Richard Burt + Rebecca Stevens

Family of Richard Burt and 1) Rebecca Stevens
2) Elizabeth Williams

Richard Burt, son of John Burt and Grace [-?-], was baptized 5 April 1724 in Abington Parish, Gloucester Co., VA [2]. He was married in Abington Parish on 26 October 1746 to Rebecca Stephens, probably a daughter of Edward Stephens [3].

In [Sept.?] 1747, the Abington Parish register records the baptism of their son John Burt [2].

By 1748, John Burt (probably Richard's brother) had moved to Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and Richard was soon to follow. The following deeds involving Richard Burt of Gloucester County, Virginia were recorded in Edgecombe County [4]:

Deed Book ?, p. 229
John Farrell of Edge. Co., planter to John Burt of Edge. Co., - day of ---- 1748 18 pounds current money of Va. 150 acres on Beaverdam swamp in the mouth of Wild Catt branch on Alston's swamp all houses, etc. part of a patent to me. Wit:Thomas Smith, Richard Burt. Reg. Edge Co. May Ct. 1748.
p. 234
John Burt of Edge. Co. to Richard Burt of Glocester Co., (Va.) 18 May 1748 39 pounds of current money of Va. 325 acres on the east side of Beaverdam swamp, joining the mouth of a branch, the road and the swamp all houses etc. part of 550 acres granted to William Fish. Wit: William Gill (his mark), Jeremiah Stevens. Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1748.
p. 235
Richard Burt of Glocester Co., Va to Jeremiah Stevens of Glocester Co., (Va.) 18 May 1748 12 pounds current money of Va. 100 acres on Beaverdam swamp, joining John Burt, a branch and the swamp all houses etc. Wit: John Burt, William Gill (his mark). Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1748.

At about this time, Richard Burt must have moved to Edgecombe County; his name subsequently appears on a number of deeds [6] [7], either as a buyer, seller, witness, chain carrier or land holder:

21 Feb. 1753 Edgecombe Co. Deed Book 4, p. 402 [4]
William Gill of Edge. Co. to William Robers of Edge. Co. Wit: JOHN Cooley, Richard Burt, William Roberts
Patent Book 11, p. 294 Lord Granville to Joseph John Williams 25 April 1754. 441 acres in Edgecombe County in the Parish of Edgecombe on the N. side of Beaver Dam Swamp, joining Richard Burt, John Marshall, Benjamin Nevill, Merrits line, Alexr McCulloch, Capt Samuel Williams and the sd swamp. Signed Jos Jno Williams Wits: William Person, Jno Haywood. Surveyed 14 July 1753, sworn chain carriers Henry Guston Kearny, Jacob Butlor(?), Jno Haywood Surveyor(?)
Patent Book 11, p. 245 Lord Granville to John Parke. 29 April 1754. 422 acres in Edgecombe County, joining Parkes cornder, John Fish, and John Marshall. Signed by mark. Wits: Jno Haywood, W Haywood surveyed 16 July 1753. Sworn chain charriers John Fish, Richard Burt, Jno Haywood Surveyor.
Nov. 1755 Edge Co. Deed Book 4, p. 65 [4]
William Roberts of Edge. Co., blacksmith to Jeremiah Stephens of Edge. Co. Wit: John Haywood, Richard Burt Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1756
Patent Book 11, p. 196 Lord Granville to John Howsman. 12 Nov 1756. 640 acres in Edgecombe County in Edgecombe Parish, joining Reedy Branch, Capt Samuel Williams, Great Darlin, Capt Williams mill Swamp, and Thomas Kerney. Signed John Howsman. Wits: Jno Haywood, Richd Vigers surveyed 27 January 1753, scc: John Fish, Richard Burt, Jno Haywood D Survr.
Patent Book 14, p. 121. Thomas Boren. 7 July 1760. 286 acres in Halifax County in the Parish of Edgcombe on both sides of Chockit Creek, joining Nathaniel Merritt, Ogilbys line, Reaves Branch, and Rainwaters line. Signed Thomas Bourne. Wits: J Montfort, Richd Burt, Surveyed 11 August 1758, scc: John Blamhorton, Robt Johnson, Egbert Haywood Surveyor (?).
18 Feb. 1758 Edge. Co. Deed Book 6, p. 313 [4]
Thomas Calvert of Edge. Co. to Richard Burt of Edge. Co. 18 Feb. 1758 10 pounds current money of Va. 75 acres on the east side of Beaverdam Swamp Wit: John Horseman, Robert Sanders Reg. Edge. Co. June Ct. 1758
25 Sept. 1758 Edg. Co. Deed Book 6, p. 342 [4]
John Houseman of Edge. Co. to Richard Burt of Edge. Co. 25 Sept. 1758 30 pounds current money of Va. 215 acres, joining Wild Cat branch and Great Darling Wit: Joseph John Williams, Stephen Housman -- his mark Reg. Edge. Co. Sept. Ct. 1758
13 October 1758 Patent Book 11, p. 123 Lord Granville to Richard Burt 475 acres in Edgecombe County, joining Capt Samuel Williams, John Hosman, Yanceys line, Nevills corner, and John Howscom. Signed by Richard Burt, witnesses not given. Surveyed 7 October 1754, sworn chain carriers Joseph Burt, Edward Stevens, Jno Haywood D Sur.
5 July 1760 Patent Book 14, p. 2931 Lord Granville to John Fish 450 acres in Halifax County in the Parish of Edgecombe, joining Fishes corner, the Thicket Swamp, William Jones, and William Oase. Signed by John Fish, witnesses J. Montfort, James Cane. Survey 16 July 1753, sworn chain carriers Joseph Burt, Richard Burt, Jno Haywood Surveyor(?).

In 1758, Halifax County was formed from Edgecombe County, and Richard Burt's land was located in the new county. The deeds continue:

Deed Book 7 1758-1761:

p. 35 Richard Burt of Halifax Co. to Wm. Roberts of same. 18 Jul 1759. 2 pounds 6 shillings 2 pence. 18 acres. Richd. Burt. Wit: William Douglass(x), Samuel Nelms. Sept Ct 1759. CC: Jos. Montfort.
p. 163 Jos. Jno. Williams of Halifax Co. to Thomas Marshall of same. 25 Sept 1760. 10 pounds Virginia money. 100 acres, deed bearing date 25 Apr 1754, joining A. Burt, Richd. Burt, John Marshall, Nevel. Jos. Jno. Williams. Wit: Wm. Hamilton, Jno. Alston.. Sept Ct 1760. CC: Jos. Montfort.

Deed Book 8 1758-1761:

p. 67 Edw. Cooley of Granville Co. to Edward Stephens of Halifax Co. 19 Dec 1761. 20 pounds proclamation money. 214 acres, joining Jos. Jno. Williams, Burt. Edward Cooley. Wit: Jos. Jno. Williams, Archd. Hamilton. Mar Ct 1762. CC: Jos. Montfort.

Deed Book 9 1764-1767

p. 180 Robert Saunders of Halifax Co. to William Hamilton & Company of Halifax Co. 25 Feb 1765. 26 pounds 13 shillings 4 pence proclamation money. 110 acres "being part of a survey taken up by William Roberts," joining Thomas Hunter, Richard Burt. Robt. Saunders. Wit: Stephen Jett, George Meek. Apr Ct 1765. CC: Jos Montfort.

Some time between 1747 and 1765, Rebecca Stephens Burt must have died, since about 1765 Richard Burt married Mrs. Elizabeth (nee Alston) Williams [9], widow of his neighbor Capt. Samuel Williams who died in Edgecombe County in 1753 or 1754 [8]. The following deeds (Deed Book 9) declare:

p. 295 Elizabeth Williams to her son Samuel Williams. 24 Jul 1765. For "natural love and affection." The slaves: a negro woman Cuas and her child Tom. Elizabeth Williams(x). Wit:Jos. Jno. Williams, Phillip Weston. Oct Ct 1765. CC: J. Montfort.
p. 312 Elizabeth Williams widow of Halifax Co. to Richard Burt gentleman of same of the second part and William Williams, Solomon Williams, and Jos. John Williams of same of the third part. 29 Jul 1765. A marriage agreement. Elizabeth Williams owned 7 slaves: Mingo, Coobe, Davie, Little Crese, Nan, Moll, Same. For 5 shillings she sold the 7 slaves to William Williams, Solo. Williams, Jos. John Williams. Eliza Williams(x), Richard Burt, Wm Williams, Solo. Williams, Jos. Jno. Williams. Wit: Phil Kearney, Edwd. Stevens. Oct Ct 1765. CC: Jos Montfort.

A large number of deeds involving Richard Burt were recorded during the next thirty years:

Deed Book 9

p. 402 John Fish of Halifax Co. to Archibald Hamilton merchant of same. 25 Jul 1765. 300 pounds of Virginia. 850 acres, joining Richd. Burt, John Park, Joel Hunt, William Haywood, William Jones, Thicket Swamp, John Coley, Jeremiah Stephens, Miln Swamp. John Fish. Wit:Mary Harris(x), Thos. Hunter. Oct Ct 1766. CC: Jos. Montfort.
p. 443 John Bradford Esq. sheriff of Halifax Co. To William Hamilton & Company of same. 11 Apr 1767. Thomas Williamson had sued for the goods of John Fish. 850 acres, joining Richard Burt, John Parks, Joel Hunt[Hurt?], William Haywood, William Jones, Thickett Swamp, John Cooley, Jeremiah Stephans. John Bradford. 11 Mar 1767. A. J.:Montfort Eelback. (note: many deeds in the book involving Joel Hurt)

Deed Book 10 1767-1770

p. 23 Granville Grant to William Roberts of Halifax Co. 4 Aug 1761. 670 acres, joining Jeremiah Stevens, Thicket Swamp, John Fisher, William Fisher, Richard Burt, Thos. Neville, Hardy, William Kelly. Thos. Child for Granville. Wit: W. Lucas, Jos. Montfort. Jul Ct 1767. CC: Jos. Montfort.
p. 123 Richard Burt and Elizabeth his wife of Halifax Co. to her sons Wm. Williams, Solm. Williams, Jos. Jno. Williams. 8 Dec 1767. For "tender love and affection." A gift of slaves. To Wm Williams: Little Crease, Moll, Tamey; to Solm. Williams, a negro woman Lucey, Natt(?) [Nan?], Brister; to Jos. Jno. Williams a negro woman Prissy, David, Sampson. Elizabeth Burt reserved their labor to her lifetime. Richd. Birt, Elizabeth Birt(x). Wit: Phillip Kearney, John Lithgow. Jan Ct 1768. CC: Jos. Montfort
p. 241 Jos. Jno. Williams of Halifax Co. to Richard Burt of same. 2 Jun 1768. 8 pounds 16 shillings Virginia money. 35 acres which was part of a Granville Grant to sd. Jos. Jno. Williams, on Beaverdam Swamp, joining sd. Burt, Smiths Branch. Jos. Jno. Williams. Wit: Phil Kearney, James Auld. Aug Ct 1768. CC: Jos. Montfort.
p. 346 Jos. Jno. Williams of Halifax Co. to James Auld of same. 10 Dec 1768. 250 pounds proclamation money. 321 acres which had been patented 1 Dec 1727 which had been Bertie Precinct now Halifax Co., joining Beaverdam Swamp. 441 acres which had been a Granville Grant 25 Apr 1754, joining Beaverdam Swamp, Richd. Burt. It was noted that 135 of the 441 acres Jos. Jno. Williams had purchased from Richd. Burt and Thomas Marshall. 620 acres, joining Beaverdam Swamp, Richd. Burt, McCulloch, Smiths Branch, Williams, Jos. Jno. Williams. Wit: Richd. Burt, Peter Thompson. Feb Ct 1769. CC: Jos. Montfort.

Deed Book 11 1770-1771

p. 300 Jeremiah Stevens of Halifax Co. to Thos. Holt of same. 19 Feb 1771. 45 pounds Virginia money. 219 acres, joining Jos. Jno. Williams, Burt. Jeremiah Stevens, Francis Stevens(x). (witnesses omitted) Feb Ct 1771. Examined by William Branch Esq, Francis Stevens relinquished her right of dower. CC:JJos. Montfort.

The 1783 tax list of Halifax County [11] listed Richard Burt, as well as John, Joseph and William Burt.

The state census taken in North Carolina 1784-7 [10] listed his household in District 12 of Halifax County, but no return was taken.

The following deeds were copied from the microfilmed deed books: [12]

Book 16, p. 186, 20 Nov 1786
Richard Burt, planter, of Halifax County, NC to John Dickens of the state of New York. 215 acres on Wildcat Branch along with all houses and buildings. "said Richard Burt and Elizabeth Burt his wife". Signed: Richard Burt Witnesses: William Burt Jr., Jesse Read
Book 16, pp.198-199, 29 Aug 1786
John Branch to Richard Burt, both of Halifax County, NC. 75 acres on Beaverdam Swamp and about the mouth of Ready Branch that runs between Joel Dollards and the aforesaid Burt's [quarter?]. Signed: J. Branch Witnesses:JJohn Sherman, John Burt, presented to Feb Court 1787.
Book 17, pp. 58-59, 19 Dec 1787
Richard Burt of Halifax Co. to Miles Smith "for and in consideration of the love and good will I have to Miles Smith and others [come?] hereunto the [moving?] give and grant" 229 acres along Thomas Neville's line... Signed:Richard Burt Witnesses: William Burt, Thomas Holt, presented Nov Ct 1788.

The 1790 census of Halifax County recorded the household as follows, apparently consisting of Richard and his wife Elizabeth:

p. 63 Richard Burt 1m >16, 1f >16 (37 slaves)

This was the same page as Elizabeth Burt, widow of Joseph, and several other Burts.

The following Warren County, North Carolina will [13] mentions the wife of Richard Burt, confirming that she was living in 1792:

Book 6, p. 103
30 May 1792; Ack May Ct 1792
Solomon Williams to his grand-daus Temperance Boddie Williams and Ruina (Urina) Judkins Williams. Gift of a negro apeice at the death of his mother, now the wife of Richard Burt.

The deeds continue:

Book 17, p. 534, 3 Feb 1793
Jeremiah Stevens to William Burt, both of Halifax Co., NC land in Halifax Co. on swamp on John Burt's along road to John Burts bounds, 100 acres, said land was conveyed from Richard Burt by deed to said Jeremiah Stevens 18 May 1748. Signed: Jeremiah Stevens Witnesses: James Carstaphan, Shadrick Cabb, presented May Ct 1793.
Book 17, pp.554-555, 13 Aug 1793
Richard Burt and son William Burt to Joseph Eubank, all of Halifax Co., 92 acres on east side of Beaver-Dam swamp. Signed: Richard Burt, William Burt Witnesses: Miles Smith, Sarah Smith (her mark), presented Aug Ct 1793.
Book 18, p. 145, 16 May 1797
William Burt to Patrick McDonald, both of Halifax Co., for 305 dollars, along Abraham Bates, Richard Burt, 153 acres. Signed: Wm Burt Wit:Sterling Marshall, Henry Aaron, presented May 1797 Ct.
Book 18, p. 149, 28 Mar 1797
Richard Burt to Abraham Scott, both of Halifax Co., for 100 pounds Virginia money, land in the fork between Buck and Beaverdam Swamp and on the south side of Little Swamp, 200 acres. Wit: William Burt, John Burt.
Book 18, p. 905, 15 April 1802
Richard and John Burt to John Branch, all of Halifax Co., for 500 pounds current money, land in Halifax Co. lying in the fork of Beach and Beaverdam swamp bound by Mat Whitaker, Marsh Swamp, Beaverdam Swamp, Fitts branch, Beech Swamp, March Swamp, 253 acres. Signed: Richard Burt, John Burt Wit: Joseph Gee, John Branch Junr., May Ct 1802.
Book 19, p. 118, 19 Nov 1802
Richard Burt and John Burt to John Branch, all of Halifax Co., for 210 pounds fifteen shillings, land of west side of Beach swamp, along Tell's branch, John Burt, William Burt, John Branch, 135 1/2 acres. Signed: Richard Burt (his mark), John Burt Wit:William Burt, John Burt, Joseph Gee, William Burt Senr., May Ct. 1803

Richard Burt wrote his will on 10 Feb 1805: [1]

"In the Name of God Amen I Richard Burt of Halifax County and State of No. Carolina being sick and weak in Body, but in perfect mind and memory thanks be to God... I give... to my two Sons viz. John Burt and William Burt all the Land which I own to be divied between them by the dividing Line which was run by Mr. Egburt Haywood, John Burt to have all the Land on the South side of sd. Line and William Burt to have all on the North Side and all and every other Part of my Estate to be equally divided between them Share and Share alike... and if they cannot agree it themselves let each of them choose Men to divide it between them, and abide in their Judgement..."

In the will, he appointed his two sons as excutors, and signed the will "Richard Burt" with Jesse Read and Willie Burt serving as witnesses. The will was proved during the May 1805 session of Halifax County court.


(both apparently by Rebecca Stephens):

  1. John Burt
    b. 1747 Gloucester Co., VA [2]
  2. William Burt


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