NP26 Chute Family Notes: Notes 26-422 through 26-439

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Had 5 daughters.


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Had 9 children.


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Had 5 children.


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Had 11 children.


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"Lived at Port Lorne, but moved to Hampton, April 1861."


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Notes on Samuel Chute, Jr. and Elizabeth Randall Chute:

"Born in Granville, Aug. 5, 1781; married Feb 27, 1803, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Randall, by Bishop Charles Ingles and lived several years at the "Joggins", Digby County. About 1809 they moved to near Harborville shore on the Bay of Fundy, Cornwallis, Kings County, where he lived an honest, sober, pious man, cooper and farmer, and died March 23, 1857. She, a good Christian old lady died Oct, 1863, aged seventy-nine."


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Had 6 children.


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Died by drowning.


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Notes on Horatio Nelson Chute and Marie Lucretia Clappison Chute:

"Born in Malahide, Ont. Dec. 26, 1847; received a good education, at the common schools; then entered Woodstock College, Ontario, 1860, and stayed two years; then farmed with his father till 1865 ; when he taught a district school. In 1866 he took charge of the schools in Aylmer. In 1869, was assistant professor of Latin at Woodstock; resigned in 1870 and entered the University of Michigan, from which he graduated in 1872; as B. A., and since that M. S. Since 1880, he has been a teacher and professor in the Physical Sciences, Ann Arbor, Mich., and has written and published several books. He married Lucretia, daughter of Rev. D. C. Clappison, Aug. 27, 1872."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 170.

"Listed in "Who's Who in America", edition unknown.

Chute Family Records: original revised edition of "High School Physics" Carhart and Chute, 1907.

"When Mr. Chute retired from what was then called Ann Arbor High School in 1927, the staff and alumni were so sorry to lose him that they raised a bunch of money in his honor to start up the Horatio N. Chute award, which was to be giving to the outstanding male citizen of the graduating class. 75 years later, it is still the school's most prestigious honor, and I was very honored to win it this year. We have the biggest high school in the state, and through this award, Mr. Chute's name is still known to many students and parents."

Tom Jensen, University of North Carolina, 2002 Winner of the Horatio N. Chute Award, Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan


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One child.


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One daughter.


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Notes on Jesse Edmund Chute and Dr. Pearl Smith Chute, M.D.:

GMC: "Missionaries in India." Jesse Edmund may have also been named "Edmund Jesse" at birth; he was known as "Jesse", however. George Chute identified her as "Dr. Pearl Hill", but the surname is incorrect (Hill may have been her middle name but that has not been substantiated, and there is no indication of a later remarriage that may have altered her name to Hill at the time the Chute Supplement was written). Her correct name was "Dr. Pearl Smith, M.D.". She was the younger sister of Dr. Everett Smith, with whom she and Jesse worked, while in India.

"Doctors Everett Smith and Pearl Chute along with their sister, a nurse, established hospitals in Pithapuram and Akidu. This medical missionary family from the Niagara area arrived in India in the late nineteenth century. Chute opened the Star of Hope Hospital in Akidu, and her brother founded a hospital at Pithapuram. In 1896, Chute married and moved to Akidu. On the second night of her honeymoon, Chute heard a cry from her verandah asking for help. She responded to the cry and found a pregnant woman in labor. This event eventually led to the founding of medical missionary operations in the Akidu area and to the establishment of the Star of Hope Hospital in 1898."

Source: "Canadian Baptist mission work among women in Andhra, India, 1874-1924: Baptist women evolved a role for themselves in an otherwise male-dominated mission enterprise and a patriarchal Telugu society.", Baptist History and Heritage | Date: 1/1/2006 | Author: Elisha, James

"A brother and sister Everett and Pearl Smith, of Saint Catherines were getting ready to give themselves to the work in India. God's call had reached them, and they were coming. Think of it. Two young people ... in 1893, the brother, Dr. Everett Smith, came out as our pioneer doctor, and with him his wife, Mary Chamberlain Smith, who had prepared herself for the work by taking a nurse's training. In 1895 his sister, Dr. Pearl Smith, had graduated, and came out to marry Rev. Jesse Chute and go off pioneering with him on the great Akidu field, of which he had been put in charge, to relieve the Craigs, who were going on furlough.

It was a grand field for medical pioneering, as there was no other hospital nearer than forty miles, and from the first the people living in between kept her extremely busy. She had nowhere to put a patient, but all the same that first year she treated 1,642 people. We would earnestly commend these figures to the honest consideration of many otherwise perfectly good young medical graduates - doctors in our Canadian cities who after a long and expensive training have to sit in rented offices anxiously waiting for some patients to come their way.. Why not come to India or some other foreign field where they are waiting for you?

Quite frequently Mrs. Chute had to go by night to distant villages, in answer to S.O.S. calls, and was often put to it to properly care for a patient without hospital or equipment. But in 1898 that want was partly supplied. A small hospital, "The Star of Hope", was built and forthwith occupied."

Source: The Enterprise by M.L. Orchard and K.S. McLaurin, 1925, pages 247-250, as quoted in the following blog by posted by Suzanne McCarthy: "Suzanne's Bookshelf"

A lengthy biographical sketch on Jesse and Pearl Chute can be found in The Indomitable Lady Doctors, by Carlotta Hacker, 2001, published by Formac Publishing Company, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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Died 10 days later.


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Notes on Aaron Hamilton Chute and Ruth Lyle Wells Chute:

Listed in "Who's Who in America". Library: MN Historical Society Location: HC108.M7 M625 Author: Chute, A. Hamilton (Aaron Hamilton), 1891- Title: Income data as a guide to marketing in Minneapolis / prepared by A. Hamilton Chute, Will F. Kissick, Richard L. Kozelka. Publisher: Minneapolis, Minn. : Cooperative Business Research Station, University of Minnesota, 1942 [i.e. 1943]. Description: xvii, 190 leaves : ill., maps ; 28 cm. Title-Series: University cooperative research series ; no. 1 Subject: Income--Minnesota--Minneapolis. Subject: Market surveys--Minnesota--Minneapolis. Subject: Minneapolis (Minn.)--Economic conditions--1918-1945

Author: Chute, Aaron Hamilton. Title Details: Marketing burned-clay products : including an analysis of location, importance and development of the industry / Aaron Hamilton Chute. Publisher: Columbus : Ohio State University, 1940. Physical desc.: xxi, 374 p : maps, diags., tables ; 9 in Subject: Pottery - United States. Other Names: Ohio State University. Bureau of Business Research. Holding Libraries: London School of Economics

Chute, A. H. Title Details: Employee discounts and vacations in Ohio department and dry goods stores / A. H. Chute. Series: [Special Bulletins] / Ohio State University ; X.35. Publisher: Columbus : [s.n.], 1932. Physical desc.: viii, 65 p : diag., tables ; 11 in. Note: [Mimeographed]. Other Names: Ohio State University. Bureau of Business Research. Holding Libraries: London School of Economics


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Notes on George Albert Chute and Clara Howard Wood Chute:

"Born at Orland, Me., Mar. 3, 1843; was in Company K, 59th Mass., in the late war; wounded May 24, 1864; discharged June 29, 1865; been a salesman in Boston, most of the time since. He married Clara H., daughter of Johnson Wood, Bluehill, Me., Febr. 1, 1872."

Source: A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources, William Edward Chute. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 180.

The 1875 Cambridge City Directory lists the family as living at 107 Prospect, with George's occupation listed as "hardware in Chelsea".


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Notes on Reverend Edward Lane Chute and Julia Hawes Cleaveland Chute:

"Born in Maine, Nov. 27, 1853; having a desire to go into the ministry he entered college at Andover in 1877, and graduated July, 1880; married Julia, adopted daughter of Prof. John O. Cleveland, D.D. July 7, 1880; ordained at Saugus, July 2, 1880; was pastor there two years; Duxbury three years, and at Northborough since; Congregationalist."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Pages 180-181.

From the worksheet submitted by great-grandson, A. Lionel Chute: "Edward was the youngest of six children born to Anne and Andrew. Edward was born in 1853 in Castine, Me. When a tiny baby the family moved to Ellsworth, Me., and when he was six years in 1859, the family moved to Newburyport, Mass. He attended Andover Theological Seminary for three years, graduating in June of 1880. He became Congregational minister, his first parish being in Saugus, Mass., then Duxbury, Northboro, Ware, Conway and finally Paxton. He married Julia Cleaveland Hawes in 1880 upon finishing theological school. The lovely Old South Church of Newburyport was the scene of the wedding. The young couple went at once to take up work at Saugus, Mass. Edward and Julia had 7 children. Edward died in 1939 aged 85 and was buried in the Chute Lot in Oakwood Cemetary, Newburyport, Mass."

From the diary of Gladys Chute Mears, daughter of Edward Lane Chute.

"Father's funeral at the old South Church where he and mother were married and used often to attend, was most appropriate. There were at least 50 or 60 people there. Audrey came up night before and Alfred that day. He is attending Harvard Summer School. Eloise went back to Worcester Hospital Monday. My impression of the funeral and burial were good, on the whole, however Dr. Macfarland whom Helen and Allan chose for the service was, I thought, too prosaic, tho he made a fine tribute to Father. But he seemed to me wholly lacking in poetry. I couldn't but think how much better Father himself was on such occasions. He expressed a real sympathy and his belief in immortality was so strong, he inspired belief in others. I was able to select some really appropriate music, including a few fine, appropriate old hymn tunes, and Allan sang one. It was a beautiful day and the burial in Oak Hill cemetary was simple and impressive. We missed you and Marion a lot but were glad that three of his children and three grandchildren could be there. So a simple but great life has ended. He was typically "Christian" and genuinely so. He lived for others if anyone can be said to. He certainly was the ideal pastor and I think we can honestly say that no children ever had a better father. I send you herewith the article that appeared in the New York Times the day after his death. There were notices in other New York and Boston and Worcester papers. Under separate cover I send you the current Mt. Lakes News. See good editorial by Dr. Macfarland." - From a letter by his Edward's son Charles to his sister Gladys.

"History of Conway (Massachusetts)1767-1917"
By The people of Conway
Rev. Charles Stanley Pease, A.M., Editor
Springfield Printing and Binding Company
Springfield, Massachusetts

In the summer of 1900 Mr. Frederick Pierce of Chicago, author of the Field and other genealogies, visited Conway and began the preparation of a history of the town. He secured a mass of material which he proposed to publish in two volumes. Lack of financial support delayed the publication until the author's death in 1903. His estate proceed to be insolvent and after unsuccessful attempts to sell the manuscript it was deposited with the town of Conway by permission of the Judge of Probate. At the annual town meeting in 1914 a committee consisting of Rev. E. L. Chute, H. W. Delabarre, C. F. Elmer, and C. L. Parsons was appointed to arrange for a celebration of the 150th anniversary of Conway in 1917. Mr. Billings died in 1915 and Rev. Charles S. Pease was elected to fill the vacancy. In 1916 Mr. Chute removed from town and Mr. Alvin C. Boice succeeded him on the committee. This committee was authorized by the town to publish a brief history of Conway based upon the Pierce manuscript and Rev. Charles S. Pease was appointed editor for that purpose.

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Notes on Hiram Robert Chute and Margaret Louise Colwell Chute:

Correspondence, Hiram Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Feb 20th, 1958

Dear George

Just a few lines in regards to the record of the Chutes as you wanted, my father passed away two years ago and I will try and give you some of the information which you ask. This may not be too clear as you want for which you will have to excuse me and my mistakes, but if you want any more that I can help you with, feel free at any time to write me and if any time you are around this part of the country, come and visit us at any time.

Yours truly

Hiram Chute
Welshpool, Campobello Is. NB

Correspondence, Margaret Louise Colwell Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

April 19, 1959

Dear George,

In reply to your recent letter, I have gathered all the information I can and hope is is what you require. Sorry to be so long in answering but due to illness it was impossible to get it out sooner. I am wriing this for my husband, Hiram.

You asked about Chester Chute, he is David Chute's boy. He is 44 years of age and is married and has a family of five.

Livingston and Lev are the same person. He also has two girls, Lillian & Glenna, both married.

Most of the Chutes here earn their living by fishing.

If there is anything else you would like to know, I will be only too glad to help all I can.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Hiram Chute

Obituary, Hiram Robert Chute

CHUTE, HIRAM ROBERT: The death of Hiram Robert Chute of Welshpool, Campobello, occurred at the Saint John Regional Hospital on Sunday, December 2, 2001. Born in Campobello, he was the son of the late Hiram and Maria (Searles) Chute. Predeceased by one daughter, Irene Parker, he is survived by his wife, Margaret (Colwell) Chute; one son Harvey Chute and his wife Christine, of Campobello; one sister Pearl Finney of Brampton, ON; one brother Darrell Chute and his wife Marion of Campobello; two grandchildren Rhonda Cook and Heather Mitchell; three great grandchildren, Nicholas and Cassidy Cook and Rebecca Mitchell; several nieces and nephews. Rested at the North Road Baptist Church with visiting on Tuesday from 7 to 9 pm. The funeral took place at 2 pm on Wednesday from the church with Rev. Donn Williams officiating. Internment took place in the North Road Cemetery. Donations to a charity of the donor's choice would be appreciated. MacDonald Select Community Funeral Home, 20 Marks Street, St. Stephen in care of the arrangements."

Saint John Telegraph Journal, 4 DEC 2001
Submitted by Heather Leighton Waddingham

Obituary, Margaret Louise Colwell Chute

"At Campobello Lodge, Campobello, N.B., on Monday, Nov. 18, 2013, Margaret Louise (Colwell) Chute, wife of the late Hiram Robert Chute. Born in Saint John, N.B., she is the daughter of the late Albert and Caroline Colwell. Margaret was a long-time member of North Road Baptist Church. While residing in Saint John in her earlier years with her husband Hiram, Margaret worked at the Admiral Beatty Complex before moving back to Campobello. Margaret was predeceased by her daughter, Irene Parker. Visitation was held at North Road Baptist Church, Welshpool, Campobello, from where the service was held on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013 at 2 p.m. The interment followed in North Road."

Source: From The St. Croix Courier, Date unknown, approximately NOV 2013


Note    N439         Index
Notes on Daniel Chute and Johanna McEllicott Chute:

WEC: "Acquired the lands of Tulligaron, since called Chute Hall, which were afterwards, with others since disposed of, confirmed by patent, 1630, under which they are now held."

Notes on Johanna McEllicott:

From Families of County Kerry, Ireland: "In 1619, John MacElligott, son of Thomas and nephew of Maurice, inherited the family estate in Bally MacElligott and Ballyseedy parishes; he was the son in law of Bishop Crosbie and sold Tulligarron to Daniel Chute in 1630, when the latter married his daughter, Johanna."

Bishop Crosbie was Bishop John Crosbie, Protestant Bishop of Artfert.

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