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2000 Donor Plus Level Contributors

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  • Patricia Hopkins Barnes

  • Yvonne Oliver Bowers   
    I've been involved with RootsWeb for over ten years and have furthered my research while enjoying listowner duties for many years as well.

  • Lauren Fearncombe Brockman   
    To my dear Mom and Dad who instilled in me this passion for family history and to my dear, dear sister, Judy Fearncombe, who left us much too soon. I miss you so much!

  • Jack Brown


  • Patti Caldwell   
    This donation is made in loving memory of my mother Doris Lorraine Grim Kinter Caldwell Kipp, who was adopted as a small child and never knew her birth family. Three years ago I found Mum's birth family and I was welcomed with open arms by them. Mum, you finally have roots!


  • Carolyn Dalesandry



  • Wil Franklin   
    Donated on behalf of my parents Wilbur and Edna Franklin who not only support but have joined me in the search for our ancestors.

  • Richard A. Fuhrman   
    I think that RootsWeb is one of the best examples of how the Web can foster community-building, and I'm delighted to give it my support.



  • Graham Hart   
    Thank you to RootsWeb for Sponsoring the FreeBMD project,  Just think where Internet Genealogy would be without RootsWeb. RootsWeb needs the support from its users.. Projects like FreeBMD couldn't exist without their support. Help them to help you.

  • Charmaine Riley Holley   
    In memory of Joel McLean Holley who returned home earlier than we might have wished.

  • Linnie Howell   
    For my brother, Harold Ross Hoover, (1931-1992) a devoted son, beloved brother and loving father. I miss you.

  • Hudson Family Association



  • Thomas M. James   
    For my late mother, who wanted me to trace her heritage, a very difficult task due to ancestral adoptions, but she passed on this year before I could share some results with her. Bummer. At least we got her to call her sister during the Christmas holidays.

  • Wayne James

  • Yvonne James-Henderson   
    Dedicated to the memory of Marie Galbraith Henderson Ballion and LaVona Lawson James Lucky. Thank you Brian and Karen, for making this all possible!


  • Leslie (Bridges) Kohler   
    To my dear, dear sister, REBECCA ANN (BRIDGES) GOODIN, whom God took Home all too soon. Becky, you left me with so much, and I thank you. Were it not for you, I would not even own a computer. I credit my desire to learn how to work this thing to you!! All that I have learned also brings to you the credit for my desire to begin 'my baby': the MO-ABSTRACTS Read-Only List, where I can give back to you (and to the genealogy community) by hunting and sharing knowledge that will help other researchers.
    Thank you Karen and Brian for all that you do. Where would we all be without RootsWeb?!?


  • Bernard Lenhart


  • Ron Moore MD   
    In honor of my parents, Marvin Harrison Moore MD and Ethel Marie Wagner who both died prematurely but would have been interested in family history research.


  • Donna Newman   
    In memory of my father, William Arthur Newman, whose love of family, and especially the histories of those who came before, was a constant inspiration to me in my life and in my pursuit of genealogy.

  • Cat Nielsen   
    In memory of Elizabeth ROBERTS, John RULE, Harriet MARTIN, Niels Jensen NIELSEN, Karen Marie CHRISTIANSEN, Antone LOVERDE, Rosalia REZZA, who gave up all they new to come to North America and make a new life for their descendants to enjoy.

  • Jerome K. Novack and Scarlett Gail Donahue   
    Our contribution is in memory of our son, Ronald Stephan Donahue (1959-1994).

  • Paul M. Noyes   
    In memory of my father, Clayton P. Noyes; and in honor of my mother, Ruth Morgan Noyes, who instilled this great love of family history which we cherish so much. Dad, we miss you

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