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Regional Volunteer Guide

Steps To Setup Your Website

  1. Select your province
  2. E-mail the Regional Coordinator with "ChinaGenWeb Provincial Coordinator" in the SUBJECT line of your message; and your name, country and the province you would like to host in the BODY of the message.
  3. Design your webpage
  4. Publish your webpage
  5. Join the WorldGenWeb Mailing List
  6. E-mail the Regional Coordinator with "ChinaGenWeb Site Complete" in the SUBJECT line of your message; and your name, the province and url in the BODY of the message.


These items are compulsory.

Mail Lists:


Email: or WorldGenWeb-D-request@rootsweb.comwith the command: subscribe in the BODY of the message, and NO additional words.

To post to the Mailing List, please e-mail: This list is used by all WGW volunteers for informal discussions of importance to WorldGenWeb.

Links & Logos:




If your website represents a province or region, you need only use the link to the ChinaGenWeb page:

AsiaGenWeb logo/link is used only if your website represents a Country:

Country Projects may download WorldGenWeb's Logo, or use this link:

Naming Conventions:

All WorldGenWeb projects have the following naming conventions: PacificGenWeb; County Cork, IrelandGenWeb; TahitiGenWeb, etc.

Query page:

You may implement Queries (or questions) pages through an email link to post manually, a mail-merge form, GenConnect, or similar. Remember to maintain your Queries pages.

Surnames page:

Surnames pages may be handled either through e-mail, a mail-merge form, GenConnect, or similar.

Resource page:

Please include basic genealogy research resources for your region dealing with local genealogical and/or historical societies, archives, libraries, museums, bibliography pages with local reference books, and lookups.

If you include lookup pages, please ensure all Lookup Volunteers follow international copyright laws. You do not need to perform lookups as a coordinator.

Please ensure that your website is online within 3 weeks of contacting us.


We welcome originality and diversity in our websites! Feel free to use your imagination in the design of your webpage.

Sample pages




Some example pages for surnames and queries are here to help you get started.

Other layout examples for webpage ideas are:

[AustraliaGenWeb] [PhillipinesGenWeb] [Cork County, IrelandGenWeb] [TexasGenWeb : Best of the County]

You may copy a ChinaGenWeb regional page and change the layout and design to suit you.

Recommended links



Linking to your corresponding page on the ChinaGenWeb Archives is recommended. This is where we will place copies of transcriptions for your region. You may, or may not, decide to download these onto your own site in conjunction with the Archive Coordinator.

All websites should carry a copyright notice, e.g.:

Copyright © 2007 (your name)


After you have posted your page, please e-mail the Coordinator with the url of your site. New pages are checked to ensure that the links work. Your coordinator will contact you after they have visited your page, and will notify you if there are any problems with the required elements. Then you may submit your site to the forums and search engines.

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