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Welcome to our Lunenburg County Photo Gallery! You'll find some favorite photos here that have been contributed by Lunenburg County researchers.

Photos from Reunions of Lunenburg County Genealogists

New England Lunenburg Genealogy Reunion
Waltham, MA - July 26, 1998

West Coast Lunenburg Genealogy Reunion
Vancouver, British Columbia - September 12, 1998

Jim Eakins and his wife, Lynne, of Greenwood, NS, enjoying the scenery at Kejimkejik National Park, NS.Leslie Kaiser of Gatineau, QC, researching: Cowan, Cox, Dean, Dickey/Ditkoy, Ellis, Fulton/Fulltone, Garrett, Garrison, Hewitt, Kayser, Kirby, Kirke, Klaasen/Glawson, Lohnes, Mader, Merck/Marks, Mombourquette, Riesier/Risser, Sneden, Weeks, Wilkie, Wright

Pat Watson from Kamloops, BC, then and now. Visit Pat's Home Page for information on her Lunenburg family lines. Researching Jayne, Boutilier, McPhee, MacLeod, Dauphinee, Hubley, Westhaver, Emoneau, and many more.

Chris Young of Ottawa, ON, wearing his "once-a-year" tie. Chris is researching Young, Corkum, Deal, Herman, Parks, Henritcy, Meisner, Langille, Bachman, Creaser, Eisenhauer, Mosher and more.Our youngest genealogist, Robert Bruce (Robby) Kaufman of Manassas, VA, with his parents Barney (Bruce) Kaufman & Diane Zimmerman Kaufman. Researching: Silber/Silver, Wentzel/Wentzell and Jung, Emoneau, Conrad, Moser, Jost, Lowe. Visit my Dad's Home Page!

Ginny Basken's ancestors at a 50th wedding anniversary party at the farm of DeLacy Corkum, Billerica, MA. Visit Ginny's Home Page for information on her Lunenburg County ancestors, including Cleverly, Corkum, Etter, Jung, and Pentz.

Bill Lavery of Kansas, his great-grandmother, Mary Falconer Bollivar Nosworthy, b. 3 Jan 1887, Italy Cross, Lunenburg, NS, and his great-great grandmother (ca. 1937), Sarah Leone Faulkner, b. 25 Jun 1865, Chelsea, Lunenburg, NS. Bill's surname interests include Bollivar, Faulkner, Slauenwhite, Falkenheim, Veinot, Mosher, Lohnes and others.

Karen Marshall, who lives in British Columbia. To find out more about her connections to Langille, Petrequin, Tattrie, Stevens and more, visit Karen's Home Page. Frank Daniels, of Barrie, ON, and his wife Suzanne, on the Tancook Island ferry (May 1997). Surprise, Frank! Frank is researching Corkum, LeGay/LeGarce, Joudrey, Meisner, Daniels, Murphy and more.

More pics from Chris Young. At left, his grandfather Clarence Young (1890-1930) and his father Merrill Young (1914-1979). Clarence played in several Lunenburg bands. Center, a photo taken at age 3 in Lunenburg at his grandparents. The 'Admiral's' clothes were those of his uncle Max's while he was home on leave during WW2. And at right, Chris still sporting the "nautical look".

Nancy Hood of Yarmouth, NS. Nancy's ancestors include Ulrich Lankert, whose descendants became Longards. Nancy grew up in Halifax, and now lives in Yarmouth, NS, where she and her husband make maple syrup and Nancy pursues her musical interests, including the piano, flute and Celtic harp. Nancy is also researching Nickerson, Hood and other surnames and branches. Joan Parks of Halifax, NS, researching: Silver, Dauphinee, Leary, Bachmann, Emeneau, Hirtle, Conrad, Corkum, and Parks. Here, Joan is celebrating the recent purchase of her beautiful land on the LaHave River on Wilkie's Cove Road, Middle LaHave.
At right, Louisa Bachman Silver, great-great-grandmother of Joan Parks and Barney Kaufman.

Don Shankle of Oceanside, CA, and yours truly, Gail Edwards, during Don and wife Mary's visit to Colorado in June 1997.

Don is researching Shankle, Lohnes, Beck, Wilkie, Gerhardt, Wentzell, Hartmann, Weil, Folcher and more. Be sure to visit Don's compilation of Lunenburg County Birth, Death and Marriage Records from Primary Sources.

I am researching almost all Lunenburg County surnames, including Corkum, Hatt, Richardson, Eisenhauer, Lowe, Mosher, Gerhardt, Keyser, Lohnes, Rohsty and more. You can download my entire GEDCOM file of over 19,000 individuals from my personal genealogy site, Gail's Genealogy Page. I hope you find the Lunenburg County Genealogy/GenWeb page a useful and fun place to visit!

Herb Jean, cousin of Sharon Sergeant, entered the violin in a contest with Popular Mechanics and won project of the month. As a result, his letter and a picture of the violin was in the November issue of the magazine. Herb's Lunie ancestors include Jean / Crandall / Hatt / Dimock / Ellis / Vaughan / Webber / Hume / Rosti / Hoagg / Moseler / Moritz / Schlatter

Polli Turner with hubby Randy and daughters Cathi, who is 11, and Christi, who is 12. Polli is researching Jost, Morash, Hirtle and related names, in Lunenburg, Halifax, and Guysborough.

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