Report of Admissions at Waneta, BC; Gretna, MB; Port of Grand Falls, New Brunswick; as well as RCAF graduates in defense related electrical engineering, 1945.

Border Crossing Transcription Project

Various border crossing locations and microfilms transcribed by Jim Bundy

Film T-5471

Report of Admissions at the Port of Gretna, Manitoba for the Months of April,1910 to February,1911

Film T-5472

Report of Admissions at the Port of Grand Falls, New Brunswick 1913 - 1918

Film 2241067

Report of Admissions at Waneta BC 1908-1918
No 110 Waneta BC 1908-1918

Final RCAF Graduation Dinner, No. 9 SFTS, Centralia, ON, Courses 121 and 122, March 27, 1945

I'm on a quest to find out more about my mystery grandmother,
Catherine Purcell, who died in 1946, 2 years before I was born. I have
some of my family lines solidly back to the 1500's, but about
Catherine, almost nothing. She was born in New York City in 1890, and
after the death of her father, William Edward Purcell, the family
moved back to her mother's original home in Lancashire England. Their
mother, Elizabeth Nichols, had some kind of breakdown, and Catherine,
plus a sister, were raised by nuns at an orphanage at Bury,
Lancashire. Other than that, my only record of Catherine in her early
years was her arrival back in NYC in 1909, after sailing from
Liverpool. We know she spent time with cousins in NYC, and then was
hired as a companion for the wife of a wealthy couple, and the wife
was probably disabled. Before 1912, the couple, with Catherine,
traveled on Holiday to Nelson BC, where Catherine met a young mining
camp cook, Leonard Bundy, who had immigrated to Canada in 1906 from St
Neots, Huntingdonshire. I hope to catch one or both of them in these
border crossing records, and if I help others on the way, so much the
better. I've already transcribed many census records for parishes in
Scotland and England, and other types of documents also, which I share
                                               James Leonard Bundy
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Report of Admissions at Waneta BC 1908-1918 transcribed by "Jim Bundy" [email protected]. As it happens, almost all of the people were arriving from various midwestern US states, and on their way to several places in BC and western Canada. A few were arriving directly from Europe. Almost all were travelling by rail.

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