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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


CHAMPNEY, Daniel b.1645
CHAMPNEY, Elizabeth b.1788
CHAMPNEY, Esther a.1630
CHAMPNEY, Joseph a.1632
CHAMPNEY, Lydia b.1643
CHAMPNEY, Mary b.1633
CHAMPNEY, Mary b.1639
CHAMPNEY, Maurice b.1636
CHAMPNEY, Noah a.1634
CHAMPNEY, Richard b.1604
CHAMPNEY, Samuel b.1674
CHAMPNEY, Samuel b.1635
CHAMPNEY, Sarah a.1629


CHAMPNEYS, Agnes b.1339
CHAMPNEYS, John Lord Mayor of London b.1495
CHAMPNEYS, William b.1314


CHANDLER, Anna b.1798
CHANDLER, Elizabeth b.1662
CHANDLER, Hannah a.1630
CHANDLER, Hannah b.1669
CHANDLER, Henry a.1632
CHANDLER, John b.1665
CHANDLER, John b.1660
CHANDLER, John a.1634
CHANDLER, Joseph b.1683
CHANDLER, Joseph b.1667
CHANDLER, Margaret a.1577
CHANDLER, Mary b.1659
CHANDLER, Mary b.1770
CHANDLER, Mehitable b.1673
CHANDLER, Phebe b.1648
CHANDLER, Sarah b.1638
CHANDLER, Sarah b.1676
CHANDLER, Thomas a.1628
CHANDLER, William a.1627
CHANDLER, William a.1595
CHANDLER, William a.1636


CHANNON, Catherine b.1574
CHANNON, Charity b.1572
CHANNON, Charles b.1578
CHANNON, Elizabeth b.1568
CHANNON, Joan a.1570
CHANNON, Mary b.1576
CHANNON, Robert b.1536
CHANNON, Thomasine b.1600
CHANNON, William b.1566


CHANTECOQ, Etiennette de b.1081
CHANTECOQ, Hugues de b.1056


CHAPELL, Bartholomew b.1311
CHAPELL, Joseph b.1684


CHAPELLE, Joan de la b.1256


CHAPIN, Deborah b.1676
CHAPIN, Deborah b.1664
CHAPIN, Ephraim b.1673
CHAPIN, Hannah b.1644
CHAPIN, Henry b.1672
CHAPIN, John b.1661
CHAPIN, Joseph b.1670
CHAPIN, Josiah b.1665
CHAPIN, Josiah a.1637
CHAPIN, Mary b.1662
CHAPIN, Mary b.1672
CHAPIN, Samuel b.1659
CHAPIN, Seth b.1668
CHAPIN, Shem b.1667
CHAPIN, Thomas b.1671


CHAPLIN, Agnes a.1582
CHAPLIN, Alice b.1559
CHAPLIN, Anne b.1632
CHAPLIN, Anne a.1638
CHAPLIN, Clement a.1593
CHAPLIN, Dorothy a.1596
CHAPLIN, Edmund b.1553
CHAPLIN, Edmund a.1599
CHAPLIN, Elizabeth a.1634
CHAPLIN, Elizabeth a.1641
CHAPLIN, Francis Lord Mayor of London a.1628
CHAPLIN, Jane a.1589
CHAPLIN, Jean b.1720
CHAPLIN, John a.1717
CHAPLIN, Martha a.1584
CHAPLIN, Mary a.1594
CHAPLIN, Richard a.1587
CHAPLIN, Robert b.1630
CHAPLIN, Robert a.1602
CHAPLIN, Samuel a.1590
CHAPLIN, Susan a.1636
CHAPLIN, Thomas a.1591
CHAPLIN, William b.1525
CHAPLIN, William a.1585
CHAPLIN, William b.1556


CHAPMAN, Abigail b.1687
CHAPMAN, Anna b.1648
CHAPMAN, Avis b.1614
CHAPMAN, Daniel b.1690
CHAPMAN, Elizabeth b.1631
CHAPMAN, Emeline b.1842
CHAPMAN, Hannah b.1650
CHAPMAN, John b.1644
CHAPMAN, John b.1675
CHAPMAN, John b.1694
CHAPMAN, John b.1622
CHAPMAN, Martha b.1619
CHAPMAN, Mary b.1655
CHAPMAN, Mary b.1665
CHAPMAN, Nathaniel b.1686
CHAPMAN, Nathaniel b.1682
CHAPMAN, Nathaniel b.1653
CHAPMAN, Nathaniel b.1714
CHAPMAN, Parmelia b.1777
CHAPMAN, Rebecca b.1625
CHAPMAN, Rebecca b.1680
CHAPMAN, Rebecca b.1619
CHAPMAN, Rhoda b.1616
CHAPMAN, Richard b.1688
CHAPMAN, Robert b.1616
CHAPMAN, Robert b.1530
CHAPMAN, Robert b.1646
CHAPMAN, Sarah b.1690
CHAPMAN, Sarah b.1657
CHAPMAN, Thomas b.1731
CHAPMAN, William b.1580
CHAPMAN, William b.1588


CHARBONNEAU, Eleanor b.1920


CHARD, Elizabeth b.1589
CHARD, Thomas b.1704


CHARLES, Ann b.1635
CHARLES, Delivered b.1647
CHARLES, Elizabeth b.1420
CHARLES, John a.1641
CHARLES, John b.1605
CHARLES, Mary b.1633
CHARLES, Sarah b.1637
CHARLES, Thomas Esquire b.1395


CHARLET, Jane b.1559


CHARLTON, Agnes b.1447
CHARLTON, Alice b.1511
CHARLTON, Andrew b.1548
CHARLTON, Anna b.1559
CHARLTON, Anne b.1462
CHARLTON, Anne b.1482
CHARLTON, Cecily b.1506
CHARLTON, Cecily b.1556
CHARLTON, Elizabeth b.1504
CHARLTON, Elizabeth b.1553
CHARLTON, Francis Esquire b.1520
CHARLTON, John b.1523
CHARLTON, John b.1502
CHARLTON, Margaret b.1544
CHARLTON, Mary b.1546
CHARLTON, Mary b.1454
CHARLTON, Richard b.1500
CHARLTON, Richard Knight b.1450
CHARLTON, Richard b.1472
CHARLTON, Richard b.1450
CHARLTON, Robert b.1498
CHARLTON, Robert Sheriff of Shropshire b.1421
CHARLTON, Thomas Knight b.1414
CHARLTON, Thomas Knight b.1388
CHARLTON, Thomas de b.1350
CHARLTON, Thomas de b.1394
CHARLTON, Ursula b.1550
CHARLTON, William b.1508
CHARLTON, William b.1542
CHARLTON, William b.1475


CHARLWOOD, Elizabeth b.1567


CHARNELLS, Cecily b.1379
CHARNELLS, Margaret b.1293
CHARNELLS, Maud b.1360
CHARNELLS, Robert b.1354


CHARNOCK, Dorothy b.1545
CHARNOCK, Robert Esquire b.1540


CHARNOLD, Violet a.1596


CHARON, Alexios Patrician Prefect of Italy b.1000


CHARRON, Guiscard de b.1200
CHARRON, Guiscard de Knight b.1230
CHARRON, Guiscard de Knight b.1255
CHARRON, Joan de b.1298


CHARTENAY, Alice de b.1265
CHARTENAY, Richard b.1240


CHARTRES, Berthe de b.1015
CHARTRES, Emeline of b.982
CHARTRES, Forscher of Viscount of Chartres b.957


CHASE, Abraham b.1652
CHASE, Bethia M. b.1857
CHASE, Charles b.1855
CHASE, Dudley b.1816
CHASE, Isaac b.1650
CHASE, James b.1648
CHASE, Joseph b.1645
CHASE, Lucinda C. b.1853
CHASE, Mary b.1695
CHASE, Mercy b.1752
CHASE, Roger b.1704
CHASE, Seth b.1711
CHASE, Solomon b.1859
CHASE, Stephen b.1851
CHASE, Thomas b.1643
CHASE, Thomas a.1585


CHASTELEYN, Jane de b.1342
CHASTELEYN, Thomas de b.1303


CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Adam de b.1030
CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Avesgaud de b.996
CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Gervaise de b.1028
CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Gervaise de Archbishop of Rheims b.1007
CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Guillaume de b.993
CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Hamon de b.958
CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Matilde de b.1065
CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Robert de b.990
CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Robert de b.1032
CHATEAU-du-LOIRE, Rotrude de b.1000


CHATEAU-PORCIEN, Roger de b.1039
CHATEAU-PORCIEN, Sibylle de b.1074


CHATEAUDUN, Clemence de b.1230
CHATEAUDUN, Gausfred de b.949
CHATEAUDUN, Geoffrey de b.972
CHATEAUDUN, Geoffrey I de Count of Perche b.995
CHATEAUDUN, Geoffrey II de Vicomte de Chateaudun b.1077
CHATEAUDUN, Geoffrey IV de Vicomte de Chateaudun b.1173
CHATEAUDUN, Geoffrey V de b.1204
CHATEAUDUN, Hugh de Vicomte de Chateaudun b.1110
CHATEAUDUN, Hugh de Vicomte de Chateaudun b.1047
CHATEAUDUN, Hugh V de Vicomte de Chateaudun b.1140
CHATEAUDUN, Isabel de b.1200
CHATEAUDUN, Jeanne de b.1228
CHATEAUDUN, Mahaut de b.1080
CHATEAUDUN, Melisende de b.1005
CHATEAUDUN, Routrou I de Vicomte de Chateaudun b.1021


CHATEAUNEUF, Hugh de b.1105


CHATEAURENARD, Petronille de b.1030


CHATELLERAULT, Aimeri I de b.1075
CHATELLERAULT, Alianor de b.1103
CHATELLERAULT, Boso II de Viscount de Chatellerault b.1050
CHATELLERAULT, Hugues de b.1020
CHATELLERAULT, Raoul de Seigneur de Faye-Le-Vineuse b.1110


CHATFIELD, Abigail b.1698
CHATFIELD, Ann b.1727
CHATFIELD, Cornelius b.1706
CHATFIELD, David b.1740
CHATFIELD, Drew a.1582
CHATFIELD, Edward b.1578
CHATFIELD, Elizabeth b.1615
CHATFIELD, Elizabeth b.1540
CHATFIELD, Esther b.1725
CHATFIELD, Esther b.1692
CHATFIELD, Esther b.1703
CHATFIELD, Francis b.1566
CHATFIELD, Francis b.1535
CHATFIELD, Francis a.1617
CHATFIELD, George b.1537
CHATFIELD, George b.1564
CHATFIELD, George b.1693
CHATFIELD, George b.1668
CHATFIELD, George a.1624
CHATFIELD, Henry b.1613
CHATFIELD, Henry b.1586
CHATFIELD, James b.1580
CHATFIELD, Jane b.1597
CHATFIELD, Jesse b.1732
CHATFIELD, Joan b.1532
CHATFIELD, Joan b.1571
CHATFIELD, John b.1619
CHATFIELD, John b.1502
CHATFIELD, John b.1475
CHATFIELD, John b.1661
CHATFIELD, John b.1696
CHATFIELD, Jonathan b.1743
CHATFIELD, Josiah b.1727
CHATFIELD, Josiah b.1700
CHATFIELD, Lucy b.1747
CHATFIELD, Lucy b.1736
CHATFIELD, Lydia b.1725
CHATFIELD, Margaret b.1611
CHATFIELD, Mary b.1731
CHATFIELD, Mary b.1711
CHATFIELD, Mary b.1715
CHATFIELD, Mercy b.1729
CHATFIELD, Mercy b.1671
CHATFIELD, Miriam b.1615
CHATFIELD, N.N. b.1593
CHATFIELD, Naomi b.1709
CHATFIELD, Naomi b.1734
CHATFIELD, Nicholas b.1530
CHATFIELD, Philip b.1711
CHATFIELD, Rabina a.1738
CHATFIELD, Rabina b.1742
CHATFIELD, Richard b.1550
CHATFIELD, Richard b.1500
CHATFIELD, Richard b.1562
CHATFIELD, Richard b.1589
CHATFIELD, Robert b.1504
CHATFIELD, Robert b.1574
CHATFIELD, Sarah b.1626
CHATFIELD, Thomas b.1480
CHATFIELD, Thomas b.1544
CHATFIELD, Thomas b.1568
CHATFIELD, Thomas b.1450
CHATFIELD, Thomas a.1621
CHATFIELD, William b.1748
CHATFIELD, William b.1482
CHATFIELD, William b.1576


CHATILLON, Agnes de b.1152
CHATILLON, Beatrix de b.1256
CHATILLON, Eleonore de b.1303
CHATILLON, Gervase de b.984
CHATILLON, Guy de Count of St. Pol b.1330
CHATILLON, Guy de Count of Blois b.1290
CHATILLON, Guy de Archbishop of Rheims b.987
CHATILLON, Guy II de Count of St. Pol b.1224
CHATILLON, Guy III de Count of St. Pol b.1265
CHATILLON, Hadwide de b.1018
CHATILLON, Herve de b.958
CHATILLON, Hugues de Count of Blois b.1258
CHATILLON, Isabel de b.1295
CHATILLON, Jacques de b.1299
CHATILLON, Jacques de b.1260
CHATILLON, Jean de Count of St. Pol b.1297
CHATILLON, Jeanne de b.1305
CHATILLON, Jeanne de b.1262
CHATILLON, Mahaut de b.1333
CHATILLON, Mahaut de b.1293
CHATILLON, Marie de Countess of Pembroke b.1301
CHATILLON, Milo de b.982
CHATILLON, Renaud de b.1110
CHATILLON, Yolande de b.1216


CHATMAN, John b.1763


CHATTAN, Dougal b.1263
CHATTAN, Eva b.1288


CHATTERTON, Hannah b.1681
CHATTERTON, Hannah b.1663
CHATTERTON, John b.1668
CHATTERTON, Joseph b.1676
CHATTERTON, Mary b.1673
CHATTERTON, Mary b.1666
CHATTERTON, Mercy b.1664
CHATTERTON, Samuel b.1671
CHATTERTON, Sarah b.1661
CHATTERTON, Susanna b.1678
CHATTERTON, William b.1640


CHATWELL, Prisca b.1679


CHAUCER, Alice b.1404
CHAUCER, Elizabeth Nun b.1347
CHAUCER, Geoffrey Knight b.1340
CHAUCER, Isabella le b.1308
CHAUCER, John le b.1310
CHAUCER, Katherine b.1344
CHAUCER, Lewis b.1369
CHAUCER, Nicholas le b.1312
CHAUCER, Philippa b.1342
CHAUCER, Richard le b.1280
CHAUCER, Robert le b.1275
CHAUCER, Thomas Esquire b.1367


CHAUCKLEY, Anna b.1613


CHAUCOMBE, Amabil de b.1215
CHAUCOMBE, Hugh de Sheriff of Warwickshire b.1149
CHAUCOMBE, Millicent de b.1212
CHAUCOMBE, Robert de Knight b.1180


CHAUMONT, Alda de b.1132


CHAUNCEY, John Esquire b.1408
CHAUNCEY, Nathaniel b.1639
CHAUNCEY, Sarah a.1631
CHAUNCEY, Walter de b.1100
CHAUNCEY, William b.1482


CHAUNDOS, Beatrice b.1305
CHAUNDOS, Edward de Knight b.1276
CHAUNDOS, Eleanor de b.1307
CHAUNDOS, Elizabeth de b.1301
CHAUNDOS, Hawise de b.1191
CHAUNDOS, Henry de Knight b.1230
CHAUNDOS, Hugh de b.1165
CHAUNDOS, John de Knight b.1303
CHAUNDOS, John de Knight b.1253
CHAUNDOS, John de Knight b.1208
CHAUNDOS, John de Knight b.1348
CHAUNDOS, Juliane de b.1189
CHAUNDOS, Margaret de b.1299
CHAUNDOS, Margaret de b.1350
CHAUNDOS, Maud de b.1146
CHAUNDOS, Robert de b.1305
CHAUNDOS, Robert I de Lord of Caerleon b.1075
CHAUNDOS, Robert II de b.1139
CHAUNDOS, Robert III de b.1192
CHAUNDOS, Robert IV de b.1244
CHAUNDOS, Roger de b.1045
CHAUNDOS, Roger I de b.1105
CHAUNDOS, Roger II de b.1210
CHAUNDOS, Roger III de b.1228
CHAUNDOS, Roger IV de Lord Chaundos b.1282
CHAUNDOS, Thomas de Archdeacon of Hereford b.1285
CHAUNDOS, Thomas de Sheriff of Hereford b.1323
CHAUNDOS, Walter de b.1108


CHAVE, Elizabeth b.1821


CHAWORTH, Cecily de b.1097
CHAWORTH, Elizabeth b.1426
CHAWORTH, Elizabeth b.1585
CHAWORTH, Elizabeth b.1400
CHAWORTH, Eve de b.1247
CHAWORTH, George Knight b.1428
CHAWORTH, George Knight b.1549
CHAWORTH, Henry b.1441
CHAWORTH, Hugh de b.1027
CHAWORTH, Joan b.1424
CHAWORTH, John Viscount Chaworth b.1608
CHAWORTH, John b.1422
CHAWORTH, Katherine b.1432
CHAWORTH, Lawrence b.1434
CHAWORTH, Margery b.1430
CHAWORTH, Maud de b.1282
CHAWORTH, Paganus de b.1093
CHAWORTH, Patrick Viscount Chaworth a.1635
CHAWORTH, Patrick I de b.1052
CHAWORTH, Patrick II de b.1091
CHAWORTH, Patrick III de b.1155
CHAWORTH, Patrick IV de b.1218
CHAWORTH, Patrick V de Lord of Kidwelly b.1250
CHAWORTH, Payn I de b.1123
CHAWORTH, Payn II de b.1183
CHAWORTH, Payne III de b.1245
CHAWORTH, Penelope a.1632
CHAWORTH, Robert b.1438
CHAWORTH, Robert de b.1089
CHAWORTH, Sybil de b.1095
CHAWORTH, Thomas b.1436
CHAWORTH, Thomas Knight b.1376
CHAWORTH, Thomas de Knight b.1310
CHAWORTH, William Knight b.1420
CHAWORTH, William de b.1199


CHECKLEY, Deborah b.1717
CHECKLEY, Hannah b.1674


CHEDDAR, Isabel b.1429
CHEDDAR, Joan b.1425
CHEDDAR, Richard b.1379
CHEDDAR, Robert b.1380
CHEDDAR, Robert Mayor of Bristol b.1335
CHEDDAR, Thomas Esquire b.1384
CHEDDAR, William b.1381


CHEDLE, Agnes de b.1300
CHEDLE, Clemence de b.1298
CHEDLE, Geoffrey de Knight b.1228
CHEDLE, Geoffrey de Knight b.1249
CHEDLE, Roger de Knight b.1273


CHEDLETON, Randle de b.1208


CHEDWORTH, Margaret b.1436


CHEESMAN, Edwin b.1905


CHEEVERS, Mary b.1656


CHEKE, Anne a.1620
CHEKE, Charles a.1630
CHEKE, Elizabeth b.1626
CHEKE, Essex a.1618
CHEKE, Frances a.1617
CHEKE, Hatton Knight b.1574
CHEKE, Henry b.1577
CHEKE, Henry Esquire b.1548
CHEKE, Isabel b.1622
CHEKE, Mary b.1522
CHEKE, Robert b.1624
CHEKE, Thomas a.1628
CHEKE, Thomas Knight b.1572


CHEMILLE, Pierre de Seigneur de Chemille b.1204
CHEMILLE, Thomas de b.1207


CHENAULT, Scena Lucinda b.1822


CHENDUIT, Joan b.1279
CHENDUIT, William b.1140


CHENERY, Mary b.1662


CHENEY, Dorothy b.1575
CHENEY, Joseph b.1647
CHENEY, Margaret b.1513


CHEREBOUGH, Helen b.1615


CHERLETON, Alan de Esquire b.1319
CHERLETON, Alan de Knight b.1278
CHERLETON, Anna de b.1379
CHERLETON, Edward Lord Cherleton b.1371
CHERLETON, Elena de b.1385
CHERLETON, Ellen de b.1326
CHERLETON, Isabella de b.1315
CHERLETON, Joan b.1400
CHERLETON, Joan de b.1339
CHERLETON, John Lord Cherleton b.1362
CHERLETON, John de b.1321
CHERLETON, John de Lord Cherleton b.1275
CHERLETON, John de Lord Cherleton b.1310
CHERLETON, John de Lord Cherleton b.1334
CHERLETON, John de b.1340
CHERLETON, Joyce b.1403
CHERLETON, Robert de b.1245
CHERLETON, Roger de Knight b.1336
CHERLETON, Thomas de b.1323
CHERLETON, Thomas de b.1382
CHERLETON, Thomas de Esquire b.1345


CHERRY, Margaret b.1524


CHERTSEY, Robert b.1498


CHESHIRE, Thomas b.1663


CHESLEY, Elizabeth b.1666
CHESLEY, Esther b.1671
CHESLEY, George b.1693
CHESLEY, George b.1672
CHESLEY, Hannah b.1663
CHESLEY, James b.1676
CHESLEY, John b.1670
CHESLEY, John b.1691
CHESLEY, Joseph b.1677
CHESLEY, Martha b.1697
CHESLEY, Mary b.1667
CHESLEY, Mary b.1668
CHESLEY, Philip b.1646
CHESLEY, Philip b.1608
CHESLEY, Samuel b.1673
CHESLEY, Samuel b.1695
CHESLEY, Sarah b.1679
CHESLEY, Susanna b.1674
CHESLEY, Susanna b.1699
CHESLEY, Thomas b.1644
CHESLEY, Thomas b.1664


CHESNEY, Adelaide de b.1087
CHESNEY, Alice de b.1123
CHESNEY, Alice de b.1138
CHESNEY, Amabel de b.1154
CHESNEY, Bartholomew de b.1146
CHESNEY, Beatrice de b.1108
CHESNEY, Clemence de b.1162
CHESNEY, Emma de b.1132
CHESNEY, Hamelin de b.1103
CHESNEY, Hawise de b.1094
CHESNEY, Hugh de b.1096
CHESNEY, Isabel de b.1106
CHESNEY, Isabel de b.1171
CHESNEY, John de Sheriff of Norfolk b.1113
CHESNEY, John de Knight b.1095
CHESNEY, Margaret de b.1159
CHESNEY, Matthew de Prior of Coxford b.1099
CHESNEY, Maud de b.1130
CHESNEY, Peter de b.1101
CHESNEY, Ralph de b.1120
CHESNEY, Ralph de b.1100
CHESNEY, Ralph I de b.1040
CHESNEY, Ralph II de b.1065
CHESNEY, Robert de Bishop of Lincoln b.1104
CHESNEY, Robert de b.1097
CHESNEY, Roger de b.1111
CHESNEY, Roger de b.1098
CHESNEY, Roger de b.1070
CHESNEY, Sara de b.1165
CHESNEY, Sybil de b.1093
CHESNEY, Walter de b.1128
CHESNEY, William de b.1126
CHESNEY, William de b.1102
CHESNEY, William de Sheriff of Norfolk b.1115
CHESNEY, William de b.1067


CHESTER, Abigail a.1623
CHESTER, Agnes of b.1175
CHESTER, Alice b.1593
CHESTER, Anna b.1589
CHESTER, Anthony Knight a.1566
CHESTER, Beatrix of b.1140
CHESTER, Dorcas b.1637
CHESTER, Elizabeth a.1624
CHESTER, Eunice b.1645
CHESTER, Eunice b.1668
CHESTER, George a.1594
CHESTER, Geva of b.1086
CHESTER, Hawise of Countess of Lincoln b.1180
CHESTER, Joanna a.1620
CHESTER, John b.1656
CHESTER, John b.1635
CHESTER, John Gentleman b.1585
CHESTER, John a.1621
CHESTER, Leonard a.1610
CHESTER, Leonard Gentleman b.1560
CHESTER, Mabel of b.1173
CHESTER, Margaret a.1618
CHESTER, Mary b.1641
CHESTER, Mary b.1654
CHESTER, Matilda of b.1177
CHESTER, Mercy b.1647
CHESTER, Otuel of b.1075
CHESTER, Prudence b.1666
CHESTER, Prudence b.1643
CHESTER, Sampson a.1591
CHESTER, Samuel b.1664
CHESTER, Sarah b.1657
CHESTER, Stephen b.1660
CHESTER, Stephen b.1639
CHESTER, Thomas b.1662
CHESTER, William b.1587


CHESTERTON, Hawise de b.1172


CHETHAM, Alice de b.1230
CHETHAM, Geoffrey de Knight b.1220
CHETHAM, Henry de b.1195


CHETWODE, Abigail b.1604
CHETWODE, Anne b.1587
CHETWODE, Avicia de b.1240
CHETWODE, Beatrice b.1609
CHETWODE, Catherine b.1582
CHETWODE, Dorothy b.1598
CHETWODE, Elizabeth b.1390
CHETWODE, Elizabeth a.1583
CHETWODE, Frances b.1594
CHETWODE, Grace b.1602
CHETWODE, Jane b.1600
CHETWODE, John b.1606
CHETWODE, John Knight b.1345
CHETWODE, John de Knight b.1185
CHETWODE, Mary b.1596
CHETWODE, Ralph de Knight b.1123
CHETWODE, Ralph de b.1182
CHETWODE, Richard Esquire b.1580
CHETWODE, Richard Knight b.1526
CHETWODE, Richard Knight b.1560
CHETWODE, Robert b.1590
CHETWODE, Robert de Knight b.1148
CHETWODE, Thomas Knight b.1394
CHETWODE, Thomas b.1592
CHETWODE, Tobias b.1611
CHETWODE, William b.1585
CHETWODE, William de b.1189


CHETWYND, Adam de Knight b.1170
CHETWYND, Adam de Knight b.1235
CHETWYND, Joan de b.1335
CHETWYND, John de Knight b.1225
CHETWYND, John de Knight b.1195
CHETWYND, John de Knight b.1264
CHETWYND, Philip Knight b.1390
CHETWYND, Reginald de b.1292
CHETWYND, Walter Knight b.1557
CHETWYND, William Knight b.1550


CHEVAUCHESUL, Aucher b.1100
CHEVAUCHESUL, Matilda b.1133
CHEVAUCHESUL, Robert b.1125
CHEVAUCHESUL, Roger b.1128


CHEVERELL, Alexander Sheriff of Wiltshire b.1255
CHEVERELL, Joan b.1282
CHEVERELL, John Knight b.1230


CHEVROS, Jean b.1650


CHEYNE, Alexander b.1456
CHEYNE, Alexander de Knight b.1248
CHEYNE, Alice de b.1144
CHEYNE, Anne a.1538
CHEYNE, Anne b.1428
CHEYNE, Anne b.1454
CHEYNE, Anne b.1379
CHEYNE, Cecily b.1452
CHEYNE, Christian le b.1285
CHEYNE, Dorothy a.1570
CHEYNE, Edmond b.1441
CHEYNE, Edmund Knight b.1401
CHEYNE, Edward b.1447
CHEYNE, Elizabeth b.1513
CHEYNE, Elizabeth b.1505
CHEYNE, Elizabeth b.1550
CHEYNE, Elizabeth b.1425
CHEYNE, Elizabeth b.1448
CHEYNE, Elizabeth b.1424
CHEYNE, Elizabeth b.1522
CHEYNE, Francis Knight b.1480
CHEYNE, Francis Knight b.1546
CHEYNE, Helen a.1571
CHEYNE, Henry a.1565
CHEYNE, Henry Lord Cheney b.1539
CHEYNE, Isabel b.1516
CHEYNE, Isabel b.1469
CHEYNE, Jane b.1510
CHEYNE, John Esquire b.1383
CHEYNE, John Esquire b.1543
CHEYNE, John Esquire b.1514
CHEYNE, John b.1440
CHEYNE, John Knight b.1415
CHEYNE, John Knight b.1372
CHEYNE, John Lord Cheyne b.1445
CHEYNE, John Knight b.1422
CHEYNE, John b.1340
CHEYNE, John b.1393
CHEYNE, Joyce a.1567
CHEYNE, Katherine b.1519
CHEYNE, Katherine b.1510
CHEYNE, Katherine a.1563
CHEYNE, Katherine b.1452
CHEYNE, Lawrence Sheriff of Cambridge b.1395
CHEYNE, Margaret b.1511
CHEYNE, Margaret b.1412
CHEYNE, Margaret b.1449
CHEYNE, Margaret b.1540
CHEYNE, Margaret b.1400
CHEYNE, Mary b.1522
CHEYNE, Mary a.1541
CHEYNE, Mary b.1446
CHEYNE, Mary b.1428
CHEYNE, Maud b.1398
CHEYNE, Nicholas b.1354
CHEYNE, Reginald de Knight b.1300
CHEYNE, Reginald le b.1280
CHEYNE, Reginald le Knight b.1245
CHEYNE, Richard Knight b.1352
CHEYNE, Robert Esquire b.1488
CHEYNE, Robert Knight b.1451
CHEYNE, Roger Knight b.1453
CHEYNE, Temperance a.1552
CHEYNE, Thomas b.1519
CHEYNE, Thomas Knight b.1497
CHEYNE, Thomas b.1548
CHEYNE, Thomas Knight b.1450
CHEYNE, Thomas Knight b.1426
CHEYNE, William b.1488
CHEYNE, William K.B. b.1386
CHEYNE, William b.1457
CHEYNE, William Knight b.1443
CHEYNE, William Esquire b.1455
CHEYNE, William Sheriff of Cambridge b.1365


CHIBORNE, Winifred b.1613


CHICHELEY, Anne b.1621
CHICHELEY, Dorothy b.1617
CHICHELEY, Elizabeth b.1432
CHICHELEY, Florence b.1390
CHICHELEY, Henry Governor of Virginia b.1619
CHICHELEY, Jane b.1623
CHICHELEY, John b.1626
CHICHELEY, Margery b.1430
CHICHELEY, Thomas Knight b.1589
CHICHELEY, Thomas Knight b.1615


CHICHESTER, Adrian b.1561
CHICHESTER, Amyas b.1526
CHICHESTER, Anne b.1604
CHICHESTER, Anne b.1522
CHICHESTER, Arthur Lord Chichester b.1563
CHICHESTER, Arthur Earl of Donegall b.1606
CHICHESTER, Bartholomew b.1563
CHICHESTER, Bridget a.1559
CHICHESTER, Cecily b.1555
CHICHESTER, Charles b.1554
CHICHESTER, Dorothy a.1556
CHICHESTER, Edward b.1558
CHICHESTER, Edward b.1518
CHICHESTER, Edward b.1611
CHICHESTER, Edward Viscount Chichester b.1564
CHICHESTER, Edward Esquire b.1497
CHICHESTER, Eleanor b.1546
CHICHESTER, Elias b.1484
CHICHESTER, Elizabeth b.1551
CHICHESTER, Elizabeth b.1500
CHICHESTER, Elizabeth b.1482
CHICHESTER, Elizabeth b.1452
CHICHESTER, Elizabeth b.1607
CHICHESTER, Elizabeth a.1545
CHICHESTER, Frances b.1564
CHICHESTER, Francis b.1569
CHICHESTER, Giffard b.1552
CHICHESTER, Grace b.1551
CHICHESTER, Gregory b.1566
CHICHESTER, Henry b.1545
CHICHESTER, Henry b.1489
CHICHESTER, Honor b.1555
CHICHESTER, Hugh b.1548
CHICHESTER, Hugh b.1455
CHICHESTER, Hugh b.1495
CHICHESTER, Jane b.1470
CHICHESTER, John b.1546
CHICHESTER, John b.1445
CHICHESTER, John b.1427
CHICHESTER, John Esquire b.1610
CHICHESTER, John Knight b.1565
CHICHESTER, John b.1528
CHICHESTER, John Knight b.1474
CHICHESTER, John Knight b.1548
CHICHESTER, John Knight b.1516
CHICHESTER, John Knight b.1350
CHICHESTER, John Knight b.1385
CHICHESTER, Margaret b.1567
CHICHESTER, Margaret b.1449
CHICHESTER, Margaret b.1595
CHICHESTER, Mary b.1524
CHICHESTER, Mary b.1608
CHICHESTER, Mary b.1552
CHICHESTER, Nicholas b.1447
CHICHESTER, Paul b.1561
CHICHESTER, Peter b.1476
CHICHESTER, Philip b.1557
CHICHESTER, Philip b.1521
CHICHESTER, Philippa b.1472
CHICHESTER, Richard b.1547
CHICHESTER, Richard b.1480
CHICHESTER, Richard b.1382
CHICHESTER, Richard Esquire b.1424
CHICHESTER, Robert b.1549
CHICHESTER, Roger b.1571
CHICHESTER, Severus b.1554
CHICHESTER, Silvester b.1560
CHICHESTER, Susanna b.1549
CHICHESTER, Thomas Knight b.1566
CHICHESTER, Thomasine b.1430
CHICHESTER, Tristram b.1486
CHICHESTER, Urith a.1558
CHICHESTER, William b.1530
CHICHESTER, William Rector of Shirwell b.1478


CHICK, Nathan b.1721
CHICK, Thomas a.1641
CHICK, Thomas b.1708


CHICKE, Agnes b.1548


CHICKERING, Bathsheba b.1640


CHIDIOCK, Elizabeth b.1404
CHIDIOCK, John Lord Fitz Payn b.1401
CHIDIOCK, John de Sheriff of Somerset b.1280
CHIDIOCK, John de Knight b.1306
CHIDIOCK, John de Knight b.1347
CHIDIOCK, John de Knight b.1374
CHIDIOCK, Katherine b.1423
CHIDIOCK, Margaret b.1430


CHIDSEY, Caleb a.1661


CHILD, Benjamin a.1658
CHILD, Benjamin a.1631
CHILD, Benjamin b.1581
CHILD, Benjamin a.1592
CHILD, Elizabeth a.1664
CHILD, Elizabeth b.1311
CHILD, Elizabeth a.1629
CHILD, Elizabeth b.1670
CHILD, Elizabeth b.1576
CHILD, Elizabeth a.1599
CHILD, Elizabeth b.1778
CHILD, Ephraim b.1654
CHILD, Ephraim a.1593
CHILD, Experience b.1669
CHILD, Francis b.1585
CHILD, Henry b.1648
CHILD, James b.1577
CHILD, John a.1671
CHILD, John a.1668
CHILD, John b.1636
CHILD, John b.1583
CHILD, John a.1595
CHILD, Joseph b.1659
CHILD, Joseph a.1673
CHILD, Joshua b.1656
CHILD, Joshua a.1597
CHILD, Margaret a.1666
CHILD, Mary a.1660
CHILD, Mehitable a.1669
CHILD, N.N. b.1662
CHILD, Nathaniel a.1634
CHILD, Nathaniel a.1591
CHILD, Penuel b.1699
CHILD, Richard b.1579
CHILD, Richard b.1631
CHILD, Thomas b.1574
CHILD, Wolstone a.1572


CHILDE, Audrey b.1551
CHILDE, Edmund b.1412
CHILDE, Edmund b.1465
CHILDE, Elizabeth b.1500
CHILDE, Joan b.1548
CHILDE, John b.1469
CHILDE, John Gentleman b.1523
CHILDE, John b.1553
CHILDE, N.N. b.1477
CHILDE, N.N. b.1474
CHILDE, Rebecca b.1471
CHILDE, Richard Esquire b.1546
CHILDE, Richard b.1519
CHILDE, Robert b.1555
CHILDE, Thomas b.1467
CHILDE, Thomas b.1549
CHILDE, Walter b.1440
CHILDE, William b.1482
CHILDE, William b.1436
CHILDE, William Esquire b.1521
CHILDE, William Esquire b.1497
CHILDE, William b.1547


CHILDREY, Edmund Knight b.1325
CHILDREY, Elizabeth b.1377
CHILDREY, Isabel b.1358
CHILDREY, Joan de b.1380
CHILDREY, Sybil b.1385
CHILDREY, Thomas b.1383
CHILDREY, Thomas b.1350


CHILDS, Francis b.1569
CHILDS, Lorenzo H. b.1858


CHILES, Henry b.1712
CHILES, John b.1715
CHILES, John Gentleman b.1668


CHILHAM, Isabel de b.1248


CHILLINGWORTH, Elizabeth b.1638
CHILLINGWORTH, Mehitable b.1640
CHILLINGWORTH, Thomas b.1612


CHILSON, Anthony a.1610
CHILSON, Benjamin b.1722
CHILSON, Beriah b.1746
CHILSON, Beriah b.1710
CHILSON, Elihu b.1749
CHILSON, Freelove b.1743
CHILSON, Gershom b.1704
CHILSON, Gershom a.1738
CHILSON, Hannah a.1739
CHILSON, Hepzibah b.1720
CHILSON, Hepzibah a.1741
CHILSON, Hugh a.1606
CHILSON, Israel b.1732
CHILSON, Jeremiah b.1707
CHILSON, Jeremiah b.1730
CHILSON, John b.1677
CHILSON, John b.1645
CHILSON, Joseph b.1703
CHILSON, Joseph b.1670
CHILSON, Joseph b.1752
CHILSON, Margaret a.1616
CHILSON, Mary b.1641
CHILSON, Patience b.1754
CHILSON, Sarah b.1673
CHILSON, Walsingham a.1613
CHILSON, Walsingham b.1681
CHILSON, William a.1619
CHILSON, William b.1577
CHILSON, William b.1639
CHILSON, William b.1675


CHILTERN, William Esquire b.1410


CHILTON, Christian a.1601
CHILTON, Elizabeth a.1594
CHILTON, Ingle a.1599
CHILTON, Isabella a.1587
CHILTON, James a.1603
CHILTON, James a.1596
CHILTON, James b.1556
CHILTON, Jane a.1589
CHILTON, Joel a.1584
CHILTON, Mary b.1592
CHILTON, Mary a.1607


CHINN, Elizabeth b.1668


CHINY, Arnold II Count of Chiny b.1035
CHINY, Ida de b.1083
CHINY, Liutgarde of b.915
CHINY, Otto II de Count of Chiny b.1060


CHIPMAN, Alma May b.1870
CHIPMAN, Benjamin b.1721
CHIPMAN, Bethia b.1666
CHIPMAN, Bethiah b.1699
CHIPMAN, Deborah b.1704
CHIPMAN, Desire b.1674
CHIPMAN, Ebenezer b.1709
CHIPMAN, Elizabeth b.1647
CHIPMAN, Handley b.1717
CHIPMAN, Hannah b.1618
CHIPMAN, Hannah b.1658
CHIPMAN, Hope b.1652
CHIPMAN, James b.1694
CHIPMAN, John b.1656
CHIPMAN, John b.1697
CHIPMAN, John b.1692
CHIPMAN, John b.1620
CHIPMAN, John b.1670
CHIPMAN, Lydia b.1708
CHIPMAN, Lydia b.1654
CHIPMAN, Mary b.1699
CHIPMAN, Mercy b.1668
CHIPMAN, Perez b.1702
CHIPMAN, Rebecca b.1719
CHIPMAN, Ruth b.1663
CHIPMAN, Samuel b.1661
CHIPMAN, Sinah Geneth b.1831
CHIPMAN, Sophronia b.1805
CHIPMAN, Stephen b.1708
CHIPMAN, Thomas b.1573
CHIPMAN, Thomasine b.1623


CHISHOLM, Alexander b.1255
CHISHOLM, Alexander b.1279
CHISHOLM, Alexander b.1360
CHISHOLM, Alexander b.1401
CHISHOLM, Janet b.1357
CHISHOLM, John b.1200
CHISHOLM, John Knight b.1253
CHISHOLM, John b.1358
CHISHOLM, Katherine b.1422
CHISHOLM, Margaret b.1383
CHISHOLM, Richard b.1226
CHISHOLM, Robert b.1363
CHISHOLM, Robert Knight b.1305
CHISHOLM, Robert Knight b.1332
CHISHOLM, Thomas b.1381
CHISHOLM, Weyland b.1403
CHISHOLM, William b.1334


CHISNALL, Doreth b.1596


CHITTENDEN, Abel b.1681
CHITTENDEN, Cornelius b.1685
CHITTENDEN, Deborah b.1682
CHITTENDEN, Deborah b.1649
CHITTENDEN, Elizabeth b.1638
CHITTENDEN, Elizabeth b.1669
CHITTENDEN, Elizabeth b.1699
CHITTENDEN, Gideon b.1678
CHITTENDEN, Hannah b.1680
CHITTENDEN, Hannah b.1652
CHITTENDEN, Joan a.1634
CHITTENDEN, John b.1666
CHITTENDEN, John b.1642
CHITTENDEN, Joseph b.1677
CHITTENDEN, Joseph b.1652
CHITTENDEN, Joseph b.1672
CHITTENDEN, Lydia b.1684
CHITTENDEN, Mary b.1675
CHITTENDEN, Mary b.1645
CHITTENDEN, Nathaniel b.1640
CHITTENDEN, Nathaniel b.1701
CHITTENDEN, Nathaniel b.1669
CHITTENDEN, Phebe b.1691
CHITTENDEN, Sarah b.1673
CHITTENDEN, Thomas a.1636
CHITTENDEN, Timothy b.1694
CHITTENDEN, William a.1608

Surname List