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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


CONANT, Abiah a.1672
CONANT, Abigail b.1690
CONANT, Benjamin b.1698
CONANT, Bethia b.1684
CONANT, Caleb a.1683
CONANT, Caleb a.1622
CONANT, Christopher a.1588
CONANT, Daniel b.1694
CONANT, Deborah b.1688
CONANT, Elizabeth a.1677
CONANT, Elizabeth b.1682
CONANT, Elizabeth b.1660
CONANT, Elizabeth b.1635
CONANT, Excercise a.1637
CONANT, Jane a.1675
CONANT, Jane a.1611
CONANT, Jane a.1584
CONANT, Jemima b.1701
CONANT, Joan a.1580
CONANT, John b.1686
CONANT, John b.1652
CONANT, John b.1520
CONANT, John Rector of St. Botolph a.1586
CONANT, Joshua b.1657
CONANT, Joshua b.1630
CONANT, Josiah a.1680
CONANT, Lot a.1679
CONANT, Lot b.1657
CONANT, Lot b.1626
CONANT, Martha b.1664
CONANT, Martha a.1615
CONANT, Mary b.1689
CONANT, Mary b.1662
CONANT, Mary a.1618
CONANT, Mary b.1633
CONANT, Nathaniel b.1650
CONANT, Rebecca b.1696
CONANT, Rebecca b.1671
CONANT, Richard a.1622
CONANT, Richard a.1582
CONANT, Richard b.1548
CONANT, Robert b.1583
CONANT, Roger b.1669
CONANT, Roger b.1628
CONANT, Roger a.1592
CONANT, Ruth b.1720
CONANT, Sarah a.1669
CONANT, Sarah b.1666
CONANT, Sarah a.1624
CONANT, Sarah b.1624
CONANT, Sarah a.1619
CONANT, Shubael b.1711
CONANT, Thomas a.1587
CONANT, William b.1666


CONDE, Isabel de b.1220
CONDE, Jaques de b.1218
CONDE, Nicholas de Seigneur de Conde b.1180
CONDE, Roger de b.1147


CONDET, Agnes de b.1165
CONDET, Isabel de b.1141
CONDET, Osbert de b.1080
CONDET, Robert de b.1139
CONDET, Robert de b.1106
CONDET, Roger de b.1108
CONDET, Roger de b.1138


CONDON, Martha b.1705


CONDUIT, Isabel atte b.1323
CONDUIT, Lucy atte b.1326
CONDUIT, N.N. atte b.1321
CONDUIT, Reginald atte Mayor of London b.1290


CONE, Abigail b.1706
CONE, Caleb a.1682
CONE, Daniel b.1694
CONE, Daniel b.1666
CONE, Daniel b.1626
CONE, Deborah a.1711
CONE, Deborah b.1718
CONE, Dorothy b.1704
CONE, Ebenezer a.1673
CONE, Eleanor b.1710
CONE, Elizabeth a.1701
CONE, George a.1709
CONE, Hannah b.1664
CONE, Hannah a.1705
CONE, Jared b.1715
CONE, Jared b.1713
CONE, Jared b.1694
CONE, Jared b.1668
CONE, John b.1720
CONE, Joseph b.1712
CONE, Mary b.1701
CONE, Mary b.1703
CONE, Mehitable b.1699
CONE, Mehitable b.1714
CONE, Nathaniel a.1675
CONE, Rebecca b.1704
CONE, Rebecca b.1670
CONE, Reuben b.1723
CONE, Ruth b.1663
CONE, Ruth a.1704
CONE, Sarah b.1697
CONE, Stephen b.1706
CONE, Stephen a.1678
CONE, Stephen a.1697
CONE, Susannah b.1708
CONE, Thomas a.1698


CONEY, Elizabeth a.1681
CONEY, John a.1599


CONIGBURG, Alice de b.1209
CONIGBURG, William de b.1184


CONINGSBY, Amphyllis b.1486
CONINGSBY, Amy b.1546
CONINGSBY, Ann b.1544
CONINGSBY, Christopher Esquire b.1517
CONINGSBY, Elizabeth b.1542
CONINGSBY, Elizabeth b.1512
CONINGSBY, Elizabeth b.1483
CONINGSBY, Humphrey b.1425
CONINGSBY, Humphrey Esquire b.1514
CONINGSBY, Humphrey Knight b.1454
CONINGSBY, Jane b.1498
CONINGSBY, John b.1495
CONINGSBY, Margaret b.1492
CONINGSBY, Margaret b.1520
CONINGSBY, Thomas b.1399
CONINGSBY, Thomas b.1428
CONINGSBY, Thomas b.1480
CONINGSBY, William Knight b.1489


CONKLIN, Ananias b.1605
CONKLIN, Benjamin a.1638
CONKLIN, Cornelius a.1637
CONKLIN, Eliakim b.1713
CONKLIN, Elisheba b.1702
CONKLIN, Elizabeth a.1649
CONKLIN, Hester b.1651
CONKLIN, Jacob a.1649
CONKLIN, Jeremiah a.1633
CONKLIN, John b.1694
CONKLIN, John b.1658
CONKLIN, Jonathan b.1717
CONKLIN, Lewis a.1643
CONKLIN, Mary a.1631
CONKLIN, Rebecca b.1629
CONKLIN, Thomas b.1709
CONKLIN, Timothy b.1640


CONNELL, John b.1728


CONNERLEY, John b.1720


CONNERS, Susan J. b.1829


CONSTABLE, Agnes b.1448
CONSTABLE, Agnes b.1424
CONSTABLE, Agnes b.1470
CONSTABLE, Agnes b.1465
CONSTABLE, Agnes b.1481
CONSTABLE, Alice b.1613
CONSTABLE, Anne b.1502
CONSTABLE, Anne b.1460
CONSTABLE, Barbara b.1537
CONSTABLE, Bryan b.1518
CONSTABLE, Catherine b.1646
CONSTABLE, Cecily b.1644
CONSTABLE, Clemencia b.1266
CONSTABLE, Dorothy b.1580
CONSTABLE, Edith b.1225
CONSTABLE, Ela b.1262
CONSTABLE, Eleanor b.1548
CONSTABLE, Eleanor b.1472
CONSTABLE, Elizabeth b.1406
CONSTABLE, Elizabeth b.1426
CONSTABLE, Elizabeth b.1543
CONSTABLE, Elizabeth b.1456
CONSTABLE, Ernberge b.1283
CONSTABLE, Everild b.1541
CONSTABLE, Everild b.1508
CONSTABLE, Everild b.1554
CONSTABLE, Frances b.1530
CONSTABLE, Frances b.1565
CONSTABLE, Francis b.1515
CONSTABLE, Francis b.1557
CONSTABLE, Fulke Knight b.1210
CONSTABLE, Galfrid b.1241
CONSTABLE, George b.1535
CONSTABLE, Henry b.1619
CONSTABLE, Henry Knight b.1553
CONSTABLE, Henry Viscount Dunbar b.1588
CONSTABLE, Isabel b.1452
CONSTABLE, Jane b.1497
CONSTABLE, Jane b.1409
CONSTABLE, Joan b.1443
CONSTABLE, Joan b.1375
CONSTABLE, John b.1649
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1502
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1480
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1304
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1446
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1422
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1400
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1590
CONSTABLE, John b.1559
CONSTABLE, John Viscount Dunbar b.1615
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1524
CONSTABLE, John b.1531
CONSTABLE, John Dean of Lincoln b.1454
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1336
CONSTABLE, John Knight b.1484
CONSTABLE, Joseph b.1555
CONSTABLE, Joyce b.1504
CONSTABLE, Katherine b.1512
CONSTABLE, Katherine b.1300
CONSTABLE, Katherine b.1621
CONSTABLE, Katherine a.1579
CONSTABLE, Katherine b.1498
CONSTABLE, Katherine b.1553
CONSTABLE, Katherine b.1462
CONSTABLE, Lora b.1483
CONSTABLE, Margaret b.1510
CONSTABLE, Margaret b.1449
CONSTABLE, Margaret b.1624
CONSTABLE, Margaret a.1581
CONSTABLE, Margaret b.1496
CONSTABLE, Margaret b.1533
CONSTABLE, Margaret b.1446
CONSTABLE, Margery b.1458
CONSTABLE, Margery b.1455
CONSTABLE, Marmaduke b.1415
CONSTABLE, Marmaduke Knight b.1500
CONSTABLE, Marmaduke Knight b.1527
CONSTABLE, Marmaduke Knight b.1475
CONSTABLE, Marmaduke Knight b.1445
CONSTABLE, Mary b.1641
CONSTABLE, Mary b.1613
CONSTABLE, Mary b.1584
CONSTABLE, Matthew b.1617
CONSTABLE, Maud b.1428
CONSTABLE, Michael b.1545
CONSTABLE, Peter b.1200
CONSTABLE, Philip Knight b.1550
CONSTABLE, Philip b.1452
CONSTABLE, Ralph b.1527
CONSTABLE, Ralph b.1492
CONSTABLE, Ralph b.1504
CONSTABLE, Ralph Knight b.1459
CONSTABLE, Ralph b.1561
CONSTABLE, Richard b.1418
CONSTABLE, Robert Viscount Dunbar b.1651
CONSTABLE, Robert b.1508
CONSTABLE, Robert Knight b.1380
CONSTABLE, Robert Knight b.1529
CONSTABLE, Robert Knight b.1503
CONSTABLE, Robert b.1556
CONSTABLE, Robert Esquire b.1450
CONSTABLE, Robert b.1180
CONSTABLE, Robert b.1245
CONSTABLE, Robert Knight b.1264
CONSTABLE, Robert Knight b.1469
CONSTABLE, Robert Knight b.1412
CONSTABLE, Roger b.1551
CONSTABLE, Sarah b.1622
CONSTABLE, Simon b.1213
CONSTABLE, Simon Knight b.1238
CONSTABLE, Thomas b.1539
CONSTABLE, Thomas b.1373
CONSTABLE, Thomas b.1506
CONSTABLE, William Viscount Dunbar b.1654
CONSTABLE, William b.1506
CONSTABLE, William b.1558
CONSTABLE, William Archdeacon of Cleveland b.1421
CONSTABLE, William b.1235
CONSTABLE, William b.1308
CONSTABLE, William b.1463
CONSTABLE, William Knight b.1371
CONSTABLE, William b.1509
CONSTABLE, William b.1505
CONSTABLE, William Knight b.1468
CONSTABLE, William Knight b.1208
CONSTABLE, William Knight b.1478


CONTEVILLE, Emma de b.1029
CONTEVILLE, Godiva de b.1045
CONTEVILLE, Herluin de Knight b.979
CONTEVILLE, Odo de Bishop of Bayeux b.1035


CONVERSE, Aaron a.1619
CONVERSE, Abigail b.1703
CONVERSE, Abigail b.1658
CONVERSE, Abraham a.1620
CONVERSE, Allen a.1616
CONVERSE, Allen a.1586
CONVERSE, Allen b.1558
CONVERSE, Andrew a.1591
CONVERSE, Anna b.1644
CONVERSE, Anne a.1599
CONVERSE, Anthony a.1562
CONVERSE, Daniel a.1609
CONVERSE, Deborah b.1647
CONVERSE, Edward b.1655
CONVERSE, Edward a.1589
CONVERSE, Elizabeth b.1645
CONVERSE, Gabriel a.1604
CONVERSE, Geoffrey a.1568
CONVERSE, Hannah b.1660
CONVERSE, Hester a.1612
CONVERSE, Hester b.1688
CONVERSE, James b.1645
CONVERSE, James a.1620
CONVERSE, Jane b.1564
CONVERSE, John a.1566
CONVERSE, John b.1530
CONVERSE, Joseph b.1649
CONVERSE, Josiah b.1704
CONVERSE, Josiah b.1697
CONVERSE, Josiah b.1691
CONVERSE, Josiah a.1618
CONVERSE, Josiah b.1660
CONVERSE, Keziah b.1699
CONVERSE, Lydia b.1653
CONVERSE, Mary b.1656
CONVERSE, Mary b.1651
CONVERSE, Mary b.1655
CONVERSE, Mary b.1702
CONVERSE, Mary b.1625
CONVERSE, Rebecca b.1651
CONVERSE, Rebecca b.1694
CONVERSE, Richard b.1595
CONVERSE, Ruth b.1661
CONVERSE, Ruth b.1686
CONVERSE, Samuel b.1653
CONVERSE, Samuel a.1637
CONVERSE, Sarah b.1649
CONVERSE, Sarah b.1647
CONVERSE, Sarah a.1621
CONVERSE, Sarah a.1623
CONVERSE, Theophilus b.1652
CONVERSE, Theophilus a.1614
CONVERSE, Thomas b.1560
CONVERSE, Timothy b.1693
CONVERSE, William a.1570
CONVERSE, Zachariah b.1642


CONWAY, Anne b.1627
CONWAY, Brilliana b.1601
CONWAY, Catlett b.1719
CONWAY, Dorothy b.1625
CONWAY, Edward Earl of Conway b.1623
CONWAY, Edward Viscount Conway a.1594
CONWAY, Edward Viscount Conway b.1563
CONWAY, Edwin b.1643
CONWAY, Edwin b.1610
CONWAY, Eleanor Rose b.1731
CONWAY, Elizabeth b.1537
CONWAY, Elizabeth b.1557
CONWAY, Elizabeth b.1724
CONWAY, Eltonhead b.1645
CONWAY, Frances b.1599
CONWAY, Frances b.1567
CONWAY, Francis b.1630
CONWAY, Francis b.1722
CONWAY, Francis b.1696
CONWAY, Fulke Knight b.1565
CONWAY, Heligawrth b.1603
CONWAY, Heneage a.1659
CONWAY, John Knight b.1510
CONWAY, John a.1593
CONWAY, John b.1569
CONWAY, John Knight b.1535
CONWAY, Katherine b.1559
CONWAY, Mary b.1605
CONWAY, Mary b.1561
CONWAY, Ralph b.1608
CONWAY, Reuben b.1725
CONWAY, Sarah b.1728
CONWAY, Thomas Knight a.1597
CONWAY, Thomas b.1572


CONYERS, Agnes b.1482
CONYERS, Anne b.1474
CONYERS, Anne b.1466
CONYERS, Anne b.1543
CONYERS, Beatrice b.1419
CONYERS, Cecily b.1417
CONYERS, Christopher b.1440
CONYERS, Christopher Esquire b.1462
CONYERS, Christopher Lord Conyers b.1499
CONYERS, Christopher Knight b.1421
CONYERS, Cuthbert Esquire b.1464
CONYERS, Dorothy b.1492
CONYERS, Eleanor b.1448
CONYERS, Elizabeth b.1447
CONYERS, Elizabeth b.1409
CONYERS, Elizabeth b.1450
CONYERS, Elizabeth b.1545
CONYERS, Elizabeth b.1532
CONYERS, Ellen b.1464
CONYERS, George b.1468
CONYERS, Henry b.1442
CONYERS, Henry b.1549
CONYERS, Humphrey b.1451
CONYERS, Isabel b.1443
CONYERS, Isabel b.1411
CONYERS, Jane b.1529
CONYERS, Jane b.1262
CONYERS, Joan b.1445
CONYERS, Joan b.1407
CONYERS, Joan b.1459
CONYERS, John b.1456
CONYERS, John Knight b.1345
CONYERS, John b.1460
CONYERS, John b.1547
CONYERS, John Knight b.1414
CONYERS, John Knight b.1436
CONYERS, John Lord Conyers b.1523
CONYERS, John b.1237
CONYERS, Katherine b.1415
CONYERS, Katherine b.1552
CONYERS, Katherine b.1504
CONYERS, Leonard b.1526
CONYERS, Margaret b.1480
CONYERS, Margaret b.1413
CONYERS, Margaret b.1452
CONYERS, Margaret b.1510
CONYERS, Margery b.1456
CONYERS, Margery b.1463
CONYERS, Margery b.1456
CONYERS, Mary b.1476
CONYERS, Maud b.1453
CONYERS, Maud de b.1152
CONYERS, Philip b.1444
CONYERS, Ralph b.1466
CONYERS, Reynold b.1525
CONYERS, Richard b.1478
CONYERS, Richard b.1438
CONYERS, Robert b.1470
CONYERS, Robert b.1449
CONYERS, Robert Esquire b.1373
CONYERS, Robert b.1446
CONYERS, Roger b.1472
CONYERS, William Knight b.1441
CONYERS, William Esquire b.1454
CONYERS, William Lord Conyers b.1468


COOK, Anna b.1724
COOK, Anna Eliza b.1851
COOK, Benoni b.1682
COOK, David a.1746
COOK, Deliverance b.1687
COOK, Ellis b.1627
COOK, Experience b.1683
COOK, Hannah b.1671
COOK, John b.1680
COOK, John b.1404
COOK, John b.1650
COOK, Joseph Bartlett b.1796
COOK, Margaret b.1429
COOK, Mary b.1649
COOK, Mary b.1730
COOK, Mary b.1688
COOK, Melatiah b.1760
COOK, Patience b.1645
COOK, Penelope b.1685
COOK, Phebe b.1660
COOK, Richard b.1609
COOK, Robert b.1695
COOK, Robert Harold b.1922
COOK, Samuel b.1641
COOK, Sarah b.1650
COOK, Stephen b.1647
COOK, Thomas b.1620


COOKE, Aaron b.1663
COOKE, Aaron a.1641
COOKE, Aaron a.1614
COOKE, Aaron b.1585
COOKE, Abigail b.1659
COOKE, Agnes a.1562
COOKE, Alice a.1575
COOKE, Alice b.1674
COOKE, Alice b.1527
COOKE, Anne a.1572
COOKE, Anne b.1613
COOKE, Anne b.1528
COOKE, Anne b.1636
COOKE, Anthony Knight b.1554
COOKE, Anthony a.1583
COOKE, Anthony b.1526
COOKE, Anthony K.B. b.1504
COOKE, Arthur a.1616
COOKE, Beatrice b.1478
COOKE, Beatrice b.1507
COOKE, Benjamin b.1687
COOKE, Bethia b.1639
COOKE, Bethia b.1610
COOKE, Bridget b.1683
COOKE, Caleb b.1676
COOKE, Deborah b.1679
COOKE, Deborah b.1696
COOKE, Desire b.1694
COOKE, Dorothy b.1606
COOKE, Dorothy a.1619
COOKE, Edward a.1576
COOKE, Edward b.1534
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1704
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1570
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1677
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1602
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1538
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1670
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1644
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1640
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1573
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1645
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1669
COOKE, Elizabeth a.1611
COOKE, Elizabeth b.1674
COOKE, Frances a.1578
COOKE, Frances b.1604
COOKE, Francis b.1581
COOKE, George a.1561
COOKE, George b.1610
COOKE, Grace b.1606
COOKE, Grace b.1650
COOKE, Grace b.1648
COOKE, Gregory b.1621
COOKE, Hannah b.1706
COOKE, Haynes b.1677
COOKE, Helen b.1545
COOKE, Isabel a.1611
COOKE, Jacob b.1708
COOKE, Jacob b.1618
COOKE, Joan b.1513
COOKE, Joan a.1543
COOKE, Joanna a.1638
COOKE, Joanna b.1665
COOKE, John b.1698
COOKE, John b.1568
COOKE, John a.1572
COOKE, John b.1530
COOKE, John a.1575
COOKE, John Esquire b.1481
COOKE, John b.1668
COOKE, John b.1490
COOKE, John b.1549
COOKE, John b.1543
COOKE, John a.1621
COOKE, John b.1582
COOKE, John a.1554
COOKE, John b.1515
COOKE, John a.1607
COOKE, Joseph b.1671
COOKE, Joseph b.1643
COOKE, Joseph b.1608
COOKE, Joshua b.1702
COOKE, Joshua b.1683
COOKE, Josiah b.1670
COOKE, Josiah b.1644
COOKE, Josiah b.1610
COOKE, Katherine b.1532
COOKE, Katherine a.1541
COOKE, Lawrence b.1551
COOKE, Margaret b.1540
COOKE, Margery b.1547
COOKE, Martha a.1614
COOKE, Mary b.1700
COOKE, Mary b.1646
COOKE, Mary b.1647
COOKE, Mary b.1616
COOKE, Mary a.1609
COOKE, Mary a.1547
COOKE, Mary b.1562
COOKE, Matilda b.1472
COOKE, Mildred a.1573
COOKE, Mildred b.1610
COOKE, Mildred b.1524
COOKE, Miriam a.1643
COOKE, Moses b.1675
COOKE, Moses a.1645
COOKE, N.N. b.1525
COOKE, Philip Knight b.1454
COOKE, Philippa b.1557
COOKE, Richard Knight b.1530
COOKE, Richard b.1672
COOKE, Robert b.1564
COOKE, Robert Knight b.1598
COOKE, Robert b.1554
COOKE, Robert b.1515
COOKE, Robert b.1510
COOKE, Rose a.1566
COOKE, Ruth b.1653
COOKE, Samuel b.1672
COOKE, Sarah b.1662
COOKE, Silvia a.1625
COOKE, Solomon a.1711
COOKE, Thomas b.1560
COOKE, Thomas a.1584
COOKE, Thomas b.1608
COOKE, Thomas b.1646
COOKE, Thomas b.1642
COOKE, Thomas b.1541
COOKE, Thomas b.1659
COOKE, Thomas Esquire b.1604
COOKE, Thomas Gentleman b.1564
COOKE, Thomas b.1520
COOKE, Westwood b.1670
COOKE, William a.1574
COOKE, William b.1600
COOKE, William Knight b.1571
COOKE, William Knight b.1536
COOKE, William a.1617
COOKE, William a.1552
COOKE, William b.1518


COOKER, Elizabeth b.1767
COOKER, Henry b.1770
COOKER, Peter b.1773
COOKER, Simon b.1745


COOKSON, Mary b.1616


COOLEY, Henry b.1645
COOLEY, Laura b.1789


COOLIDGE, Abigail b.1698
COOLIDGE, Abigail b.1669
COOLIDGE, Abigail b.1658
COOLIDGE, Abigail Grace b.1875
COOLIDGE, Ann b.1677
COOLIDGE, Calvin b.1908
COOLIDGE, Calvin b.1780
COOLIDGE, Calvin Galusha b.1815
COOLIDGE, Catherine b.1784
COOLIDGE, Cynthia b.1933
COOLIDGE, Daniel b.1676
COOLIDGE, Elizabeth b.1689
COOLIDGE, Elizabeth b.1673
COOLIDGE, Elizabeth b.1671
COOLIDGE, Elizabeth b.1668
COOLIDGE, Fanny b.1793
COOLIDGE, Fanny b.1786
COOLIDGE, Grace b.1664
COOLIDGE, Hannah b.1693
COOLIDGE, Hannah b.1657
COOLIDGE, Hannah b.1671
COOLIDGE, Hannah b.1720
COOLIDGE, Henry b.1664
COOLIDGE, Hepzibah b.1681
COOLIDGE, Isaiah b.1777
COOLIDGE, John b.1662
COOLIDGE, John b.1660
COOLIDGE, John b.1630
COOLIDGE, John a.1604
COOLIDGE, John b.1906
COOLIDGE, John b.1795
COOLIDGE, John b.1755
COOLIDGE, John b.1672
COOLIDGE, John Calvin b.1872
COOLIDGE, John Calvin b.1845
COOLIDGE, Jonathan b.1660
COOLIDGE, Jonathan b.1647
COOLIDGE, Jonathan b.1674
COOLIDGE, Joseph b.1691
COOLIDGE, Joseph b.1666
COOLIDGE, Joseph b.1684
COOLIDGE, Josiah b.1747
COOLIDGE, Josiah b.1718
COOLIDGE, Julius C. b.1851
COOLIDGE, Luther b.1782
COOLIDGE, Lydia b.1700
COOLIDGE, Lydia b.1677
COOLIDGE, Lydia b.1939
COOLIDGE, Lydia a.1726
COOLIDGE, Mary b.1702
COOLIDGE, Mary b.1659
COOLIDGE, Mary b.1744
COOLIDGE, Mary b.1666
COOLIDGE, Mary b.1660
COOLIDGE, Mary b.1637
COOLIDGE, Nathan b.1734
COOLIDGE, Nathaniel b.1660
COOLIDGE, Nathaniel b.1634
COOLIDGE, Obadiah b.1688
COOLIDGE, Obadiah b.1663
COOLIDGE, Obadiah b.1642
COOLIDGE, Obadiah b.1751
COOLIDGE, Obadiah b.1723
COOLIDGE, Obadiah b.1695
COOLIDGE, Oliver b.1787
COOLIDGE, Polly b.1790
COOLIDGE, Rachel b.1731
COOLIDGE, Richard b.1666
COOLIDGE, Sally Maria b.1822
COOLIDGE, Samuel b.1662
COOLIDGE, Sarah b.1696
COOLIDGE, Sarah b.1679
COOLIDGE, Sarah b.1678
COOLIDGE, Sarah b.1659
COOLIDGE, Simon b.1631
COOLIDGE, Simon b.1704
COOLIDGE, Simon b.1632
COOLIDGE, Stephen b.1705
COOLIDGE, Stephen b.1674
COOLIDGE, Stephen b.1639
COOLIDGE, Thomas b.1670
COOLIDGE, Walter LeJeir b.1909


COOMBS, Barbara b.1703
COOMBS, Bridget b.1689
COOMBS, Deborah b.1662
COOMBS, Elizabeth b.1662
COOMBS, Elizabeth b.1650
COOMBS, Francis b.1635
COOMBS, Henry b.1644
COOMBS, Henry b.1607
COOMBS, Humphrey b.1636
COOMBS, John b.1664
COOMBS, John b.1633
COOMBS, John b.1688
COOMBS, John a.1597
COOMBS, Joshua b.1671
COOMBS, Mary b.1666
COOMBS, Michael b.1669
COOMBS, Michael b.1639
COOMBS, Michael a.1703
COOMBS, Richard b.1654
COOMBS, Robert b.1633
COOMBS, Susanna b.1647




COOPER, Agnes a.1585
COOPER, Ann a.1610
COOPER, Anna b.1668
COOPER, Anna b.1643
COOPER, Anne b.1625
COOPER, Anne a.1619
COOPER, Deborah a.1635
COOPER, Deborah b.1664
COOPER, Deborah b.1705
COOPER, Desire b.1684
COOPER, Eleanor b.1613
COOPER, Elizabeth a.1638
COOPER, Elizabeth b.1662
COOPER, Elizabeth b.1649
COOPER, Elizabeth b.1672
COOPER, Elizabeth b.1697
COOPER, Hannah a.1667
COOPER, Joan b.1605
COOPER, Joan b.1590
COOPER, John b.1656
COOPER, John b.1651
COOPER, John a.1602
COOPER, John a.1625
COOPER, John b.1594
COOPER, John b.1686
COOPER, John b.1659
COOPER, John b.1654
COOPER, John b.1670
COOPER, John a.1642
COOPER, John a.1618
COOPER, Josiah b.1632
COOPER, Joyce b.1597
COOPER, Judith b.1673
COOPER, Lydia b.1623
COOPER, Lydia b.1662
COOPER, Lydia b.1703
COOPER, Martha a.1629
COOPER, Mary b.1758
COOPER, Mary b.1645
COOPER, Mary b.1658
COOPER, Mary a.1621
COOPER, Mary b.1674
COOPER, Mary b.1651
COOPER, Mary a.1641
COOPER, Mary b.1687
COOPER, N.N. b.1656
COOPER, Nathaniel b.1659
COOPER, Nathaniel a.1608
COOPER, Nathaniel a.1643
COOPER, Philip b.1677
COOPER, Philip b.1648
COOPER, Rachel a.1633
COOPER, Rachel b.1671
COOPER, Rebecca a.1605
COOPER, Rebecca a.1640
COOPER, Rebecca b.1657
COOPER, Robert a.1610
COOPER, Samuel a.1616
COOPER, Samuel b.1654
COOPER, Samuel a.1632
COOPER, Samuel b.1669
COOPER, Samuel b.1673
COOPER, Samuel b.1677
COOPER, Sarah b.1666
COOPER, Sarah b.1642
COOPER, Sarah b.1666
COOPER, Sarah b.1699
COOPER, Simon b.1586
COOPER, Tabitha b.1701
COOPER, Thomas b.1645
COOPER, Thomas a.1612
COOPER, Thomas b.1576
COOPER, Thomas a.1604
COOPER, Thomas b.1660
COOPER, Thomas a.1630
COOPER, Thomas a.1627
COOPER, Thomas b.1678
COOPER, Thomas b.1646
COOPER, Thomas b.1616
COOPER, Thomas b.1668
COOPER, Timothy b.1644
COOPER, Timothy b.1671


COOTE, Christopher b.1516


COPDOWE, Mirabel b.1466


COPE, Alexander b.1426
COPE, Anne b.1629
COPE, Anne b.1575
COPE, Anne b.1501
COPE, Anne b.1521
COPE, Anthony b.1609
COPE, Anthony Knight b.1633
COPE, Anthony b.1579
COPE, Anthony Knight b.1550
COPE, Anthony Knight b.1496
COPE, Anthony Esquire b.1528
COPE, Edward Knight b.1555
COPE, Edward Esquire b.1466
COPE, Edward Esquire b.1525
COPE, Elizabeth b.1637
COPE, Elizabeth b.1581
COPE, Elizabeth b.1530
COPE, Erasmus b.1586
COPE, Erasmus Esquire b.1526
COPE, Ferdinando b.1594
COPE, George Esquire b.1532
COPE, Henry b.1655
COPE, Isabel b.1594
COPE, Jane b.1552
COPE, Joan b.1535
COPE, John b.1588
COPE, John Knight a.1634
COPE, John Knight a.1608
COPE, John b.1587
COPE, John Esquire b.1435
COPE, John b.1397
COPE, John Knight b.1355
COPE, John Knight b.1502
COPE, Margaret b.1453
COPE, Margaret b.1547
COPE, Mary b.1664
COPE, Mary b.1585
COPE, Paul b.1590
COPE, Richard b.1607
COPE, Richard b.1583
COPE, Stephen b.1410
COPE, Stephen Esquire b.1473
COPE, Susan b.1592
COPE, Theophilus b.1595
COPE, Ursula b.1554
COPE, Walter Esquire b.1605
COPE, Walter Knight b.1556
COPE, William Esquire b.1612
COPE, William Knight b.1577
COPE, William b.1437
COPE, William b.1544
COPE, William Esquire b.1499
COPE, William b.1402
COPE, William Esquire b.1450


COPELAND, Amabel of b.1134
COPELAND, John b.1658
COPELAND, Thomas b.1654


COPINGER, Margaret a.1592


COPLESTONE, Anne b.1588
COPLESTONE, Elizabeth b.1592
COPLESTONE, Hugh b.1540


COPLEY, Ada b.1488
COPLEY, Anne b.1473
COPLEY, Dorothy b.1479
COPLEY, Eleanor b.1475
COPLEY, Elizabeth b.1482
COPLEY, Katherine b.1530
COPLEY, Margaret b.1539
COPLEY, Margaret b.1485
COPLEY, Margaret a.1570
COPLEY, Richard b.1471
COPLEY, Roger Knight b.1469
COPLEY, Roger Esquire b.1430
COPLEY, Thomas Knight b.1534
COPLEY, William Esquire b.1477


COPPINGDALE, Alice b.1470


COPPYN, John b.1535


COPSEY, Catherine b.1540


COPSON, Elizabeth b.1574


COPTON, Agnes de b.1311
COPTON, John de b.1290


CORBEAU, Hugh le b.1030


CORBEIL, Adelaide de b.1070
CORBEIL, Bouchard de Comte de Corbeil b.1045


CORBET, Alan b.1201
CORBET, Alice b.1184
CORBET, Alice b.1097
CORBET, Alice b.1389
CORBET, Alice b.1225
CORBET, Amice b.1342
CORBET, Anna b.1443
CORBET, Anne b.1479
CORBET, Anne b.1577
CORBET, Christiana b.1200
CORBET, Dorothy b.1503
CORBET, Dorothy b.1418
CORBET, Edmund b.1269
CORBET, Eleanor b.1340
CORBET, Elizabeth b.1483
CORBET, Elizabeth b.1447
CORBET, Elizabeth b.1574
CORBET, Elizabeth b.1275
CORBET, Emma b.1223
CORBET, Emma b.1159
CORBET, Everard b.1107
CORBET, Fulke Knight b.1332
CORBET, Fulke Canon of Lichfield b.1284
CORBET, George b.1485
CORBET, Hawise b.1240
CORBET, Hugh b.1194
CORBET, Hugh b.1139
CORBET, Hugh Priest b.1163
CORBET, Jane b.1499
CORBET, Jane b.1449
CORBET, Joan b.1263
CORBET, Joan b.1306
CORBET, Joan b.1336
CORBET, Joanna b.1512
CORBET, John b.1286
CORBET, John Baron of Caus b.1298
CORBET, John Knight b.1247
CORBET, John b.1285
CORBET, Julianna b.1416
CORBET, Katherine b.1475
CORBET, Margaret b.1487
CORBET, Margaret b.1370
CORBET, Margaret b.1190
CORBET, Margaret b.1354
CORBET, Margaret b.1334
CORBET, Margery b.1304
CORBET, Maria b.1481
CORBET, Maria b.1445
CORBET, Mary b.1507
CORBET, Mary b.1420
CORBET, Nicholas Knight b.1225
CORBET, Peter b.1131
CORBET, Peter Knight b.1278
CORBET, Peter I Baron of Caus b.1229
CORBET, Peter II Baron of Caus b.1264
CORBET, Petronilla b.1308
CORBET, Ralph Knight b.1250
CORBET, Reginald b.1509
CORBET, Reginald b.1266
CORBET, Richard b.1505
CORBET, Richard Knight b.1451
CORBET, Richard Knight b.1165
CORBET, Richard Knight b.1190
CORBET, Richard Knight b.1218
CORBET, Robert Knight b.1477
CORBET, Robert Knight b.1542
CORBET, Robert Knight b.1196
CORBET, Robert Sheriff of Shropshire b.1242
CORBET, Robert b.1103
CORBET, Robert Baron of Caus b.1159
CORBET, Robert Knight b.1304
CORBET, Robert Sheriff of Shropshire b.1383
CORBET, Roger Knight b.1501
CORBET, Roger b.1453
CORBET, Roger b.1289
CORBET, Roger Knight b.1282
CORBET, Roger b.1109
CORBET, Roger Knight b.1242
CORBET, Roger Knight b.1414
CORBET, Roger Knight b.1338
CORBET, Roger de b.1386
CORBET, Roger II Baron of Caus b.1131
CORBET, Simon b.1137
CORBET, Sybil b.1387
CORBET, Sybil b.1099
CORBET, Thomas Knight b.1412
CORBET, Thomas Knight b.1330
CORBET, Thomas b.1262
CORBET, Thomas b.1250
CORBET, Thomas Baron of Caus b.1192
CORBET, Thomas b.1281
CORBET, Walter Knight b.1245
CORBET, Walter b.1135
CORBET, Walter b.1169
CORBET, William b.1157
CORBET, William b.1652
CORBET, William b.1133
CORBET, William Knight b.1198
CORBET, William Priest b.1161
CORBET, William Knight b.1237
CORBET, William Baron of Caus b.1105
CORBET, William Knight b.1280


CORBETT, Mary Frances b.1515
CORBETT, Miles Knight b.1523


CORBIN, Alice b.1660
CORBIN, Anne b.1664
CORBIN, Clement b.1626
CORBIN, Gawin b.1672
CORBIN, Henry b.1667
CORBIN, Henry Esquire b.1629
CORBIN, John b.1573
CORBIN, Letitia b.1657
CORBIN, Thomas b.1669
CORBIN, Winifred b.1662


CORDELL, Anne b.1542
CORDELL, Edward b.1539
CORDELL, Francis b.1533
CORDELL, Jane b.1536
CORDELL, John b.1522
CORDELL, John Gentleman b.1504
CORDELL, William Knight b.1530

Surname List