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[NOTICE: Dec 25 2004 - This page is now Archived, but the links still work. The WDC GenWeb Project has been online RootsWeb since Oct 1996. With 1,383 linked descendant charts from hundreds of contributors, the Project has out-grown the manual process of putting charts online and updating them, compiling the People Index, and the ad-free search engine. The current charts on RootsWeb will be archived here, updating them and adding new people and families, and the indexing, is now being done on Our Family Genealogy Pages where the processes are automated. It will take many months to enter the WDC charts into the Our Family database. WDC GenWeb Tools has information about the WDC GenWeb List, and how to search the charts on RootsWeb]

Complete WDC GenWeb People Index - 141,415 People - Updated Sep 15 2001
Index of New People Added Sep 15 - 10,032 People

WDC Interrelated Descendant Charts Index
All charts linked together to form one family - Updated Sep 15:
Adkins, Backus, Baker, Bosch, Bradford, Burgess, Cassel, Clark, Cobb,
Comuzzie, Crispell, Dirk, Felix, Graham, Hastings, Hersman, Hertzell,
Hirzel, Hoover, Huddleston, Huffman, Jarrett, Jenkins, Key, Kiester,
King (2), Lamoreaux, Lorentz, Lowther, Martin (2), Miller, Morris,
Mullaney, Oney, Price/Preisz, Ripptoe, Settle, Slack/Slecht, Snow,
Staats, Stalnaker, Stanley, Stark, Straley, Strickland, Stutler,
Texter and Thompson

Non-Interrelated Descendant Charts Index
Some but not all of the charts linked together - Updated Sep 15:
Caldwell, Dunham, Haggerty, Jones, Robinson, Shilling and Titus

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