Harney Families in Ireland

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Harney Families in Ireland


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Christening records - index

     Munster    -  Connaught
Drum cemetery
Famine Immigrants
Irish Civil Birth Records - index
Irish Marriage Records - index
Irish Death Index
Old Family Letters
Harneys in County Roscommon
Letter from Will Harney, 1846
Lists of immigrants assisted by the Harneys



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The four historic provinces of Ireland include:
Connacht (5 counties) in the west - yellow.
Leinster (12 counties) in the east - blue
Munster (6 counties) in the south - green; and
Ulster (9 counties) in the north - pink on map

Family Charts - County Roscommon
Daniel Harney & Mary McManus - RODMM
Hugh Harney - ROHCL
John Harney & Mary Goonan - ROJMG
John Harney & Bridget Ward - ROJBW
Michael Harney & Bridget Farrell - ROMBF
Michael Harney - ROMBO
Michael Harney & Catherine Grinham -ROMCG
Thomas Harney & Mary Finneran - ROTMF
Family Charts - Counties Tipperary & Waterford
Edmund Harney & Mary Heffernan - TIEMH
James Harney & Margaret Doheney - TIJMD
John & Judy Harney - TIPMG
Mathew Harney & Judith Ryan - TIMJR
Richard Harney & Margaret Casey - TIRMC
William Harney & Mary Doheny - TIJMC

John Harney & Mary Prendergast - WAJMP
Michael Harney & Mary Walsh - WAMMW
John & Ellen Harney, Annestown - WAPMG
Thomas Harney & Johanna Coffey - WATJC
Family Charts - Other counties
Lawrence Harney & Catherine Hagan - WILCH

Patrick V Harney & Annie Walsh -GAPAK

Corderry/Gallbally Harneys

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