Doug Murphy's Presidential Genealogy Home Page

Doug Murphy's Presidential Genealogy Home Page

I am extremely fortunate to be directly related to 11 US Presidents. The following pages outline my relation to each:

1.George WASHINGTON(10th cousin, 8 times removed)
12.Zachary TAYLOR(5th cousin, 7 times removed)
13.Millard FILLMORE(6th cousin, 5 times removed)
14.Franklin PIERCE(half-5th cousin, 8 times removed)
18.Ulysses S. GRANT, who was born Hiram Ulysses GRANT   (7th cousin, 5 times removed)
22 & 24.Grover CLEVELAND, who was born Stephen Grover CLEVELAND   (8th cousin, 4 times removed)
30.John Calvin COOLIDGE Jr.(7th cousin, 3 times removed
  and 13th cousin, 4 times removed)
32.Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT(13th cousin, 4 times removed,
  14th cousin, 4 times removed,
  and 15th cousin, 3 times removed)
38.Gerald R. FORD Jr., who was born Leslie Lynch KING Jr.(10th cousin, twice removed)
41.George Herbert Walker BUSH(16th cousin, 1 times removed)
43.George Walker BUSH(17th cousin)

In addition to these, I am related by marriage to two other presidents:

Many of the presidential lines listed in these pages are derived from:

Ancestors of American Presidents, a 456-page book
 compiled by Gary Boyd Roberts, is available from the publisher, 
Carl Boyer, 3rd, 

$37.50 postpaid*
 *(California residents must add sales tax).

RootsWeb also has its own excellent section containing Ancestor tables of all U.S. Presidents, excerpted from Mr. Roberts's work.

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Doug Murphy
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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