Watts Family Cemetery, Jackson County, Florida

Watts Family Cemetery, Jackson County, Florida
Section 4, Township 5, Range 9
WPA 129

BEVIS, Marhta A, b. 22 Nov 1823 d. 29 Nov 1896
PATRICK, T E,  b.  21 Apr 1846 d. 2 Nov 1922
WATTS, Annie E, b. 3 Feb 1878 d. 2 Oct 1879
WATTS, Edelwiss, b. 31 Aug 1882 d. 28 Aug 1886
WATTS, Infant, b. ?? Apr 1887 d. ?? Apr 1887,   4 babies
WATTS, Infant , b. 1 Nov 1909 d. 1 Nov 1909, s/o J D & D F Watts
WATTS, Infant , b. 12 Sep 1908 d. 12 Sep 1908, s/o J D & D F Watts
WATTS, Infant, b. 27 Aug 1910 d. 27 Aug 1910, d/o J D & D F Watts
WATTS, Infant, b. 22 Dec 1912,   s/o J D & D F Watts
WATTS, J D, b.  4 Oct 1843 d. 29 Dec 1902
WATTS,  Mary J, b.  18 Apr 1850 d. 27 Apr 1926
WATTS,  Thomas A, b.  21 Aug 1872 d. 16 Dec 1874

From: [email protected] (james maloy jr.)

I want to share something that happened today. I was helping search for  a Jackson Co. cemetery today with Ed Watts, He had searched off and on for several years for the Watts family cemetery in Greenwood Fl.Had asked many locals if they knew where it was located, ever heard of it , You know how it goes.You know it exits but seems to be invisible. Mr. Watts had talked with me about it several times and we had looked on the Jackson co. map and knew where it was supposed to be But no luck, So he had asked me before Christmas if I would go with him since he knew I was interested . so I said sure WELL today was the day , So we started out at the Town Hall of Greenwood and the lady there didn't now of where it was, But she suggested we talk with Mr. Pender across the street Someone else had also suggested this before we left Marianna. So Mr. Watts and I cross the street and find Mr. Lawrence Pender In two minutes he told us exactly where it was and directions and that it was very grown up, also told us who owned the land it was on and as we left I heard him say there is R.D. Bennet now. So we went back and talked with the actual owner of the land surrounding the property and he gladly gave pemission for us to go look and to come back and clean etc.

Now I know I made a short story long, But I wanted to make the point That if you have searched and given up hope for that elusive graveyard where your ancestors are laid to rest, Dont give up hope untill your laid to rest because you may just get lucky someday to Thank God everyone is not inclined to Destroy and 1/8 acre of cemetery land

for peanut commision.   I am sure Mr. Watts will be typing in new directions as soon as he has gotten the cemetry cleaned up again , There were 14 marked graves 13 with headstones, 3 were broken although not by vandals but simply because those narrow pillar type headstone brake so easily after they are old, No one had been buried in this cemetery since 1912 I think. There are two of the largest cedar trees I have ever laid eyes on in the enclosure, I must also say someone had been caring for this cemetey until about 10 or more years past, and it had a chain link fence and then someone else had added a barbedwire fence.

Please keep hunting.Your ancestors may be hunting you.
James Maloy

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