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Belgians in


American Censuses  1850 / 1860 / 1870 INDEX

Belgians in
the Censuses
A Balza Bertrand Bradwin Cassite Coonse De Graf Delcoun Desmith Dubbel Eugene Fountain Gerard Green Henry Jacoby
Kelwis Lalloch Lehener Lucia Mather Moran Ogar Phalen Renait Samall Single Strasser Turner Vandermer Vermeersch Watry
  1. 21,989 names are listed in this index, most appear only once, but some are in two or three censuses. They are transcribed as they have been deciphered from the original census microfilmed pages. So, the same person can be referenced with different spellings, depending of the year of the census.
  2. Only the family Names of Belgian born people are in the index.
  3. The "Page" refer to the County/Division where you'll find that Name. The Page number is the one usually stamped on the microfilmed page, not the one you can find in the left corner of the census page, in 1860 and 1870 censuses. For 1850 and 1870, "a" and "b" pages were used, but not in 1860, except for some States, like Ohio. So, for 1860, the page number refer collectively or non-exclusively to the "a" or "b" page.
  4. For the married women, it's the Name of the husband who appear in the list. 
  5. All the 1850, 1860, 1870 States are available. New York Division,1870, 2nd enumeration, is not included.
  6. When you find something interesting for you, note the reference, this index is not linked with the transcribed pages.
  7. With the reference you found, you have to go the hyperlink icon. There, is a clickable map and a list of the transcribed States. Follow either of those links from State to County to Division to see a transcription of the original census. 
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