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24 January 2007     8:30-9:00AM

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President Karen Higgins

Haralson County
Historical Society

Text by Karen Higgins
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At start of program: tell people to get ready to write down an Internet Web address

Today we would like to show some pictures on the station, so to do this we�d encourage people to open their Internet Web browser. They should go to a page on our site at hchistory.com/1330 That way they don�t have to write anything down - it�s all written there!!

SMITHSONIAN EXHIBIT (visits Buchanan, GA YE2009)

  • Key Ingredients: America by Food a Smithsonian/Museums on Main Street exhibit
  • Examines the roles food has played in shaping America as well as local food cultures
  • Hosted by the Georgia Humanities Council and partnered with the Georgia Department of Economic Development
  • At Haralson County Historic Courthouse December 5, 2009 - January 17, 2010
  • Originally slated for 6 sites but has been expanded to 12.
  • Website: www.keyingredients.org
  • Comprised of static displays plus interactive events planned by the Historical Society.
  • We will need volunteers to help plan and staff the events and act as tour guides for the static displays
  • Also includes the American Cookbook Project where people are invited to share their recipes and associated stories online. All recipes can be sorted by Recipe Type, Story Type, Heritage, or State



  • Recently purchased by Historical Society
  • In process of setting up a Board of Trustees
  • Received a $50,000 grant from the State to assist in the purchase
  • Still seeking monetary donations as well as furnishings 30-50 years old
  • In process of applying for National Register of Historic Places designation
  • Dr. Terrell McBrayer and Rev. John Norton have been VERY instrumental in obtaining this property for its historic significance
  • Anyone wishing to make a donation may contact Dr. McBrayer at 678.591.9004 or mail to HCHS, P.O. Box 585, Buchanan, GA 30113 and note on the envelope it is for the Sanford-Wade Heritage House


  • Our highest priority this year
  • Will need substantial community input
  • This will be a NEW book; not a reprint of the 1983 History book
  • Contact our editor Lisa Tamasi by e-mail at [email protected]


  • Looking to invest in new equipment to digitize paper-based content and could use volunteers to help with this process
  • Looking for better and continued preservation of diverse heritages throughout the county (i.e. Native American and African-American)
  • Black History Month starts a week early at the Buchanan-Haralson Public Library located in the Historic Courthouse the Historical Society operates. The Historical Society has just begun a 30-day trial subscription to a vast source of information: The Oxford African American Studies Center on the World Wide Web. This includes the full contents of the Africana encyclopedia and many other online resources like maps, photos, sounds and movies, all pertaining to Black History. Just go to the Library and ask the staff how to log into this unique resource, but do so no later than February 18th, after which the trial ends. We are interested in your opinion on whether we should raise money to support a permanent subscription.


    We meet the 2nd Monday of each month (except December) at 6:30pm at the Historic Courthouse on the Square in Buchanan Please come to any meeting, see what we are about and see if you would like to join or volunteer. Committees we need help on: Building (minor upkeep of the old lady) and Festival (helps plan and coordinate the Fall Festival, Pumpkin Caper and Festival of Trees) We especially need and welcome more participation from the African-American community and more information on our Native American heritage. We are striving to preserve the past by keeping pace with the future!

Fair on the Square (Fall Festival)

The Great Pumpkin Caper

Festival of Trees

FAIR ON THE SQUARE (Fall Festival)

  • Hosted by the HCHS on September 15, 2007
    ( Downtown Buchanan Revitalization will host the Spring Festival in Buchanan the 3rd weekend in May)
  • Last year�s 1856 Birthday was a big success and we are looking to have a theme this year as well.



  • Restoring a horse-drawn postal wagon that was used prior to 1911 in the Esom Hill area.
  • We have recovered the old well pump that was used in the yard of the old courthouse and are looking into getting it repaired and possibly placed on display.

    JUST A REMINDER TO ALL LISTENERS: if you missed any information in today�s program, visit hchistory.com/1330 and you will find links to all websites and e-mails mentioned.