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Cemetery Name and Link to Tombstone Inscriptions


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All Saints Episcopal Cemetery Old Kings Hwy, Pawley's Island GPS:
N. 33.46730
W. -079.13950
Andrews Memorial Cemetery Hwy 521, .2 miles West of Chance Drive, Andrews
N. 33.44273
W. -079.54898
Annandale Plantation Cemetery  Annandale Plantation, Georgetown County, S.C. GPS:
N. 33.2153166
W. -079.299483
Annie Collins Cemetery On Harris Landing Road 1/2 mile south of Powell Road
N. 33.24792,
W. -079.42032
Antioch Cemetery Antioch Loop, Corner of Antioch Loop and Browns Ferry Rd.
N. 33.56747
W. -079.42040
Arcadia Cemeteries
Arcadia Plantation (St. Anne's, Oak Hill, Vanderbilt)
Pawley's Island GPS:
N. 33.38443
W. -079.21931
Arnette Memorial GardenEstill Dr., .2  miles NNE of Choppee Rd.
N. 33.55324
W. -079.33195
Baptist Cemetery Church St., Georgetown GPS:
N. 33.37030
W. -079.27780
Bath's Mill Cemetery  Off Old Pee Dee Rd, Northern Georgetown County
N. 33.663139
W. -079.187822
Belin Cemetery Sandy Island GPS:
N. 33.556622
W. -079.03764
Belin Methodist Cemetery Murrells Inlet GPS:
N. 33.556622
W. -079.03764
Ben Horry Cemetery Located at the end of Ben Horry Road about 200 yards in the woods. Ben Horry Road is located off of Petigru near Waverly Road. GPS:
N. 33.4471
W. -079.1254
Bethel AME Cemetery A-M

Bethel AME Cemetery N-Z
Black River Road, next to hospital. Corner of Black River Rd and Heyward St.
N. 33.38087
W. -079.28592
Bethel AME Cemetery (Founded 1881) Kent Road, Andrews .1 mile North of Glass Ave.
N. 33.43693
W. -079.48649
Little Bethel AME N. Santee Road
N. 33.21705
W. -079.320506
Bethel United Methodist CemeteryKent Road, Andrews. Corner of Kent Road and Hollowtree Ave.
N. 33.43254
W. -079.48423
Bethesda Baptist CemeteryDuke St.  .2 miles E of Duke St. and Reservoir St.
N. 33.38315
W. -079.30362
Beulah Methodist Cemetery Off Penny Royal Rd, Georgetown GPS:
N. 33.33420
W. -079.34110
Birthright Cemetery 157 Birthright Ave. Georgetown, S.C.
N. 33.39202
W. -079.467967
Black River House On Choppee Road 500 ft beyond Peters Creek Road, going NW.
N. 33.5115
W. -079.2986833
Bone Cemetery
There are no grave markers at this site.
Off Pleasant Hill Drive 200 Yards North of W.T. Owens' Store GPS:
N. 33.681
W. -079.381
Boone Family Cemetery Located on old Boone Plantation near Sampit Lookout Tower. After passing the Lookout Tower about 2 miles, turn left on Wild Horse Road which goes into Walker Road and about halfway down a short road to the left with a gate at the end is the approach to the cemetery. The cemetery is located on WV land.
GPS: N. 33.34098 
	W. -079.512606
Brave Road South Island Road near entrance to Belle Isle, International Paper Property
N. 33.30573
W. -079.31528
Brown's Chapel Missionary Baptist CemeteryLocated at Browns Chapel off Hwy 41 in Oceda Section of Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.34900
W. -079.66336
Bryant Carvers Bay Road
N. 33.66238
W. -079.24277
Campfield Cemetery GPS shown is the location of the road leading to the site from Choppee Road, about a half mile distant from US 701.
N. 33.48643
W. -079.274
Cat Island Cemetery
Cat Island --- Hume
Cat Island --- Maxwell
and South Island
On Cat Island
N. 33.2053
W. -079.242926
Center Baptist Church Cemetery Corner of Folly Grove Rd and Schoolhouse Rd. at Center Crossroad.
N. 33.69289
W. -079.31755
Chester Hill Missionary Baptist Cemetery 363 Lanes Creek Drive, Corner of Lanes Creek Drive and Grissett Drive, off Johnson Road
N. 33.48801
W. -079.36808
Chicora Chicora Plantation GPS:
N. 33.51542
W. -079.18015
Choppee Holiness Church and CemeteryChoppee Rd, .1 mile E. of Postfoot Circle on Choppee Rd.
N. 33.53149
W. -079.31699
Church of God Cemetery Circle Drive, North Santee
N. 33.24643
W. -079.40777
Clifton Arcadia Plantation
N. 33.38443
W. -079.21931
Coachman Family Cemetery Rocky Point Park, Rocky Point Drive, off Choppee Road GPS:
N. 33.54792
W. -079.35547
Collins Cemetery Located on Earl Road between its intersections with Harris Landing Road and Corner Loop Road in North Santee GPS:
N. 33.242133
W. -079.4206
Cooper Cemetery Hwy 701 2.8 miles north of junction for Hwy 51 and 701 to Eaddy road, 1 mile west on Eaddy to Peters Creek, Road GPS:
N. 33.5384833
W. -079.2874833
Cox Memorial Garden Arcadia Plantation
N. 33.38443
W. -079.21931
Cribb-Burrows Cemetery Pleasant Hill Community, 1 mile off Pleasant Hill Drive, Carraway Drive, (Same as Cribb-Carraway)
N. 33.661
W. -079.403
Cribb Cemetery - Bullard Road Bullard Road--less than 1 mile from dirt road on lands of D. I. Wilson.
N. 33.655
W. -079.391
Cribb Cemetery - Carraway Drive Carraway Dr. .31 miles SE of Corner of Pleasant Hill Dr.(Same as Cribb Burrows)
N. 33.66113
W. -079.40278
Crowfield Cemetery Arcadia Plantation
N. 33.38443
W. -079.21931
Crow Hill Old Kings Hwy, end of Crow Hill Drive near Hopsewee GPS:
N. 33.216789
W. -
Cumberland AME 7650 Pennyroyal Rd, Georgetown, S.C.
0.3 miles S.E. of Pennyroyal Rd & Reown Dr.
N. 33.34967
Deep Creek Cemetery Corner of Deep Creek Rd. and Choppee Rd.
N. 33.69828
W. -079.34928
Doiley Family Cemetery Located on Doiley Road in North Santee, Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.24133
W. -079.406883
Dirleton Plantation Off Plantersville Drive, Benvenue Ave
N.  33.47281
W. -079.19896
Dusty Hill Cemetery Sampit Community
N. 33.370212
W. -079.47808
Eaddy's Tabernacle EBH River Road and Turntable Road Murrells Inlet, S.C.
N. 33.54695
W. -079.07772
Eastland Cemetery Browns Ferry Rd., .1 mile SE of Browns Ferry Rd. and Amos Rd.
N. 33.53144
W. -079.38646
Ebenezer Baptist Church County Line Road, .3 miles South of Martin Luther King Road
N. 33.4494
W. -079.58382
Elisha Screven Burial Plot Pea House Ferry off of Indian Hut Road, (Old Pumping Station), Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.48055
W. -079.44612
Elmwood Cemetery, Elmwood Annex Highmarket Street, Georgetown
GPS: N. 33.374296 
	W. -079.291677
Estherville Plantation Esterville Drive is just over a half mile from South Island ferry going North
N. 33.264061
W. -079.27258
Ethridge CemeteryBig Dam Swamp Road, .1 mile West of Potato Bed Ferry Road
N. 33.49994
W. -079.51740
Exum Family Cemetery Off road 6 in Choppee Community. Once known as Mill Grove Plantation, now Munnerlyn Plantation.
N. 33.570157
W. -079.382336
First Calvary Memorial Gardens Garrison Road & Gapway Road GPS:
N. 33.39235
W. -
First Church of God "C" Street
Georgetown, S.C.
N. 33.37422
W. -
Ford Burying Ground
International Paper Land (Inland Cemetery)
Off Johnson Rd., NW of Georgetown GPS:
N. 33.44055
W. -
Fraser Family Cemetery 200 Yards off the Ten Acre Road. Near intersection with Andrews 521 By-Pass, Georgetown GPS:
N. 33.429
W. -

Friendfield #1 (Plantation) Cemetery
Friendfield #2 (Midway) Cemetery
Friendfield #3 (Old Slave) Cemetery

Located on Friendfield Plantation in Georgetown County, S.C.Off Hwy 521, West of Georgetown GPS:
N. 33.372
W. -
Friendship St. Mary's AME Cemetery26 Annie Village Rd., .1 mile behind Church
N. 33.47318
W. -079.25469
Frost Graveyard Off South Island Road near Dawson Compound
N. 33.275247
W. -079.286978
Gasque Cemetery Less than 1/2 mile off of Columbus Road in Sampit Section of Georgetown County, via Gasque Street and Deas Drive
N. 33.3029
W. -079.4917
Georgetown Presbyterian Church Columbarium 558 Black River Road
N. 33.377324
W. -79.284563
Giles CemeteryOff of Lambert Loop behind Lambert Cemetery.
N. 33.31550
W. -079.54695
Gladson 5 miles from Hwy 521 on 17-A GPS:
N. 33.35152
W. -
Good Hope Methodist Cemetery 7593 Pleasant Hill Dr. Corner of Pleasant Hill Dr. and Nettie Ln.
N. 33.65603
W. -079.30507
Gospel Missionary Baptist CemeteryGreentown Rd.  Corner of Greentown Rd. and Levi Ln.
N. 33.400975
W. -079.325645
Goss Petersfield, Old Pee Dee Rd GPS:
N. 33.67065
W. -079.29399
Goude Family Cemetery Off Tyler Rd, Carvers Bay GPS:
N. 33.67065
W. -079.29399
Gourdines Chapel Christian Fellowship Cemetery Corner of Saints Delight Road and County Line Road (Hwy. 41)
N. 33.36062
W. -079.65292
Greater Gethsemane Baptist Cemetery Corner of Woodland Ave. & Sparrow Dr GPS:
N. 33.36285
W. -079.43599
Greater Gordon AME Chapel
(Grave sites with no markers)
Corner of River Road and Turntable Road Murrells Inlet, S.C. GPS:
N. 33.5462
W. -079.07673
Greater Mt. Carmel Baptist Cemetery2848 Jackson Village Rd, .1 mi SE of corner of Jackson Village Rd. and Greggs Ave.
N. 33.51966
W. -079.21173
Greenfield Cemetery Greenfield Plantation
N. 33.482
W. -079.268
Guendolas Plantation Hasty Point Plantation
N. 33.542217
W. -079.175538
Hamilton Cemetery (Midway) One half mile south of the airport entrance on Hwy #17 South of Georgetown
N. 33.311643
W. -079.330194
Hassell Burial Plot 188 Haunted Trail
Pawley's Island, S.C.
N. 33.44071
W. -079.12240
Hasty Point Hasty Point Plantation, River Road GPS:
N. 33.54443
W. -079.17570
Hazzard Greenfield Road (River Road) GPS:
N. 33.45878
W. -079.25132
Heaven's Gate United Methodist Corner of Knollwood Ct. & Old Kings Hwy GPS:
N. 33.567462
W. -079.037683
Hickory Tree Cemetery 0.8 miles SW intersection of Powell and Walker Roads, approached on forest roads.
N. 33.29045
W. -079.47285

Hobcaw Plantation Cemeteries


Off Hwy. 17, Pawleys Island
GPS: N. 33.340925 
	W. -079.235755
Holmes Cemetery .3 miles Southeast of corner of Lambert Loop and Sandhole Road (up third unmarked lane)
N. 33.30500
W. -079.55040
Holy Cross Faith Memorial Episcopal ChurchHwy 17 Pawley's Island GPS:
N. 33.46170
W. -079.11300
Holy Temple Church of God Junction of Old River Road and Turntable Road Murrells Inlet, S.C. GPS:
N. 33.547042
W. -079.076983
Hopewell AME CemeteryCounty Line Rd. .8 miles NE from corner of County Line Rd. and Pleasant Hill Dr.
N. 33.67083
W. -079.41566
Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church and CemeteryChoppee Rd., Corner of Postfoot Circle and Choppee Rd.
N. 33.53288
W. -079.31855
Hopswee Plantation Just at the North Santee River Bridge, west side.
N. 33.212481
W. -079.381751
House of Prayer North Santee Community, Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.24643
W. -079.40777
Hucksfield Cemetery Pleasant Hill Dr. 1 mile E of Carvers Bay Rd.
N. 33.64142
W. -079.26691
Ice House Potter's Field Graves located under the actual Ice House building. 330 N. Fraser St., Georgetown, S.C GPS:
N. 33.37490
W. -079.28734
International Paper Mill Property Hawkins Street GPS:
N. 33.36217
W. -079.30833
Jerusalem AME Cemetery36866 County Line Rd. Corner of Jerusalem Dr. and County Line Rd.
N. 33.74267
W. -079.35703
Jewish Cemetery Corner of Broad and Church Streets, Georgetown GPS:
N. 33.36950
W. -079.27990
Johnson Chapel Baptist CemeteryJohnson Rd., 1 mile North of Dexter Road
N. 33.46135
W. -079.36445
Johnson Family Plot Johnson Rd.
N. 33.485576
W. -079.363024
John T. Cribb Located less than a mile from Bullard Road and Squirrel Run Road intersection
N. 33.655
W. -079.391
John Prevatt(e) Cemetery From red light at Wal Mart, travel approximately 9.9 miles north on Hwy 701, turn left on Williams Road (dirt woods road on tract of land owned by RMS) and go 1.1 mile. Turn left on Prevatte Trail and go 1/2 mile. Marker is on right in lightly wooded area approximately 20' off the Prevatte Trail. Just for information, the Williams Road is approx 1 mile before you get to Plantersville Road.
N. 33.552
W. -079.2853
Kiethfield Plantation Kiethfield Road, off of SR 22-52
N. 33.450
W. -079.244
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Cemetery Big Dam Road -- One mile from Hwy 41 North Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.48766
W. -079.475146
Kinloch Plantation, Owner's Cemetery Located on Kinloch Plantation. From US 17 just N of Santee Bridge turn East on North Santee Road, travel about 3 & 1/2 miles.
N. 33.2087
W. -079.3353
Kinloch Plantation, Slave's Cemetery Located on Kinloch Plantation. From US 17 just N of Santee Bridge turn East on North Santee Road, travel about 3 & 1/2 miles.
N. 33.2062
W. -079.3232
Lambert Cemetery Located off Lambert Loop in Lamberttown section of Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.31550
W. -079.54600

Laurel Hill Plantation

(African American Slave Cemetery)

Brookgreen Gardens
GPS: N. 33.516871 
	W. -079.090748
Lester Cemetery Situated on West Virginia land near Green's Creek landing behind the Andrews Airport off of Puncheon Creek Rd.

N. 33.472
W. -079.533

Little Bethel AME N. Santee Road
GPS: N. 33.216915 
	W. -079.320431
Lowrimore Plot .1 mile NW from corner of Fred Road and Old Pee Dee Road
N. 33.756422
W. -079.317105
Luther L. Lambert Back of field on Dawhoo Lake Road in Lamberttown Section of Georgetown County, S. C.
N. 33.313051
W. -079.570595
Mansfield Mansfield Plantation, Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.43663
W. -079.26163
Maryville Community Cemetery (aka Saint Marys AME) From Georgetown to Pawleys Island just before the south causeway traffic light turn right on Green Road for 0.2 miles round a turn to the left, find the cemetery on the left.
N. 33.424045
W. -079.149231
Mauricena Plantation Address .3 miles off Mauricena Rd. beside Pennyroyal Creek Elevation--29 feet GPS:
N. 33.359
W. -
Mercer Family Cemetery Mercer Family Farm. Located on St. Bryan Drive off of Indian Hut Road, Georgetown County, SC
N. 33.397805
W. -079.464262
Moore Family Cemetery In woods back of Rose Hill Baptist Church, Rose Hill Section of Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.592708
W. -079.403204
Morning Glory Corner of Pennyroyal & Floranada Lane
Georgetown, S.C. 29440
N. 33.35964
W. -
Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Cemetery3279 Exodus Dr., Corner of Dr. and Carmel Dr.
N. 33.54641
W. -079.19287
Mt. Olive AME Cemetery7094 South Island Rd.  Corner of South Island Rd. and Geneva Ln.
N. 33.27004
W. -079.29601
Mt. Olive Baptist Cemetery Pennyroyal Rd., Georgetown GPS:
N. 33.33408
W. -079.34110
Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Cemetery2011 Dunbar Rd., .3 miles SE of corner of Dunbar Rd. and Jerome Dr.
N. 33.52767
W. -079.35405
Mt. Pleasant Plantation Cemetery End of Big Dam Road off of Hwy 41 North. Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.49927
W. -079.45828
Mt. Rena Cemetery Near exchange at Sandy Island GPS:
N. 33.51842
W. -079.12917
Mt. Sinai Baptist Cemetery7275 Browns Ferry Rd., Corner of Browns Ferry Rd. and Johnson Rd.
N. 33.49820
W. -079.36198
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Cemetery Corner of Tabor Dr. and Exodus Dr., Yauhannah Community
N. 33.61167
W. -079.19534
Mt. Zion AME Mt. Zion Ave North Santee
N. 33.24840
W. -079.40820
Mt. Zion AME Baptist Church Located at the end of Emanuel Street and C Street
N. 33.374477
W. -079.304359
Mt. Zion Baptist Cemetery5542 Carvers Bay Rd. .8 miles NE of Choppee Rd.
N. 33.62575
W. -079.31448
Nazareth A.M.E. Church and CemeteryCorner of Waterloo Dr. and Choppee Rd.
N. 33.54396 
W. -079.32878
New Bethel AME CemeteryCorner of Plantersville Rd. and Jackson Village Rd.
N. 33.555129
W. -079.215353
New Hope UME Cemetery Corner of Powell and Goldfinch Roads in Sampit section of Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.35019
W. -079.47093
New Bethel Baptist Sandy Island GPS:
N. 33.52597
W. -079.1346
New Light Baptist End Amelia Drive off Graves Station GPS:
N. 33.389098
W. -079.335274
New Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church and CemeteryDavid W. Ray Road, .1 mile NW from corner of Pringle Ferry Rd. and David W. Ray Rd.
N. 33.44620
W. -079.26926
New Zion Holiness Cemetery819 Squirrel Run Rd., .3 miles SE of corner of Squirrel Run Rd. and Vernie Mae Lane.
N. 33.62227
W. -079.34816
Nightingale Plantation Going south on Choppee Road from US 701 Nightingale Road is 1000 ft beyond their sharp turn at Black Banks.
N. 33.443559
W. -079.215412
North Hampton Baptist Church Hwy 521--Approx. 6 miles West of Georgetown
N. 33.392202
W. -079.389626
Oak Grove United Methodist Cemetery1676 Kent Road, Corner of Kent Road and Porter Drive
N. 33.38395
W. -079.48210
The Oaks Cemetery Brookgreen Gardens, US Highway 17 North, Murrells Inlet
N. 33.516871
W. -079.090748
Old Duncan Methodist Churchyard Corner of Orange and Highmarket Streets, Georgetown GPS:
N. 33.36940
Old Field Cemetery Chopee Road at Deep Creek
N. 33.6987
W. -079.3501
Old Gunn Church Cemetery (Prince Fredericks)Corner of Plantersville Rd. and Frederick Dr.
N. 33.50597
W. -079.18044
Old Jackson Lambert CemeteryOff of Lambert Loop GPS:
N. 33.30560
Old Pee Dee Cemetery  Corner of Ideal Place & Old Pee Dee Road GPS:
N. 33.65131
Old Prince Frederick Episcopal
Winea Plantation
Browns Ferry Road at Indian Hut Road GPS:
N. 33.53470
Old Trinity  Trinity Rd., .1 mile N. of corner of Trinity Rd. and Old Pee Dee Rd.
N. 33.65233
W. -079.18582
Outland Church of God Cemetery22075 Choppee Rd. Corner of Choppee Rd. and Williams Hill Rd.
N. 33.72448
W. -079.36854
Pawley Burial Plot at Wahacca South Entrance to Pawley's Island, corner of South Causeway and Wyndham Rd. GPS:
N. 33.42603
W. -079.13248
Pawley's Island Presbyterian Church Cemetery 9967 Ocean Hwy 17, Pawleys Island, S.C.(Between Causeways) GPS:
N. 33.436299
W. -079.135551
Pee Dee Baptist Cemetery 12609 Old Pee Dee Rd. 1 mile N of corner of Williams Hill Rd. and Old Pee Dee Rd.
N. 33.73722
W. -079.30969
Pennyroyal Memorial Gardens Pennyroyal Rd., Georgetown
N. 33.336552
W. -079.345107
Pine Bluff Methodist Cemetery .1 mile NW from corner of Fred Rd. and Old Pee Dee Rd.
N. 33.76128
W. -079.31866
Pine Grove Cemetery 270 N. Santee Road
N. 33.221267
W. -079.303645
Piney Forest Baptist Cemetery County Line Road, .7 miles North of Miracle Loop
N. 33.51443
W. -079.50121
Piney Grove Baptist Church County Line Road in Andrews, S.C.
N. 33.44987
W. -079.5832
Pleasant Hill Baptist CemeteryCorner of Pleasant Hill Dr. and Barberry Rd.
N. 33.679961
W. -079.365921
Pleasant View Free Will Baptist Cemetery14 Woodbury Dr.  Corner of Woodbury Dr. and Old Pee Dee Rd.
N. 33.76087
W. -079.31853
Ponderosa Pine Memorial Located off Bigelow Road.GPS:
N. 33.34953
W. -079.522905
Potter's Field NE quadrant near intersection of Highmarket & Fraser Streets. (Near Bank of America)
N. 33.37372
W. -79.288276
Precious Blood of Christ Church Columbarium 1633 Waverly Road Pawleys Island, S.C.
N. 33.45808
W. -79.1378886
Prince George Winyah Episcopal Cemetery
Prince George Winyah Annex
Broad Street, Between Highmarket and Duke Streets, Georgetown GPS:
N. 33.36855
W. -079.28070
Providence Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Corner of Hwy 17 and Waterford Rd.
N. 33.42005
W. -079.17555
Prospect Hill (Black) Arcadia Plantation
N. 33.38261
W. -079.22404
Prospect Hill (White Family Cemetery) Arcadia Plantation
N. 33.38261
W. -079.22404
Pumpkin Hill Cemetery Lambert Town section of Georgetown County, S.C.
N. 33.314947
W. -079.570391
Red Hill Cemetery Intersection of County Line Road and Hwy 51
N.  33.595836
W. -079.442589
Rice Hope Plantation River Road ( Along North Santee River)
South of Georgetown
N. 33.217086
W. -079.351083
Richfield Kinloch Plantation From its junction with US 17 & hwy 701 go east on Santee River Road 3.3 miles to Barnyard Road. Turn right on this dirt road, past Kinloch gate, go for about 1/4 mile. Site is next to the road on west.
N. 33.210333
W. -079.3268
Richmond Hill Cemetery (Wachesaw) Turn west on Wachesaw Road from US 17 Murrels Inlet SC, turn left into Wachesaw Plantation onto Riverwood Dr for 0.5 mi, turn left on Richmond Hill Dr for 0.3 mi. The Cemetery is on the right.
N. 33.55250
W. -079.07924
Rose Hill Baptist Cemetery Corner of Rose Hill Rd and Salisbury Dr
N. 33.59327
W. -079.40153
Rose Hill (Black) Arcadia Plantation
N. 33.38261
W. -079.22404
Rosemont Plantation Turn from North Fraser Street onto Rosemont Ave, go past Indigo Apts, and onto the approach road about one half mile to Rosemont Plantation.
N. 33.390047
W. -079.279173
S A (Sarah Thompson ) Located on dirt road near water tower and 521 by-pass near Andrews.
N. 33.423
W. -079.508
Saint James Cemetery4431 Squirrel Run Rd., .1 mile NW from corner of Squirrel Run Rd. and Hanna Loop
N. 33.65275
W. -079.39361
Saint John's AME Corner of Petigru & Recreation
Pawley's Island, S.C.
N. 33.45164
Saint Joseph Missionary Baptist Cemetery2784 Old Pee Dee Rd., .3 miles W of Old Pee Dee Rd. and Dixie Dr. GPS:
N. 33.674819
W. -079.211469
Saint Luke's AME0.2 mi. SE of Rosehill Rd and Hickory Dr.
N. 33.62139 
W. -079.41120 
Saint Luke Holiness Church and CemeteryGresham Dr, .1 mile NNE of Choppee Rd. 
N. 33.55029 
W. -079.33293 
Saint Mary One half mile east of junction US 17-A with SC 41 ie between Gourdines and Oceda Crossing.
N. 33.34961
W. -079.63171
Saint Marys AME (aka Maryville Community Cemetery) From Georgetown to Pawleys Island just before the south causeway traffic light turn right on Green Road for 0.2 miles round a turn to the left, find the cemetery on the left. GPS:
N. 33.424027
W. -
Saint Michaels AME 3335 Pennyroyal Road
Corner of Pennyroyal & Stoney Brooke
N. 33.34242
W. -
079. 37309
Saint Paul's AME CemeteryBrowns Ferry Rd., Corner of Browns Ferry Rd. and Oatland Rd.
N. 33.48830
W. -079.34872
Saint Paul AME Sampit Powell Road GPS:
N. 33.332900
W. -
079. 47183
Saint Paul Missionary AME Cemetery5348 Exodus Dr., .3 miles S. of corner of Exodus Dr. and Ford Village Rd.
N. 33.57609
W. -079.18571
St. Paul's United Methodist Church Columbarium 180 St. Paul Place Litchfield (Enter at Willbrook Blvd)
N. 33.486037
W. -079.096531
Saint Peter's Episcopal Cemetery Peters Creek Rd., 2 miles NE of Corner of Choppee Rd. and Peters Creek Rd.
N. 33.52372
W. -079.26615
Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery 65 Crooked Oak Drive & Hwy 17 Pawleys Island
N. 33.47512
W. -79.103247
Saint Peter's Missionary Baptist CemeterySouth Island Rd.  .1 mile S of South Island Rd. and Aviation Blvd.
N. 33.31742
W. -079.30113
Saint Stephen AME Cemetery

End of Gilbert St.
possibly known as "Myrtle Grove"


N. 33.37321
W. -079.30447
Sampit United Methodist Cemetery (East)

Saints Delight Road, .1 mile east from corner of Powell Road

N. 33.36390
W. -079.45860
Sampit United Methodist Cemetery (West)

Saints Delight Road, .1 mile east from corner of Powell Road

N. 33.36390
W. -079.45860
Sanders Cemetery   
Sand Ridge St. Delight Rd, 3 miles E. of Gourdines GPS:
N. 33.34970
W. -079.63170
Sandhill United American Free Will Baptist Cemetery 11810 Carvers Bay Rd., .7 miles W. of corner of Carvers Bay Rd., and Old Pee Dee Rd.
N. 33.66887
W. -079.22130
Singleton CemeteryMt Zion Street, North Santee
N. 33 24780
W. -079.40160
Springfield East Side

Springfield West Side
Brookgreen Gardens
N. 33.516871
W. -079.090748
Summer Hill Cemetery Powell Road (SC 24) 4.3 miles west of its intersection with US 17 in the North Santee area.
N. 33.2755,
W. -079.43588
Sumpter Cemetery off Highway 36, Old Pee Dee Road
N. 33.685362
W. -079.224204
Topsaw CemeteryTopsaw Plantation in Yauhannah section of Georgetown County
N. 33.608025
W. -079.151521
True Blue CemeteryPawleys Island, on private land owned by Heritage Plantation, Ltd. GPS:
N. 33.4413
W. -079.1747
True Blue Cemetery (Slave Cemetery)Pawleys Located in the Heritage Plantation Development off Berwick Dr. GPS:
N. 33.444199
W. -079.165056
Turkey Hill Cemetery Located on Willbrook Plantation off River Road, Litchfield (Old King's Highway) GPS:
N. 33.5031
W. -079.124973
Unamed Cemetery behind Rosen Doctors Off Highway 36, (Old Pee Dee Road)
N. 33.684032
W. -079.238334
Union United Methodist Cemetery Corner of County Line Rd and Rose Hill Rd
N. 33.63766
W. -079.42418
Vereen Cemetery Off Hwy 36, Yauhannah CommunityGPS:
N. 33.657424
W. -079.155634
Walker's Chapel Free Will Baptist Cemetery155 Ray Rd. .1 mile from corner of Ray Rd. and Choppee Rd.
N. 33.695602
W. -079.342554
Wallace Cemetery Corner of County Line Road and Garnette Drive
N. 33.51647
W. -079.49612
Ward Family CemeteryCounty Line Road, .1 mile North of Saints Delight Road
N. 33.36140
W. -079.65191
Weehaw Turn E onto Wedgfield road from US 701, a short distance turn right onto Weehaw Plantation Drive, go about a mile to junction of Kestrel Drive. Go NE along woods road about 2000 ft to cemetery on high place in woods

N. 33.41537
W. -079.26412 

Wiggins Burial Ground Walker Road (off of road in woods), 1 mile Southeast off Mintwood Drive
N. 33.29540
W. -079.50790
William Screven Monument In parking lot on Screven and Prince Streets. Across from old Court House, Georgetown SC
N. 33.36666
W. -079.281276
Williams Cemetery Located on Circle Road off of Junior Road in North Santee
N. 33.2465
W. -079.40592
Williams Hill Free Will Baptist Cemetery86 Williams Hill Rd. Corner of Williams Hill Rd. and Old Pee Dee Rd.
N. 33.722042
W. -079.314358
Wilson (Old Friendship) Near Brown's Ferry Bridge, 02 miles from Hwy 51
N. 33.55123
W. -079.403000
Withers Cemetery
Old North Hampton Plantation
South of Hwy 521
N. 33.367
W. -079.364
Woodville Cemetery Located in Ricefields Development off of Commons Ct.
N. 33.45890
W. -079.1511
Yellow Rose Family Plot 502 Indian Hut Road--Traveling East take a left---Traveling West take a right.---off of Hwy 521 in Oak Grove Section of Georgetown County
N. 33.390952
W. -079.459916

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