Georgetown County

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Mary Stuart King
Bette Coachman Hochman                       John.Simkins

Alford Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Dorothy Dale Skipper Isgett
Edward T. "Buddy" Harrelson, Jr.
Arthur/Arther Peter Gold
Bill Morgan
Mark Avant
Barnhill Wendell Barnhill Pope
Bolton Kay Blanton
Bone Jimmy Miller
Bradshaw Christina Beckmann
Brown Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Bruorton Mark Avant
Bullard Wendell Barnhill Pope
Bunch Pat Harrelson Cassedy
Canteen Murine Robinson Pushia
Ceasar/Caesar Angela Ceasar
Coachman Bette Coachman Hochman
Coffee Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Collins [email protected]
Covey Dory Chapin
Buddy Cribb 
Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Crosby Gloria Woodall 
Cumbee Murine Robinson Pushia
Daniels Karen F. Thomas
Davis Kay Blanton
Drayton S. Drayton 
Woodrow Shelley
Floyd Pansy Beroth
Forbes [email protected]
Ford Bette Coachman Hochman
Foxworth Judy Shaw
Franks Karen F. Thomas
Fraser Ed Callison 
[email protected] 
Dorothy Dale Skipper Isgett
Graham Murine Robinson Pushia
Green Bette Coachman Hochman
Pat Harrelson Cassedy
Edward T. "Buddy" Harrelson, Jr..
Hennecy/Hennessey Pansy Beroth
Henry Caroline Byng
Howard Deb
Heyward/Hayward (all spellings) Penni Hayward
Hurcomb Janet Wright
Shirley Kennard

Dorothy Dale Skipper Isgett                                                      Carl Kirton
Pat Harrelson Cassedy

LaBruce Mary Stuart King                                                      John Simkins
Lassiter John Lassiter 
Lawrimore/Lorimore Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Lee Pat Harrelson Cassedy
LeSesne Rebecca McNeal
Martin Harry F. Martin
McDonald Deb McDonald
Middleton Pauline Hallett
Jimmy Miller
Pat Harrelson Cassedy
Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Mitchell Carol Belong 
Moore Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Morris Jimmy Miller
Moyd Marilyn Baker

[email protected]                                       Dorothy Dale Skipper Isgett                                                

Murdock Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Newberry William Armstrong
Orr William Baxter Orr
Owens Margaret Elaine Owens Todd
Parker Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Pawley Mary Stuart King
Peal Nelson Slye
Phillips [email protected]
Pitman, Pittman Rena Anderson Pittman
Pope Wendell Barnhill Pope
Port Edna Yarborough 
Poston Ginger Hederer
Prior Mary Stuart King
Prosser Ginger Hederer
Radcliffe Sonia Radcliffe Bell
Rhames Ginger Hederer
Robinson Murine Robinson Pushia
Rosa Janet Wright
Ross Karen F. Thomas
Royal Pat Royal Perkinson
Shackels Sherri Jefferson
Shelley Woodrow Shelley
Simmons Bobbie Simons Hinman
Solomon Caroline Byng
Swinton Pat Harrelson Cassedy
Taylor Ed Callison 
Thomas Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Tyler Bette Coachman Hochman
Uptegrove Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Vandross/Vandroff/Vanderhorst Christopher Vandroff
Van der Kaiser Ted French
Vaux Mary Stuart King
Vereen Karen F. Thomas
Villepontoux Rebecca McNeal
Walley Patti Collins
Ward John Simkins
Washington Jeanette Washington
Waterman Teresa Ortega 
Beth Streu
Weston Carol Belong 
White S. Drayton 
Whittier/Whitner Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Bryant Martin
Edward T. "Buddy" Harrelson, Jr.
Susan Uptegrove Leedecke
Wise Karen F. Thomas
Yarborough Edna Yarborough 

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