John Caffey Jr Family


John Caffey Jr Family

Husband: John Caffey Jr

Born: 20 Sep 1786at: Rockingham, Guilford Co, NC
Married: 21 Dec 1811at: , Guilford Co, NC
Died: 17 Jan 1873at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Buried: at: 
Father: John Caffey
Mother: Mary Buchanan
Other Spouses: Sarah J Hardeman  

Wife: Elizabeth (Betsy) Patrick

Born: 1789at: 
Died: 11 Sep 1836at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Buried: at: 
Father: Hugh Patrick
Mother: Nancy Davis


Name: Hugh Madison Caffey
Born: 11 Nov 1812at: , Guilford Co, NC
Died: 1878at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Mary Ann Ashurst  Matilda Jane Fenn  

Name: Hooper Washington Caffey
Born: 17 Oct 1814at: , Guilford Co, NC
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: John Patrick Caffey MD
Born: 18 May 1817at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Died: 15 Dec 1852at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: Margaret Selemma Caffey
Born: 28 Oct 1819at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Died: 26 Apr 1852at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Buried: at: McLemore-Taylor Cemetery near Mt. Meigs Road, Montgomery Co, Al
Spouses: Andrew Jackson McLemore  

Name: Mary Patrick Caffey
Born: 17 Nov 1821at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Died: 05 Apr 1885at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Moses McLemore  James M Harper  

Name: Benjamin Franklin Caffey
Born: 14 Apr 1824at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Died: 10 Dec 1888at: Citronelle, , Ga
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Mary Ann Fenn  Caroline Baker  Mary Evans Winn  

Name: Lafayette F. Caffey
Born: 08 May 1827at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Died: 11 Oct 1834at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Caffey
Born: 17 Dec 1830at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Jessie T. Harper  Bolling H. Thompson  Abner Beers Peck  

Name: Catherine Elizabeth Caffey
Born: 31 Dec 1832at: , Montgomery Co, Al
Died: 15 Sep 1836at: 
Buried: at: 

More Information:

About John Caffey Jr:

Home in 1850(City,County,State): District 1, Montgomery, Alabama
Jno Caffey 64
Sarah T Caffey 45
Frances E Caffey 0
Mary F Caffey 10
Wm I Hardaman 17

About John Patrick Caffey MD:

In 1850, Montgomery AL census shows John P. Caffey living in the household with his sister Margaret S., wife of Andrew McLemore.

Last Will of John P. Caffey, Montgomery Co, Al, Will Book Volume 4, Pages 1-2, State of Florida (Exhibit A) Co. of Hillsborough } SSDI

In the name of God, Amen.
I John P. Caffey, of Montgomery in the State of AL but at present residing at Tampa in the State of Florida, being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be my last will and testament: That is to say after all my lawful debts are paid and discharged, I give and bequeath to my beloved sister, Sarah Ann, wife of Bowling H. Thompson, the sum of three thousand and five hundred dollars for her sole use and benefit during her natural life and after her death to be divided equally among her children. To each of my beloved nieces viz. Mary Elizabeth, Margaret Virginia, and Sally Martha Patrick, children of A. J. McLemore and Margaret - his wife, one thousand, one hundred and sixty six dollars, the interest of the said suMs of money to be specially applied to the education of my said nieces as soon as they have arrived at an age to be benefited thereby, except with reserve of use of the Legacy of Sally Martha Patrick McLemore to my Executor until the said Sally Martha Patrick shall be ten years of age and when they are of age OR marry with the consent of my Executor, I desire that the principal may be paid over to them specially secured for their sole use and benefit respectively; and to my beloved brother Benjamin Franklin Caffey, the residue of my estate both real and personal. Likewise, I make, constitute and appoint my said brother Benjamin Franklin Caffey to be executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all ____ wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal the thirteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty two.
State of Florida }
Co. of Hillsborough }

Personally appeared John Darling, William Y. C. King and Madison Post residing at Tampa in the State of Florida before me Judge of Probate in and for the Co, and State before said who having been duly sworn depose and say to with: John Darling says that he wrote the within will and the same was acknowledged to him by Dr. John P. Caffey where died at Tampa, Fla. at 3 O'clock AM on the 15th day of December, A.D. 1852 to be his last will and testament. Dr. John P. Caffey said he would sign it but said he felt too much exhausted to do so at that moment and died without signing it. William Y. c. King and Madison Post say that they were called to Dr. John P. Caffey's room on the 13th day of December A.D. 1852 to act as witnesses to his signing his last will and testament. Dr. John P. Caffey read the within instrument aside in their presence and after he had finished the reading he remarked that is was substantially what he wanted his that he was weAr and would look over it again. Dr. Caffey died at 3 O'clock AM December 15, 1852.

John Darling said further that Dr. John P. Caffey stated to him that he had left a will at home but that in consequence of the death of his sister Margaret it was necessary to make the change detailed in the within instrument.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 1st day of January 1853. Witness my nand and seal of our Probate Court.
Simon Turman
Judge of Progate

This instrument admitted to Probate this day as the last will and testament ofJohn P. Caffey, deceased and recorded in Book of Wills No. 4, pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

15 March 1853 W. H. Watson, J.P.M.C.

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