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WDC GenWeb - Robert Isham b. abt 1324 Eng? > VA

WDC GenWeb - Descendants of Robert Isham

* Robert Isham
  m. Julian _
  *  Robert Isham b. 1344 d. Mar 13 1423
     m. _ _
     *  Robert Isham b. 1402 England, d. 1475 England
        m. Elizabeth of Knaston
           [d/o Aston of Knaston]
        *  William Isham b. 1427 d. Jun 13 1510
           m. Elizabeth Bramspeth d. Sep 20 1478
              [d/o Thomas Bramspeth d. Gloorton, Leicester, England]
           *  Thomas Isham
              b. 1447 Pytchley, Northamptionshire, England, d. 1487
              m. Elena Vere May 11 1485
                 [d/o Richard Vere, and Isabella Greene d/o John Green
                 and Margaret. John s/o Henry Greene and m. Mathilda
                 DeMauduit. Henry s/o Henry Green, the King's Chief
                 Justice, d. 1369, and Catherine DeDrayton. Henry s/o
                 Thomas Greene, and Lucy LaZouch d/o Eudes LaZouch]
              *  Euseby Isham b. 1470 d. Dec 11 1546
                 m. Ann Poulton b. England
                    [d/o Giles Pulton and Katherine Lovitt]
                 *  Gregory Isham b. 1490 England, d. Sep 4 1558
                    m. _ _
                    *  Gregory Isham b. 1520 England, d. Sep 4 1558 England
                       m. Elizabeth Dale b. 1530 Bristol, England
                          [d/o Mathew Dale]
                       *  Sir Euseby Isham, High Sheriff
                          b. Feb 26 1551 d. Jun 11 1626 Ptyettley, England
                          m. Anne Borlase
                             b. Feb 26 1551 Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire,
                             d. Jun 11 1627 Pytchley, England
                          *  William Isham
                             b. Mar 20 1578 Braunston, N. Hamptionshire,
                             d. Aug 15 1625 Toddington, Bedfordshire
                             m. Mary Brett Aug 15 1625 Bedfordshire, England
                                b. 1604 England, d. Dec 22 1682 England
                                [d/o William Brett b. 1562 London, England,
                                d. 1624 Toddington, Bedfordshire, England,
                                and Mary _. William s/o Robert Brett b. 1560
                                London, and Elizabeth Highgate d/o Reginald
                                Highgate. Robert s/o Robert Brett, and m.
                                Elizabeth Bush d/o Edward Bush d. Sison,
                                England. Robert s/o Alexander Brett and
                                Ms Rosemaderos]
                             *  Henry Isham
                                m. Mrs Katherine Banks Royall
                                *  Mary Isham
                                   m. William Randolph
                                      b. abt 1651 VA, d. 1711
                                   Descendants of Mary and William Randolph
                                *  Anne Isham
                                   m. Francis Epes III
                                   *  Francis Epes IV
                                      m. Sarah _
                                      *  Martha Epes
                                         m. John Wayles
                                         *  Martha Wayles
                                            m. Bathurst Skelton
                                            2nd husband of Martha Wayles:
                                            m. President Thomas Jefferson
                             *  George Isham
                                m. _ _
                                *  Mary Isham
                                   m. Adam Symes
                                      b. 1689 Surry Co VA
                                      d. bef Jul 15 1733 Brunswick Co VA
                                   Descendants of Mary Isham and Adam Symes


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