Yolo County
Yolo County

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Yolo County, called Yola County in the statutes of 1850 but soon after changed to Yolo County, is one of the 27 original counties. Yolo is an Indian name variously believed to be a corruption of an Indian tribal name Yo-loy meaning "a place abounding in rushes" or of the name of the Indian chief, Yodo, or of the Indian village of Yodoi. Territory which at one time was in Yolo County is now in Colusa and Lake Counties.


A-Al     Am-Au     Ba     Be-Bj     Bl-Bo     Br     Bu-Cam

Can-Ce     Ch-Cl     Co     Cr-Da     De-Don     Dop-Dy

E-El     Em-Fa      Fe-Fo     Fr-Ge     Gi-Go     Gr

Gu-Han     Har-Hay     He-Hi     Ho     Hu-Hy     I-Joh     Joi-Ke

Ki-Ku     L-Le     Li-Ly     Ma     McA-McM     McN-Mil

Mir-Mor     Mos-Na     Ne-Nu     O     Pa-Pf     Ph-Pu     Q-Re

Rh-Rob     Rod-Ry     S-Sc     Se-Si     Sl-Sm     Sn-Ste

Sti-Ta     Te-Ty     U     Wa-We     Wh-Wi     Wo-Z


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