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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


COREY, Isaac b.1642


CORISH, Scissilla b.1636


CORLET, Adrea b.1620
CORLET, Ammi Ruhamah b.1646
CORLET, Anne a.1608
CORLET, Elijah a.1609
CORLET, Henry a.1604
CORLET, Henry b.1580
CORLET, Hepzibah b.1648
CORLET, Jane a.1606
CORLET, Joanna a.1612
CORLET, Rebecca b.1644


CORLETT, Ann a.1771
CORLETT, Ann a.1797
CORLETT, Catherine a.1811
CORLETT, Elinor a.1802
CORLETT, Jane a.1799
CORLETT, John a.1806
CORLETT, William a.1739
CORLETT, William a.1769


CORLISS, George b.1617


CORMEILLES, Albreda de b.1190
CORMEILLES, Alice de b.1188
CORMEILLES, Margaret de b.1186
CORMEILLES, Richard de b.1119
CORMEILLES, Sybil de b.1192
CORMEILLES, Walter I de b.1080
CORMEILLES, Walter II de b.1149


CORNHERDE, Alice de b.1286
CORNHERDE, Richard de Knight b.1261


CORNHILL, Alice de b.1134
CORNHILL, Alice de b.1355
CORNHILL, Edward de b.1109
CORNHILL, Henry de Sheriff of London b.1155
CORNHILL, Joan de b.1189
CORNHILL, John de b.1330
CORNHILL, Juliana de b.1192
CORNHILL, Juliana de b.1185
CORNHILL, Ralph de b.1160
CORNHILL, Reginald de Sheriff of Kent b.1157
CORNHILL, Richard de b.1305
CORNHILL, William de b.1160


CORNICK, Aliff b.1702
CORNICK, Barbara b.1668
CORNICK, Elizabeth b.1663
CORNICK, Frances b.1705
CORNICK, Joel b.1673
CORNICK, John b.1677
CORNICK, Lemuel b.1717
CORNICK, Martha b.1632
CORNICK, Martin b.1656
CORNICK, Mary b.1629
CORNICK, Mary b.1708
CORNICK, Sarah b.1713
CORNICK, Simon b.1604
CORNICK, Simon b.1658
CORNICK, Thomas b.1634
CORNICK, William b.1660
CORNICK, William b.1627


CORNING, Elizabeth a.1643
CORNING, Joseph b.1679


CORNISH, Benjamin b.1704
CORNISH, Henry b.1589
CORNISH, John b.1390
CORNISH, John Esquire b.1424
CORNISH, Joyce b.1584
CORNISH, Margaret b.1427
CORNISH, Mary b.1463
CORNISH, Thomas b.1360
CORNISH, William b.1395


CORNOUAILLE, Hoel de Duke of Brittany b.1035
CORNOUAILLE, Orguen de b.1028


CORNU, Margaret b.1379
CORNU, Walter b.1354


CORNWALL, Brian de b.1317
CORNWALL, Constance b.1406
CORNWALL, Edmund de Knight b.1315
CORNWALL, Edmund de Knight b.1285
CORNWALL, Esther b.1650
CORNWALL, Geoffrey de Knight b.1335
CORNWALL, Geoffrey de Knight b.1287
CORNWALL, Joan de b.1321
CORNWALL, Joan de b.1263
CORNWALL, Joan de b.1289
CORNWALL, John Knight b.1403
CORNWALL, John Lord Fanhope b.1362
CORNWALL, John Knight b.1310
CORNWALL, John de Knight b.1339
CORNWALL, Margaret of b.1288
CORNWALL, Mary b.1694
CORNWALL, Peter de b.1319
CORNWALL, Richard de b.1337
CORNWALL, Richard de Knight b.1313
CORNWALL, Richard de Rector of Walsoken b.1291
CORNWALL, Richard de Knight b.1258
CORNWALL, Sybil de b.1255
CORNWALL, Thomas b.1648
CORNWALL, Walter de Knight b.1260
CORNWALL, William b.1285


CORNWALLIS, Affra b.1500
CORNWALLIS, Alice b.1554
CORNWALLIS, Anne b.1559
CORNWALLIS, Anne b.1523
CORNWALLIS, Anne b.1551
CORNWALLIS, Catherine b.1463
CORNWALLIS, Catherine Nun b.1506
CORNWALLIS, Charles Knight b.1547
CORNWALLIS, Dorothy b.1504
CORNWALLIS, Edith b.1515
CORNWALLIS, Edward Esquire b.1460
CORNWALLIS, Edward b.1502
CORNWALLIS, Elizabeth b.1554
CORNWALLIS, Elizabeth b.1498
CORNWALLIS, Elizabeth b.1521
CORNWALLIS, Elizabeth b.1549
CORNWALLIS, Francis b.1510
CORNWALLIS, Frederick Lord Cornwallis a.1611
CORNWALLIS, Henry b.1594
CORNWALLIS, Henry b.1525
CORNWALLIS, John b.1588
CORNWALLIS, John b.1552
CORNWALLIS, John Esquire b.1457
CORNWALLIS, John Knight b.1494
CORNWALLIS, Katherine a.1591
CORNWALLIS, Mary b.1529
CORNWALLIS, Prudence b.1512
CORNWALLIS, Richard Esquire b.1527
CORNWALLIS, Risley a.1598
CORNWALLIS, Robert b.1466
CORNWALLIS, Thomas Esquire b.1530
CORNWALLIS, Thomas b.1585
CORNWALLIS, Thomas Knight b.1556
CORNWALLIS, Thomas Archdeacon of Norwich b.1496
CORNWALLIS, Thomas Esquire b.1420
CORNWALLIS, Thomas b.1579
CORNWALLIS, Thomas Knight b.1519
CORNWALLIS, William b.1508
CORNWALLIS, William Esquire b.1469
CORNWALLIS, William b.1532
CORNWALLIS, William Knight b.1576
CORNWALLIS, William Knight b.1545


CORONA, Ellen de b.1271
CORONA, Hugh de b.1210
CORONA, Hugh de b.1239
CORONA, John de b.1266


CORSON, Elizabeth b.1679


CORTHELL, Mary b.1815
CORTHELL, Mary D. b.1842


CORV, Ceidau ap b.663


CORY, Sarah b.1645


CORYELL, Richard Benjamin b.1869


COSFORD, Alice a.1573
COSFORD, Clemence a.1576
COSFORD, Elizabeth a.1583
COSFORD, George b.1545
COSFORD, Gifford a.1581
COSFORD, Henry b.1568
COSFORD, John a.1571
COSFORD, Mary a.1585
COSFORD, William a.1575


COSGROVE, Margaret J. b.1894


COSSENS, Maud b.1564


COSSINGTON, Maud de Lady of Cossington b.1156
COSSINGTON, William de Knight b.1315




COTEBING, Elizabeth b.1544


COTERELL, Thomas Esquire b.1450


COTES, Mary b.1595


COTESFORD, Idoine b.1380
COTESFORD, Thomas Knight b.1355


COTESMORE, John Knight b.1374
COTESMORE, William Knight b.1485


COTON, Alan de b.1283
COTON, Alan de Knight b.1257
COTON, Hugh de Knight b.1255
COTON, Hugh de Knight b.1229
COTON, Hugh de b.1285
COTON, Hugh de b.1338
COTON, Hugh de b.1315
COTON, Margaret de b.1287
COTON, Margery de b.1340
COTON, Nicholas de b.1312
COTON, Richard de b.1336
COTON, William de Dean of Worcester b.1259


COTTA, Mary b.1668


COTTERELL, Ruth a.1630


COTTLE, John b.1700
COTTLE, Mary b.1653
COTTLE, William b.1626


COTTON, Abiah b.1669
COTTON, Abigail b.1691
COTTON, Alice a.1650
COTTON, Alice b.1537
COTTON, Andrew b.1569
COTTON, Andrew b.1447
COTTON, Anne b.1506
COTTON, Anne b.1547
COTTON, Anne b.1661
COTTON, Arthur b.1561
COTTON, Audrey b.1487
COTTON, Audrey b.1453
COTTON, Benjamin b.1663
COTTON, Beresford Esquire b.1659
COTTON, Bridget b.1509
COTTON, Charles Esquire b.1603
COTTON, Charles a.1665
COTTON, Charles Esquire a.1630
COTTON, Deliverance b.1679
COTTON, Dorothy b.1575
COTTON, Dorothy b.1544
COTTON, Dorothy b.1656
COTTON, Edmund a.1647
COTTON, Edmund b.1526
COTTON, Edmund b.1550
COTTON, Edmund b.1515
COTTON, Edmund b.1449
COTTON, Edmund b.1416
COTTON, Elizabeth b.1691
COTTON, Elizabeth a.1649
COTTON, Elizabeth b.1539
COTTON, Elizabeth b.1567
COTTON, Elizabeth b.1665
COTTON, Elizabeth b.1637
COTTON, Elizabeth b.1663
COTTON, Elizabeth b.1680
COTTON, Ellen b.1534
COTTON, Frances b.1619
COTTON, Frances b.1550
COTTON, Frances b.1541
COTTON, Frances b.1573
COTTON, George b.1485
COTTON, George Esquire b.1565
COTTON, George Knight b.1505
COTTON, Hannah b.1689
COTTON, Isabella a.1660
COTTON, Jane a.1667
COTTON, Joan b.1443
COTTON, Joan b.1408
COTTON, Joanna b.1687
COTTON, Joanna b.1685
COTTON, John Knight b.1678
COTTON, John Esquire a.1647
COTTON, John Knight b.1621
COTTON, John Knight b.1543
COTTON, John Knight b.1512
COTTON, John Esquire b.1465
COTTON, John b.1643
COTTON, John b.1658
COTTON, John b.1585
COTTON, John b.1483
COTTON, John b.1451
COTTON, John b.1661
COTTON, John b.1640
COTTON, John Mayor of Cambridge b.1344
COTTON, John b.1676
COTTON, John b.1651
COTTON, Joseph b.1674
COTTON, Joseph b.1661
COTTON, Josiah b.1679
COTTON, Josiah b.1675
COTTON, Katherine a.1664
COTTON, Katherine b.1445
COTTON, Leonard Priest b.1489
COTTON, Lucy b.1618
COTTON, Margaret b.1697
COTTON, Margaret b.1694
COTTON, Maria b.1695
COTTON, Maria b.1670
COTTON, Maria b.1642
COTTON, Maria b.1672
COTTON, Martin b.1492
COTTON, Mary b.1563
COTTON, Mary b.1676
COTTON, Mary b.1669
COTTON, Mary b.1541
COTTON, Mary b.1682
COTTON, Mercy b.1693
COTTON, Mercy b.1666
COTTON, N.N. b.1655
COTTON, Olive b.1657
COTTON, Philip a.1646
COTTON, Priscilla b.1699
COTTON, Ralph b.1508
COTTON, Richard Knight b.1502
COTTON, Richard Knight b.1539
COTTON, Robert a.1645
COTTON, Robert Knight b.1570
COTTON, Robert b.1529
COTTON, Robert b.1518
COTTON, Robert b.1545
COTTON, Robert b.1514
COTTON, Robert Knight b.1481
COTTON, Robert b.1455
COTTON, Rowland b.1674
COTTON, Rowland a.1643
COTTON, Rowland b.1667
COTTON, Samuel b.1677
COTTON, Sarah b.1689
COTTON, Sarah b.1539
COTTON, Sarah b.1663
COTTON, Sarah b.1660
COTTON, Sarah b.1635
COTTON, Sarah b.1670
COTTON, Sarah b.1665
COTTON, Sarah b.1657
COTTON, Sarah b.1687
COTTON, Seaborn b.1633
COTTON, Selah a.1760
COTTON, Solomon b.1655
COTTON, Solomon b.1674
COTTON, Susanna b.1696
COTTON, Thankful b.1679
COTTON, Theophilus b.1682
COTTON, Thomas b.1575
COTTON, Thomas a.1647
COTTON, Thomas a.1646
COTTON, Thomas a.1641
COTTON, Thomas Esquire b.1544
COTTON, Thomas Knight b.1594
COTTON, Thomas b.1503
COTTON, Thomas b.1511
COTTON, Thomas Knight b.1319
COTTON, Thomas Knight b.1439
COTTON, Thomas Knight b.1414
COTTON, Thomas b.1373
COTTON, Thomas b.1659
COTTON, Thomas b.1678
COTTON, Wade b.1676
COTTON, Walter b.1412
COTTON, Walter Sheriff of London b.1375
COTTON, William a.1647
COTTON, William b.1499
COTTON, William b.1667
COTTON, William Esquire b.1485
COTTON, William b.1441
COTTON, William Esquire b.1410
COTTON, William b.1653
COTTON, William b.1614
COTTON, William b.1672
COTTON, Wingfield a.1662
COTTON, Winifred b.1571


COTTRELL, David b.1781


COUCH, Samuel b.1673
COUCH, Thomas b.1627


COUCHMAN, Joan b.1539
COUCHMAN, John b.1540


COUCY, Adele de b.1018
COUCY, Alberic de b.997
COUCY, Alice de b.1222
COUCY, Basilia de b.1103
COUCY, Enguerrand I de Count of Anvers b.1036
COUCY, Enguerrand II de b.1105
COUCY, Enguerrand III de Seigneur de Coucy b.1182
COUCY, Enguerrand IV de b.1229
COUCY, Enguerrand V de Seigneur de Coucy b.1245
COUCY, Enguerrand VII de Earl of Bedford b.1340
COUCY, Felicite de b.1222
COUCY, Ida de b.1101
COUCY, Jeanne de b.1225
COUCY, Leon de b.975
COUCY, Marie de b.1218
COUCY, Melesinde de b.1115
COUCY, Raoul de Seigneur de Coucy b.1215
COUCY, Raoul I de Seigneur de Coucy b.1139
COUCY, Thomas de Count of Anvers b.1071
COUCY, Yolande de b.1164


COULSON, Alice b.1480


COURSON, Elberton Elmore b.1891


COURT, Francis Knight b.1386


COURTENAY, Agnes b.1379
COURTENAY, Alexander b.1590
COURTENAY, Alice de b.1159
COURTENAY, Amice de b.1248
COURTENAY, Anne b.1473
COURTENAY, Anne b.1429
COURTENAY, Anne de b.1348
COURTENAY, Anthony b.1513
COURTENAY, Athon de b.1009
COURTENAY, Aveline de b.1286
COURTENAY, Baldwin de Emperor of Constantinople b.1217
COURTENAY, Bridget b.1580
COURTENAY, Catherine de b.1274
COURTENAY, Cecily b.1479
COURTENAY, Edmund Knight b.1437
COURTENAY, Edward b.1592
COURTENAY, Edward b.1451
COURTENAY, Edward Knight b.1418
COURTENAY, Edward b.1502
COURTENAY, Edward Earl of Devon b.1451
COURTENAY, Edward Lord Courtenay b.1388
COURTENAY, Edward de Earl of Devon b.1357
COURTENAY, Edward de Knight b.1332
COURTENAY, Egeline de b.1213
COURTENAY, Egeline de b.1160
COURTENAY, Egeline de b.1282
COURTENAY, Eleanor b.1485
COURTENAY, Eleanor b.1407
COURTENAY, Eleanor b.1494
COURTENAY, Eleanor de b.1208
COURTENAY, Eleanor de b.1255
COURTENAY, Elizabeth b.1582
COURTENAY, Elizabeth b.1438
COURTENAY, Elizabeth b.1483
COURTENAY, Elizabeth b.1449
COURTENAY, Elizabeth b.1458
COURTENAY, Elizabeth b.1433
COURTENAY, Elizabeth b.1395
COURTENAY, Elizabeth de b.1330
COURTENAY, Elizabeth de b.1129
COURTENAY, Eustachie de b.1164
COURTENAY, Florence b.1460
COURTENAY, Francis Knight b.1617
COURTENAY, Francis Earl of Devon b.1576
COURTENAY, Geoffrey de b.1071
COURTENAY, George b.1586
COURTENAY, George Knight b.1503
COURTENAY, Gertrude b.1528
COURTENAY, Gertrude b.1585
COURTENAY, Hawise de b.1215
COURTENAY, Henri II de b.1206
COURTENAY, Henry b.1435
COURTENAY, Henry b.1507
COURTENAY, Henry Earl of Devon b.1498
COURTENAY, Hodierne de b.1061
COURTENAY, Hugh Knight b.1427
COURTENAY, Hugh Earl of Devon b.1390
COURTENAY, Hugh de Knight b.1349
COURTENAY, Hugh de Knight b.1360
COURTENAY, Hugh de b.1353
COURTENAY, Hugh de K.G. b.1327
COURTENAY, Hugh de Earl of Devon b.1276
COURTENAY, Hugh de Earl of Devon b.1303
COURTENAY, Hugh de Knight b.1250
COURTENAY, Humphrey Knight b.1406
COURTENAY, Humphrey b.1447
COURTENAY, Humphrey de b.1351
COURTENAY, Isabel b.1457
COURTENAY, Isabel de b.1284
COURTENAY, Isabelle de b.1220
COURTENAY, James Knight b.1481
COURTENAY, James b.1530
COURTENAY, Joan b.1445
COURTENAY, Joan b.1444
COURTENAY, Joan b.1475
COURTENAY, Joan b.1411
COURTENAY, Joan de b.1337
COURTENAY, Jocelin de b.1098
COURTENAY, John b.1526
COURTENAY, John b.1588
COURTENAY, John Earl of Devon b.1441
COURTENAY, John Esquire b.1466
COURTENAY, John Knight b.1373
COURTENAY, John Knight b.1441
COURTENAY, John de Knight b.1224
COURTENAY, Josselin I de Seigneur de Courtenay b.1034
COURTENAY, Josselin II de Comte d'Edesse b.1068
COURTENAY, Katherine b.1443
COURTENAY, Katherine de b.1339
COURTENAY, Mahaut de b.1188
COURTENAY, Margaret b.1578
COURTENAY, Margaret b.1488
COURTENAY, Margaret b.1421
COURTENAY, Margaret b.1461
COURTENAY, Margaret b.1500
COURTENAY, Margaret b.1383
COURTENAY, Margaret de b.1334
COURTENAY, Margaret de b.1349
COURTENAY, Margaret de b.1288
COURTENAY, Marguerite de b.1194
COURTENAY, Marie de b.1203
COURTENAY, Mary b.1524
COURTENAY, Maud b.1455
COURTENAY, Milo de Seigneur de Courtenay b.1065
COURTENAY, Muriel de b.1342
COURTENAY, Nicholas b.1510
COURTENAY, Peter Knight b.1505
COURTENAY, Peter Bishop of Winchester b.1435
COURTENAY, Peter de K.G. b.1344
COURTENAY, Philip b.1522
COURTENAY, Philip b.1469
COURTENAY, Philip Knight b.1431
COURTENAY, Philip Knight b.1404
COURTENAY, Philip de Emperor of Constantinople b.1243
COURTENAY, Philip de Lord Lieutenant of Ireland b.1346
COURTENAY, Philip II de b.1196
COURTENAY, Philippe b.1445
COURTENAY, Pierre de b.1217
COURTENAY, Pierre II de Seigneur de Courtenay b.1155
COURTENAY, Reginald de b.1132
COURTENAY, Reginald de Seigneur de Courtenay b.1100
COURTENAY, Richard Bishop of Norwich b.1381
COURTENAY, Robert de Knight b.1173
COURTENAY, Robert I de Seigneur de Conches b.1170
COURTENAY, Thomas b.1533
COURTENAY, Thomas b.1584
COURTENAY, Thomas Earl of Devon b.1432
COURTENAY, Thomas Earl of Devon b.1414
COURTENAY, Thomas de Canon of Exeter b.1328
COURTENAY, Thomas de Knight b.1310
COURTENAY, Walter Knight b.1453
COURTENAY, Walter Knight b.1439
COURTENAY, Walter Knight b.1452
COURTENAY, William Knight b.1574
COURTENAY, William Earl of Devon b.1553
COURTENAY, William Knight b.1448
COURTENAY, William Knight b.1477
COURTENAY, William b.1472
COURTENAY, William Earl of Devon b.1529
COURTENAY, William Knight b.1376
COURTENAY, William Knight b.1427
COURTENAY, William Earl of Devon b.1475
COURTENAY, William de b.1187
COURTENAY, William de Archbishop of Canterbury b.1342
COURTENAY, William de b.1126
COURTENAY, William de Seigneur de Courtenay b.1096
COURTENAY, Yolande de b.1199


COURTHOPE, Alexander b.1460
COURTHOPE, Eleanor b.1513
COURTHOPE, Elizabeth b.1511
COURTHOPE, John b.1490
COURTHOPE, Katherine b.1509
COURTHOPE, Katherine b.1549
COURTHOPE, Mary b.1579
COURTHOPE, Peter b.1430
COURTHOPE, Peter b.1505
COURTHOPE, Peter b.1569
COURTHOPE, Richard b.1493
COURTHOPE, William b.1507


COVENTRE, Emma de b.1176
COVENTRE, Walter de b.1150


COVENTRY, Anne a.1615


COVERT, George Esquire b.1510
COVERT, Katherine b.1470
COVERT, William Esquire b.1540


COWDERY, Diadama b.1768
COWDERY, Dorothy a.1763
COWDERY, Dyer b.1793
COWDERY, Erastus b.1796
COWDERY, Hannah a.1763
COWDERY, Lucy Pierce b.1814
COWDERY, Lyman b.1802
COWDERY, Molly a.1764
COWDERY, Olive b.1804
COWDERY, Olive b.1767
COWDERY, Oliver b.1806
COWDERY, Phebe b.1817
COWDERY, Rebecca Maria b.1810
COWDERY, Sally b.1799
COWDERY, Stephen Fuller b.1791
COWDERY, Warren A. b.1788
COWDERY, William b.1765
COWDERY, William b.1738


COWDRAY, Elizabeth b.1520
COWDRAY, Margery b.1304


COWELL, Annah b.1702
COWELL, David b.1704
COWELL, Ebenezer b.1716
COWELL, Joseph b.1641
COWELL, Joseph b.1713
COWELL, Joseph b.1711
COWELL, Joseph b.1673
COWELL, Martha b.1708


COWES, Mary b.1653


COWLES, Abigail b.1664


COWLEY, Joane b.1550
COWLEY, Richard b.1597


COWPER, John Esquire b.1515
COWPER, Mrs. Anne b.1565


COX, Alice b.1431
COX, Anne b.1610
COX, Elizabeth G. b.1918
COX, James b.1759
COX, John b.1608
COX, Thomas a.1690


COXON, John b.1560
COXON, Mary b.1586


COY, Matthew b.1688


COYS, William b.1565


COYTMORE, Alis b.1543
COYTMORE, Alis b.1585
COYTMORE, Annes b.1541
COYTMORE, Barbara b.1580
COYTMORE, Catrin b.1572
COYTMORE, David b.1551
COYTMORE, Edward b.1545
COYTMORE, Elin b.1506
COYTMORE, Elin b.1562
COYTMORE, Elizabeth b.1616
COYTMORE, Grace b.1566
COYTMORE, Jane b.1549
COYTMORE, John b.1539
COYTMORE, John b.1582
COYTMORE, Lowri b.1547
COYTMORE, Lowri b.1564
COYTMORE, Marged b.1576
COYTMORE, Myvanwy b.1508
COYTMORE, Nicholas b.1574
COYTMORE, Piers b.1555
COYTMORE, Piers b.1480
COYTMORE, Rhys b.1570
COYTMORE, Robert b.1558
COYTMORE, Robert b.1561
COYTMORE, Rowland b.1568
COYTMORE, Thomas b.1553
COYTMORE, Thomas b.1612
COYTMORE, William b.1578
COYTMORE, William b.1511
COYTMORE, William Esquire b.1537


COZENS, Richard b.1651


CRABB, Alice b.1554
CRABB, Henry b.1630
CRABB, Susanna b.1623


CRABTREE, Agnes b.1522
CRABTREE, Eleazer b.1790
CRABTREE, John b.1615


CRACHERODE, William b.1506


CRACKBONE, Grace a.1564
CRACKBONE, John b.1528
CRACKBONE, Robert b.1525
CRACKBONE, Thomas b.1523
CRACKBONE, Thomas b.1499


CRADDOCK, Elizabeth b.1599
CRADDOCK, Rebecca b.1621


CRADOK, David Knight b.1343
CRADOK, Pelerine b.1370
CRADOK, Richard Knight b.1368


CRAFTS, Abigail b.1709
CRAFTS, Abigail b.1634
CRAFTS, Abigail b.1676
CRAFTS, Benjamin b.1706
CRAFTS, Griffin b.1600
CRAFTS, Hannah b.1627
CRAFTS, Hannah b.1662
CRAFTS, John b.1630
CRAFTS, Josiah b.1668
CRAFTS, Mary b.1632
CRAFTS, Moses a.1673
CRAFTS, Moses b.1669
CRAFTS, Moses b.1641
CRAFTS, Rebecca b.1668
CRAFTS, Rebecca b.1672
CRAFTS, Samuel b.1637
CRAFTS, Thomas b.1656


CRAIG, Katherine b.1640


CRAIN, Ruth b.1785


CRALLE, Isabel b.1366
CRALLE, Margery b.1362
CRALLE, Richard b.1364
CRALLE, Robert Knight b.1336


CRAM, Benjamin b.1666
CRAM, Benjamin b.1640
CRAM, Elizabeth b.1681
CRAM, Esther b.1675
CRAM, Hannah b.1673
CRAM, John b.1665
CRAM, Jonathan b.1678
CRAM, Joseph b.1671
CRAM, Mary b.1646
CRAM, Mary b.1669
CRAM, Sarah b.1663


CRAMPTON, Lucy b.1793


CRANDON, Grace b.1724
CRANDON, James b.1728
CRANDON, Jean b.1722
CRANDON, John b.1726
CRANDON, John b.1697
CRANDON, Sarah b.1732
CRANDON, Thomas b.1729


CRANE, Abigail b.1676
CRANE, Abraham b.1667
CRANE, Agnes b.1523
CRANE, Agnes b.1445
CRANE, Agnes b.1540
CRANE, Anne a.1542
CRANE, Anne b.1520
CRANE, Anne b.1631
CRANE, Anthony b.1510
CRANE, Benjamin b.1656
CRANE, Benjamin b.1630
CRANE, Bridget b.1534
CRANE, Charles W. b.1849
CRANE, Concurrence b.1709
CRANE, Concurrence b.1667
CRANE, Dorothy b.1512
CRANE, Dorothy b.1627
CRANE, Ebenezer b.1702
CRANE, Edward b.1490
CRANE, Eleanor b.1711
CRANE, Elijah b.1665
CRANE, Elizabeth b.1546
CRANE, Elizabeth b.1538
CRANE, Elizabeth b.1516
CRANE, Elizabeth b.1493
CRANE, Elizabeth Nun b.1451
CRANE, Elizabeth b.1634
CRANE, Elizabeth b.1705
CRANE, Elizabeth b.1666
CRANE, Ella A. b.1847
CRANE, George Clark b.1816
CRANE, Georgia Adelle b.1853
CRANE, Giles b.1632
CRANE, Griselda b.1518
CRANE, Hannah b.1697
CRANE, Hannah b.1635
CRANE, Henry Esquire b.1544
CRANE, Henry b.1677
CRANE, Henry b.1635
CRANE, Humphrey b.1533
CRANE, Israel b.1671
CRANE, Jacob b.1669
CRANE, Jane b.1701
CRANE, Jemima b.1713
CRANE, John b.1514
CRANE, John b.1455
CRANE, John b.1695
CRANE, John b.1720
CRANE, John b.1664
CRANE, John b.1663
CRANE, Jonathan b.1658
CRANE, Joseph b.1661
CRANE, Lilla Almira b.1862
CRANE, Margaret b.1710
CRANE, Margaret b.1605
CRANE, Margery b.1448
CRANE, Mary b.1548
CRANE, Mary b.1629
CRANE, Mary b.1707
CRANE, Mary b.1673
CRANE, Mary b.1670
CRANE, Mercy b.1680
CRANE, N.N. b.1637
CRANE, N.N. b.1625
CRANE, Nathaniel b.1682
CRANE, Nathaniel b.1701
CRANE, Phebe b.1672
CRANE, Robert b.1551
CRANE, Robert Esquire b.1508
CRANE, Robert Esquire b.1487
CRANE, Robert Esquire b.1416
CRANE, Robert Esquire b.1442
CRANE, Robert Baronet of Chilton b.1585
CRANE, Samuel b.1687
CRANE, Sarah b.1641
CRANE, Susan b.1626
CRANE, Susan b.1630
CRANE, Theophilus b.1703
CRANE, Theophilus b.1674
CRANE, Ursula b.1536


CRANFIELD, Dennise a.1561
CRANFIELD, Joan b.1555
CRANFIELD, John a.1568
CRANFIELD, Lionel Earl of Middlesex b.1625
CRANFIELD, Thomas b.1558
CRANFIELD, William a.1564
CRANFIELD, William b.1530


CRANMER, Rebecca Turner b.1796


CRANSLEY, Elizabeth de b.1293
CRANSLEY, Hugh de b.1268
CRANSLEY, Simon de b.1247


CRANSTON, Frances b.1645


CRAON, Agnes de b.1052
CRAON, Alan de b.1098
CRAON, Amaury I de Seigneur de Craon b.1175
CRAON, Avoise de b.1173
CRAON, Bertha de b.1034
CRAON, Cecilia de b.1136
CRAON, Emma de b.1093
CRAON, Guerin I de b.1009
CRAON, Guy I de Seigneur de Craon b.1073
CRAON, Guy II de b.1155
CRAON, Hugh de Seigneur de Craon b.1102
CRAON, Isabel de b.1222
CRAON, Maurice de b.1132
CRAON, Maurice I de Seigneur de Craon b.1071
CRAON, Maurice II de Seigneur de Craon b.1131
CRAON, Pernel de b.1185


CRAVEN, James b.1719
CRAVEN, Mary b.1723
CRAVEN, Michael b.1721
CRAVEN, Michael b.1692
CRAVEN, Rebecca b.1725
CRAVEN, Sarah b.1729


CRAW, Mary a.1767
CRAW, Mary Peach a.1769


CRAWFORD, Adam de b.1195
CRAWFORD, Hugh Sheriff of Ayr b.1201
CRAWFORD, John de Knight b.1190
CRAWFORD, Margaret de b.1208
CRAWFORD, Margaret de b.1188
CRAWFORD, Reginald de Knight b.1165
CRAWFORD, William de b.1192


CREATTY, Andrew b.1640


CRECY, Adelaide de b.1050
CRECY, Melisende de b.1084


CREDIFORD, Josiah b.1704
CREDIFORD, Mary b.1707


CREDY, Elizabeth de b.1358
CREDY, William de b.1333


CREED, Elizabeth b.1669
CREED, John Gentleman b.1643
CREED, Richard b.1671


CREETING, Adam de Sheriff of Cork b.1260


CREIL, Hugh de Butler of France b.980
CREIL, Hugh de Count of Clermont b.1030
CREIL, Renaud I de Count of Clermont b.1005


CREKE, Bartholomew de b.1130
CREKE, Bartholomew de b.1182
CREKE, Geoffrey de b.1184
CREKE, Isabel de b.1179
CREKE, Joan de b.1209
CREKE, Margaret de b.1185
CREKE, N.N. b.1345
CREKE, Robert de b.1155
CREKE, William b.1320


CRENON, Avelina de b.1273


CREPON, Duvelina de b.951
CREPON, Gunnora de b.942
CREPON, Herfast de b.945
CREPON, N.N. de b.920
CREPON, Osbern de Seneschal of Normandy b.985
CREPON, Senfria de b.948
CREPON, Wevia de b.955


CREPY, Thibaut III de b.1115


CRESACRE, Anne b.1511
CRESACRE, Edward Esquire b.1484
CRESACRE, John Esquire b.1457


CRESNORE, Jane b.1465


CRESSINGHAM, Alice de b.1287
CRESSINGHAM, Hugh de Treasurer of Scotland b.1256
CRESSINGHAM, William de b.1231


CRESSONER, John b.1496
CRESSONER, Thomas b.1460
CRESSONER, William Esquire b.1395


CRESSY, Berenger de b.1145
CRESSY, Elizabeth de b.1335
CRESSY, Hugh de b.1330
CRESSY, Hugh de b.1372
CRESSY, Hugh de b.1208
CRESSY, Hugh de b.1160
CRESSY, James b.1555
CRESSY, John de Knight b.1305
CRESSY, John de Knight b.1338
CRESSY, Katherine de b.1332
CRESSY, Katherine de b.1367
CRESSY, Margaret de b.1369
CRESSY, Roger de b.1187


CRESWELL, Frances b.1593


CREVEQUER, Agnes de b.1238
CREVEQUER, Alexander de b.1157
CREVEQUER, Alexander de b.1130
CREVEQUER, Cecily de b.1155
CREVEQUER, Daniel de b.1140
CREVEQUER, Eleanor de b.1244
CREVEQUER, Hamo I de b.1090
CREVEQUER, Hamo II de b.1200
CREVEQUER, Hamo III de b.1234
CREVEQUER, Isabel de b.1242
CREVEQUER, Iseult de b.1240
CREVEQUER, Matilda de b.1160
CREVEQUER, Reginald de b.1107
CREVEQUER, Robert I de Sheriff of Kent b.1115
CREVEQUER, Robert II de b.1165
CREVEQUER, Simon de b.1132
CREVEQUER, William de b.1236


CREWE, Avice de b.1275
CREWE, David de b.1224
CREWE, David de b.1250
CREWE, Eleanor de b.1278
CREWE, Jemima b.1625
CREWE, Joan de b.1272
CREWE, Margery de b.1226
CREWE, Nicholas de b.1252
CREWE, Patric de b.1254
CREWE, Rose de b.1228
CREWE, Thomas de b.1197
CREWE, Thomas de Knight b.1222
CREWE, Thomas de b.1248
CREWE, William de b.1231
CREWE, William de b.1257


CREYE, Joan de b.1242
CREYE, Margery de b.1245
CREYE, Simon de Knight b.1215


CREYKE, Anne b.1486
CREYKE, Henry b.1637


CRICHTON, Abraham b.1490
CRICHTON, Adam b.1488
CRICHTON, Adam Lord of Ruthven b.1458
CRICHTON, Edward de b.1389
CRICHTON, George Earl of Caithness b.1409
CRICHTON, Humphrey de b.1382
CRICHTON, James Lord of Ruthven b.1486
CRICHTON, James Lord of Ruthven b.1411
CRICHTON, John b.1512
CRICHTON, John de Sheriff of Kinross b.1338
CRICHTON, John de Knight b.1305
CRICHTON, John de Knight b.1376
CRICHTON, Margaret b.1463
CRICHTON, Margaret b.1510
CRICHTON, Robert Lord Crichton b.1568
CRICHTON, Robert b.1454
CRICHTON, Stephen de Sheriff of Linlithgow b.1379
CRICHTON, Thomas de b.1386
CRICHTON, William de b.1335


CRIKETOT, Simon de b.1268
CRIKETOT, William I de Knight b.1188


CRIOL, Bertram de b.1115
CRIOL, Bertram de b.1272
CRIOL, Bertram de b.1208
CRIOL, Bertram de Sheriff of Kent b.1171
CRIOL, Bertram I de b.1231
CRIOL, Bertram II de b.1265
CRIOL, Cecilia de b.1177
CRIOL, Elizabeth de b.1346
CRIOL, Elizabeth de b.1284
CRIOL, Joan de b.1273
CRIOL, John de Knight b.1305
CRIOL, John de b.1261
CRIOL, John de b.1140
CRIOL, John de b.1205
CRIOL, Katherine de b.1211
CRIOL, Nicholas de b.1325
CRIOL, Nicholas de Knight b.1282
CRIOL, Nicholas de Knight b.1260
CRIOL, Nicholas de b.1179
CRIOL, Nicholas de Sheriff of Kent b.1218
CRIOL, Simon de b.1173
CRIOL, William de b.1175


CRISPE, Agnes b.1530
CRISPE, Elizabeth b.1637
CRISPE, George a.1622
CRISPE, Joan b.1527
CRISPE, Sibyl b.1554


CRISPIN, Christopher b.1625
CRISPIN, Gilbert b.995
CRISPIN, Hesilia b.1022
CRISPIN, Milo b.1075
CRISPIN, William b.1025


CRISSEY, Jonathan b.1680


CRITCHET, Elias b.1645


CROATIA, Adelaide of b.1105


CROCKER, Abel b.1695
CROCKER, Abigail b.1724
CROCKER, Benoni b.1682
CROCKER, Bethia b.1683
CROCKER, Daniel b.1687
CROCKER, Eleazer b.1693
CROCKER, Eleazer b.1650
CROCKER, Elizabeth b.1660
CROCKER, Elizabeth b.1688
CROCKER, Ephraim b.1702
CROCKER, Ephraim b.1739
CROCKER, Hannah b.1688
CROCKER, Hannah b.1726
CROCKER, Isaac b.1692
CROCKER, James b.1732
CROCKER, James b.1699
CROCKER, John b.1637
CROCKER, Jonathan b.1696
CROCKER, Jonathan b.1730
CROCKER, Jonathan b.1662
CROCKER, Joseph b.1653
CROCKER, Levi b.1728
CROCKER, Lydia b.1686
CROCKER, Lydia b.1736
CROCKER, Nathan b.1685
CROCKER, Rebecca b.1697
CROCKER, Reliance b.1694
CROCKER, Rowland Whittier b.1884
CROCKER, Ruth b.1693
CROCKER, Sarah b.1689
CROCKER, Simeon b.1722
CROCKER, Thankful b.1690
CROCKER, Thankful b.1734
CROCKER, Theophilus b.1691


CROCKETT, Andrew b.1733


CROFFORD, Stephen b.1730


CROFT, Alice b.1475
CROFT, Anne b.1609
CROFT, Daniel Martin b.1900
CROFT, Elizabeth b.1477
CROFT, George Nelson b.1879
CROFT, George Washington b.1905
CROFT, Henry b.1913
CROFT, Jesse Alton b.1916
CROFT, Lawrence b.1910
CROFT, Lucius LeRoy b.1880
CROFT, Mabel b.1435
CROFT, William Esquire b.1450


CROFTS, Alice b.1469
CROFTS, Anne b.1593
CROFTS, Elizabeth b.1619
CROFTS, James Esquire b.1528
CROFTS, John b.1832

Surname List