John Cheyne

M, #2633, b. 2 February 1777, d. 31 January 1856
FatherJohn Cheyne b. c 1740, d. b 15 Sep 1823
MotherMargaret Edmonstone b. c 1750
     John Cheyne was born, 2 February 1777, in Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. His date of birth and parentage was documented in A. Y. Cheyne, The Cheyne Family in Scotland, on pages 144 & 145. A copy of his portrait appears on page 144A. His date of birth was given as 31 January 1777, in Leith (Wikipedia) and as 2 February 1777 (A Y Cheyne).1,2

He attended lectures at the University of Edinburgh, but was not formally a student there and in 1795 passed the examination to become a doctor of medicine. He then was appointed assistant surgeon of the Royal Regiment of Artillery at Woolrich.3,4

20 April 1797. He became a Burgess of Edinburgh. The abstracted entry from the Roll of Edinburgh Burgesses, 1761-1841 reads: "Cheyne, John, surgeon, B. and G., in r. of fr. John C., surgeon, B. and G. 20 Apr 1797".5

In 1797, he obtained the rank of surgeon and was sent to Ireland and was present at several actions, including Ross and Vinegar Hill. In 1799, he left the Army and returned to Leith and was appointed in charge of the Ordinance Hospital.3,4

John Cheyne married Sarah Macartney 3 December 1804.6

In 1809, he left Scotland and joined the Irish College of Surgeons, in Dublin.3

On October the 7th 1820, Dr. Cheyne was appointed Physician-General to the Army in Ireland by Earl Talbot, then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. This was the highest medical rank in Ireland.3,4

About 1825, he retired or semi-retired and took residence at Newport Pagnell, Bucks.3,1

The image on this page is of a portrait of Dr. John Cheyne which now hangs in the College of Surgeons of Dublin. It was cited by Wikipedia to have been painted by W. Deey.7,1

John Cheyne died 31 January 1856 at Sherington Hall in Newport Pagnell, Buckingham, England.1,2,8

John Cheyne was buried in the Saint Laud Churchyard, at Newport Pagnell Parish, Buckingham, England.9

A biography of John Cheyne (2633), M.D., F.R.S.,M.R.I.A. was published in The Medical Times and Gazette, 3 January 1857. He also appeared in the Dictionary of National Biography, Pages 220-222. Images of those articles are attached.4,10


Sarah Macartney b. a 1785


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