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Stranraer School District 651

Stranraer Hamlet
SE 4-32-18-W3
RM Mountainview 318

Saskatchewan, Canada

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stranraerschooldistrict6515_small.jpg r318_small.jpg stranraerschooldistrict6516_small.jpg

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Title From then until now : R.M. 318 Herschel, Stranraer Published Herschel, Sask. : The Celebrate Saskatchewan 1980 Historical Book

Title R.M. 318 Herschel Stranraer : a sequel to From then until now : Celebrating the land, Saskatchewan centennial 2005
Published Herschel, SK : Celebrating the Land History Book Committee, 2005
ISBN 1896971628 (bound)

Monument Dedicated to All School Districts in the R.M. of Mountain View #318
Saskatchewan Centennial 2005 Rural Municipality of Mountain View
Large East and West Murals Painted by
  • Noni Burton
  • Lynn Bradley
  • Barb Bell
Small paintings done by
Local Artists
First Herschel School19121925




Noble View19091943

Glengarry Plains19091957


Toft Hill19141959

Stranraer Brick School 19271969

Herschel Brick School19251962

Herschel School19621994


First Stranraer School19121927



Daisy Hill19121960


Stranraer Primary19531967


Nearby Placenames

Ava 33-19-W3 is a nearby Unincorporated place
Downe 29-33-18-W3 is a nearby Unincorporated place
Herschel 9-31-17-W3 is a nearby Hamlet
Mountain View No. 318 is a nearby Rural Municipality
Plenty 33-32-19-W3 is a nearby Village
Ruthilda 3-34-18-W3 is a nearby Unincorporated place
Stranraer 4-32-18-W3 is a nearby Unincorporated place
School maps used with permission

School District map courtesy Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan Regina office
Numerical School District Listing

RM of Antelope Park 322 School Inspectorate Map. Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. Map collection B 8/2. Commissioner of Education Boundaries. 1917.

Gallery Other submissions by Eric Larrson near Macklin, SK

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