Perry, Herman T

     Herman T. Perry, one of New Haven’s leading merchants and the owner and founder of Perry’s, the foremost store in its line in this city, is an excellent type of the enterprising, progressive and up-to-date business man. Mr. Perry was born in Elizabeth, Russia, December 23, 1891, a son of Mathew and Eva Perry. The family came to American in 1903, settling in Providence, where the family home was maintained until 1907, when they removed to New Haven. Here the father still resides, while the mother passed away in 1908.

     Herman T. Perry was a youth of sixteen years when the family removed to New Haven. Anxious to obtain an education, he attended night school and was graduated therefrom with the class of 1910. He then entered the employ of the Outlet store in Providence and later was employed by M. H. Lambert & Company in New Haven. He was anxious to go into business for himself and in August, 1911, he opened his first store in this city. This was in two small upstairs rooms at No. 14 Temple street. The business grew from the beginning and before long it was necessary to secure larger quarters at No. 65 Congress avenue, where he remained until September, 1915, when to provide still larger quarters a removal was made to No. 27 Congress avenue. About one year later Mr. Perry secured the store adjoining. These were thrown together and completely remodeled, creating one of the best appointed stores in New Haven, whose location at Nos. 27-29 Congress avenue is unsurpassed. Here has been installed a line of merchandise that includes everything for ladies’ wear but shoes and hats, with a stock of ladies’ waists that is the largest in the state and one of the largest in New England. Another factor of the business is the superb line of sample suits and cloaks, unsurpassed in the state, as to completeness, values and design. Mr. Perry has studied his line of business from every point and acquired a familiarity with the trade which enables him to maintain the highest standards in every way until the name of Perry’s has come to be classed with the highest of quality and best of value in his lines. Perry’s always shows the newest things, carefully selected and embodying the latest creations of the best designers in the country.

     On the 26th of January, 1913, in New Haven, Mr. Perry was united in marriage to Miss Eva. M. Fleischner, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Fleischner, of this city, and they have become parents of two children: Everett K., born December 27, 1913; and Evelyn S., born August 23, 1916.

     Mr. Perry has made steady progress in the business world, possessing in large measure that quality which for want of a better term has been called commercial sense. He has excellent ability as a salesman and as an executive, and his purchases are wisely and judiciously made, so that his store is at all times kept up to standard in the line of goods carried. His patronage is large, high class and is indeed well deserved, and his enterprise has placed him in the front among the successful merchants of the city.

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