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    The common thread of these pages is that parts of the families listed above ended up in [Lake Co. Calif.][Lakeport] and [Kelseyville] in particular and produced me (well, among others). Other genealogists are carrying the lines back farther than I can and, when they give me permission, I will add links. You will find that, as with most pages, this page will be continuously under construction: I will add families as I have time.  See some Lake Co. history here.   Some info on Middletown here   with some interesting links.  Linkpendium has a lot of [Lake Co. & genealogy references].

   I am particularly interested in the where, why and when of the migrations as will be seen from the pages themselves. Because of this, I have chosen a somewhat more narrative style for my pages.  It's more work but I hope you find it worth the effort.  Some generations are more detailed and can be reached from the link for a family name.  Click on a link and have at it; tell me what you think.  To go along with the concept, I have included a preliminary   LIST OF THE ROADS INTO LAKE COUNTY.

    A [tour of Lake County] by Peter & Scott Richerson and others giving extensive information on the history, geology and biology of Clear Lake is a good read; it is now in .pdf format.  A huge passel of links to Lake County info is gone, sorry. I don't yet know who to credit or disparage.  Anita Crabtree's Lake Co. GenWeb page is here!

    With the kind permission of Marvin Lander, I have put  [THE FAMILY OF ALFRED M. STANLEY] on the net.

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                            |    Quebec
                 __HAYCOCK__|    Ontario
                |  Lake Co.
                |  Ontario   ___WOODARD______SHEPARD
     _MEDDAUGH__|___________|    Ontario   New York
    |  Lake Co. Ontario          New York

    |  Ontario                             | [Townsend]
ME--|                                      |_[Jones]
    |_STANLEY___             _____WEBB_____|_Womack
      Lake Co.  |__ GARD____|   Tennessee  |_Byars
      Missouri  |  Lake Co. Missouri
        Iowa    |San Joaquin Co.San Joaquin Co.
                               Missouri Indiana

    Most of the work I believe to be reliable but some of the information has been handed down to me and I can't guarantee its accuracy. If I don't believe it, I leave it out and I try to list my sources.  Corrections, additions and questions are welcomed!  My mailbox in Mtn. View, Calif. is bottom left.
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