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Lookup volunteers are the actual authors or copyright owners of a publication, or they have written permission from the author or copyright holder to use documentation for lookups.

Information received from the Lookup Volunteer is minimal. For example -- confirmation that a name appears on a list, or in a publication, or that a name appears in a cemetery list with the headstone date. Should the book prove useful, the author's address and ordering information is given -- if the book is not out of print.

To Volunteer for Lookups

Please contact me with your first name and last name, your contact e-mail address, Web page or postal address, name of reference, author, and to whom the publication is targeted. Thank you for your help.

To Request a Lookup

Please include the Name of the Book in the first line of e-mail message to the people below. Limit the search to one name, or two, if you are seeking a married couple.

If you are requesting a lookup via post, please send an International Reply Coupon available from your nearest Post Office with return postage costs, and a Self-Addressed & Stamp on Envelope, A4 (8" x 11") to the Lookup Volunteer.

Lookup Exchange Volunteers

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