY, Susan a.1585
MARBURY, Thomas b.1476
MARBURY, Thomas b.1448
MARBURY, Thomas b.1606
MARBURY, William Esquire b.1446
MARBURY, William b.1548
MARBURY, William Gentleman b.1525


MARCH, Alice b.1597
MARCH, Amyas b.1603
MARCH, Elizabeth b.1599
MARCH, Eulalia b.1601
MARCH, George b.1576
MARCH, George b.1649
MARCH, Grace b.1572
MARCH, Hugh b.1656
MARCH, Hugh b.1618
MARCH, James b.1664
MARCH, Jane b.1574
MARCH, Jane b.1605
MARCH, Joan b.1568
MARCH, Joan b.1608
MARCH, John b.1658
MARCH, Judith b.1653
MARCH, Mary b.1661
MARCH, Mrs. Agnes b.1537
MARCH, Prudence b.1578
MARCH, Richard b.1570
MARCH, Sarah b.1580
MARCH, William b.1543
MARCH, William b.1595


MARCHANT, John b.1543
MARCHANT, John a.1571
MARCHANT, Juliana b.1595


MARDEN, John b.1640


MARE, Ann b.1597
MARE, Henry de la b.1180
MARE, Henry de la Knight b.1205
MARE, Mabel de la b.1198
MARE, Maud de la b.1250
MARE, Olivia de la b.1200
MARE, Paine de la b.1206
MARE, William de la b.1150
MARE, William de la Sheriff of Surrey b.1175
MARE, William de la b.1170


MAREDUDD, Angharad ferch b.1098
MAREDUDD, Angharad ferch b.985
MAREDUDD, Cadwallon ap b.980
MAREDUDD, Gruffydd ap b.1206
MAREDUDD, Gruffydd ap b.1101
MAREDUDD, Gwenllian ferch b.1208
MAREDUDD, Hywel ap b.1210
MAREDUDD, Hywel ap b.1095
MAREDUDD, Madog ap b.1093
MAREDUDD, Owain ap d.811
MAREDUDD, Rhys ap Knight b.1245


MARGATES, Agnes b.1560
MARGATES, Thomas b.1535


MARINER, Mary b.1727


MARION, Isaac b.1653


MARK, Annora b.1215
MARK, Pernel b.1212
MARK, Philip Sheriff of Nottingham b.1179


MARKENFIELD, Alice b.1504
MARKENFIELD, Anne b.1454
MARKENFIELD, Anne b.1470
MARKENFIELD, Christopher b.1474
MARKENFIELD, Eleanor b.1507
MARKENFIELD, Joan b.1452
MARKENFIELD, John b.1450
MARKENFIELD, John Esquire b.1400
MARKENFIELD, John b.1427
MARKENFIELD, Margaret b.1431
MARKENFIELD, Ninian Knight b.1477
MARKENFIELD, Robert b.1459
MARKENFIELD, Sith b.1480
MARKENFIELD, Thomas b.1501
MARKENFIELD, Thomas b.1472
MARKENFIELD, Thomas Knight b.1448
MARKENFIELD, William b.1456


MARKHAM, Anne b.1576
MARKHAM, Elizabeth b.1463
MARKHAM, Frances b.1537
MARKHAM, Gertrude b.1562
MARKHAM, Isabel b.1535
MARKHAM, John Knight b.1482
MARKHAM, John b.1661
MARKHAM, John Knight b.1459
MARKHAM, Katherine b.1466
MARKHAM, Lydia b.1659
MARKHAM, Margaret b.1457
MARKHAM, Mercy b.1663
MARKHAM, Priscilla b.1654
MARKHAM, Robert b.1461
MARKHAM, Robert Knight b.1435
MARKHAM, Samuel a.1623
MARKHAM, Sarah b.1660
MARKHAM, Soleta Anroseta b.1865
MARKHAM, Thomas b.1531
MARKHAM, William Esquire b.1533
MARKHAM, William b.1657
MARKHAM, William a.1621
MARKHAM, William b.1596
MARKHAM, William de b.1186


MARKS, Hannah b.1700
MARKS, Martha b.1744


MARKWICK, Elizabeth b.1596


MARLAR, Agnes b.1522
MARLAR, Alice b.1564
MARLAR, Ann a.1559
MARLAR, Anne b.1528
MARLAR, Arthur b.1566
MARLAR, Dorothy a.1561
MARLAR, Edward b.1418
MARLAR, George b.1416
MARLAR, George b.1525
MARLAR, George b.1553
MARLAR, Grace b.1557
MARLAR, Jane b.1549
MARLAR, John b.1404
MARLAR, John Gentleman b.1375
MARLAR, John b.1442
MARLAR, John b.1414
MARLAR, John b.1410
MARLAR, John b.1349
MARLAR, Katherine b.1530
MARLAR, Margaret b.1555
MARLAR, Robert b.1446
MARLAR, Stephen b.1440
MARLAR, Thomas b.1408
MARLAR, Thomas b.1480
MARLAR, William b.1412
MARLAR, William b.1406
MARLAR, William b.1484
MARLAR, William b.1448
MARLAR, William b.1551
MARLAR, William b.1520


MARMION, Alice b.1320
MARMION, Amice de b.1303
MARMION, Aubrey b.1155
MARMION, Aubrey de b.1165
MARMION, Avice b.1320
MARMION, Geoffrey b.1115
MARMION, Geoffrey b.1198
MARMION, Geoffrey b.1160
MARMION, Geoffrey b.1134
MARMION, Helto b.1092
MARMION, Joan b.1235
MARMION, Joan b.1282
MARMION, Joan b.1317
MARMION, John Knight b.1340
MARMION, John b.1260
MARMION, John Lord Marmion b.1250
MARMION, John Lord Marmion b.1291
MARMION, Mabel b.1162
MARMION, Manasses b.1094
MARMION, Matilda b.1242
MARMION, Mazera b.1238
MARMION, N.N. b.1265
MARMION, Philip b.1213
MARMION, Robert Lord Marmion b.1315
MARMION, Robert b.1065
MARMION, Robert b.1195
MARMION, Robert b.1110
MARMION, Robert b.1132
MARMION, Robert b.1156
MARMION, Robert b.1189
MARMION, Robert Knight b.1263
MARMION, Roger b.1090
MARMION, Thomas b.1286
MARMION, William b.1229
MARMION, William b.1158
MARMION, William b.1197
MARMION, William Knight b.1224


MARNEY, Anne b.1408
MARNEY, Elizabeth b.1517
MARNEY, Grace b.1492
MARNEY, Henry Lord Marney b.1456
MARNEY, John Knight b.1399
MARNEY, John Lord Marney b.1489
MARNEY, Katherine b.1485
MARNEY, Katherine b.1515
MARNEY, Robert Knight b.1320
MARNEY, Thomas Knight b.1393
MARNEY, William Knight b.1290
MARNEY, William b.1396
MARNEY, William Knight b.1369


MARRE, Joseph b.1546


MARROW, Dorothy b.1500
MARROW, Thomas Knight b.1465


MARSH, Eliza D. b.1841
MARSH, Elizabeth b.1646
MARSH, Eunice b.1726
MARSH, Hannah b.1657
MARSH, Isabel b.1507
MARSH, John b.1618
MARSH, Jonathan b.1661
MARSH, Mercy b.1669
MARSH, Robert de b.1212
MARSH, Ruth b.1668
MARSH, Samuel a.1652


MARSHAL, Anselm Earl of Pembroke b.1208
MARSHAL, Denise b.1295
MARSHAL, Ellen b.1249
MARSHAL, Eve b.1202
MARSHAL, Gilbert Earl of Pembroke b.1196
MARSHAL, Hawise Baroness Marshal b.1300
MARSHAL, Isabel b.1200
MARSHAL, Joan b.1198
MARSHAL, John Knight b.1175
MARSHAL, John Knight b.1257
MARSHAL, John Lord Marshal b.1292
MARSHAL, John Earl of Warwick b.1201
MARSHAL, John b.1145
MARSHAL, John FitzGilbert b.1104
MARSHAL, Margaret b.1163
MARSHAL, Maud b.1155
MARSHAL, Maud Countess of Norfolk b.1192
MARSHAL, Pernel b.1281
MARSHAL, Richard Earl of Pembroke b.1194
MARSHAL, Sybil b.1204
MARSHAL, Walter Earl of Pembroke b.1206
MARSHAL, William b.1224
MARSHAL, William Knight b.1205
MARSHAL, William Lord Marshal b.1277
MARSHAL, William Earl of Pembroke b.1190
MARSHAL, William Earl of Pembroke b.1149


MARSHALL, Abiel b.1715
MARSHALL, Abiel b.1687
MARSHALL, Abigail b.1645
MARSHALL, Alice a.1600
MARSHALL, Ann b.1583
MARSHALL, Anna b.1680
MARSHALL, Anne b.1711
MARSHALL, Elizabeth b.1650
MARSHALL, Hannah b.1640
MARSHALL, Joanna b.1657
MARSHALL, John b.1536
MARSHALL, John b.1718
MARSHALL, John b.1659
MARSHALL, Lydia b.1657
MARSHALL, M. W. b.1797
MARSHALL, Mary b.1806
MARSHALL, Mary b.1665
MARSHALL, Rebecca b.1648
MARSHALL, Richard b.1632
MARSHALL, Ruth b.1636
MARSHALL, Ruth b.1662
MARSHALL, Samuel b.1643
MARSHALL, Sarah b.1700
MARSHALL, Sarah b.1720
MARSHALL, Sarah b.1713
MARSHALL, Sarah b.1646
MARSHALL, Sarah b.1655
MARSHALL, Susanna b.1652
MARSHALL, Thomas b.1724
MARSHALL, Thomas b.1761
MARSHALL, Thomas b.1648
MARSHALL, Thomas b.1613
MARSHALL, William b.1642


MARSHE, Rose b.1542


MARSTERS, Abraham b.1726


MARSTON, Anne a.1628
MARSTON, John a.1630
MARSTON, Nathaniel b.1780
MARSTON, Prudence b.1622
MARSTON, Simon b.1553
MARSTON, Susannah b.1691
MARSTON, Thomas b.1618
MARSTON, Triphena b.1663
MARSTON, William b.1590
MARSTON, William a.1626


MARTEL, Ela b.1272
MARTEL, Joan b.1275
MARTEL, Margaret b.1374
MARTEL, Roger Knight b.1245
MARTEL, William b.1220


MARTIAU, Elizabeth b.1623


MARTIN, Abigail b.1632
MARTIN, Abraham b.1591
MARTIN, Adam b.1673
MARTIN, Agnes b.1785
MARTIN, Agnes b.1286
MARTIN, Agnes a.1616
MARTIN, Agnes a.1649
MARTIN, Ann b.1640
MARTIN, Anne b.1561
MARTIN, Anne b.1573
MARTIN, Dorcas b.1559
MARTIN, Dorothy b.1670
MARTIN, Edmund b.1284
MARTIN, Eleanor b.1288
MARTIN, Elizabeth b.1565
MARTIN, Elizabeth b.1712
MARTIN, Elizabeth b.1636
MARTIN, Elizabeth a.1633
MARTIN, Elizabeth a.1622
MARTIN, Frances b.1570
MARTIN, Francis b.1645
MARTIN, Georgia Gray b.1849
MARTIN, Grace b.1645
MARTIN, Grace a.1640
MARTIN, Hannah b.1644
MARTIN, Isaac b.1589
MARTIN, James Patrick b.1838
MARTIN, Jane b.1567
MARTIN, Jane a.1611
MARTIN, Joan b.1291
MARTIN, Joan b.1649
MARTIN, John b.1617
MARTIN, John b.1638
MARTIN, John b.1612
MARTIN, John a.1605
MARTIN, John b.1420
MARTIN, John a.1653
MARTIN, John b.1620
MARTIN, Joseph Hawkins b.1798
MARTIN, Lydia b.1655
MARTIN, Margaret b.1533
MARTIN, Mary b.1682
MARTIN, Mary b.1649
MARTIN, Nicholas Esquire b.1540
MARTIN, Nicholas b.1236
MARTIN, Richard b.1630
MARTIN, Richard b.1565
MARTIN, Richard b.1636
MARTIN, Richard a.1609
MARTIN, Robert b.1593
MARTIN, Samuel b.1610
MARTIN, Samuel b.1645
MARTIN, Susan b.1845
MARTIN, Thomas b.1644
MARTIN, Thomas b.1678
MARTIN, Warin b.1260
MARTIN, William Esquire b.1485
MARTIN, William Lord Martin b.1294
MARTIN, William Lord Martin b.1257
MARTIN, William Knight b.1458
MARTIN, William b.1632


MARTINAKISSA, Theophana b.865


MARTINEZ, Osorio b.1107


MARTYN, Anthony b.1589
MARTYN, Edward Esquire b.1585
MARTYN, Elizabeth b.1592
MARTYN, Elizabeth b.1662
MARTYN, Henry b.1587
MARTYN, Henry Esquire b.1555
MARTYN, Magdalen b.1608
MARTYN, Prudence b.1574


MARVIN, Abigail b.1635
MARVIN, Audre b.1545
MARVIN, Barbara b.1555
MARVIN, Christian b.1521
MARVIN, Edward b.1581
MARVIN, Edward b.1549
MARVIN, Elizabeth b.1469
MARVIN, Elizabeth b.1671
MARVIN, Elizabeth b.1597
MARVIN, Elizabeth a.1622
MARVIN, Hannah b.1675
MARVIN, Hannah a.1633
MARVIN, John b.1678
MARVIN, John b.1453
MARVIN, John b.1528
MARVIN, John b.1553
MARVIN, John b.1480
MARVIN, John a.1593
MARVIN, Margaret b.1526
MARVIN, Margaret b.1589
MARVIN, Margery b.1551
MARVIN, Marie b.1591
MARVIN, Marion b.1524
MARVIN, Mary b.1658
MARVIN, Mary b.1716
MARVIN, Mary a.1628
MARVIN, Matthew b.1664
MARVIN, Matthew a.1626
MARVIN, Matthew a.1600
MARVIN, Rachel a.1649
MARVIN, Rebecca b.1638
MARVIN, Reinold b.1514
MARVIN, Reinold a.1593
MARVIN, Reinold a.1594
MARVIN, Richard b.1547
MARVIN, Richard b.1585
MARVIN, Robert b.1488
MARVIN, Robert b.1587
MARVIN, Roger b.1427
MARVIN, Samuel b.1668
MARVIN, Samuel a.1648
MARVIN, Sarah b.1660
MARVIN, Sarah a.1631
MARVIN, Thomas b.1519
MARVIN, Thomas b.1583
MARVIN, Ursula b.1517


MARY, Richard de b.1032
MARY, Richard de b.1005




MASCHEREL, Walter b.1060


MASCRAFT, Keziah b.1714
MASCRAFT, Mehitable b.1707


MASCY, Agnes de b.1232
MASCY, Alice de b.1318
MASCY, Ann b.1615
MASCY, Anne b.1370
MASCY, Cecilia de b.1340
MASCY, Cecily de b.1278
MASCY, Cecily de b.1262
MASCY, Edward de b.1323
MASCY, Ellen de b.1395
MASCY, Geoffrey de b.1378
MASCY, Hamnet b.1460
MASCY, Hamon Esquire b.1372
MASCY, Hamon b.1425
MASCY, Hamon de b.1262
MASCY, Hamon de b.1315
MASCY, Hamon de Knight b.1295
MASCY, Hamon I de b.1080
MASCY, Hamon II de b.1115
MASCY, Hamon III de b.1155
MASCY, Hamon IV de b.1190
MASCY, Hamon V de b.1234
MASCY, Hamon VI de b.1258
MASCY, Henry b.1421
MASCY, Henry de b.1320
MASCY, Hugh b.1431
MASCY, Hugh de b.1302
MASCY, Isabel de b.1280
MASCY, Isabel de b.1153
MASCY, Joan de b.1376
MASCY, John b.1423
MASCY, John Knight b.1342
MASCY, John de Sheriff of Cheshire b.1345
MASCY, Margaret de b.1182
MASCY, Margery de b.1372
MASCY, Margery de b.1230
MASCY, Matilda b.1402
MASCY, Richard b.1374
MASCY, Richard b.1429
MASCY, Richard de b.1381
MASCY, Richard de Sheriff of Cheshire b.1239
MASCY, Richard de b.1270
MASCY, Robert de b.1117
MASCY, Robert de b.1245
MASCY, Thomas Esquire b.1419
MASCY, Thomas b.1386
MASCY, Thomas de b.1374
MASCY, Thomas de b.1290
MASCY, Thomas de b.1326
MASCY, William b.1377
MASCY, William b.1427
MASCY, William Esquire b.1402
MASCY, William de b.1236


MASH, Hamilton Monroe b.1913


MASKELL, Thomas b.1638


MASON, Abigail a.1625
MASON, Agnes b.1530
MASON, Agnes b.1559
MASON, Alice a.1542
MASON, Alice b.1563
MASON, Ann a.1580
MASON, Anne a.1594
MASON, Daniel b.1674
MASON, Daniel b.1649
MASON, Earl H. b.1906
MASON, Edward a.1566
MASON, Eleanor b.1553
MASON, Elias b.1612
MASON, Elizabeth b.1532
MASON, Elizabeth a.1624
MASON, Elizabeth b.1677
MASON, Elizabeth a.1587
MASON, Elizabeth b.1604
MASON, Elizabeth b.1565
MASON, Elizabeth b.1638
MASON, Eunice a.1602
MASON, Francis b.1623
MASON, Hannah b.1636
MASON, Henry b.1567
MASON, Henry b.1525
MASON, Hester b.1686
MASON, Hezekiah b.1677
MASON, Hugh a.1582
MASON, Hugh a.1570
MASON, Hugh b.1539
MASON, Hugh a.1606
MASON, Isabel b.1534
MASON, James b.1528
MASON, Joan b.1536
MASON, Joan a.1597
MASON, Joan b.1557
MASON, John b.1646
MASON, John a.1586
MASON, John b.1561
MASON, John b.1644
MASON, Joseph b.1688
MASON, Joseph b.1646
MASON, Margaret b.1569
MASON, Margaret a.1548
MASON, Margaret b.1551
MASON, Margery b.1538
MASON, Mary a.1589
MASON, Mary b.1640
MASON, Mary b.1685
MASON, Mrs. Helena b.1583
MASON, Noah b.1712
MASON, Rachel b.1610
MASON, Rebecca a.1622
MASON, Richard a.1592
MASON, Richard a.1564
MASON, Ruth b.1640
MASON, Sara a.1600
MASON, Sarah b.1691
MASON, Sarah b.1651
MASON, Sybil a.1540
MASON, Thomas b.1502
MASON, Thomas b.1574
MASON, Walter b.1595
MASON, Walter b.1555
MASON, William a.1544


MASSGAU, Giselbert I von Count in the Massgau b.795
MASSGAU, Giselbert II von Count of Darnau b.820


MASSINGBERD, Elizabeth b.1627


MASSUE, Rachel de b.1603


MASTAC, William de b.1214


MASTERSON, Elizabeth b.1664


MASTON, Joan b.1570


MATCHETT, Ann b.1716
MATCHETT, Susanna b.1628


MATHER, Abigail b.1677
MATHER, Cotton b.1663
MATHER, Eleazer b.1637
MATHER, Elizabeth b.1666
MATHER, Hannah b.1680
MATHER, Increase b.1639
MATHER, Jerusha b.1684
MATHER, Joseph b.1633
MATHER, Joseph b.1661
MATHER, Katherine b.1682
MATHER, Maria b.1665
MATHER, Nathaniel b.1669
MATHER, Nathaniel b.1630
MATHER, Richard b.1596
MATHER, Samuel b.1674
MATHER, Samuel b.1626
MATHER, Sarah b.1671
MATHER, Timothy b.1628


MATHEW, Anne b.1657
MATHEW, David Knight b.1400
MATHEW, David b.1460
MATHEW, Jenet b.1458
MATHEW, Laurence b.1585
MATHEW, Thomas Esquire b.1435
MATHEW, William Knight b.1462


MATHEWSON, James b.1638


MATHIS, Martha Elizabeth b.1882
MATHIS, Rice b.1744
MATHIS, Sabra b.1758
MATHIS, Tomsin b.1755

Surname List