Eiland and Caffey Genealogy

Eiland and Caffey Genealogy

The surnames Eiland and Caffey are the focus of this genealogy site.  My tree began with information that other folks have shared on the internet.  With the help of the US Census I have expanded my original tree.  Other information sources include birth, death and marriage records from various states, cemetery lists, and genealogy books at the libraries.

This site is updated frequently, so check back often for new information.

                  Diane Eiland


Database contains 26,378 individuals in 9,106 family groups, 3,967 unique surnames  (Revised: 16-Aug-16)

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Note:  Much of the information contained in this site has been obtained from other researchers, and has not been personally verified by me. Please use the data with this in mind, and contact me if you find errors or desire to know more about my sources or additional information that I may have on these individuals. I would very much appreciate any new information on these families.

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