Peckham, Lucy M.D.

     Dr. Lucy C. Peckham is accounted one of the foremost physicians of New Haven, where her ability has caused her to be considered an authority upon many branches of the profession for a long period. She is now gradually retiring from active professional work, but there are many who are loath to give up her services. She was born in Milford, Connecticut, March 27, 1842, a daughter of Joshua and Mary Gore. Her father was a well known carriage builder and mechanic and throughout his life conducted business along those lines at Milford, at Hamden and at New Haven, passing away in New Haven on the 2d of October, 1863. At the time of the Civil war he enlisted with the Seventh United States Volunteer Regiment and participated in a number of hotly contested engagements, being wounded in the battle of James Island. His wife was born and reared in Milford, Connecticut, and was descended from several of the most prominent families in the state. She, too, passed away in New Haven, the date of her death being 1879, at which time she had reached the age of seventy-eight years. In the family were four children, Mrs. John H. Howarth, of New Haven, and Dr. Peckham, however, being the only ones now living.
     In her girlhood days Lucy C. Gore attended the old Lancastrian school of New Haven and later entered the Eaton school. Not long after her textbooks were put aside she became the wife of Charles Creemer, whom she married in New Haven in 1865. He was a son of William H. Creemer, of New York city, and became a well known broker of New Haven, where he passed away in 1878. Following the death of her husband, Mrs. Creemer entered the Nurses Training School at New Haven Hospital and became a graduate nurse. She followed the profession for three and a half years and then decided to take up the study of medicine, with which end in view she entered the Woman's College of Medicine at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from which she was graduated with the class of 1885. She then returned to New Haven and began practice, in which she has since been actively engaged, and her pronounced ability has won her rank with the leading physicians of the state.
     On the 31st of August, 1889, Mrs. Creemer became the wife of John A. Peckham, of New Haven, a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Peckham. He was born, reared and educated in New Haven and on reaching adult age turned his attention to mechanical lines, in which he continued until his death in 1905. He had reached the age of seventy-three years, his birth having occurred in New Haven in 1832. During the period of the Civil war he enlisted as a member of the First Connecticut Cavalry and was made a corporal. He did active duty at the front and was always loyal in citizenship.
     Dr. Peckham has not only written along professional lines but has published a volume of verses, and has made contributions to religious papers as well. For a number of years she has been an active member of the Church of The Messiah. She is now gradually retiring from active practice. She has met with excellent success in her chosen profession and has become the owner of valuable real estate in New Haven, from which she derives a gratifying annual income. She is at home to her many friends in a well appointed residence on Green street, New Haven, and there is perhaps no lady in all the city who has a wider acquaintance or is held in higher esteem, the warm regard extended her being the recognition of her personal as well as her professional worth.

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