Calvin Coolidge

My Relation to President Calvin Coolidge

I am related to President Calvin Coolidge, who was born John Calvin Coolidge Jr., in two ways. As presented below, I am his 7th cousin, 3 times removed through the ROSE family of colonial Connecticut, and more distantly through the Gerard SPENCER family of colonial Connecticut.

via Daniel Rose, immigrant from Ipswich, Suffolk to Connecticut, about 1650

Daniel ROSE
chr. 1630, Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG
d. 1696, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT

Elizabeth ROSE
  b. 15-Apr-1665, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
  d. 24-Apr-1736

         Mary ROSE
  b. 11-Feb-1668/69, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
  d. 20-Oct-1740, Glastonbury, Hartford, CT

Obadiah COOLIDGE Jr.
  b. 27-Aug-1695, Watertown, Middlesex, MA
  d. prob Westborough, Worcester, MA

  b. 21-Jan-1706/07, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
  d. 16-Feb-1735/36, Bolton, Tolland, CT

  b. 17-Jul-1718, Watertown, Middlesex, MA
  d. 27-Dec-1780, Lancaster, Worcester, MA

Christiana LOOMIS
  b. 5-Feb-1735/36, Bolton, Tolland, CT
  d. 6-Oct-1801, Bolton, Tolland, CT

  b. 1756, Bolton, Worcester, MA
  d. 23-Mar-1822, Plymouth, Windsor, VT

  b. 6-Oct-1757, Bolton, Tolland, CT
  d. bet 1830-1840, prob NY

  b. 27-Mar-1780, Plymouth, Windsor, VT
  d. 23-Mar-1822, Plymouth, Windsor, VT

  b. 29-May-1789, Bolton, Tolland, CT
  d. 11-May-1865, Carlton, Orleans, NY

Calvin Galusha COOLIDGE
  b. 22-Sep-1815, Plymouth, Windsor, VT
  d. 15-Dec-1878, Plymouth, Windsor, VT

  b. 22-Feb-1833, Carlton, Orleans, NY
  d. 1-Oct-1893, Gaines, Orleans, NY

John Calvin COOLIDGE Sr.
  b. 31-Mar-1845, Plymouth, Windsor, VT
  d. 18-Mar-1926, Plymouth, Windsor, VT

James Henry HOBBS
  b. 11-Dec-1851, Hartland, Niagara, NY
  d. 16-Feb-1929, Carlton, Orleans, NY

John Calvin COOLIDGE Jr.
30th President, United States of America

  b. 4-Jul-1872, Plymouth, Windsor, VT
  d. 5-Jan-1933, Northampton, Hampshire, MA

Edd Harrison HOBBS
  b. 13-Mar-1878, Carlton, Orleans, NY
  d. 3-May-1955, Gaines, Orleans, NY

Fern Loretta HOBBS
  b. 13-May-1906, Kenyonville, Orleans, NY
  d. 20-Oct-1996, Greece, Monroe, NY

(living) MURPHY
  b. 1931, NY

Douglas John MURPHY
  b. 1962, NY

Many of the presidential lines listed in these pages are derived from:

Ancestors of American Presidents, a 456-page book
 compiled by Gary Boyd Roberts, is available from the publisher, 
Carl Boyer, 3rd, 

$37.50 postpaid*
 *(California residents must add sales tax).

RootsWeb also has its own section containing extracts from his work.

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Doug Murphy
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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