Mahaffey Descendants, published 1914

Mahaffey Descendants

Sketch of Reunions, Historical Records and
Biographical Genealogy of Mahaffey Descendants


Compiled by Estelle Kinports Davis
and Mary E. Mahaffey Carst


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None of the families in this book are known to have been directly related to my grandmother’s Mehaffey line, although there may be a link to either the family of West­more­land County, Pa. Line No. 2 or An “Irish” American Chapter, but our individual branch of this line was known to have been in Amer­ica by 1812, first residing near Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania, and then in 1819, they moved to Adams Twp., Guernsey Co., Ohio.

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[Mahaffey Coat of Arms]


The Coat of Arms was adopted by the Mahaffeys of Ire­land in the 11th century, consisting of a shield, on which is a mailed arm raised in defense of the home, with a broken spear held in the hand, and over it the inscription “Factus Non Victus,” meaning “broken but not conquered.” All pieces of silverware, also furniture as far back as 800 years has this en­graved on it and it is to be found among the old family relics in Dublin and other cities in Ireland.


“Wire!  Brier!  Limberlock!
Four and twenty geese in a flock —
One flew east, one flew west,
And one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.”
—Origin Unknown.

At different times various branches of the Mahaffey fam­ily have emigrated from the north of Ireland and located on this side of the Atlantic. In Maryland at an early date and in Pennsylvania as early as 1753. From these branches have sprung a progeny that numbers many thousands, and probably every state in the Union, as well as Canada, boasts representatives.

The Mahaffeys are of Scotch-Irish descent, and the early settlers of that name in Pennsylvania intermarried with such families as the Lindseys, Allisons and Hamiltons, also Scotch-Irish and born in northern Ireland, and all mentioned families originally from Scotland.

The line of direct descent of those who settled in this country in the eighteenth century has not been established in Ireland, owing to the fact that those in the Island of the name are barren of information, as are those here concerning the generations who lived early in the eighteenth, and late in the seventeenth centuries, have been unable to furnish exact data along that line. Neither has the exact connection between the different branches of the family in this country been estab­lished, as apparently no records were kept by the first generation locating here.

After a great deal of research the conclusion has been reached that all those families, both in Ireland and America, who sprang from stock in Northern Ireland, and of protestant faith, are of one blood, and could the lines be traced far enough, would merge into one common ancestor.

The early Mahaffeys were Episcopalians or Presbyterians, but intermarriage with other denominations has resulted in a diversity of faiths. Those who are church members are usually active, devoted workers; those who are not affiliated with any denomination can usually be relied upon to help with any good cause, many doubtless carrying on benevolent work unknown to the world.

Various forms of the name are used — McHaffie, Mehaffie, Mehaffy, Mahaffy, Mahaffee and Mahaffey. Immediate mem­bers of the same family have used as many as two or three of these, so that little reliance can be placed on the spelling of the names as a means of tracing the lines. Mahaffey is a popu­lar form of the name in America, and numerous families have adopted that spelling, although records show the name to have been spelled differently at an early date.

The family in this country for years embraced agricul­tural pursuits, and were busy with the task of wresting homes and sustenance from wilderness and the soil.

Tales of Indian warfare have been handed down from gen­eration to generation, but those now living have very vague ideas as to the conditions then existing, and the hardships and trials those early pioneers endured.

The family are not noted especially for brilliant achievement, but has been represented in all the walks of life. Some have held positions of trust and honor; most of them have been good citizens; honesty and sobriety have as a rule marked their course.

66. 5WILLIAM T. MAHAFFEY4, (John3, William2, Thomas Mahaffey1)

The first figures (black) indicate the person’s place or position in this book. The small figure just preceding the name represents the person's order of birth. The small figure imme­di­ately following the name represents the person’s generation from Thomas Mahaffey.

Illustration—William T. Mahaffey is No. 66 (page 38) in this genealogy; he is his father's fifth child and he is of the fourth generation. The names in parentheses represent his lineage from Thomas Mahaffey.