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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


CHITTY, Alice b.1594
CHITTY, Henry a.1587
CHITTY, John a.1584
CHITTY, Martha a.1598
CHITTY, Randolph a.1581
CHITTY, Richard b.1552
CHITTY, William b.1590


CHIVERS, Katherine b.1562


CHIVERTON, Thomas b.1305


CHOATE, Margaret b.1706


CHOLMELEY, Annabel b.1600
CHOLMELEY, Barbara b.1581
CHOLMELEY, Dorothy a.1587
CHOLMELEY, Elizabeth b.1525
CHOLMELEY, Henry b.1585
CHOLMELEY, Henry Knight a.1609
CHOLMELEY, Henry Knight b.1553
CHOLMELEY, Henry b.1522
CHOLMELEY, Hilda b.1589
CHOLMELEY, Hugh Knight b.1600
CHOLMELEY, Jane b.1591
CHOLMELEY, Jane b.1528
CHOLMELEY, John b.1597
CHOLMELEY, John b.1602
CHOLMELEY, John b.1533
CHOLMELEY, John b.1556
CHOLMELEY, Katherine b.1551
CHOLMELEY, Margaret b.1583
CHOLMELEY, Margaret a.1604
CHOLMELEY, Margaret b.1530
CHOLMELEY, Marmaduke b.1517
CHOLMELEY, Mary b.1593
CHOLMELEY, Richard b.1611
CHOLMELEY, Richard Knight b.1579
CHOLMELEY, Richard Knight b.1515
CHOLMELEY, Roger b.1519
CHOLMELEY, Roger Knight b.1494
CHOLMELEY, Susan b.1595
CHOLMELEY, Ursula a.1605


CHOLMONDELEY, Agnes b.1509
CHOLMONDELEY, Frances b.1549
CHOLMONDELEY, Frances b.1597
CHOLMONDELEY, Francis b.1600
CHOLMONDELEY, Hatton b.1587
CHOLMONDELEY, Hugh Esquire a.1591
CHOLMONDELEY, Hugh Knight b.1552
CHOLMONDELEY, Hugh Knight b.1513
CHOLMONDELEY, Katherine b.1508
CHOLMONDELEY, Lettice b.1593
CHOLMONDELEY, Randall b.1515
CHOLMONDELEY, Richard b.1555
CHOLMONDELEY, Richard Knight b.1445
CHOLMONDELEY, Richard Esquire b.1511
CHOLMONDELEY, Richard Esquire b.1473
CHOLMONDELEY, Robert Earl of Leinster b.1584
CHOLMONDELEY, Robert de b.1162
CHOLMONDELEY, Thomas Sheriff of Cheshire b.1595
CHOLMONDELEY, Ursula b.1517
CHOLMONDELEY, William de b.1395
CHOLMONDELEY, William de b.1350


CHRISHALL, Joan b.1575


CHRISTIE, Robert b.1820


CHRISTMAS, John b.1590


CHUBBUCK, Rebecca a.1641


CHUDLEIGH, James b.1391
CHUDLEIGH, James Knight b.1338
CHUDLEIGH, James Knight b.1444
CHUDLEIGH, Joan b.1358
CHUDLEIGH, John b.1486
CHUDLEIGH, John b.1418
CHUDLEIGH, John Knight b.1272
CHUDLEIGH, John b.1411
CHUDLEIGH, John b.1379
CHUDLEIGH, John b.1300
CHUDLEIGH, Margaret b.1479
CHUDLEIGH, Petronilla b.1483
CHUDLEIGH, Robert b.1481
CHUDLEIGH, Robert b.1446
CHUDLEIGH, William Knight b.1477


CHURCH, Abigail b.1676
CHURCH, Abigail b.1648
CHURCH, Alice b.1532
CHURCH, Benjamin b.1640
CHURCH, Caleb b.1673
CHURCH, Caleb b.1646
CHURCH, Charles b.1644
CHURCH, David a.1588
CHURCH, David b.1675
CHURCH, Deborah a.1657
CHURCH, Deborah b.1683
CHURCH, Elias b.1732
CHURCH, Elizabeth b.1636
CHURCH, Fidelia Elizabeth b.1858
CHURCH, Hannah b.1668
CHURCH, Henry b.1602
CHURCH, Isaac b.1678
CHURCH, John a.1586
CHURCH, John b.1534
CHURCH, John b.1505
CHURCH, Joseph b.1682
CHURCH, Joseph b.1638
CHURCH, Joshua b.1674
CHURCH, Lydia b.1671
CHURCH, Margery a.1562
CHURCH, Mary b.1654
CHURCH, Mary a.1595
CHURCH, Nathaniel b.1642
CHURCH, Rebecca b.1678
CHURCH, Richard b.1608
CHURCH, Ruth b.1670
CHURCH, Samuel b.1638
CHURCH, Sarah b.1651
CHURCH, Steven a.1597
CHURCH, Susan a.1591
CHURCH, William a.1584
CHURCH, William a.1565
CHURCH, William b.1530


CHURCHILL, Anne b.1683
CHURCHILL, Arabella a.1648
CHURCHILL, Benjamin b.1652
CHURCHILL, Charles b.1656
CHURCHILL, Eleazer b.1652
CHURCHILL, Elizabeth b.1710
CHURCHILL, Elizabeth b.1688
CHURCHILL, Elizabeth b.1642
CHURCHILL, Elizabeth b.1687
CHURCHILL, George b.1654
CHURCHILL, Hannah b.1649
CHURCHILL, Hannah b.1644
CHURCHILL, Helen a.1652
CHURCHILL, Henrietta Countess of Godolphin b.1681
CHURCHILL, Henry b.1654
CHURCHILL, Henry b.1659
CHURCHILL, James b.1764
CHURCHILL, John b.1647
CHURCHILL, John Lord Churchill b.1686
CHURCHILL, John Duke of Marlborough b.1650
CHURCHILL, John b.1610
CHURCHILL, Joseph b.1645
CHURCHILL, Joseph b.1649
CHURCHILL, Joseph b.1693
CHURCHILL, Josiah b.1614
CHURCHILL, Mary b.1654
CHURCHILL, Mary b.1689
CHURCHILL, Mary b.1640
CHURCHILL, N.N. b.1655
CHURCHILL, Samuel b.1688
CHURCHILL, Sarah b.1657
CHURCHILL, Stephen b.1684
CHURCHILL, William b.1656
CHURCHILL, Winston Knight b.1620


CHURCHMAN, Anna b.1617


CHUTE, Ann b.1679
CHUTE, Anne a.1629
CHUTE, Cecily b.1633
CHUTE, Challoner Esquire a.1631
CHUTE, Challoner Esquire b.1595
CHUTE, Charles a.1628
CHUTE, Elizabeth b.1676
CHUTE, Hannah b.1700
CHUTE, James b.1686
CHUTE, James b.1648
CHUTE, James a.1614
CHUTE, Lionel b.1681
CHUTE, Lionel b.1580
CHUTE, Martha b.1693
CHUTE, Mary b.1674
CHUTE, Mary a.1619
CHUTE, Nathaniel b.1616
CHUTE, Ruth b.1695
CHUTE, Thomas b.1690


CHYRFOLD, N.N. de b.1309
CHYRFOLD, Richard de b.1284


CIFREWAST, Elizabeth b.1317


CILLEY, Mehitable b.1704


CILLIN, Haer ferch b.1030


CLACKSON, Gillian b.1575


CLAGETT, George b.1695


CLAGUE, Catherine b.1747


CLAIBORNE, William a.1600


CLAIRFAIT, William de b.1122


CLANVOWE, Elizabeth de b.1324
CLANVOWE, John de b.1326
CLANVOWE, Philip de Knight b.1286


CLAPP, Abigail b.1674
CLAPP, Abigail b.1660
CLAPP, Abigail b.1675
CLAPP, Abigail b.1659
CLAPP, Alice b.1537
CLAPP, Ambrose b.1620
CLAPP, Barbara b.1617
CLAPP, Beaton b.1539
CLAPP, Daniel b.1697
CLAPP, Desire b.1694
CLAPP, Desire b.1682
CLAPP, Desire b.1652
CLAPP, Ebenezer b.1697
CLAPP, Edward b.1672
CLAPP, Edward b.1605
CLAPP, Eleazer b.1671
CLAPP, Eleazer b.1650
CLAPP, Elizabeth b.1647
CLAPP, Elizabeth b.1638
CLAPP, Elizabeth b.1634
CLAPP, Elizabeth b.1682
CLAPP, Esther b.1699
CLAPP, Esther a.1656
CLAPP, Experience b.1683
CLAPP, Experience a.1645
CLAPP, Experience b.1640
CLAPP, Eyde b.1579
CLAPP, Ezra b.1693
CLAPP, Ezra b.1674
CLAPP, Ezra b.1640
CLAPP, Florence b.1531
CLAPP, Grace a.1598
CLAPP, Gyllian b.1533
CLAPP, Hannah b.1680
CLAPP, Hopestill b.1647
CLAPP, Increase a.1640
CLAPP, Jane b.1611
CLAPP, Jane b.1604
CLAPP, Jane b.1687
CLAPP, Joan a.1596
CLAPP, Johanne b.1541
CLAPP, John a.1602
CLAPP, John b.1665
CLAPP, John b.1658
CLAPP, John b.1615
CLAPP, John b.1601
CLAPP, Jonathan b.1664
CLAPP, Joseph a.1654
CLAPP, Joshua b.1729
CLAPP, Joshua b.1661
CLAPP, Joshua b.1667
CLAPP, Judith b.1698
CLAPP, Judith b.1680
CLAPP, Margaret b.1701
CLAPP, Mary b.1669
CLAPP, Mary b.1703
CLAPP, Mary b.1575
CLAPP, Mary b.1668
CLAPP, Nehemiah b.1689
CLAPP, Nehemiah a.1646
CLAPP, Nicholas b.1613
CLAPP, Nicholas b.1572
CLAPP, Noah b.1667
CLAPP, Peter b.1569
CLAPP, Preserved b.1688
CLAPP, Preserved b.1643
CLAPP, Prudence b.1654
CLAPP, Prudence b.1637
CLAPP, Prudence b.1607
CLAPP, Redigon a.1609
CLAPP, Richard a.1593
CLAPP, Richard b.1562
CLAPP, Richard b.1603
CLAPP, Richard b.1535
CLAPP, Robert b.1565
CLAPP, Robert b.1598
CLAPP, Roger b.1697
CLAPP, Roger b.1609
CLAPP, Samuel b.1682
CLAPP, Samuel b.1643
CLAPP, Samuel b.1668
CLAPP, Samuel b.1634
CLAPP, Sarah b.1670
CLAPP, Sarah a.1611
CLAPP, Sarah b.1677
CLAPP, Sarah b.1686
CLAPP, Supply a.1660
CLAPP, Susanna b.1702
CLAPP, Susanna a.1648
CLAPP, Thanks a.1650
CLAPP, Thomas a.1600
CLAPP, Thomas b.1663
CLAPP, Thomas b.1639
CLAPP, Thomas a.1655
CLAPP, Thomas b.1605
CLAPP, Unite a.1656
CLAPP, Wait a.1650
CLAPP, Waitstill b.1641
CLAPP, William a.1651
CLAPP, William b.1505
CLAPP, William b.1694
CLAPP, William b.1680
CLAPP, William b.1636
CLAPP, William b.1595
CLAPP, William b.1567
CLAPP, William b.1685


CLARDY, Margaret Minerva b.1889


CLARE, Adeliza de b.1063
CLARE, Adeliza de b.1116
CLARE, Agnes de b.1123
CLARE, Alice de b.1094
CLARE, Aline de b.1156
CLARE, Amice de b.1220
CLARE, Aveline de b.1170
CLARE, Avice de b.1069
CLARE, Avice de b.1044
CLARE, Baldwin FitzGilbert de b.1092
CLARE, Basile de b.1154
CLARE, Basilia de b.1126
CLARE, Bewes de b.1248
CLARE, Eglentina de b.1257
CLARE, Eleanor de b.1292
CLARE, Elizabeth de b.1295
CLARE, Emma de b.1116
CLARE, Gilbert "Strongbow" de Earl of Pembroke b.1100
CLARE, Gilbert "The Red Earl" de Earl of Gloucester b.1243
CLARE, Gilbert de Earl of Gloucester b.1291
CLARE, Gilbert de b.1229
CLARE, Gilbert de Knight a.1281
CLARE, Gilbert de Earl of Hertford b.1118
CLARE, Gilbert de Earl of Gloucester b.1178
CLARE, Gilbert Fitz Richard de b.1065
CLARE, Godfrey Fitz Richard de b.1071
CLARE, Hawise de b.1182
CLARE, Hervey de b.1107
CLARE, Isabel de b.1257
CLARE, Isabel de b.1240
CLARE, Isabel de b.1226
CLARE, Isabel de b.1263
CLARE, Isabel de Countess of Pembroke b.1172
CLARE, Joan de b.1190
CLARE, Joan de b.1266
CLARE, Lucy de b.1126
CLARE, Margaret de b.1124
CLARE, Margaret de b.1250
CLARE, Margaret de b.1282
CLARE, Margaret de b.1098
CLARE, Margaret de b.1292
CLARE, Maud de b.1180
CLARE, Maud de b.1278
CLARE, Richard "Strongbow" de Earl of Pembroke b.1130
CLARE, Richard de b.1185
CLARE, Richard de Knight b.1286
CLARE, Richard de Earl of Hertford b.1153
CLARE, Richard de Earl of Gloucester b.1222
CLARE, Richard Fitz Richard de Abbot of Ely b.1061
CLARE, Richard FitzGilbert de b.1030
CLARE, Richard FitzGilbert de b.1090
CLARE, Robert Fitz Richard de b.1067
CLARE, Roese de b.1252
CLARE, Roger de Earl of Hertford b.1120
CLARE, Roger Fitz Richard de b.1055
CLARE, Rohese de b.1057
CLARE, Rohese de b.1130
CLARE, Rohese de b.1112
CLARE, Rose de b.1120
CLARE, Thomas de Knight b.1246
CLARE, Walter de b.1109
CLARE, Walter Fitz Richard de b.1059
CLARE, Walter Fitz Robert de b.1120
CLARE, William de Knight b.1228


CLARELL, Agnes b.1362
CLARELL, Alice Nun b.1429
CLARELL, Anne b.1468
CLARELL, Elizabeth b.1424
CLARELL, Elizabeth b.1395
CLARELL, Joanna b.1315
CLARELL, John Esquire b.1404
CLARELL, Margaret b.1398
CLARELL, Maud b.1426
CLARELL, Robert b.1407
CLARELL, Thomas Esquire b.1401
CLARELL, Thomas Knight b.1365
CLARELL, Thomas Knight b.1305
CLARELL, William b.1368
CLARELL, William b.1335
CLARELL, William Knight b.1279


CLARK, Abigail b.1641
CLARK, Abigail b.1689
CLARK, Abigail b.1656
CLARK, Abigail b.1674
CLARK, Abigail b.1634
CLARK, Addie Longfellow b.1863
CLARK, Agnes a.1548
CLARK, Alanson Benjamin b.1816
CLARK, Allen b.1539
CLARK, Anna May b.1888
CLARK, Annah Maria b.1878
CLARK, Annah Maria b.1856
CLARK, Arthur Franklin b.1869
CLARK, Betsy b.1764
CLARK, Daniel b.1654
CLARK, Daniel b.1622
CLARK, Daniel b.1675
CLARK, Daniel b.1657
CLARK, Deborah b.1672
CLARK, Ebenezer b.1651
CLARK, Edmund b.1605
CLARK, Eleanor b.1610
CLARK, Eleanor b.1617
CLARK, Elizabeth b.1651
CLARK, Elizabeth b.1630
CLARK, Elizabeth a.1648
CLARK, Elizabeth a.1765
CLARK, Elizabeth b.1623
CLARK, Elizabeth b.1565
CLARK, Elizabeth b.1660
CLARK, Elizabeth b.1642
CLARK, Elizabeth b.1668
CLARK, Elizabeth b.1655
CLARK, Ephraim b.1682
CLARK, Ethel G. b.1903
CLARK, Eunice b.1710
CLARK, Faith b.1617
CLARK, Frederick Ainsley b.1871
CLARK, George Nelson b.1873
CLARK, George Washington b.1860
CLARK, Hannah b.1665
CLARK, Hannah b.1685
CLARK, Hannah b.1712
CLARK, Hannah b.1692
CLARK, Hannah a.1680
CLARK, Hannah a.1640
CLARK, Henry b.1569
CLARK, Hester b.1693
CLARK, Isaac b.1679
CLARK, Isaac b.1678
CLARK, Jacob E. b.1865
CLARK, James b.1657
CLARK, James b.1615
CLARK, James a.1672
CLARK, James b.1639
CLARK, James b.1665
CLARK, James b.1698
CLARK, Joan a.1596
CLARK, John b.1655
CLARK, John b.1656
CLARK, John b.1637
CLARK, John b.1687
CLARK, John b.1657
CLARK, John b.1677
CLARK, John b.1669
CLARK, John a.1679
CLARK, John b.1600
CLARK, John b.1662
CLARK, John b.1635
CLARK, John b.1625
CLARK, John b.1637
CLARK, John Albert b.1842
CLARK, Joseph b.1659
CLARK, Joseph b.1678
CLARK, Joseph b.1652
CLARK, Joseph b.1627
CLARK, Joseph b.1691
CLARK, Joseph b.1650
CLARK, Joseph b.1674
CLARK, Josiah b.1648
CLARK, Lewis J. F. b.1849
CLARK, Lucy Maria b.1846
CLARK, Lydia Jane b.1875
CLARK, Lydia Jane b.1844
CLARK, Martha a.1695
CLARK, Martha b.1676
CLARK, Martha P. b.1878
CLARK, Mary b.1658
CLARK, Mary b.1645
CLARK, Mary b.1636
CLARK, Mary b.1684
CLARK, Mary b.1641
CLARK, Mary b.1687
CLARK, Mary b.1666
CLARK, Mary b.1667
CLARK, Matthew b.1627
CLARK, Matthew b.1665
CLARK, Mehitable b.1698
CLARK, Mehitable b.1690
CLARK, Mercy b.1645
CLARK, Mercy b.1672
CLARK, Moses b.1683
CLARK, Nathan b.1682
CLARK, Nathaniel b.1666
CLARK, Nathaniel b.1642
CLARK, Nelson b.1816
CLARK, Pauline Lillian b.1914
CLARK, Phebe b.1675
CLARK, Phineas b.1687
CLARK, Polly Ann b.1776
CLARK, Rachel b.1678
CLARK, Rebecca b.1653
CLARK, Rebecca b.1595
CLARK, Rebecca b.1772
CLARK, Rebecca b.1663
CLARK, Rebecca b.1630
CLARK, Rebecca b.1663
CLARK, Redigon b.1632
CLARK, Ruth a.1642
CLARK, Ruth b.1675
CLARK, Samuel b.1675
CLARK, Samuel b.1661
CLARK, Samuel b.1673
CLARK, Samuel b.1707
CLARK, Samuel a.1670
CLARK, Samuel b.1648
CLARK, Samuel Phillips b.1852
CLARK, Samuel Phillips b.1775
CLARK, Sarah b.1662
CLARK, Sarah b.1663
CLARK, Sarah b.1667
CLARK, Sarah b.1658
CLARK, Sarah b.1669
CLARK, Sarah b.1632
CLARK, Sarah b.1654
CLARK, Stephen b.1680
CLARK, Susanna b.1643
CLARK, Thomas b.1638
CLARK, Thomas b.1662
CLARK, Thomas b.1668
CLARK, Thomas b.1620
CLARK, Timothy b.1695
CLARK, William Esquire b.1513
CLARK, William b.1661


CLARKE, Agnes b.1419
CLARKE, Agnes b.1527
CLARKE, Agnes b.1535
CLARKE, Alexander a.1545
CLARKE, Alice a.1560
CLARKE, Anne a.1562
CLARKE, Anne a.1570
CLARKE, Carew b.1603
CLARKE, Carew a.1572
CLARKE, Carew b.1665
CLARKE, Christopher a.1574
CLARKE, Clement b.1557
CLARKE, Coletta b.1504
CLARKE, Dorothy b.1550
CLARKE, Edward b.1565
CLARKE, Edward b.1543
CLARKE, Edward b.1572
CLARKE, Elizabeth b.1681
CLARKE, Elizabeth b.1675
CLARKE, Elizabeth b.1602
CLARKE, Elizabeth b.1563
CLARKE, Elizabeth a.1620
CLARKE, Ellen b.1538
CLARKE, Experience b.1643
CLARKE, George a.1551
CLARKE, Henry b.1559
CLARKE, Henry b.1530
CLARKE, Honor a.1567
CLARKE, Humphrey b.1541
CLARKE, Humphrey b.1510
CLARKE, Increase b.1646
CLARKE, Joan b.1524
CLARKE, Joan a.1560
CLARKE, Joan a.1578
CLARKE, Joan b.1540
CLARKE, Johanne b.1520
CLARKE, John b.1667
CLARKE, John b.1641
CLARKE, John b.1651
CLARKE, John b.1557
CLARKE, John b.1520
CLARKE, John a.1571
CLARKE, John b.1525
CLARKE, John b.1670
CLARKE, John b.1517
CLARKE, John a.1609
CLARKE, John b.1569
CLARKE, John a.1542
CLARKE, John b.1503
CLARKE, John b.1465
CLARKE, Jonas b.1684
CLARKE, Jonathan b.1639
CLARKE, Joseph b.1618
CLARKE, Joseph a.1613
CLARKE, Josiah b.1646
CLARKE, Judith b.1562
CLARKE, Katherine b.1525
CLARKE, Lettice b.1547
CLARKE, Lucy b.1679
CLARKE, Margaret b.1692
CLARKE, Margaret b.1687
CLARKE, Margaret b.1601
CLARKE, Margaret a.1579
CLARKE, Margaret b.1536
CLARKE, Margaret a.1608
CLARKE, Margaret b.1522
CLARKE, Margaret b.1555
CLARKE, Marian a.1541
CLARKE, Mary b.1713
CLARKE, Mary a.1600
CLARKE, Mary a.1607
CLARKE, Mary a.1581
CLARKE, Mary a.1615
CLARKE, N.N. b.1477
CLARKE, Nathaniel b.1642
CLARKE, Phillip b.1594
CLARKE, Rebecca b.1649
CLARKE, Rebecca b.1694
CLARKE, Rebecca a.1610
CLARKE, Richard b.1711
CLARKE, Richard b.1533
CLARKE, Richard a.1591
CLARKE, Robert Knight b.1545
CLARKE, Robert b.1490
CLARKE, Rose a.1598
CLARKE, Rose b.1603
CLARKE, Rowland b.1530
CLARKE, Rowland a.1606
CLARKE, Samuel b.1673
CLARKE, Samuel b.1677
CLARKE, Samuel a.1653
CLARKE, Samuel b.1609
CLARKE, Sarah b.1638
CLARKE, Sarah b.1659
CLARKE, Sarah b.1653
CLARKE, Stephen a.1566
CLARKE, Susanna a.1596
CLARKE, Thomas b.1694
CLARKE, Thomas b.1653
CLARKE, Thomas b.1536
CLARKE, Thomas b.1685
CLARKE, Thomas a.1605
CLARKE, Thomas a.1544
CLARKE, Thomas b.1570
CLARKE, Thomas b.1528
CLARKE, Thomas a.1604
CLARKE, Thomas a.1567
CLARKE, Thomasin a.1593
CLARKE, Ursula b.1612
CLARKE, Walter b.1545
CLARKE, Walter a.1539
CLARKE, William b.1541
CLARKE, William b.1709
CLARKE, William b.1707
CLARKE, William b.1670
CLARKE, William b.1656
CLARKE, William b.1609
CLARKE, William b.1522
CLARKE, William b.1493
CLARKE, William a.1589
CLARKE, William b.1605
CLARKE, William a.1612
CLARKE, William a.1565


CLATTERY, Hannah a.1684


CLAVERING, Ellen de b.1271
CLAVERING, Eupheme de b.1268
CLAVERING, Eve de b.1296
CLAVERING, Isabel de b.1275
CLAVERING, John de Lord Clavering b.1266


CLAVILLE, William b.1575


CLAWSON, Hiram Bradley b.1826


CLAXTON, Jane b.1522
CLAXTON, William Esquire b.1426


CLAY, Ellen Velinda b.1832


CLAYTON, Alice b.1598
CLAYTON, Cecilia de b.1175
CLAYTON, Lucinda b.1776
CLAYTON, Richard de b.1150


CLEAVES, Bethia b.1720
CLEAVES, John a.1681


CLEET, Alice b.1368


CLEGG, Beatrice b.1913
CLEGG, Bessie Vynell b.1915
CLEGG, Edith b.1900
CLEGG, George Richard b.1902
CLEGG, Matthew Lindley b.1869
CLEGG, Robert b.1582


CLEMENT, Alice b.1475
CLEMENT, Elizabeth b.1755
CLEMENT, Mary b.1593


CLEMENTS, Job b.1615
CLEMENTS, John b.1680
CLEMENTS, Samuel b.1682
CLEMENTS, William b.1639


CLENCH, Henry Gentleman a.1592
CLENCH, Thomasine a.1608


CLERC, Agnes le b.1213
CLERC, Maud le b.1232
CLERC, Peter le b.1185


CLERE, Agatha de b.1227
CLERE, Alice Nun b.1441
CLERE, Alice b.1533
CLERE, Anne Nun b.1484
CLERE, Anne b.1558
CLERE, Anne b.1449
CLERE, Anne b.1549
CLERE, Arthur b.1527
CLERE, Audrey b.1476
CLERE, Bridget b.1481
CLERE, Charles b.1560
CLERE, Charles Esquire b.1523
CLERE, Charles Esquire a.1579
CLERE, Dionisia b.1420
CLERE, Dorothy b.1481
CLERE, Edmond b.1483
CLERE, Edmund b.1368
CLERE, Edmund Esquire b.1417
CLERE, Edward b.1377
CLERE, Edward Knight a.1563
CLERE, Edward Knight b.1536
CLERE, Edward a.1581
CLERE, Elizabeth a.1566
CLERE, Elizabeth b.1538
CLERE, Elizabeth b.1474
CLERE, Elizabeth b.1414
CLERE, Elizabeth Nun b.1443
CLERE, Frances b.1531
CLERE, Frances a.1577
CLERE, Frances a.1585
CLERE, Francis Knight b.1569
CLERE, Heigham a.1585
CLERE, John Knight b.1511
CLERE, John Esquire b.1366
CLERE, John b.1410
CLERE, John b.1451
CLERE, John b.1525
CLERE, John a.1593
CLERE, Lancelot b.1529
CLERE, Margaret b.1445
CLERE, Margaret b.1541
CLERE, Margaret b.1370
CLERE, Martha b.1573
CLERE, Nicholas b.1348
CLERE, Olive b.1479
CLERE, Olive b.1552
CLERE, Ralph I de b.1155
CLERE, Ralph II de b.1187
CLERE, Richard b.1515
CLERE, Robert Esquire a.1582
CLERE, Robert b.1532
CLERE, Robert b.1341
CLERE, Robert Esquire b.1315
CLERE, Robert Esquire b.1402
CLERE, Robert Knight b.1439
CLERE, Robert b.1374
CLERE, Robert b.1445
CLERE, Roger I de b.1123
CLERE, Roger II de b.1148
CLERE, Roger III de Knight b.1206
CLERE, Simon b.1447
CLERE, Susan b.1575
CLERE, Temperance a.1564
CLERE, Thomas b.1443
CLERE, Thomas b.1534
CLERE, Thomas Esquire b.1519
CLERE, Thomas Knight b.1485
CLERE, Thomas a.1580
CLERE, Thomas Esquire b.1547
CLERE, Walter b.1345
CLERE, William b.1441
CLERE, William b.1372
CLERE, William b.1478
CLERE, William b.1343
CLERE, William b.1339
CLERE, William b.1412


CLERIEUX, Gatalena de b.1003
CLERIEUX, Silvion de b.978


CLERK, Jane b.1543
CLERK, Joan b.1580
CLERK, Nicholas b.1345
CLERK, Rowland b.1555
CLERK, William b.1320


CLERKE, Anne b.1537
CLERKE, Constance b.1538
CLERKE, Elizabeth b.1534
CLERKE, George Gentleman b.1542
CLERKE, George Gentleman b.1510
CLERKE, Henry b.1512
CLERKE, James Gentleman b.1540
CLERKE, James Esquire b.1483
CLERKE, John b.1517
CLERKE, Katherine b.1546
CLERKE, Lucy b.1554
CLERKE, Margaret b.1544
CLERKE, Mary b.1556
CLERKE, Reginald b.1550
CLERKE, Richard b.1558
CLERKE, Robert b.1552
CLERKE, Thomas b.1548
CLERKE, Walter b.1514
CLERKE, William Esquire b.1535


CLERMONT, Adelaide de b.1072
CLERMONT, Alix de b.1273
CLERMONT, Beatrice de b.1277
CLERMONT, Ermentrude de b.1067
CLERMONT, Marguerite de b.1289
CLERMONT, Mathilda de b.1149
CLERMONT, Rachilde de b.1069
CLERMONT, Raoul de Vicomte de Chateaudun b.1250
CLERMONT, Renaud II de Count of Clermont b.1080
CLERMONT, Simon de b.1147


CLERVAUX, John Knight b.1390


CLESEBY, Emma de b.1275


CLEVELAND, Aaron b.1715
CLEVELAND, Aaron b.1744
CLEVELAND, Aaron Porter b.1782
CLEVELAND, Aaron Porter b.1778
CLEVELAND, Abigail b.1751
CLEVELAND, Ann b.1703
CLEVELAND, Anne b.1830
CLEVELAND, Charles b.1772
CLEVELAND, Dorcas b.1742
CLEVELAND, Elizabeth b.1753
CLEVELAND, Enoch b.1671
CLEVELAND, Francis b.1796
CLEVELAND, Francis b.1774
CLEVELAND, George a.1747
CLEVELAND, George b.1769
CLEVELAND, Isaac b.1740
CLEVELAND, Lewis Frederick b.1841
CLEVELAND, Lucy a.1749
CLEVELAND, Lucy b.1787
CLEVELAND, Mamre b.1786
CLEVELAND, Margaret b.1748
CLEVELAND, Margaret b.1801
CLEVELAND, Margaret Louisa b.1838
CLEVELAND, Mary Allen b.1833
CLEVELAND, Richard Cecil b.1835
CLEVELAND, Richard Falley b.1804
CLEVELAND, Rose Elizabeth b.1846
CLEVELAND, Sarah b.1780
CLEVELAND, Sarah b.1775
CLEVELAND, Sarah b.1775
CLEVELAND, Stephen b.1741
CLEVELAND, Stephen Grover b.1837
CLEVELAND, Susan b.1803
CLEVELAND, Susan b.1784
CLEVELAND, Susan Sophia b.1809
CLEVELAND, Susan Sophia b.1843
CLEVELAND, Susanna b.1740
CLEVELAND, William b.1745
CLEVELAND, William b.1798
CLEVELAND, William b.1770
CLEVELAND, William Neale b.1832


CLEVES, Anne of b.1516
CLEVES, Margareta of b.1219


CLEYDON, Thomas b.1576


CLIFFE, Edward b.1622


CLIFFORD, Agnes de b.1271
CLIFFORD, Amicia de b.1136
CLIFFORD, Ann b.1682
CLIFFORD, Anne Baroness Clifford b.1590
CLIFFORD, Anne b.1485
CLIFFORD, Anne b.1443
CLIFFORD, Bertha de b.1115
CLIFFORD, Blanche b.1416
CLIFFORD, Charles b.1543
CLIFFORD, Charles a.1620
CLIFFORD, Edward b.1503
CLIFFORD, Eleanor b.1557
CLIFFORD, Eleanor b.1500
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1613
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1526
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1521
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1482
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1462
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1433
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1650
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1659
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1611
CLIFFORD, Esther b.1662
CLIFFORD, Frances b.1556
CLIFFORD, Frances a.1595
CLIFFORD, Frances a.1626
CLIFFORD, Francis b.1619
CLIFFORD, Francis Lord Clifford b.1584
CLIFFORD, Francis Earl of Cumberland b.1559
CLIFFORD, George b.1590
CLIFFORD, George Earl of Cumberland b.1558
CLIFFORD, Hannah b.1649
CLIFFORD, Henry b.1538
CLIFFORD, Henry b.1616
CLIFFORD, Henry Earl of Cumberland b.1592
CLIFFORD, Henry Earl of Cumberland b.1491
CLIFFORD, Henry Earl of Cumberland b.1517
CLIFFORD, Henry Esquire b.1390
CLIFFORD, Henry Lord Clifford b.1454
CLIFFORD, Henry b.1419
CLIFFORD, Henry b.1440
CLIFFORD, Henry de b.1316
CLIFFORD, Henry de b.1223
CLIFFORD, Hugh de Knight b.1182
CLIFFORD, Idoine de b.1302
CLIFFORD, Ingram Knight b.1519
CLIFFORD, Isaac b.1696
CLIFFORD, Isaac b.1664
CLIFFORD, Isabella de b.1253
CLIFFORD, Isabella de b.1336
CLIFFORD, Israel b.1684
CLIFFORD, Israel b.1647
CLIFFORD, Jacob b.1679
CLIFFORD, James b.1485
CLIFFORD, James b.1415
CLIFFORD, James de Esquire b.1353
CLIFFORD, Jane b.1526
CLIFFORD, Jane b.1480
CLIFFORD, Joan b.1448
CLIFFORD, John Lord Clifford a.1435
CLIFFORD, John b.1693
CLIFFORD, John b.1645
CLIFFORD, John b.1615
CLIFFORD, John de b.1310
CLIFFORD, John de Knight b.1220
CLIFFORD, John de b.1310
CLIFFORD, John de Lord Clifford b.1388
CLIFFORD, Katherine b.1516
CLIFFORD, Katherine b.1400
CLIFFORD, Katherine de b.1364
CLIFFORD, Lewis b.1453
CLIFFORD, Lewis b.1405
CLIFFORD, Lewis de Knight b.1349
CLIFFORD, Lucy de b.1140
CLIFFORD, Mabel b.1488
CLIFFORD, Margaret a.1594
CLIFFORD, Margaret b.1540
CLIFFORD, Margaret b.1483
CLIFFORD, Margaret b.1494
CLIFFORD, Margaret b.1451
CLIFFORD, Margaret de b.1308
CLIFFORD, Margaret de b.1375
CLIFFORD, Margaret de b.1307
CLIFFORD, Mary b.1556
CLIFFORD, Mary b.1666
CLIFFORD, Mary b.1422
CLIFFORD, Matilda de b.1390
CLIFFORD, Matthew de b.1355
CLIFFORD, Maud b.1523
CLIFFORD, Maud b.1437
CLIFFORD, Maud de b.1379
CLIFFORD, Maud de b.1237
CLIFFORD, Mehitable b.1686
CLIFFORD, Nicholas Knight b.1572
CLIFFORD, Peter de b.1314
CLIFFORD, Philippe de b.1371
CLIFFORD, Richard b.1458
CLIFFORD, Richard b.1698
CLIFFORD, Richard de b.1229
CLIFFORD, Richard de b.1112
CLIFFORD, Richard de b.1180
CLIFFORD, Richard de Knight b.1244
CLIFFORD, Richard de b.1151
CLIFFORD, Robert b.1585
CLIFFORD, Robert Knight b.1441
CLIFFORD, Robert de Lord Clifford b.1330
CLIFFORD, Robert de Lord Clifford b.1274
CLIFFORD, Robert de Lord Clifford b.1305
CLIFFORD, Roger Knight b.1439
CLIFFORD, Roger de b.1361
CLIFFORD, Roger de Lord Clifford b.1333
CLIFFORD, Roger de Lord Clifford b.1300
CLIFFORD, Roger I de b.1189
CLIFFORD, Roger II de Knight b.1218
CLIFFORD, Roger III de b.1243
CLIFFORD, Rosamond de b.1143
CLIFFORD, Samuel b.1689
CLIFFORD, Sarah b.1691
CLIFFORD, Simon de Knight b.1107
CLIFFORD, Stephen de b.1318
CLIFFORD, Thomas Knight b.1497
CLIFFORD, Thomas Knight b.1445
CLIFFORD, Thomas Lord Clifford b.1414
CLIFFORD, Thomas de b.1320
CLIFFORD, Thomas de Knight b.1339
CLIFFORD, Thomas de Lord Clifford b.1358
CLIFFORD, Walter I de b.1109
CLIFFORD, Walter II de b.1148
CLIFFORD, Walter III de Knight b.1186
CLIFFORD, William de b.1312
CLIFFORD, William de Rector of Irchester b.1247
CLIFFORD, William de Knight b.1367
CLIFFORD, William de b.1154
CLIFFORD, William de b.1246
CLIFFORD, William de b.1271


CLIFTON, Adam de Knight b.1357
CLIFTON, Adam de b.1306
CLIFTON, Adelina b.1474
CLIFTON, Agnes de b.1338
CLIFTON, Amias b.1576
CLIFTON, Constantine I de b.1336
CLIFTON, Constantine II de Lord Clifton b.1372
CLIFTON, Eleanor de b.1338
CLIFTON, Elizabeth b.1535
CLIFTON, Elizabeth b.1564
CLIFTON, Elizabeth de b.1396
CLIFTON, Elizeus b.1471
CLIFTON, Gamaliel b.1467
CLIFTON, Gervase Knight b.1459
CLIFTON, Gervase K.B. b.1437
CLIFTON, Gervase Knight b.1612
CLIFTON, Gervase Knight b.1587
CLIFTON, Gervase Lord Clifton b.1568
CLIFTON, Gervase Knight b.1412
CLIFTON, Gervase Knight b.1388
CLIFTON, Gervase de Knight b.1215
CLIFTON, Gervase de Knight b.1240
CLIFTON, Gervase de Knight b.1265
CLIFTON, Gervase de Knight b.1313
CLIFTON, Hester b.1536
CLIFTON, Hugh b.1461
CLIFTON, Isabel b.1436
CLIFTON, Isabel b.1415
CLIFTON, Jane b.1544
CLIFTON, Joan b.1441
CLIFTON, John b.1570
CLIFTON, John Knight b.1415
CLIFTON, John Knight b.1538
CLIFTON, John de Knight b.1362
CLIFTON, John de Knight b.1394
CLIFTON, John de Lord Clifton b.1354
CLIFTON, Katherine b.1395
CLIFTON, Katherine b.1433
CLIFTON, Katherine de b.1380
CLIFTON, Margaret b.1422
CLIFTON, Margaret b.1411
CLIFTON, Margaret de b.1175
CLIFTON, Parlhasius b.1463
CLIFTON, Phoebe b.1861
CLIFTON, Robert Priest b.1457
CLIFTON, Robert Knight b.1409
CLIFTON, Robert de Knight b.1287
CLIFTON, Robert de Knight b.1335
CLIFTON, Robert de Sheriff of Norfolk b.1385
CLIFTON, Roger de Knight b.1280
CLIFTON, Silvanus b.1469
CLIFTON, Theophilia b.1547
CLIFTON, Thomas b.1465
CLIFTON, Thomas b.1413
CLIFTON, Ursula b.1566
CLIFTON, Walter de b.1150
CLIFTON, William b.1541
CLIFTON, William Esquire b.1510
CLIFTON, William K.B. b.1573

Surname List