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Family of Joseph Burt and Elizabeth [ ]

Joseph Burt of Halifax County, North Carolina was apparently [7] the son of John and Grace Burt of Gloucester Co., VA baptized there on 7 Nov 1731 [6]. He was married to Elizabeth [ ] [1].

The name Joseph Burt appears in 1753/1754 in conjunction with Richard Burt on two land grants in the Granville District of North Carolina [4]:

13 October 1758 Patent Book 11, p. 123 Lord Granville to Richard Burt 475 acres in Edgecombe County, joining Capt Samuel Williams, John Hosman, Yanceys line, Nevills corner, and John Howscom. Signed by Richard Burt, witnesses not given. Surveyed 7 October 1754, sworn chain carriers Joseph Burt, Edward Stevens, Jno Haywood D Sur.
5 July 1760 Patent Book 14, p. 2931 Lord Granville to John Fish 450 acres in Halifax County in the Parish of Edgecombe, joining Fishes corner, the Thicket Swamp, William Jones, and William Oase. Signed by John Fish, witnesses J. Montfort, James Cane. Survey 16 July 1753, sworn chain carriers Joseph Burt, Richard Burt, Jno Haywood Surveyor(?).

The first known land acquistion involving Joseph Burt found in Edgecombe County occurred in 1756:

28 Feb 1756 Edge. Co. Deed Book 6, p. 1 Joshua Perry of Edge. Co. to Joseph Burt of Edge. Co. 28 Feb. 1756 30 pounds current money of Va. 250 acres, joining Haynes, a road and Rocky swamp as by patent to Thomas Williams 3 July 1743 Wit: Thomas Wiggins, William Wiggins Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1756 [9]

In 1758, Halifax County was formed from Edgecombe County. Joseph Burt was living in Halifax County in 1759, as detailed by the following land grant [4]:

4 July 1760 Patent Book 14, p. 2937 Lord Granville to John Hopkins 237 acres in Halifax County in the Parish of Edgecombe on the S side of Rocky swamp, joining Joseph Burt, William Wiggins, John Worle, Drakes line, a Branch, and the sd swamp. Signed by mark. Witnesses: J Montfort, Jno Bradford. Surveyed 13 August 1759, sworn chain carriers Thos Wiggins, Wm Wiggins, Egbert Haywood Surveyor (?). Plat reads " Surveyed for Francis Drake."

The 1783 tax list of Halifax County [5] listed Joseph Burt, as well as John, Richard and William Burt.

The state census taken in North Carolina 1784-7 [3] listed the household in District 12 of Halifax County as follows on 12 Feb 1786:

Jos Birt 2m >21<60, 7m <21>60, 6f, 7 blacks 12-50, 4 blacks <12 >50

Other Burt families recorded were:

District 12:
Richd Birt [no return]
District 8 20 Feb 1786:
John Burtt 1m 21-60, 3m<21>60, 3f, 2 blacks 15-50, 3 blacks <12>50
District 2 11 Feb 1786
William Burt 1m 21-60, 1m<21>60, 7f, 4 blacks 12-50, 6 blacks <12>50
William Burt 1m 21-60, 1m <21>60, 2f

On 20 Jun 1788, Joseph Burt wrote his will as follows, which was presented to the August court in Halifax Co., NC in 1788 [2]:

"In the Name of God Amen. I Joseph Burt of Halifax County in the State of North Carolina, Planter, being weak in Body but of perfect mind and memory, Thanks be given unto God, ... First, I give and bequeath to my beloved son John Burt one Negro Girl Dilce... I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Joseph Burt all that Tract or Parcel of Land which was granted to me by Deed from John Worley in ...[1777]... containing two hundred acres, more or less, also one Negro Boy named Simon, also one Bay Mare, one cow and calf, one sow and pigs, and all the other things which I have given into his Possession... I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Stephen Burt one Negro Man named David also one bay Horse called Barny and one Feather Bed and Furniture, the Negro, and Horse to be delivered to him the first Day of January next and the Bed when he comes to the Age of Twentyone Years Old... I give and bequeath to my beloved Son William Burt one Negro Boy named Ned, and one bay Colt called Sparrow... I give and bequeath to my beloved son Jesse Burt, one Negro Man named Sam, and one black Colt... the Negro to be hired out for him after two years from the first Day of next January...I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Zacheus Burt one Negro Man named Lewis... I leave one negro Girl named Jude to be Sold by my Executors and a Young Negro to be bought with the Money, which negro I give and bequeath to my beloved son James Burt, to him and his Heirs forever... I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Richard Burt one Negro Girl named Millia... I give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Salley Flewellen one Negro Woman named Millia and her child Essex... I give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Elizabeth Burt one negro girl named Hannah to be delivered to her her when she come to the age of Eighteen Years old or sooner if she marries, and also one sorrel mare... I give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Mary Burt one negro girl named [Roz?]... I lend to my beloved wife Elizabeth Burt two Negro women Viz. Lyd and Surprisor, during her natural Life also the Land and Plantation whereon I now live... I also lend to my Son John Burt the Land and Plantation whereon he now lives if he continues to live on it, during the Time that my Wife shall live. At the Death of my Wife, my Will and Desire is that the two Negro Women, Lyd and Surprisor, and their Increase, and all my Land except that which I have given to my son Joseph Burt, shall be Equally Divided, Share and Share alike between nine of my children Viz. John Burt, William Burt, Jesse Burt, Zacheus Burt, James Burt, Richard Burt, Salley Flewellen, Elizabeth Burt, and Mary Burt... I also lend to my beloved wife Elizabeth Burt three Feather Beds and Furniture, and all the rest of my Estate which was not before mentioned during the Time of her natural life. And at her Death I desire it all to be divided between Seven of my Children in the following manner, first giving Ten Pounds Specie to Zacheus Burt, also Ten Pounds to James Burt, also Ten Pounds to Richard Burt, and also Ten Pounds to Mary Burt, and then the remainder to be divided equally... between William Burt, Elizabeth Burt, Jesse Burt, Mary Burt, Zacheus Burt, James Burt, and Richard Burt..."

Joseph Burt named as excutors "my beloved son John Burt and my trusty Friends, Benjamin Doles, Jesse Read and William Burt." Joseph Burt signed the will by his mark, and witnesses were John Marshall, Shadrack F Ellen and Edwin Drake.

The 1790 census of Halifax Co., North Carolina listed Elizabeth Burt presumably living with several of her younger children (probably William or Jesse, Zacheus, Richard and James, Elizabeth and Mary) and near some of her older sons:

p. 63 Elizabeth Burt 1m >16, 3m <16, 3f (10 slaves)

p. 63 John Burt 1m >16, 1m <16, 1f (1 slave)

p. 63 Joseph Burt 1m >16, 3f (3 slaves)

p. 66 Stephen Burt 1m >16

Other Burt families in 1790 Halifax County were:

p. 55 John Burt 1m>16, 3m <16, 3f (1 other free, 4 slaves)

p. 65 John Burt 3m >16, 1m <16, 4f (13 slaves)

p. 63 Richard Burt 1m >16, 1f >16 (37 slaves)

p. 61 William Burt 3m >16, 3m <16, 4f

p. 61 William Burt, Sr. 1m >16, 2m <16, 2f (6 slaves)

Elizabeth Burt was still living in 1812, when she and her children (excepting Joseph Jr., and Stephen, who was deceased) sold the land inherited from her husband to Thomas Coleman:

Book 23, p. 288, 1 May 1812 [8]

The widow Eliza. Burt and the devisees of Joseph Burt decd. John Burt Exr., William Burt, Stephen Marshall and Eliz. his wife, Jesse Burt, Zacheus Burt, John Matthews and Nancy his wife, James Burt, Richard Burt, Eaton Fluellen, Taylor Fluellen, John Gibson and Fannie his wife) to Thomas Coleman of Halifax Co., for 420 pounds 16 shillings and siz pence, two tracts of land in Halifax Co. on the west side of Rocky Branch, bounded by Rocky Swamp Bridge, Hill's road, Hynes Branch, Joseph Burt Jr. line, Pigpen branch, Greens Branch, Vinson's line, Rocky Swamp, which the said Joseph Burt Decd devised to the above mentioned widow and devisees in his LWT.

Signed: Eliz. Burt (her mark), Zacheus Burt, Jas. Burt, Richd. Burt, Stephn. Marshall, Eliza Marshall, John Burt, Eaton Fluellen, John Gibson, Fanny Gibson, John Mathews, Mary Matthews, Taylor Fluellen, Wm. Burt, Jesse Burt.

Wit: James Hightower, Oren D. Carstarphen, Hope H. Hatten, Timothy Matthews, Nelson Hamel, H[enry] Perkins, Feb. Ct. 1813. Court ordered three commissions directed to Justices in Baldwin, Putnam and Jones Cos., Ga for private examination of Mary Matthews, Fanny Gibson and Eliz. Marshall, which was done... Fanny Gibson in Jones Co., Ga; Mary Matthews in Baldwin Co., Ga, Eliza Marshall in Putnam Co., Ga.

The residence of Elizabeth Burt was not given in the above deed, but was probably either Warren Co. or Putnam Co., Georgia, where many of her children had moved. An Elizabeth Burt of Warren County was listed in the 1805 Georgia land lottery registration, receiving a prize on the second draw. Interestingly, the 1820 Putnam County census enumeration of James Burt's household included a female over 45 years of age; perhaps this was Elizabeth living with her son and his family.


  1. Sally Burt
    m. Taylor Flewellen by 1788
    d. before 1812
  2. John Burt
    m. [Sarah Marshall 1786 Halifax Co., NC?]
  3. Joseph Burt
    b. ca 1770
    m. Ann Reed 1788 Halifax Co., NC
    d. ca Nov 1840 Autauga Co., AL
    b. Autauga Co., AL
  4. Stephen Burt
    b. prob ca 1772
    d. 16 Jul 1793 Halifax, Halifax Co., NC
  5. Elizabeth Burt
    b. 1774
    m. Stephen Marshall
  6. William Burt [10]
  7. Jesse Burt
    m. Martha Burt
    d. Aug 1826 Putnam Co., GA
  8. Mary ("Polly") Burt
    b. 1778 Halifax Co., NC
    m. John Mathews 12 Nov 1793 Halifax Co., NC
    d. 1835 Wilcox Co., AL
    b. Cox Cemetery, near Washington Ferry, Autauga Co., AL
  9. Zacheus Burt
    b. 1780 NC
    m. Elizabeth Burt
    d. prob Talbot Co., GA
  10. James Burt
    m. Rebecca Burt 6 Aug 1803 Warren Co., GA
    d. 1836 Putnam Co., GA
  11. Richard Burt
    b. ca 1785 [11]
    m. Margaret Burt
    Living in Putnam Co., GA in 1825.
    1820 Putnam Co.: Richard Burt 2m < 10, 1m 26-45, 2f < 10, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45


  1. Elizabeth's maiden name not known, although stated to be Walton, possibly the daughter of Thomas Walton and A. A. Benton, by several researchers. The source of this information appears to be a family tree chart of the ancestry of Margaret Miller, daughter of Henry Knox Miller and Mary Madge Burt, which states without evidence that Joseph Burt Jr. was the son of Elizabeth Walton and Joseph Burt. The middle name Walton does appear among some descendants of Joseph Burt. Another reference gives her maiden name as Brewton, but with no supporting evidence given.
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  7. Assuming that Joseph was at least 21 years old to serve as a chain carrier in 1753, he would have to have been born before 1733, which is consistent with the Joseph Burt born in Gloucester County. From other Edgecombe County deeds, we know that Richard Burt came from Gloucester County, Virginia to Edgecombe County, North Carolina about 1748, where John Burt was already residing. It would be reasonable to conclude that Joseph and John in Edgecombe County were the same as those two sons of John and Grace Burt, and brothers to Richard, named in the Abington Parish register.
  8. Halifax County deed, microfilm copy, abstracted by Barbara Goodson.
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  10. Said to have married Martha Elizabeth Davis. The will of Mary Davis, widow of Goodrum Davis (who appears on the 1783 Halifax Co. tax list), made 30 June 1809 and presented to the 1815 August Ct. named her nephew William L. Burt son of William Burt, niece Maria Burt daughter of William Burt and niece Martha Burt daughter of William Burt.
  11. Warren Co., GA: Court of Ordinary Miscellaneous Records 1794-1818 in Warren Co.,GA 1793-1900 Genealogy II by Daniel Nathan Crumption - 15 Feb 1803, Richard Burt orphan came into court and made choice of John Mathews as his guardian. Based on the above record and 1820 Putnam Co., GA census, he would have to have been born about 1784 or 1785.

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