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This is the Place!   Over 25 Years of Research on the Harney Family.
by Linda Harney MacDonald

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cbut9.gif (859 bytes) Charts cbut3.gif (1179 bytes) O'Harney, Chief of Kerry
cbut9.gif (859 bytes) Early Harney's in AMERICA cbut3.gif (1179 bytes) Old Family Letters (1840s)
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cbut9.gif (859 bytes) Heraldry: Is there a Harney crest ? cbut3.gif (1179 bytes) Trivia - Test Your Harney IQ
cbut9.gif (859 bytes) Irish Famine Immigrants cbut3.gif (1179 bytes) U.S. Census
cbut9.gif (859 bytes) Irish Records Index cbut3.gif (1179 bytes) Vital Records - Birth, Marriage, Death 
cbut9.gif (859 bytes) Military Records cbut3.gif (1179 bytes) William Selby Harney, U.S. Army
cbut9.gif (859 bytes)  Naturalization records  cbut3.gif (1179 bytes)  Wills  & abstracts


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myfamily_but.gif (2404 bytes)My hosts a "private" web site, where data can be exchanged between Harney family members.  However that site become less useful due to limited space.
Now it is only good for posting current notices of family reunions and that sort of thing. 
THIS Harney web site and Email remain the best way to communicate. - Linda H.M.


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