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Habersham County Database

Habersham County Database

This database was donated for use by Sue Thompson who created it from original index cards used to record Habersham, White and Banks county cemeteries in 1985-1986 .  The index cards were created by the local Historical Society and the Clarkesville library to use for publishing the first cemetery book for the Habersham/White/Banks county areas. Individuals visited each cemetery in the counties and gathered the information on each grave on an index card. The index cards were used to type each page of the cemetery book for publication. After the cemetery book was published, I (Sue) asked our librarian for permission to bring the boxes of index cards home and entered them into the database. If there was additional information on the index card, such as relationships and/or war service, I entered that into the last field or showed the relationship under the spouse or parents fields. For about six months, I clipped the obits from the local newspaper and entered that information too. That's why you will have some individuals who are not associated with a particular cemetery.

I will be glad to make any additions or corrections that you send to me for this database - I believe it is a great resource for Habersham County researchers.  I will make any changes sent to me in italic font so that you can easily discern what is original information and what has been sent in by researchers.

Please send any information concerning the database to me at [email protected] and put "Database" in the subject line.  Sue Thompson has also agreed to continue to answer queries concerning her database and you may email her at [email protected] .  Thank you Sue and thanks also goes to Keith Giddeon for assistance in converting the database to HTML

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Data Copyright - Sue Thompson

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