Foulks Heroes


Some members of the Foulks family have uncommon places in U.S. history. There is George, Indian scout and entrepreneur, and his sister, Elizabeth, who went from Indian captivity to become a British target in the War of 1812. William helped open the Ohio frontier to American pioneers. Euphemia carried the Foulks name over Donner Pass to California, leaving a legacy that continues today. Their stories are here, along with many other Foulks facts.

Many other facts and family linkages, however, are not here.

If you're a Foulks, we would like your assistance in gathering more information. Read through the files here. Give us corrections, if you see errors; or give us additional information where you see gaps. If you're linked to George, or Elizabeth, or Euphemia, or any of the many other Foulks ancestors you read about here, please let us know!

(At right: Charles Morgan Foulks??? Schoolteacher, entrepreneur with a lot of land -- including an oil well and a pottery -- and a politician...)

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