Frank Horsch and Elizabeth Roland

Frank Horsch and Elizabeth Roland

Frank Horsch was born in Westfallen, Germany in 1824 to Johann Horsch and Elisabeth Stuhldreyer. Elizabeth Roland was born in Westfallen in 1823 to Adam Roland and Maria Catharina Tusche. They were married on February 16, 1851 in Obermarsberg, Westfallen, and immigrated to America immediately afterwards. They traveled to Bremen and set sail on the ship Kepler. They arrived in New York on May 6, 1852. The ship's manifest also lists Frank's brother Johan (John) along with his wife Catherine. Also listed were August Rohland and Charl Rohland.

Frank and Elizabeth settled in Batavia, New York, where they raised their family. The 1860 census shows John and Catherine Horsch living with them at that time. It's believed that Catherine died shortly afterwards, and John remarried to Anna Bauer a few years later. John and Anna moved to Minnesota around 1874. See the genealogy of John Horsch and Anna Bauer for more information.

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