The history of Haralson County

The history of Haralson County

Historical maps of Haralson county (U. GA)

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Historical maps of Haralson county (U. GA)


Developmental county history through 1944

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Pre-historic eras
mysterious past Summary of Georgia's human past (SGA) Mississippian Indians constructed enormous earthen pyramids throughout Georgia and played an early version of lacrosse.

Mvskoke (Muskogee/Creek)   &   (Cherokee) era

State of Muskogee Flag

Cherokee Peace Flag

Muscogee people profile Cherokee people profile
1830 map of Cherokee Georgia

Georgia Trail of Tears
Heleluyvn Yvhikvres
(a Muskogee
Trail of Tears song)

The Cherokee
morning song

Early United States settement

1856 US flag Our humble roots: how it all began

Buchanan & county genesis memoir

One example: The Rowell family, Haralson Co. pioneers

The 1856 Handbook
The popular and sentimental song Gentle Annie, composed in 1856 by famed songwriter Stephen Foster, in-law of President James Buchanan.

US Civil War

1864 Federal Army map
( with 1990s details overlayed by Ron Feigenblatt )

Haralson County Confederate military units
The song Am I Born to Die?, featured in the 2003 US Civil War film Cold Mountain.

Haralson County militia mobilized: August 4, 1864
    from The War of the Rebellion, Series 1 - Volume 52 (Part II), US War Department (1898)

Special background section: Revealing new biography of Robert E. Lee

"Yankee Boom" years

Connecticut coat of arms - three grape vines! Panoramic map of Tallapoosa, GA (1892)

The Colonization of Tallapoosa

Prelude to the Haralson County wine boom

Tallapoosa Territory

Tallapoosa photos

The only audio recording of President Benjamin Harrison, who, on another occasion in this era, visited Haralson County in 1891.

Early twentieth century

mock Edison cylinder player

Amelia's - The Johnson Family Homeplace
(circa 1900 living history center)

Sanford-Wade Heritage House (SWHH)
and dawn of the 20th century

The humorous song Keep away from the fellow who owns an automobile, an early (1912) work by the famed composer Irving Berlin.

Town, village and farm histories

School and church histories